More Issues Emerge From Proposed Allen Harim Poultry Plant

After attending a meeting of the "Protect Our Indian River" group, I've got to wonder why Allen Harim would want to purchase this particular site for their next Delaware enterprise. , I have to address the off-site well testing of the residential areas adjacent to the Vlasic Pickle Brownfield site. Cobalt was detected in eight of the thirteen wells tested. Of those wells that tested positive for Cobalt, five were found to exceed the threshold of 4.7 micrograms per liter, which qualifies as a Superfund site. These test findings would lead one to believe that the contamination plume has already moved into the Possum Point residential area. Allen Harim applied to the Sussex County Board of Adjustments for a variance that would exempt them from "hazardous usage" and were granted that exemption. The only legal problem with this ruling by the Board of Adjustments is: Allen Harim did not Read more

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The_3/30/14___Edition-

HB 115-Delaware law crafted against ME, yon fine editor, or will, at the least, hurt me greatly. Read all about it because it could happen to you. And so I sneak in this small post that is self-serving and I accept such criticism. I'd argue, however, that here's a lesson in how laws work and how, if we don't pay attention, laws can be enacted that will sneak in and turn your world upside down. It's about HB115, short summary below: This bill provides that causes of actions regarding the performance or furnishing of land surveys and the creation or furnishing of survey products must be brought within 6 years or 3 years after the discovery of an error or omission, whichever occurs first. Causes of actions based upon gross negligence are not covered by this section. Quick summary because I am sick of the story myself: neighbor behind me moves in last year. Next thing I know I am getting Read more

One Billion Dollars! Never Fear Ukraine, Your Prince Charmings Are Here

Guest Post By: Rose Izzo Candidate for Delaware's lone Congressional Seat Cross-Posted in Today, I am going to tell you a story of heroes who came to the rescue when a damsel was in distress. Ukraine, the princess of a foreign land was struggling to overcome her financial affairs, particularly regarding the upcoming national elections of her land. Fortunately, the United States has volunteered to assist in her troubles. Surely, such Knights in shining armor could not allow the damsel to distress any longer. Knights, John Carney and Chris Coons, who hail from Delaware, a small wonder in America, rushed to the Ukraine's aid by voting to ensure that they will receive the necessary funding for their presidential elections. By offering this One Billion Dollar Read more

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The_3/27/14__Edition-

Seriously, it's time for Venables to go. And here's a candidate just perfect to fit right in the position of Senator for Delaware's 21st senatorial district. Sometimes the time is ripe, as this upcoming race is for local publisher Bryant Richardson. Some preliminaries. In a recent column I mistakenly inferred that Bryant Richardson was running against a REPUBLICAN incumbent, which I thought Venables was. Bryant is not one to go willy-nilly challenging incumbents of his own party, let me right now straighten out any such illusion I may have given yon reader. Although during a recent interview Richardson did tell me a most interesting story about challenging an incumbent, more on this later. Richardson is editor of the Seaford Star and several other publications. This fact made me startle because here I was, a humble Blogger, about to interview a mighty newspaper editor but hey, I did Read more

Delaware Continues as “First” State

Among the awards currently being garnered by the “First State” are the ranking of Wilmington as the nation’s most dangerous small city and the state of Delaware as the third “fattest” in the entire union, outclassed only by Mississippi and West Virginia. Add to these distinctions the rapid rise in taxes for Delaware citizens, including a proposed increase in Wilmington property taxes of 9.9%. According to DelawareOnline, Mayor Dennis Williams, who promised to “cut spending to the bone,”  the property tax increase, to be debated by the City Council tonight, is necessary to cover “rising costs in employee payroll and benefits, animal control and debt payments.” It’s unclear just what “animals” Williams is speaking of.  Maybe he means the rats responsible for making Wilmington the most dangerous small urban center in the U.S.  But that’s doubtful. The Read more

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The_3/25/14___Edition-

The ACA information meeting, yeah I went. John Atkins commits serious gaffe. I have amazing conversation with a Newcastle Democrat state Senator. More tidbits and some just plain gossip.   The Affordable Care Act Pow-Wow in Lincoln on 3/25/14….What the Hey? ============================================================= I finally found the Lincoln Community Hall located in the middle of a farm in the middle of nowhere. Got settled and listened to the presentation by a company that receives government grants to sell this stuff to us/help guide us through it. Yes the Affordable Care Act is crap and don't go thinking I don't know that health care in this country, was, still is, and with ACA, will continue to be so in the future. For the longest time Americans got their health care from their employers. This tradition developed during an era when health care was relatively inexpensive Read more

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The_3/23/14___Edition-

Milford School district uses taxpayer money to promote its political agenda! The Wall of Shame coming to a web site near you. Some political talk and finally, just plain old juicy snickering gossip. You'll love it. I got to hear it live, almost as it was happening. I speak of the Milford School District using the emergency home call system to promote a political cause and yon Lords and Ladies, you know when you or I should do such a thing the IRS is on us and soon Delaware will too throw us in the crapper, for daring to discuss politics in any way. It was because of the campaign of several local groups in the area, including Rich Collins of Club for Growth and Campaign for Liberty, against an upcoming referendum for school board funding in the Milford district and the proposal is a doozy. Milford needs a new school. Fine. One referendum will be to obtain about half of the funds needed Read more

Removal of Sheriff’s Arrest Authority

I confess I don’t know all the political ins and outs of the Sussex County sheriff’s controversy, but I have noted the story has received a lot of attention on Delaware Politics. I happened to come across a link to an article on the controversy, which is not confined to Delaware alone. It is written from a conservative viewpoint. The author believes the removal of the sheriff’s arrest authority will be followed by an increased presence of militarized police, and an erosion of local authority. But rather than summarize the article, which is not lengthy, here is the link:

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The_3/20/14 ___Edition

Delaware teachers pass "no confidence" on Common Core implementation and Delaware Supreme courts returns 2nd amendment rights to residents of public housing….Tasty Tidbits on Smyk, Simpler and much more.     Steve Smyk and the Mythical Constituents Eager for Higher Minimum Wage =========================================== So Celia Cohen, writer of Delawaregrapevine, had the following tidbit about 20th ED Representative, Republican Steve Smyk: Smyk was the only Republican to vote "yes" when the House of Representatives passed a bill increasing the minimum wage from $7.25 an hour to $8.25 an hour and sent it on to the governor, who signed it into law. Smyk says he polled more than 50 businesses in and around his district, and 90 percent of them said they did not care if the minimum wage went up. "Really, a dollar. Is it going to make a big difference?" Smyk said. So Read more

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The__3/18/14 pt 2__Edition-

Written while it was happening, the Sussex county council takes on DNREC..Deaver and Wilson get in scream fest, you read it here first. Deaver, as usual, is WRONG! No newspaper in Sussex county can beat this report on the Sussex county council, right here, by The Wise I, now writing this WHILE the council session is happening. Somebody tell Linda Creasy that I will not only attend next year's CPAC, I will be BLOGGING IT! Ahem. First, yon readers do know one can watch the Sussex county council sessions on the Internet, right? I shall, complete with snark and nuance as expected, provide a summary of the problem/issue. DNREC currently does not have enough power to surreptitiously pass laws against us as is their purpose, this without bother of voter input. So now DNREC wants to take over the management and control of the so-called "wetlands" of Delaware. Bear in mind that these Read more

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The_3.18.14___Edition-

The Runaway Delaware Law Makers Are At It Again! Now they want to police the charities, which would include all Tea Party organizations for a start! These people….they get elected and they get law-making fever. All of a sudden we've got laws on laws and laws over laws and laws under laws and if they can't fit a new law in somewhere, they vote new ones over existing laws! While we, the people who are stuck with their endless laws, will require ten lawyers to sort through should we break one of five laws on the same issues. Now the fine folks in our Delaware legislature want to pass a law that will crush charities in this state. I don't know where to begin but begin we must, because if those law-addicted nuts in Dover get their way St. Vincent De Paul will not deliver another coat to a needy child and the Girl Scouts will have to provide a list of everyone who ever bought one Read more

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The__3/17/14__Edition-

Just like the heading says….TIDBITS. A visit to a local elementary, some laughs on Coons, a Lacey Lafferty update and yes, I defend Mike Castle. Georgetown Elementary Scores a Win With The Wise I! ================================================ So with daughter and son-in-law I attend a Georgetown Elementary awards assembly program for granddaughter, who made the honor roll last semester. I was, as expected, a bit confused, in that certificates were handed out for everything under the sun. Georgetown Elementary is populated by an approximate 50% Hispanic student ratio and this is new to both me and granddaughter's environment. I hasten to add that it hasn't been a problem so far this year as, knocking on wood, Kaitlyn is thriving at her new school despite a brutal daily schedule of pick up at 6:35 am to drop off at 4:10 pm, longer than many of us have in a full working day Read more

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The_3/15/14 _Edition-

Orvin Strickler dares to primary an incumbent let's not tell Danny Short! Orvin is running against Vance Phillips for the sussex county council. Nice guy, likes dogs….needs to get some clues. I'm going to give him some. ========================== This is the first of a new series here at Delawarepolitics for this election year. We are interviewing Republican candidates who are running for an office. Candidates primarying a Blue Blood elected guy get high priority. Please send announcements of fund raisers and special events to and we will get them up. I might even attend!. I also welcome the elected guys to sit and chat with me so long as they have not voted for a new law when they knew one already existed or did not warn us that we must NOT primary the Ruling Elite elected guys. =========================== Orvin, Orvin, Orvin. Goodness what a nice fellow, let Read more

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The 3.14.14_Edition-

The FIRST official gossip and speculation column, sanctioned by The Wise I and you know this is bound to get me in trouble. Who the hell is running against Coons and Carney? I got a perfect, PERFECT idea of who should run against Carney. More gossip and tidbits and snark,than your sensibilities can handle. Stay away if squeamish. Property Disputes and Their Undocumented Sad Endings ============================================== The folks next door to me were also part of my recent property dispute between the Kings and Queens of Beaver Dam behind me and us silly folk living peacefully on our lands for the prior ten years not bothering a soul. And it's not like the Beaver Dam folks were nice about it that first we get a nasty from the builder….all the while The Wise I has a very legal and certified copy of my site survey done in 2003 when I moved Read more

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The_3/13/14__Edition-

Looking for Seaford challenger to primary Delaware Rep. Danny Short, R-39. Do you live in Seaford? Short told us to NOT primary the incumbents, which includes his royal self, I figure the best response is to PRIMARY his elite butt right out of there. Let's primary all of them while we're at it! So in my column recently-I'm not going to bother with a link-I reported on the Sussex county monthly GOP meeting….second Monday of the month, come if you have not been. Man I got so many people riled I barely got out alive. Then I inadvertently insulted a very dear person and made a big error in part of narrative. It's part of my charm. I am just a very average person with a desire for a better future. I am sick of tired of laws and I am sick of tired of these elected guys thinking they are precious and must not be challenged. Last month a Republican Sussex county council man sided with Joan Read more

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The_3.11.14__Edition-

The Sussex County Republican Representatives in Delaware's House descend upon the Sussex GOP meeting on 3.10.14 and got lots of tidbits, gossip, rants and brickbats. The biggest news is how Minority Leader Danny Short REALLY BLEW IT, ruined what had been a perfectly nice pep talk. So I showed up for the monthly meeting of the Sussex county GOP, second Monday of every month in the Georgetown Cheers Center. First I hear that Vance Phillips is in the house. Cindy Green, who looked positively delightful in her fetching spring green coat showed up to mock me for losing to her in Words with Friends. Pam Fitzgerald! It was great to see Pam, a dear friend of mine from many years ago, a woman who survived cancer and she looks great. Then the big guns rolled in. Danny Short, Dave Wilson, Ronald Gray, Tim Dukes, Steve Smyk, Ernesto Lopez, and lo and behold who should sit directly next to me but Read more

Russia’s Hold on the Crimea, Why Putin Siezed the Black Sea Port of Sevastopol

On Thrusday, Regional Crimean Parliament ministers voted to join the Russian Federation and put forth a referendum to the people on March 16th, that would officially annex the Crimea and the strategic Black Sea Port of Sevastopol. This naval port is important because Russia is geographically limited to open seaports and the port of Sevastopol gives Russia access to the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean. To address the importance of the Crimea, I must do a brief history of the region and the people who live there. Peter the Great fought Sweden's King Charles XII for the Ukraine in 1709 in the battle of Poltove, to gain access to the Black Sea and built Russia's first naval base in Taganrog. Catherine the Great annexed the Crimea in 1783, and proceeded to grant land to Russian Aristocrats who built luxurious palaces with extensive classic gardens. Before the Crimea was annexed Read more

Wilmington: A City with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome

“Can you tell me which direction I should walk in order to get to Middletown?” I had been looking at the sidewalk trying to avoid the worst of the slippery ice, so at first the disembodied words didn’t register. I looked up to see a young woman with a grey scarf wrapped around her face. She was holding it tightly. I noticed her nails were painted bright blue and her fingers were reddened with the cold. I looked into her prematurely aged, brutally wrinkled face. She couldn’t have been more than twenty-two years old. Her watery blue eyes gazed pleadingly into mine. “You’re a crack addict,” I silently thought. But I answered out loud, “You walk South-- sort of parallel to I-95.” She looked surprised. Once again, my thoughts were silent. “You wanted me to ask you how on earth were you going to walk all the way to Middletown, didn’t you? Then you were Read more

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The__3.8.2014__Edition-

Let's take a look at a few interesting things going on from the state Republican viewpoint. You'll love my analysis of Markell's new clean water act joke and will certainly enjoy my own words to help our state Republicans along. Thank me very much. =============================================== So from the Delaware House of Representatives I get an electronic newsletter with descriptions of what's going on in Dover and various Republican Representative's take on it. Let me say that it is a very nice and well-written newsletter, link here if you'd like to subscribe. I offer my services to Delaware's State Republican Representatives just as I freely offer the Sussex county council to research for the presence of already existing laws before they try to cram another one down or throat, that's just the kind of good guy Read more

“Lebensraum” for Russians

Sometimes prognosticators hate being right. A day or two ago, I wrote elsewhere that Russia would try to go for a split Ukraine, and that the craven West would accept the split. Today Crimea's parliament voted to join Russia and its Moscow-backed government proposed floating a referendum within 10 days on their decision. According to BBC news: “The Crimean parliament (whatever that entity is) resolved ‘to enter into the Russian Federation with the rights of a subject of the Russian Federation.’ “It said it had asked Russian President Vladimir Putin ‘to start the procedure.’ "‘This means we have reunited with our motherland which we have been a part of for so long,’ said Crimea's deputy parliamentary speaker, Sergei Tsekov. The Kremlin said President Putin was aware of developments but no response has yet been made.” Putin is “aware of developments.” Right. Read more

Facebook to Monitor and Regulate Gun Sales Posts

In an effort to discourage private gun sales to prohibited individuals, Facebook is making sure minors can’t see gun posts even though it is legal for minors to obtain long guns with parental consent. The Financial Times reported that FB will also message people who make posts related to gun sales to remind them to obey relevant laws. Posts stating no background checks required will be taken down although legal. The new rules will also apply to other restricted items.

God, Guns and Lt. Colonel Oliver North

Guest Post By: Kevin Izzo Cross Posted in: Last week I had the privilege to attend the Delaware State Sportsmen's Association's 2nd Amendment Freedom Banquet in Dover, Delaware. This event was to honor those who have protected the freedom of American citizens. The event featured a retired member of the United States Marine Corp. Lt. Colonel Oliver North. The crowd of over 450 listened with excitement to the Colonel's stories of his grandchildren, about his time in Washington working alongside Ronald Reagan, and of his time serving our country. The most interesting story was about the gifts he gave to his grandchildren. He told us when each of them turned thirteen he gave them three gifts; the gifts included the Bible, a compass, and a shotgun. The items were accompanied by the condition that Read more

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The__3/1/14__Edition-

Jury Duty in Sussex County. A Tidbit by Tidbit Look at Serving on the Jury in Sussex. Prepare to be Bored. One more time, using Common Sense Let's look one more time at this Common Core. "SUMMONS FOR JURY DUTY" the paper said after I'd torn the perforations praying that I was not being summoned to court by my fine neighbor behind me who wants to steal my property. Now really. 64 years old and I have NEVER been called to jury duty and now, in the midst of all my political activism, I am suddenly needed in the Sussex county jury pool during this most freezing winter ever. I'm not really complaining….civic duty and all that. And all attorneys reading this column be patient with me. I am not a lawyer. I only understood vaguely what was going on during the whole process and for the life of me I could not figure out what the hell was the Court of Common Pleas. Let us begin with that Read more