2016 Presidential Election, A War of Political Ideology, And Personalities

The last six years of presidential executive decisions, has successfully changed the fabric of American society and also, the economic stability of America, as well as causing elevated racial tension and bringing many players into the 2016 presidential Election. Many feel the need for change, along with new dynamic leadership

It is not coincidence that the frontrunners for both parties are from the far left and far right of their parties. America is split between a strong nouveau left socialist movement spurred on by a socialist president, and the re-emergence of a patriotic movement, to take back America, that is led by a “get back to basics” plain-talking businessman, Donald Trump.

The two emerging frontrunners, Democratic Candidate, Bernie Sanders and Republican Candidate Donald Trump are as different as night and day. The American people are split down the middle between what party could best lead the nation forward into the next four years. Many Americans now believe the Obama Administration has totally failed the American people in nearly every aspect of leadership, from health care to foreign policy. Our military is being reduced, while potential adversaries are increasing military spending and becoming more belligerent.

Sanders’ platform appears to be further left than that of the Obama Administrations, but his supporters turn out in droves to support him, and his charismatic personality attracts the Hillary Clinton supporters that are leaving her in droves, because of her quickly emerging legal troubles.

Should the National GOP, not endorse Trump as their presidential candidate, their party would split even further than it has nationally. Trump has left his options open to an Independent campaign. Speculation locally in Delaware is, the Independent Party of Delaware would support Trump, along with many of the 150,000 unaffiliated independents. Whether or not, this would cause a democratic presidential win in 2016, is left to one’s own speculation.

Both Sanders and Trump have strong charismatic personalities and support, however Trump has gained a tremendous lead in a strong republican field, while Sanders is gaining hes support mainly from Clinton’s recent legal misfortunes. With fifteen months between now and the 2016 elections, many variables could change with a highly fickle and volatile American voting public.

This election will change the very fabric of American society and probably the balance global power and dominance. It is up the the American people to decide which path that America should pursue. Do we want to remain a free republic and an example of freedom to people globally, or do we want to become just, “one more nation” in a melting pot of mediocrity. The American voters should vote their consciences, no matter what they are told.

I am an eternal optimist and still have confidence in the American people and the Constitutional Republic that has lasted nearly two-and-a-half centuries. At any rate, this will be an exciting election and I believe the election results will surprise everyone.

6 thoughts on “2016 Presidential Election, A War of Political Ideology, And Personalities”

  1. Sanders is a candidate for the hysterical left. As such, he’s another George McGovern. If the Socialist-Democrats are dumb enough to run him, he’ll carry ten states, tops.

    Trump is simply the anti-establishment candidate. This is why the establishment types- including much of the GOP hierarchy- hate his guts. Rove, McConnell and the media just don’t get it, but I can’t understand why. Haven’t they looked at the favorability ratings of politicians in general? Don’t they know that many Americans look at them and their operatives as paid liars primarily concerned with ensuring their re-elections? Don’t they comprehend the fact that the average American resents being saddled with an incomprehensible nineteen-trillion-dollar debt?

    Trump is not perfect, by any stretch, but at least he has two things that the average professional politician doesn’t have; independence and common sense.

  2. Rick
    You pose some interesting and credible questions in your comment. The centrist GOP doesn’t have clue on how to run a country, and they will be shackled to their Billionaire donors, while Trump will be free of all that.

  3. I wouldn’t call Sanders a front runner, but he is a real competitor. As you may recall, I predicted that he would be not Warren who I predicted wouldn’t get in. It is disturbing that he is gaining such traction, but Democrats fed this monster by stealing socialist rhetoric. The establishment doesn’t want full throated socialist polices, but now they are stuck trying to pretend to one up him. Business doesn’t create jobs Hillary doesn’t look any different from a socialist.

    I agree with you that the political center has failed at solving every major problem that is why we see the energy and rise of the extremes.

  4. Sanders’ popularity will wane, when Hillary is asked by Wasserman to please “get out of the race” for the sake of the party. The question is: will Biden step in or will someone else. This situation will develop in the next month.

  5. Funny thing is, the Democrats do have a solid candidate, but I guess they feel he is too mainstream- James Webb.

  6. This afternoon. Biden is about to jump into the race. It’s been all over foxnews. I knew he was chomping at the bit to enter the presidential race.

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