Remembering Beau Biden

Today I lost a friend, Beau Biden​. He was a patriot, a good family man, and a fine soldier with whom I was privileged to serve. He lost his battle with brain cancer at Walter Reed Hospital. Our prayers and thoughts are for the Biden family. Beau Biden started his public service with the U. S. Attorney's office. He was commissioned as a Judge Advocate General officer with the Delaware Army National Guard and obtained the rank of Major. It was at the 261st Signal Brigade that I had the opportunity to know Beau. We were in neighboring offices. Our kids played together. Our wives spoke with each other. We often discussed just about anything except politics which we purposefully avoided. We came from different ends of the political spectrum, but had a strong mutual respect for each other. We were both patriots. We both believed in law and order. We both believed in America. Biden Read more

Former Delaware Politics Author, Shaun Fink resigns from Indian River School Board

I expect to update this article after I converse with Pastor Fink. UPDATE: Shaun Fink said that he would pray about returning. He gives his best to our readers and reminds them that to "GOD be the glory". Shaun Fink has resigned from the Indian River School Board. He resigned in disgust with the acquiescence to "the homosexual agenda". Fink had just won reelection to a 5 year term in the May school board elections. Fink fought a strong battle to block pro gay curriculum from being adopted. He ultimately lost. Fink was harassed, vilified and painted as some bigoted zealot, but he never backed down. Instead he took his case to the public and received a lot of support. He contented that 2% of the population should not be allowed to control the conversation. Fink left DP because of time constraints. Now that he is no longer with the school board and The Caesar Rodney Institute, Read more

Tax Reform for Delaware

In 2009, Delaware brought back the Estate tax. It hardly brings in any money (this year's projection is just over 4 million dollars) and discourages rich people from staying here or moving here. It may cost us as much as it brings in. A commission on revenue recommends eliminating it. I applaud their recommendation. The tax may make sense in theory but it does not work at a state level to bring in revenue. It just encourages people to move to Florida. Other recommendations seem to lack any real creativity such as cutting the charitable deduction and pension deductions then lowering the top rate. I am sure the progressives in the state love the idea of cutting taxes on the rich instead of adding another bracket so the top tax bracket is not 60k of taxable income. I expect a heated debate within the Democratic Party. At least the commission put aside a statewide property tax for now. Read more

A Moment of Silence can speak volumes

#GoSilent is a campaign for a minute of silence at 12:01 pm to remember the fallen heroes by the Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan. Another campaign is for a moment of silence at 3:00 pm local time. Either way, taking a minute to understand Memorial Day is not national Barbecue Day is important to our future. Only when we connect to the best of our past can we hope to have a firm foundation on which we build our future.

I will never forget the sacrifices for freedom that I saw in OEF. I will never forget the dignified transfer of young men back to their families. I ask my fellow Americans to never forget that their blood is the nourishment which gives life to your freedom.

To Those Who Served, Thank You From A Grateful Nation

For Those Who Paid The Ultimate Price And Their Families, There Are Not Enough Words To Express Our Nation's Deepest Gratitude. For our warriors who go into battle for our nation, they know too well that freedom is not free! We take this day to honor their service, from the militia that confronted British troops in 1776, to the warriors that serve in Afghanistan today. Our Nation gives your honorable service a snappy salute and a grateful thank you. Many Americans look forward to Memorial Day as a long awaited four day holiday for a family vacation and that's OK but I remember joining the U.S. Navy and the young age of seventeen-and-a-half in 1964, during much civil unrest after President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. After a seven-week stint in boot-camp and a year of training, I started my career in Naval Communication Intelligence. No matter what branch of the military Read more

Domestic Surveillance: Where do the Presidential Candidates Stand?

Would you believe Yahoo News has a cutting edge article on the Presidential Candidates and the renewal of domestic surveillance? I encourage you to read it. Hillary Clinton is all over the map and not answering questions just like every other issue. This woman is so risk aversive that I wonder how anyone can support her for President. She is afraid of her shadow or maybe the ghost of an election lost. One of the strengths that Hillary had was that people saw her as a strong leader. She is not honest and trustworthy, but she was perceived as a strong leader. Today, I question even if that is true. Bernie Sanders opposes it. Scott Walker is out of the country and can't answer questions, they seemed to have forgotten Dr. Carson and Carly Fiorina did not respond. The rest of the GOP field is lining up on one side or the other. On the side of liberty are Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Read more

Why Huckabee Would Be The Best President

I love the GOP field this time. It is deep and diverse. Rubio excites me, Carson inspires me, Bush reassures me, Paul rallies me to liberty, Cruz illustrates the power of principle, and Walker shows me courageous leadership. One person does it all. Governor Mike Huckabee. He has a strong record of success. No state advanced more in relationship to moving up the ranks in family income, education, healthcare, and improved infrastructure. He brings a statesman skill and a pastor's heart to the equation. He understands that the divides that hold us back need to be bridged. He is unafraid to confront our enemies and unapologetic about American Exceptionalism. He is willing to protect Judeo-Christian principles and republican principles. He is a populist in that he is for the forgotten man and not owned by the billionaire class. He is all for billionaires, just on an equal footing. Read more

Gunn Loses Appeal To DE High Court

After Four Different Counts, In An Election That Gunn Initially Won, Gunn Loses In Delaware's High Court. In one of Delaware's Strangest and most obvious cases of voter election fraud, Lamarr Gunn's run for the Kent County, Recorder of Deeds bid to regain the seat, he clearly won, was rejected by Delaware's Supreme Court. The election results indicated that Gunn won the election by two votes. State election laws dictates an automatic recount of votes, in an election that close. The absentee ballots were counted three times and in the first two recounts, Gunn won. Betty Lou McKenna won the last recount by two votes, at a late night count and the Board of Canvass certified that count in a late night session, after most people had gone home. Mr. Gunn then appealed to the State Superior Court. A recount of the absentee ballots was ordered by the court, and once again a hand count Read more

Appoquinimink-Delaware’s Top High School?

U.S. News and World report did a massive ranking of America's public high schools. Congratulations to the State Winner, Appoquinimink High School in Middletown which ranked 1300th nationally which is easily in the top 10%. Delmar High School ranked second at 2135 nationally and was the only other Silver ranked school in the state. The Bronze ranked high schools are Cape Henlopen High School, Lewes; Delcastle Technical High School, Wilmington; Lake Forest High School, Felton; Mount Pleasant High School , WILMINGTON; Smyrna High School , SMYRNA; and Sussex Central High School , GEORGETOWN. Neighboring Maryland had two schools make the top 100 and the highest percentage of schools to score at least a silver medal with 30% of the schools receiving that distinction. Neighboring New Jersey had two schools in the top 20. Our highest school Read more

Suspected Russian Sub Nearly Capsizes British Trawler

Incident in the Irish Sea Raises Further NATO Concerns By: Wolf von Baumgart, Staff Writer According to recent articles in Business Insider and the New York Times, a suspected Russian submarine breifly towed a British fishing vessel backwards and nearly capsized it when it became entangled in its nets. The incident occured in international waters in the Irish Sea between the UK and Ireland in late April, further raising naval security concerns in the NATO alliance. Read the original articles at: and Read more

HB 140 is Designed to Raise Motor Vehicle Fees

In a move to raise more revenue for Delaware’s Transportation Trust Fund (TTF), some state legislators have sponsored HB 140, designed to raise a set of 14 separate motor vehicle documentation fees. Democrat Representatives Peter Schwartzkopf (Dist.14), Valerie Longhurst (Dist.15), John J. Viola (Dist. 26), S. Quinton Johnson (Dist. 8) and Edward S. Osienski (Dist. 24) as well as Senators Patricia M. Blevins (Dist.7), David B. McBride (Dist. 13), Margaret Rose Henry (Dist.2) with David P. Sokola (Dist. 8) are primary sponsors. Estimated to cost Delaware drivers an additional $ 24 million annually, the increase is projected to raise an additional $12.5 million for the TTF. Under the terms of HB 140, the motor vehicle document fee (imposed on new cars sold in Delaware) would rise from 3.75 percent to 4.25 percent, the fee for driver's licenses record sales would increase from $15 Read more

Dover Police Issue Statement/Release Video ON Officer Related Incident

by Dover Police Department After a federal judge ruled that the video regarding the arrest of Lateef Dickerson on August 24, 2013, by Officer Tom Webster was no longer considered to be confidential, the Dover Police Department has decided to release the video. Based on the incident that occurred, which is captured on this video, the Dover Police Department initiated a multi-pronged investigation into this matter. As a result, in November 2013, the Dover Police Department placed Webster on paid administrative leave pending an internal investigation and review of the case by the Delaware Attorney General’s Office. In March of 2014, the Delaware Attorney General’s Office took the case before a grand jury who did not return an indictment for Webster. At that time the United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Delaware Read more

My View– We’re Standing together: Leaders support Webster Indictment and call for calm

I was proud of my city. Community leaders from elected officials to faith groups to police rallied together to ensure the truth is known in excessive force case involving CPL Webster. City leaders acted with dispatch, but were turned down. The details are well covered in the previous article. The news coverage has been positive except for Delaware Online which twisted one sentence of Mr. Gunn. View this and other videos then decide which account is closer to accurate, ours or theirs. As elected community leaders, it is incumbent upon us to communicate the truth to the people that we serve. My colleague and I have issued a statement with our view of the issue. We are pleased that AG Denn took a look at the case personally Friday and reopened it. A travesty of justice was overturned. Joint Statement on the Webster Indictment from Councilman Elect Roy Sudler Jr. and Councilman Read more

Dover Community Works Together In The Wake of Webster Indictment

Mayor Christiansen and Dover's Black Leaders Unify to Prevent Violence Over The Felony Arrest Of Dover City Police Cpl. Thomas Webster on A Second-Degree Assault Charge. Authored by: Staff Writers, DonAyotte and Wolf von Baumgart In a press conference that took place in front of Dover's City Hall, Mayor Robin Christiansen said that the Dover City Council met in special executive session yesterday to discuss the matter of the Delaware Justice Department's indictment of Dover PD Cpl. Webster. The closed session was held according to the terms of the Delaware Freedom of Information Act, involving cases in which litigation and personnel matters are involved. He would not discuss legal details of the case but said that Webster would be dismissed if he were convicted of the charge. When asked if one of the possible reforms may include establishment of a civilian police review board, Read more

Six Baltimore Police Officers Criminally Charged In Freddie Grays Death.

State's Attorney General Marilyn Mosby Announces Criminal Charges In The Death Of Freddie Gray Who Was Critically Injured While In Police Custody. Most Protesters interviewed greeted Mosby's announcement with cautious skepticism, and a wait and see attitude. While people were happy that some action was being taken, pessimism was heavily speckled throughout the crowd, according to various press sources. Despite Mosby's announcement, Protesters were gathering in Baltimore's streets for a fair-weather weekend of protests over Gray's death, allegedly caused while he was injured in police custody. Unrest and an uneasy calm was apparent by most visual media on site in Baltimore streets. Driver of the police van that carried Freddie Gray in a four-stop ride through Baltimore, Forty-five year-old Officer Caesar Goodson was charged with second degree murder, manslaughter and misconduct Read more