Hobby Lobby Ruling a Boost for Liberty

The High Court ruled that the Affordable Care Act can't make people who own Corporations choose between their business and their beliefs. Freedom is still alive, even by one vote. The Supreme Court recognized the diversity of this country. Forcing people to pay for what they sincerely believe is the termination of innocent human life is incompatible with the heritage of diversity. Even when we had a draft, we exempted people from combat that was even when national survival was at stake. This ruling preserves people's right to choose on both sides. You have right to Ella and Plan B, but I have a right not to pay for it. America has always respected the right of people to practice their faith in their business, churches, family, and government. The Constitution bans religious tests. It prohibits laws that inhibit the free exercise of religion. It forbids setting up a state sponsored Read more

The National Scene-Sunday Talk Shows, The 2014 Supreme Court

Time for a national update, which yon reader may look forward to on Mondays as I have no life and watch all the Sunday political talk shows.  This past week was a beaut, read on and laugh with me.  Also, the Supreme Court decisions….I got an opinion!  Who knew? NOW IN THE NEWS-Sunday Talk Shows =============================== FOX NEWS SUNDAY (Fox Network): Reps. Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., and Xavier Becerra, D-Calif; former CIA and NSA Director Michael Hayden. MEET THE PRESS (NBC): Former President Bill Clinton; White House adviser Valerie Jarrett; Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus. FACE THE NATION (CBS): Sens. John Barrasso, R-Wyo., and Joe Manchin, D-W.Va. THIS WEEK (ABC): President Obama; Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y. STATE OF THE UNION (CNN): Reps. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., and Mike Rogers, R-Mich.; William W. Taylor III, attorney for former IRS official Lois Lerner. ====================== Defending Read more

America is Less Safe Today

I try to have faith that the people in charge of our national security know more than we do from the outside. It does not give me comfort when the President of the United States keeps saying that he learned half of the world situations from CNN or the papers. If your life is possibly on the line, you truly want to be confident that the guys in Washington know friend from foe and pow from terrorist. When I look at the situation in Iraq, Syria, and the release of 5 terrorists from Gitmo to do to Afghanistan what we allowed the terrorists we released in Iraq are doing, I wonder why we are not firing the national security team. The world is less safe because the U. S. is leading from behind. We are less safe today then anytime since 9/11. Domestic spying will not keep us safe. Capturing, killing, and defeating terrorists will. That is just my opinion. I am sure that I will hear others Read more

New Features

We are trying out some new features to see what should go in our coming upgrade. Please check out the sidebar and see state government news feeds, national campaign news, Dr. Ben Carson, Conservative Black Chick, Follow the Money and the Morning Examiner.

Political Earthquake: Senator Carper Abandons Chip Flowers and backs former aide, Sean Barney

The Markell administration is in a battle with Treasurer Chip Flowers who actually cares about the Constitutional prerogatives of his office. As in the Sheriff debate, the establishment has targeted him as the bad guy. Unlike the Sheriff debate, which divided Republicans, this one divides Democrats. Some have wondered aloud why the first African American ever elected to statewide office is being openly targeted when an incompetent Karen Weldin Stewart was treated more neutrally. The division has been bitter. Enter Senator Thomas Carper. His endorsement of Mr. Barney moves the debate from an attack on Mr. Flowers to a glowing tribute of an American Hero who left the seat of power of a Washington Dream job to enlist in the Marines. Mr. Barney was injured on the battlefield, barely escaping death and has come back to serve the people of Delaware. I have nothing against Mr. Flowers, Read more

Open Thread On Election Politics In Delaware

After a suggestion by a commenter I’ve decided to have an open thread for our readers to express their thoughts on the upcoming statewide elections. I expect the campaigns will be as aggressive as always and perhaps as controversial. We have important races being run and new candidates filing almost daily now. Delaware has arguably been a hotbed of firey controversy concerning candidates as you all know but this is a chance to express what you personally project for the future of Delaware’s political future. I know that I don’t have to tell you to speak your mind because that has always happened on this site but please keep it clean and respectful.

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The_6/27/14 Pt. 2__Edition-

An intriguing update on the Bodenweiser jury. What the hell happened to HB 334? We're stuck with Common Core? And Best Dressed Male Delaware Republican….we got a winnah! The Bodenweiser Jury ======================= So like about seven people told me the following in some form or fashion thus no need to identify my sources. I done forgot who they all are anyway. In a recent post I mentioned that the jury on the Bodenweiser trial was hung by just one juror. I clarified this was rumor, the amazing compilation of all the tips I receive via whisper, email, Facebook message, phone calls or face-to-face encounters. Just a rumor. From the day AFTER the 2012 state election, 10/22/12, until the beginning of the trial against Eric Bodenweiser, the charges against him dropped from an initial 113 counts to 28 counts when the trial began on 5/27/14, 14 counts first degree, 14 counts second Read more

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The_6/27/14___Edition-

An interview with Vance Phillips, incumbent candidate for Sussex County's District 5. It's as much a human interest discourse on Phillips as a political piece but read on. This man is alive and confident he'll re-win his seat. I think he's right. Begin by reading this piece by Ron McArthur. From the article, below: Phillips said his platform remains as it has for 15 years on council – low taxes and limited government. He said the county has a deal of sorts with its residents. “Don't ask for a lot of services, and we won't ask for a lot of money,” he said. It was a most pleasant two hours that I spent on Vance Phillips' farm this past week. I've interviewed folks everywhere, to include a public eatery, my own home, via telephone, but this is the first time I interview someone in THEIR abode. Which was wonderful, to insert prejudices up front, in that myself once lived on a Read more

HB 334 Fails 8 to 13–OOPS Vote again–It Passes 12 to 9. Common Core Testing Is on the Way to Being the Law

The Senate defeated Common Core Testing-HB 334, 8 votes in favor with 13 votes opposed in a bipartisan display of common sense and responsiveness to the people. 5 Democrats joined every Republican in the vote.  As I was writing up the praise, word came of the roll call being rescinded.  A revote took place.  The forces of the new dark age in Delaware Education reversed the vote. As we know, the Department of Education has put us full tilt into Common Core including the testing, but doing so violated the law.  Rep. Scott, my representative, explained to me that his bill would not mandate Common Core testing, but merely remove the barriers to it by cleaning up state law.  In other words, now that it was becoming controversial, someone might make DOE obey the law so they had better change it. Now I explained on other occasions why this bill is bad.  It trashes the tens of millions Read more

The Loyal Opposition Questions the New Del DOT Decision Making Process

Del DOT decided to take the human element out of which road projects get prioritized.  Unfortunately they succeeded.  Gone are considerations like common sense, coordination with other projects including economic development and future growth, and quality of life.  Jobs and overall state revenue take a backseat to Del DOT revenue. From the Dover Post: The council had met May 28 in a special session where the main topic of discussion was DelDOT’s 2013 decision to delay a Del. Route 1 interchange from FY 2014 to FY 2017. A proposed regional sports complex planned for the area, south of Frederica, would be served by the interchange. Proponents of the sports complex have said the project, which was to be built concurrently with the interchange, is in danger of losing its funding because of the delay. In prior meetings, DelDOT representative Drew Boyce said the interchange, which had Read more

National Update-Cochran, Sunday Talk Shows, IRS Rant

Time for a national look at politics so Thad Cochran won? Of course! All the Democrats voted for him! An interesting overview of this past Sunday talk shows but be warned, I get snarky. Finally, a rant on the IRS and why the bigger problem is the Republicans. Thad Cochran won the primary in Mississippi but that election had the stink of ten turds on it. Mississippi has some kind of crazy rule that anybody can vote in a primary except if one already voted in a prior primary of the opposition party. Or something. Anybody thinks this absurd and totally unenforceable provision was followed I got a bridge to sell, cheap. Little pancaking problem on the ramp but hey, it's cheap. And the Cochran campaign went after Democrat voters I am to hear. As of this writing Cochran's opponent McDaniel has not yet conceded but it doesn't look good. Yon ladies and gems, there you have it. For Read more

More on the Bodenweiser Case, A case of “Corpus Delicti”

No matter what your opinion is about the Bodenweiser trial, we were all shocked when the State’s first move was to call Bodenweiser’s own pastor to the stand to testify against him. Before he was allowed to testify, defense attorney Joe Hurley made an objection of Corpus Delicti. Judge Bradley overruled it and the pastor took the stand. As it turns out, the judge’s ruling from the bench was incorrect. Under Corpus Delicti in Delaware jurisprudence, the State must first present evidence the alleged crimes were committed (in this case through the alleged victim’s allegations) before it can present an alleged confession of whatever it was that the pastor thought he heard. From Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corpus_delicti Corpus Delicti (Latin: "body of crime") is a term from Western jurisprudence referring to the principle that a crime must have been proven to have Read more


Guest Post By: Jonathon Moseley “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves,” Cassius, in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, Act 1, scene 2. Shakespeare’s words on the Roman’s lips referred to the stars in the heavens – that is astrology, the idea that the key players’ destinies in these dramas were predetermined by the stars under which they were born. But if you will permit poetic license, we could consider the political “stars” or leaders that everyone loves to attack or adore. People must stop relying upon our celebrity ‘stars” and ask more “What can I do?” and “How can I be part of the solution?” The tradition that it is our country and we the people make the difference shouldn’t be lost. For Delaware Republicans, no matter what one’s individual opinion, preferences, favorites, grievances, or perspectives, all Republicans Read more

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The__6/24/14 Pt. 2__Edition-

Sussex County council live-blogged. Some interesting tidbits but it was a complete bore until someone asked about the Death Bill. Wait till you hear about this! Sussex has new constable so clean your old tires and trash piles. So the Sussex county council met for the last time before the July 4th holiday. The next meeting will be 7/14/14. The meeting was fairly mundane but some interesting agenda items were presented. A complicated grid of insurance costs of all sorts was presented, including Worker's Comp, property and liability. The final cost was estimated to be at a cost of $1,975,175. The council appointed a new constable and good on this. Somebody tell him to start with the tire piles, move on to the trashy and unkempt and, finally, tell all those people behind me that their land is on my property. Some grants were awarded and I am keeping track folks, both here on the Blog Read more

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The_6/24/14__Edition-

With a long sigh, I write of Eric Bodenweiser and his tragic story. Yes he was a friend of mine, casual admittedly. But the story of Eric Bodenweiser is a horrible tale of Delaware politics and justice. Or lack of. It took me a week to gather the courage to sit and write this post. I doubt many will read it but goodness knows I've had plenty of yon ladies and gems email and otherwise contact with intriguing details of the story. I also received a detailed email from Paul Bodenweiser, Eric's brother. Paul did not ask me not to share his sentiments but I shall be discrete. Understand that I have not spoken to Eric since his arrest and chanced to casually meet his wife during a visit to the probate office. I do not understand the legalities of Eric's case, little of the history, practically nothing about his accuser. I am, however, a citizen of Sussex county Delaware and I'll risk that my Read more

Should the Alleged Victim Charles DePrisco Be Charged With Perjury?

At the recently concluded Bodenweiser trial, I witnessed the commission of the crime of Perjury in the 1st Degree. Two Deputy Attorneys General, a Delaware State Police Detective and a Superior Court Judge also witnessed the crime. During the Bodenweiser trial, the alleged victim, Charles DePrisco was placed under oath and said that he had been completely truthful with the information he had presented to the authorities during course of several police interviews. The definition of the words complete and truth were given to him on the stand to ensure that he understood. In one of his initial statements back in 2012, DePrisco said he’d had no further contact with Eric Bodenweiser after the activity he alleged ended. According to DePrisco, the alleged activity ended during the spring of 1990. Due to the nature of the crimes he alleged, he said he was highly motivated not to ever have Read more

Iraq 3

When it comes to the pending third conflict in Iraq Glenn Beck seems to have done an about face from some of his past positions and suggests that we should not go back in there. We should not attempt to nation build, and past experience shows that we aren't very successful at it. We should stay out of their growing civil war, and now he even admits that he no longer thinks we should have gone to Iraq under President Bush. This is not our fight; we do not have a right to foist Democracy on them, or even freedom. I think he is right that we don't have any business there and we don't have any obligation to Iraq, except for one thing. We released the leader of ISIL, Abu Bakr al-Baghdad from our custody back onto their streets to help mastermind this terror that has been unleashed on them. We had him in jail and then we released him. The moment we had Al-Baghdadi in our custody, he became Read more

Delaware Tolls to Rise

From DelawareOnline: “Members of Gov. Jack Markell's administration and lawmakers have reached a compromise to raise weekend tolls on Del. 1 from $2 to $3 and authorize $20 million in new debt to pay for road maintenance projects. The agreement replaces a more ambitious effort by Markell to raise Delaware's per-gallon gasoline tax by 10 cents and authorize new debt to fund $100 million in new projects annually. The higher tolls will raise about $10 million annually, with the majority of that money restoring proposed cuts to Community Transportation Fund accounts that lawmakers use to fund hometown road projects. Lawmakers fiercely protect the accounts to fix roads and curry favor in their districts.” Looks like the denizens of Delaware's home towns may be looking at more than one type of road kill... 😉 Full story to be found here: http://www.delawareonline.com/story/firststatepolitics/2014/06/19/tolls-rising/10856039/   Read more

Redskins Trademark Cancelled

The U.S. Patent and Trade Office’s Trademark Trial and Appeal Board canceled the registration of six trademarks held by the Washington Redskins football team, calling the word “Redskins” disparaging to Native Americans. Shall other teams, such as the Cleveland Indians, Atlanta Braves, Kansas City Chiefs, and the “Fighting Irish” of Notre Dame, call their lawyers? Is this political correctness run amok or justifiable rebuke of a racist logo?

The Dog Ate the IRS Emails

The latest Obama administration lie is exposed by Alexis Rose Bank, whose article in “The Bull Elephant” may be found in its entirety here: http://thebullelephant.com/irs-emails/ Ms. Bank writes: “The latest Obama administration claims regarding Lois Lerner’s emails, and now the email records of six other figures in the IRS scandal, are so far beyond implausible that they constitute a direct challenge to the authority of Congress, and by extension our entire Constitutional form of government. That’s how seriously Banks sees the so-called loss of Lois Lerner’s emails and the emails of six other IRS employees. Claiming that “loss” is a threat to our Constitutional government. Bank’s article continues; “The claim regarding Lois Lerner’s emails is that they were lost in a personal computer crash. But email doesn’t work in a way that would make that scenario Read more

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The_6/17/14__Edition-

Live Blogging Sussex County Council Meeting, strangest of all is current Sussex county Clerk of Peace is okay with losing his job! Sussex Republican GOP speaks out on this matter. ====================== So right from the starting gate, during a legislative update, this weird new obsession of Pete Schwartzkopf was brought up, specifically the elimination of a local Clerk of the Peace to be replaced by a Marriage Bureau in each county headed by a Secretary of Health of Social Services. It's not clear to me if this position already exists or would become a new elected positions. Did some research so yon reader know now that this unusual new obsession of our law-addicted legislature requires a constitutional amendment . A constitutional amendment requires a vote from two consecutive legislative sessions. So this starts that process and next year, starving from a year of no law-making they Read more

The National Scene-Hillary, Baghdad, Biden, Cantor and Bush. Wise comments on all.

About Iraq-Biden was right! It's time to gaze upon the national scene to view the magic of Hillary, the confusion of Bergdahl, the surprise of Cantor and the constant presence of a Bush, Biden was right! Indeed it was our very own Joe who, back when the Iraq invasion was going full scale, suggested that the country be divided up by religious sect: Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds. I recall smirking at him at the time but yon ladies and gems, The Wise I has a whole different way of looking at things in the middle east and I think George Dubya was wishful thinking when he said that the Iraqis just want peace and freedom. Here's the truth of the matter, says only The Wise I, a humble Blogger who most likely won't be beheaded for daring to type the truth but if you see me walking around without my head you know they got to me. There is something seriously disjointed about the Muslim faith. Read more

All Politics Are National, Not Local?

The New York Times has an interesting article about how changing demographics are influencing state politics.  The gist of the article is that voters are increasingly more interested in the effects of federal policies on their state and the nation than they are in local issues.  Candidates who have in former years brought home the bacon find their accomplishments little known, as transplants who don’t know local candidates and local history flood into older, more established communities. From the article: “For all the talk about how partisan polarization is overwhelming Washington, there is another powerful, overlapping force at play: Voters who are not deeply rooted increasingly view politics through a generic national lens.” [Though the article does not state the following, in view of the increased influence of the federal government, it makes sense that voters, deeply Read more

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The_6/15/14__Edition-

Rich Collins is running for John Atkins' position in Representative District #41. Rich tells me why he's sure to win, the problems with running against an incumbent. Collins gave even The Wise I a new thought-provoking take on the sad state of the Sussex county economy, indeed all of Delaware. I really like Rich Collins, let me get that out right here up front. Understand he doesn't know me from anybody though he did meet me via telephone this past week as I chanced to interview him for his strategy and predictions re his race against John Atkins. Now Rich has entirely too much class to mention that John Atkins is himself in a bit of trouble in that his wife filed for a PFA(Protection From Abuse) against Atkins for both her and her sons. Atkins was awarded joint custody of their sons but the PFA still stands. Whatever the outcome and no matter how much John Rieley and even Rich here Read more