Another Example of Why Falling Oil Prices are Not Due to Obama

President Obama recently announced that he would present a comprehensive plan that would ban drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, permanently. 10 billion barrels of oil are thought to be there and with modern drilling techniques, it could be more. Critics used the fact that oil production is not instant to oppose and delay 3 years the Bush energy policy. Americans suffered unnecessarily. Liberals act as if tomorrow will not come. It is why they run up the debt and have anti-family policies. Good planning is not just for today. Remember this blast from Senator Patty Murray? Today, U.S. Senator Patty Murray (D-Wash) responded to the Bush Administration's energy policy. While praising President Bush for focusing attention on the energy issue, Murray expressed concern that the plan offers no immediate help for Washington consumers who are struggling to pay rising energy Read more

Dover Downs in the Red

Delaware Online reports that Dover Downs has reported a net loss.   Last November, another article on Delaware Online warned about the failing gambling industry in Delaware. Taxes of 43% and competition from other states have contributed to the looming failure of the gambling industry in Delaware, an industry that has contributed up to 74 million in tax revenues. Apparently, the DE legislature will not consider lowering the tax rate.   While I do not support gambling, particularly as a  basis for the DE budget, it surely does seem that the current administration and legislature is determined to kill a goose that was laying golden eggs.   The reliance on gambling revenues, combined with unclaimed property revenue is unhealthy.   Delaware, which has the absolutely worst score on unclaimed property statues, receives a D- from the Council on State Taxation.   In Read more

Doe and Roe Made U. S. A Rogue Nation

Only 3% of nations allow late term abortions. Only 7 nations out of 200 allow lives to be aborted after 20 weeks. The U. S. shamefully is one of them. A bill before Congress seeks to change this. Abortion is morally wrong at anytime and for any reason except to save a mother's life, but it should undoubtedly be a crime to perform one after viability. The reason it is not was an unconstitutional set of High Court Rulings, Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton. Doe made the health exception so broad that included not only physical and mental health, but familial health. Casey v. Planned Parenthood clarified that the states had an interest in preserving fetal life and Gonzales v. Carhart allowed a ban on partial birth abortions and became the first ruling not to affirm Roe but assume its principles held. In spite of the shift of the High Court, abortions are still occurring after viability.  Check Read more

Councilman Mike Brown Tapped to Chair Police Citizen Advisory Board

From WDEL:
Mayor Dennis Williams has tapped Councilman Mike Brown to head the Wilmington Police Department’s citizen advisory board. Brown (R-At Large) has chaired the council’s public safety committee since 2013 and, at times, been a political opponent and critic of Williams. The panel is intended to increase dialogue between police and stakeholders in the community and boost public trust. As chair of the commission, Brown will act as the liaison between the panel and Police Chief Bobby Cummings.

White House Fails To Stop Netanyahu’s Visit

Gutter Sniping Becomes Rule of the Day, By White House Aides Gutter Sniping from the Oval Office, fails to stop the upcoming visit by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu after an invitation by House Speaker John Boehner, to address a joint session of the U.S. House and Senate. Could it be the fact that Speaker Boehner's invitation to Netanyahu came on the heels of Obama's long rhetorical SOTU address that rankled the White House. Various sources report, one Obama aide was quoted as saying, "He spat in our face and that's no way to behave. Netanyahu ought to remember that President Obama has a year and a half left to his presidency, and there will be a price." Most people know that there is "no love lost" between the two leaders, why would the Obama Administration threaten our closest ally in the Middle East? It is said that Netanyahu will speak of the threat Iranian Nukes Read more

Anderson Launches Jobs Offensive

The Dover Prospers Initiative from the Desk of Councilman David L. Anderson, Dover, DE I am pleased to announce that I am taking part in major initiatives to make Dover even more jobs friendly. Here is a quick summary of the initiatives, one stop shopping, a citizen sunset committee, new economic incentives for the Downtown to put into law the work done by our staff. I have long advocated One Stop Shopping to make it easy for to open a business in Dover. Every form that you need is in one packet and you can turn it in one place and we route it to the right department instead of you running around all day. Microbusinesses are the largest economic boom that we have. It is where the growth is most dependable and profitable. Sure we love adding hundreds of jobs at Energizer, which we are. We love Kraft adding jobs. We love having hundreds of millions in Calpine Construction or Uzin Utz and Read more

Senator Bonini Speaks to 31st District GOP

Senator Colin R. J. Bonini spoke to a group of Dover area Republicans and picked up some enthusiastic volunteers. One had never been to 31st district meeting and had only volunteered for campaigns because he "hates political meetings and speeches" but the free pizza was a draw. The person was impressed with his smooth and genuine approach. "I would support him to be the next governor", the attendee stated. His would be colleague, Kim Warfield also expressed enthusiastic support. Bonini's hopeful remarks about Delaware being fixable, were an example of his trademark sunny conservatism. Bonini will focus on fiscal health, the economy, constitutional government and education. Bonini could not have had a better kickoff to the 2016 gubernatorial campaign. Read more

Delaware Politics Under Attack

Have  patience with a few glitches.   This site has been under 3 different attacks this week including a DNS to try to shut it down.   Our security has been won.   Delaware Politics is the only major outlet for the little guy, the person being wronged, the outsider, and a variety of opinions from both majority and minority viewpoints.  We will not be intimidated.  We will upgrade to be better than ever.

Chicken Little Republicans

Failure to pass ban on late term abortions favored 2 to 1 highlights the need to educate some. Some Republicans are so intent on not failing they are afraid to succeed. That is what caused them the majority in 2006. Back then, they had the war fatigue factor and the Foley scandal. The only thing to change the topic would have been action. Financial reform and tax reform would have saved the economy from later collapsing. It would have been good for the country, but coincidentally, it would have been good politics. Call it collateral benefit. Some moderate Republicans who are skittish over the idea that 5 months is too little time to actually report a rape for a rape exception, caused Thursday's vote to be delayed. I reject the notion. If you can report a rape to an abortionist, you can report it to police. If you want to add a doctor, minister, or therapist to the list, go ahead. Read more


  The Delaware legislation is back in session and already it's "Children of Alcoholics" week and marijuana board appointees re-delineated. Join me as The Wise I begins to swim in the murk of the Delaware House and Senate. Much more.   School, Bulletproof Glass and Locks on Doors The Delaware legislature is back in session and I've got some ideas for new laws. More on this later. For now, bear with me and groan in silence as I learn how to read the Delaware state web site and understand how these things go. With more courage and confidence, at a future date I shall be going to Dover my own self, perhaps Blog as they legislate. First bill up for analysis had the 9-12 Patriots all atwitter. HB27 requires all new schools and those undergoing major renovation (which will ultimately mean installing a new lock or some such) to have bulletproof glass, locks on classrooms and Read more

Jahi Issa, All Charges Dismissed!

In a surprising move January 20th, all charges were dismissed by Judge Charles Welch, against Jahi Issa Ph.D, a former history professor at Delaware State University. A communication from Issa's attorney Sam Guy states: As of today, I am proud to announce that my client, Dr. Jahi Issa, (Delaware State University (DSU) Professor), has been exonerated from all of the charges levied against him by the State of Delaware. The docket sheet is the header on my facebook page. DSU President Dr. Harry Lee Williams and Chief Harry Downes, Jr. should be ashamed of themselves for using their power to oppress DSU students and faculty for exercising 1st Amendment rights near the MLK Student Center and Medgar Evers Hall. They need to go see Selma. When I attended DSU it was an HBCU. Issa's first trial for resisting arrest while allegedly Read more


And the winner is Joan Deaver! Well almost. We check in on Sussex county's weekly meeting and we have byways, freeboards and holistic veterinarians. The Wise I is confused. The weekly meeting of the Sussex county council's weekly meeting went off today and there were some surprises. We begin with highways and byways and somewhere there was a lot of money to pretty up Savannah Road in Lewes Delaware. A presentation was made by….well I don't know . The agenda detailed her as someone from something called Greater Lewes Scenic and Historic Byways. This is how it is any more, federal money is for sale and the local people got to bite the apple. Now we have byways here and byways there. Just to make it clear, below some quotes from the literature as presented: Funding required for trail planning, design and construction Funding required for pedestrian and bicycle safety Funding required Read more

Response to John Kowolko’s Letter To Pete Schwartzkopf

Guest Post By: Wolf von Baumgart State Representative John Kowolko’s Open Letter to Delaware House Speaker, Pete Schwartzkopf, re: his recent non-reappointment to the House Education Committee is a critical political document of essential questions he raises on the balance of power in the First State. In it, he frankly challenges the odd relationship of the Legislative to the Executive branches of state government as well as the common method by which the General Assembly conducts its business behind closed doors – the so-called “Delaware Way”. Personalities and partisan politics aside, the fundamental questions are: “Does the Speaker of the House have too much power?” and; “To what extent is the Speaker’s power subject to abuse?” According the Delaware House Rules, The Read more


Interesting tidbits snuck out during round tables. Lindsay Graham for President? State of Union Speech coming up and we shall be pleased. Read it all as The Wise I watches and interprets. First I include the picture below, not because it's particularly pertinent to the political talk shows of yesterday. Though, I'd argue, the subject of world wide terror was very much discussed on all the Sunday shows. It is a picture of the recent march in Paris, you know the one America sent the Janitor at the Pentagon to? Of course there were security issues and all but notice how the picture was doctored. We hear Valerie Jarrett….the de facto President of the United States, called it a "parade". Heh. We begin with Fox News Sunday where Ted Olson argued on behalf of same sex marriage. It was Juan Williams, Fox News pundit of questionable IQ, who wins the outrageous statement of the day. Ted Read more

Profitable Alternative Polution Control For Delaware’s Inland Bays

Guest Post By: David O. Rickards Duckweed is an aquatic floating plant which is native, fast growing, and should be an essential part of any comprehensive plan to lower nutrients from reaching our inland bays. If our drainage system were used appropriately we would be able to lower pollution enough to allow the colonization of freshwater mussels. Pollution has reduced the number of these important filtering animals by over 90%. Each adult mussel is capable of filtering between 5 and 15 gallons of water daily; therefore a bed of 500 thousand would be equivalent to having a small wastewater treatment plant in that drainage system. Sussex's drainage system connects to several rivers such as the Pocomoke, the Indian River and St. Martins. These major ditches need to be used in order to reduce non-point source pollution from reaching our bays. Birdsong Gardens was a subcontractor for Read more

Dover Citizens Get 10 More Officers

Monday night, something good happened. Dover City Council added authorization for 10 police officers. Dover will still have a slightly smaller PD than Salisbury which has around 6000 fewer residents or around 15 short of Annapolis which has about the same population. The need is real. More important than the numbers is that the Chief has an intelligent plan to restaff community policing, restart PAL, restore interactions with neighborhood watches and other anti-crime groups, and staff a street crimes unit like the one in the successful end of year trial. I support the plan. Judging from an outpouring of citizens from business people to pastors to retired residents to college students that reflected the ethnic mix of the city, the citizens strongly support it. What I was not enthusiastic about was the change in strategy to implement it. Dover has a crime problem,not a crime crisis. Read more

Sussex GOP elects new executive board. Some not happy; The Wise I is delighted. Only one wrinkle but the rest is good. Gossip and snark included.

If one can believe, I "write" this while swiping a Kindle keyboard. I need a computer badly. Let us insert a PR plug for the upcoming Lincoln Day dinner sponsored by the Kent county GOP. It's on February 21, more information available at WWW.KENTREPUBLICANS.COM. Now on to the winners and gossip. First, seems that one of my top ten Delawareans of 2014, Frank Knotts, is displeased with last night's results. I won't quote or provide links; you all know where he is. I only mention for two reasons.... first I couldn't find a pic of Frank for my top ten list, so I took one myself last night...forthwith. I am not going over all the results, only those that are of interest and for which I have gossip. Speaking of lose talk...I hear tell George Parish is seriously considering a run for Delaware insurance commissioner. It's one of those "will know in the spring" type of things but Read more

Conservative Coalition Opposes Fast Track for Trans-Pacific Partnership

Conservatives oppose fast track trade authority for Obama Jan. 13, 2015, Washington, D.C.—Americans for Limited Government President Richard Manning today was joined by conservative leaders at a Capitol Hill press conference urging Congress to reject granting President Obama trade promotion authority, or fast track, for the Trans-Pacific Partnership Treaty. Leading a group that included representatives from all three legs of the traditional Republican Party electoral stool: faith, national defense and limited government, Manning called on Congress to "not cede any additional authority to a President who has spent the past six years shredding the constitutional separation of powers." Sandy Rios, director of government affairs for the American Family Association, emphasized the traditional roll the United States has played in using its economic might to expand freedom around the Read more

The National Scene-the Sunday Political Talk Shows-1/11/15

Attorney General Eric Holder, the best AG this country has ever known, on all talk shows, every where except the international solidarity march against Islam extremism! Is America then in favour of Islam extremism?  Everyone's talking about it and The Wise I is explaining.   Let us begin by stating that I am 'typing' on a credit card size keyboard on my Kindle.  Computer died this past weekend.  Looking for suggestions on replacements...thinking for now about a Surface Pro by Microsoft. Suggestioons welcome. FOX NEWS SUNDAY (Fox Network): Gen. Martin Dempsey, Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman; Sens. John Hoeven, R-N.D., and Chris Coons, D-Del. MEET THE PRESS (NBC): Attorney General Eric Holder. FACE THE NATION (CBS): Holder; Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas; Rep. Michael McCaul, R-Texas. THIS WEEK (ABC): Holder; Sen. Richard Burr, R-N.C. STATE OF THE UNION (CNN): Holder; Sens. Read more

Hydrokinetics, New Energy For Delaware

Guest Post By Dave Rickards Underwater turbines can generate electricity without producing any GHG (green house gases). With a water depth of 3+ feet and a flow of 3.5+ knots, UEK Corporation out of Annapolis, Maryland has patented technology capable of producing clean electricity. This company, having been established in 1981, has in excess of 30 years of R&D. Their turbines are free floating, no need of pedestals, and are efficient, environmentally safe and cost effective. A Delaware company has licensed this technology and hopes to establish the first commercial project this year. After a successful year's study this product can be marketed internationally as well as nationally. This would generate hundreds of good paying jobs in Sussex. Every facility with a cooling tower (there are over 10,000 nationwide) can use this technology to capture currently wasted kinetic energy and Read more

Business to City of Wilmington: Fix Crime or Else

Just one comment: Wilmington will not be fixed unless the underlying viewpoint is changed into something resembling Rudy Giuliani’s and other successful mayors’  solutions for failing cities with high crime rates, such as NYC.   Otherwise, Wilmington will wind up like Detroit. Link:    

Civil Liberties or “Le Nouveau Police State,” The People Must Decide

This question has quickly become the issue that is on the front burner of American politics. There are clearly two sides to this question and they are sharply divided on the question of how the country should proceed. One side originates with the law enforcement community and their supporters. According to recent casual conversation with one DSP Officer, he feels that the world has changed and disagreed with my statement that, "I don't believe that state and local police should have become a para-military force that stifles the citizens' civil rights." He believes that police are being unjustly targeted. I agree with him on some of the recent situations that have gone down. Especially on the issue of the two officers in NYC that were simply doing their job when they were assassinated. Many, including myself do not agree that attacking innocent police that are simply doing their Read more