Pete duPont’s WSJ Farewell Column

[I am sorry to see the thread Mr. du Pont's article engendered disappear. If there were one or two offensive posts, they could have been removed, but ALL the comments were removed.  I hope they are soon restored.  Du Pont's column provided a rare opportunity for the Republican party to discuss substantively just what their vision for the party is to be.  Let the discussion continue.] "This will be the last of my columns for this publication, so I thought it fitting to note the views that have most influenced these writings. Foremost is my appreciation of America's character and strength and my opinion that the only earthly thing that can stop this great country is a national failure of will or a continual series of misguided political decisions. My optimism is driven primarily by the ingenuity and resilience of America's people. A nation of more than 300 million will have its share Read more

Reality and Politics

I am writing an essay about the resurgence of gnosticism, which essentially denies material reality in favor of spirit and will, and its practical effects on public polity. I will not post the piece here, as there is absolutely no expectation that it will receive anything--with maybe one or two rare exceptions--other than frivolous responses and/or attacks. However, for those truly interested in how metaphysics affects public policy, here's a link to a magnificent essay by George Weigel.  His work is well worth the read, and defines crisply and succinctly the great divide presently afflicting not only politics, but Western civilization itself.   C.S. Lewis also published a great book entitled the Abolition of Man.  The two philosophers  compliment one another. Enjoy.   Read more

Memorial Day Weekend 2014

I love America.  This is the greatest nation on earth.  I love this nation because it is the culmination of humanity's dream of self determination, human dignity, and individual freedom.  America's greatness is not an accident.  It is the result of intelligent planning, prayer, and secured by the sacrifice of great Americans who were willing to give all for others.  Some gave that last full measure of devotion, others of us were blessed to have the opportunity to give of ourselves and return. This weekend, I am taking a moment to honor those who have fallen and those who returned but have now gone to their reward like my DAV father and Purple Heart Uncle both of WW2.  The experience of being in theater and standing as a silent witness to the fallen touches the heart like little else.  I will spend Memorial Day as I usually do, honoring the sacrifice of the fallen, but I doubt Read more

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The_5.24.14___Edition

Republican runs against incumbent….Arlett versus Phillips. How sleazy is this thing turning out? Three bills the Delaware legislature wants to enact to better keep their thumbs upon us. The hell with property tax payers, let the school board raise their taxes! Much more. More Hypocrisy from the Delaware GOP ================================ I don't know Rob Arlett though I know OF him. He seems like a personable fellow, handsome, friendly….and maybe a bit sneaky. So far as I am concerned, Arlett has every right to challenge a sitting Republican incumbent no matter what Danny Short says. Still it seems awkward, to say the least, to have an RD of the Sussex county GOP be championing the tasteless take-down of a sitting Republican to then turn around and throw his hat in the ring to run against him. As for Orvin Strickler, wow, I thought he was a nice guy : Interview with Read more

USA Freedom Act Passes the House

For those concerned about the loss of privacy, from Virginia's congressman Randy Forbes' news letter:   Goodlatte,     Conyers, Sensenbrenner, Scott, Nadler, and Forbes Applaud House Passage of the USA Freedom Act   Bill     protects Americans’ privacy while preserving our ability to protect     America’s national security Washington, D.C. – The House of Representatives today approved by a vote   of 302-121 the USA Freedom Act (H.R. 3361), a bipartisan bill authored   by Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security, and Investigations Subcommittee   Chairman Jim Sensenbrenner (R-Wisc.) that ends bulk collection of data by the   government and reforms our nation’s intelligence-gathering programs operated   under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). For nearly a year, the House Judiciary Committee, Read more

Subsidy Transparency

Your utility bill does a lot more than simply pay for your electricity. It also saves the world, at least according to some. How could a utility bill save the world? When you pay for your utilities you also "contribute" to the Green Energy Fund, to expand what the administration considers renewable, non-harmful sources of energy, but that's not all. Your utility bill also helps the poor. Part of your power bill goes to the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program to cover the cost for those that can't afford their own utilities. Wait, there's more! When you pay for your electric bill you are also helping to subsidize the clever people and companies that had enough money to buy solar panels for their house or business. Someone has to pay for those Renewable Energy Credits and that someone is probably you, unless you happen to be one of the winners on the receiving end. Not to mention, Read more

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The_5/20/14 __Edition-

Sussex County council presents great budget but tempest in teapot NAACP got all the attention. Why are septic tanks the enemy? Let's look a bit closer into this local NAACP group…..some interesting things I found about it. Yes I was at the Sussex county council meeting on 5/20/14 and before the meeting even started I knew it was going to cause a buzz. My suspicions were aroused by the largish group of people congregated in the Circle, praying and organizing in some fashion. Indeed, the council chambers were packed, an interesting sight. In fact, mine own county council woman, Joan Deaver, chanced to pass by my seat and she stopped and said with a smiling whisper:"See all this you caused." Well you got to smile because it was Joan herself, along with Sam Wilson and Vance Phillips, who riled up the troops but let me say this...Joan lies and says she's in her 70's but that woman always Read more

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The_5/19/14__Edition-

Steve Smyk is going to have a hard time getting re-elected. For he's going up against TWO political parties-the Dems and IPOD. We interview Don Ayotte and get the scoop on why HE's the best person to represent RD 20.   It would probably be in good form for me to state that I served as Campaign Finance Chair for Ayotte's campaign to un-seat Joan Deaver. Don is also a fellow Blogger here on Delaware Politics. Finally, I consider him a personal friend. I don't suppose I need mention that I have serious issues with Steve Smyk, a nice fellow and parishioner at my church, and, at times, of the same political bent as me. I am happy to announce that Don too thinks Smyk has issues. "He's a bad legislator," Ayotte told me the sunny afternoon of this interview. I asked Don just why this was so. "He spent the first two years of his election proposing secret compartments for goodness Read more

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The__5/15/14__Edition-

They're after our guns of all kinds, folks, cause the Delaware legislators will have none of it. And if you somehow get hold of a gun, you'll go to jail for at least a year. Be proud that our Ruling Class worries so a bout us that they also won't let us drink raw milk. House Bill 137-also known as the Free Speech Prohibition Bill ===================== Because I want my Delaware legislators to love and cherish me and so they won't let some homeless guy try to hit me up for money, thank you Lord. For if some homeless guy hits me up for money he will have to report the locales and company name of all dumpsters he dove into for the past week. He will have to take my own name and address and he better not speak to me during the transaction or he and his dog will be shot. This is the Charity Bill, yon ladies and gems, you know, a result of all those calls to the Ruling Class in Dover Read more

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The__5/15/14__Edition-

Let us discuss the wisdom of Sussex county donating taxpayer money to the NAACP. And a certain Blogger got in big trouble recently and it's not yours truly. Two Folks of Note Get Acknowledgement from the Sussex GOP….not necessarily both good. =========================== So I did miss live-blogging the Sussex county council this past Tuesday-5/13/14. I did download all the provided packets and planned to peruse the minutes for a column. But all hell broke loose and know that I knew about it straightaway and lamented that I'd missed it all. It was the bank, folks, they wanted me to sign the papers and so I did. I decided to write a column with the details of the Sussex Republican meeting this past Monday 5/12/14. That too was an interesting meeting but not to worry, I WAS THERE! Two major things about the recent Sussex GOP monthly meeting. First, good friend Laurene Purdy won Read more

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The_5/14/14___Edition-

Meet the next Mayor of Delaware-our own editor, David Anderson! He's a vet, he's served on the Dover council, and he's a fine writer. What's not to love? ======================== The election for Mayor of Dover is soon, 6/17/14. David Anderson is already a Dover county councilman, just returned from a tour in Afghanistan for the Army National Guard. David assures voters that the Army National Guard has five year cycles that might be confusing to many but he will NOT be affected should he win the Mayor-ship of Dover. David is a self-employed businessman, he is running as a non-partisan and he thinks he will win. "It won't be easy though," David assures me. His opponent is a former Dover council President, also running with no party idealogy, but it's been ten years since this opponent was in office. David emphasizes that there are three pillars in his post-election Dover Read more

The Loyal Opposition says stop HB 334–The Heart of Common Core

We finally took a sensible approach to testing. Test at the beginning of the year, middle of the year, and end of the year. Delaware's HB 334 eliminates that and makes your entire "matriculation and academic promotion requirements imposed by § 153 of this title shall be based upon the student's assessment results received on 1 assessment". No true assessment can take place without at least two tests. One gives a benchmark and the other shows the progress. I have seen where a student actually loses ground. If a student could make the grade before the school year starts, why should he or she be penalized for not being able to connect with the teacher or being sick or stressed by some outside event on test day. If the student can have the best test, you have a truer read on the student. Everyone has an off day. You just hope it is not during a high stakes test. I took a test once not long Read more

The Loyal Opposition Looks at HB 105

Making voting easier is a laudable goal. Keeping the integrity of the process is an essential one. One does not need to be done at the expense of the other. Delaware House Bill 105 makes voting easier at the expense of faith in the process. Motor Voter has made registration close to universal. I think that is very positive. The people who are not currently registered either moved and have not finalized paperwork or affirmatively opted out of the system. Some are drug addicts, some are frustrated, some don't care, some are felons. People have many reasons for opting out. I think it should be easy for them to opt back in. I believe 10 days before an election is appropriate and changes of addresses should be able to be made with proof such as a picture ID and utility bill or other proof of residence on election day with their old district being called that they have changed. I have a problem Read more

You Can’t Be Pro-jobs and Anti-business: Dover Is Ready For Business

In Newark Delaware, a movement exists to stop anything that resembles progress. People who think they have theirs doesn't care about the next guy. Wawa, the Data Center, and other ventures have this group of a few hundred people who seem to find a problem with everything. They lost the last special mayor's election after pressuring the last mayor out. Now the new mayor seems to be bending to them even though the people elected her because she wasn't with them. Back in January, I said to the News Journal, if Newark doesn't want the data center, bring it and the 300 jobs to Dover. I renew my call. Dover has incentives in place, a technology center that has the infrastructure for the power required in place, and a people who want to prosper. We cut our zoning time delays. We keep taxes and power rates among the lowest in the state. We have an economic development team that looks Read more

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The_5/8/14___Edition-

Potholes! Chris Coons to introduce bill to help the IRS beat up the Tea Party.  Beau Biden's DA rapes 16 year old.  The Blue Blood Ruling class is up there making laws, one to prohibit sexual servitude and you know we can't have that.  Much more. Let's Discuss Potholes =================== In fact I'm pretty sure a few feet of my property is buried under the horse-shoe shaped road that curves through my community. If the fine and nice folks behind me get their way and take away the three feet of land they say is theirs, way I figure I get to obtain a pneumatic drill and dig my land out from under the potholes in front of my house which is what I think happened to the three feet of land I stole from the people behind me. I did some investigating and discover that Sussex county has something called the Sussex Community Improvement Program (SCIP). I've read over this ordinance Read more

Congratulations to David Anderson as He Enters the Race For Mayor of Dover’s own David Anderson has thrown his hat into the race for the recently vacated mayoral seat in Dover. Mr. Anderson is currently a Dover City Councilman and has recently completed a tour of duty with Delaware’s National Guard in Afghanistan. Dover will be well served if Mr. Anderson is elected. He is a true patriot and Christian, and has the gained the respect of every person he comes into contact with. David Anderson is a longtime friend and associate and it has been a pleasure to be associated with him in every way. I wish David the best of luck and Godspeed in his efforts to lead the City of Dover to new horizons.

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The_5.6.14___Edition-

Live Blogging the Sussex county council meeting. County adopts anti-NIMBY policy. Say what? State of Delaware wants more money from Sussex county if we want ambulances at our services. Even Joan Deaver is concerned! *Note-Councilman Phillips was not in attendance due to illness. Does Sussex County Need a "Transportation Cooperative" for its Senior Population and is starting one worth $35,000? ========================================= So a Nancy Feichtl did a presentation for something called a Sussex Senior Transportation Cooperative. Only problem is that there is a one time charge for Sussex county to fork up an "affiliation fee" of $35,000.00. Actually it sounds like a good system that might work for Sussex county. Feichtl reported that by 2030 Sussex county would have over 80,000 seniors over age 65 living here. Driving around, it would seem, might be an issue for the Read more

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The_5/5/14__Edition-

What's going on with that fresh hell known as Common Core? An update including question why public not invited to recent taxpayer funded meeting on the subject. This is just a quick column I've been wanting to write to let yon reader know that The Wise I is still on the case of Common Core and I have helpers. Because a whole bunch of folks do not like Common Core and I don't need to mention that some of their suggested reading includes things like child rape. I don't need to offer the many examples of teachers themselves expressing terrible apprehension about the system. Forget, for now, the fact that teachers are actually resigning over this scary idea. All I have to say is that Common Core is a thinly disguised effort to nationalize education. End of problem. We have Obamacare to lead us as example of what happens when the federal gubmint takes over things that should be local. Read more

Deputy Attorney General Accused of Rape

A Delaware deputy attorney general is accused of raping a 16 year old boy. I wonder what Judge Jan Jurden, much less Beau Biden, will have to say about the guy who did it—I should add the word “allegedly” between “who” and “did,” I guess. Would Jurden opine the accused, Daniel Simmons, like the Richards guy who raped his three-year-old daughter, not "fare too well in prison?" Is Simmons going to be regarded as Richards has been; namely, not too bright, so his behavior is excusable?  He also didn’t really know what he was doing? It's going to be interesting to see how Beau Biden's office deals with this.  In fact, how is the legal system going to deal with this? After all, Simmons is one of their own.  It's going to be awkward, to say the least, as AG Beau has expressed deep concern about sex offenders. I Read more

Benghazi…..Finally the Blue Blood GOP Ruling Class is Taking a Stand.

While I write regularly about local politics, I also have a keen ear and wise eye on the national scene. Let us discuss Benghazi, a current event that I read, watch and listen to all information provided. I've been watching the congressional hearings featuring Darryl Issa and the arguments with various participants in the hearings that had been, until this past week, going along ponderously slow. First, folks, yon readers, ladies and gems, believe this now, write it down. This administration is NOT going to get away with the travesty of Benghazi although they're doing a pretty good job of mocking and degrading the concerns of American citizens. The absolute WORST example of an administration run amok is when Hillary Clinton greeted the parents of the victims in Benghazi. "We're going to get the guy who made that anti-Islamic video," Hillary offered as words of comfort. Now Read more

The GOP Needs to Care About The Voters–Guest Opinion by Jon Moseley

By Jon Moseley What would happen if the voters of Delaware started to really believe – really, truly believe – that the Delaware Republican Party (DEGOP) cared about their problems and was going to fight for the voters’ well-being in their lives? What would elections look like if Delaware was convinced that Republicans cared more about life in Delaware than Democrats do? Long-time Republican activist Dave Jones posts here often and portrays himself as a defender of the Republican establishment in Delaware and strong opponent of conservative Delaware activists. Yet Dave Jones describes his extensive and excellent volunteer work in the community. Dave volunteers to build homes for low-income Delawareans, raise money for scholarships, and help feed the poor. Is that the understanding that most Delaware voters have of the DEGOP? Clearly, no. Dave’s caring for the community Read more

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The_5.1.14___Edition-

No photo ID to register to vote on election day! They're making laws up in Dover that possibly will ban farting in public, pay attention people.  Tidbits and gossip and some smiles. Dangerous HB 105 ================ HB105- is A Dangerous Bill and Let Us Now Ask….Why do the Democrats want this? Here's the thing about proving identity as we know it . We generally rely on those requiring identification for whatever reason. Banks, for example, require photo identification and a first born. Motor vehicle administrations want birth certificates and ten thousand other articles to identify. Charge cards might require a driver's license. What the hey is it with Delawareans that its legislators think requiring but a utility bill on the day of the vote is sufficient identity enough? Are they nuts? Still and so, as consumers we don't normally argue with the merchants and their Read more