Delaware and Nevada Agree: Let’s Create More Gambling Addicts!

Most Delawareans are familiar with the pious TV ads offering help for gambling addicts. If you have a problem with controlling your gambling impulses, just call. Don’t worry. We’re from the government, and we’re here to help you. But in the meantime, those who make the rules for gambling in Delaware have found an opportunity to create more addicts to cure by signing a deal with Nevada legalizing interstate online gambling between the two states. There’s nothing like simultaneously creating both the cause and the cure of addiction. Governmental schizophrenia at its best. According to the Las Vegas Sun: “The agreement — which was months in the making — is the first partnership between states to bridge previous barriers to interstate online gaming since the Department of Justice opened up the possibility in late 2011. “Prior to 2011, the Unlawful Internet Read more

Shut up, they explained

Shut up, they explained. “They,” being liberals. “Shut up,” being what conservatives are supposed to do. Ed Lasky, author of the American Thinker article linked below, explains how the left tries to suppress free speech by utilizing speech codes, establishing “Truth Teams” that target critics and haunt conservative online publications and pulling the race card so that honest discussion never starts. Lasky writes, “If smears of racism don’t work, then other insults are readily available.” Yes, indeed they are. One of the primary insults is, “You’re stupid.” The charge of intellectual incompetence is continually leveled at conservatives. You don’t believe in what the left believes in, so you are automatically mentally challenged as well as an evil troglodyte. An example: People who don’t agree with Obama and Kerry that “Climate change Read more

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The__2/22/14__Edition-

Both of our Senators voted for the UN to take away our guns! An interview with Sheriff Christopher. He's up for re-election. My thoughts on the matter and speculation as required. I got a great idea. =============================== The United Nations for God's sake! Senator Carper and Senator Coons voted for UN Resolutioon 2117, a gun collection and disarmament of citizens act. Be still my heart. I could forgive if my sad excuses for senators had voted for taking away our guns on an American proposal or amendment. To sell us to powers to whom we can not elect strikes me as a betrayal none of us should forgive. 46 of our Senators voted for that thing. Now you know where Delaware stands on this. Pathetic. ============================ Sheriff Jeff Christopher is running for re-election this year. I chanced to spend some time discussing things with the good Sheriff. First thing, Read more

Getting the Knuckleheads’ Votes

Michelle Obama has given conservatives a fail-proof way to gather the votes of the younger generation. Not only does she call those who are not rushing to sign up for Obamacare "knuckleheads," but she parades stereotypes of them as still being on their parents' health plan at age 26, and as being so stupidly bad at learning to cook, they slice their fingers open. Taking things even further, she intimates they're usually to be found hanging out in bars getting drunk. How insulting. The First Lady, a leading spokeswoman for the Democrats, has called millions of potential voters "knuckleheads." What has the Democrat Party come to? Conservative Delaware candidate speech: "Well, in spite of what the First Lady says about young people being knuckleheads who are also irresponsible drunks, most of the hard working, honest young people I know are trying to get jobs. If they are still on their Read more

FCC Snoop Dogs to Hound Newsrooms

We are beyond conspiracy theories now. We are fast approaching the era of Big Brother right here in the good old USA. The Federal Communications Commission has proposed sending "researchers" into U.S. newsrooms to discover why stories having an impact on minorities aren't being reported. As the FCC puts it (in the usual gobbledygook language of bureaucracy), the purpose of the plan is to “identify and understand the critical information needs of the American public, with special emphasis on vulnerable-disadvantaged populations.” You see, it’s all about the right of minorities and minority views to be heard. Right. It’s pretty much guaranteed the “researchers”—cough, cough--will be just as completely objective and balanced toward conservatives as the IRS when it comes to conservative news outlets and radio talk shows. Does anyone seriously believe the so-called Read more

What’s Wrong With Fast Track?

Don't fall over. I agree with Senator Harry Reid. Fast track authority for the Asian trade deals should not even come up for a vote. I favor free trade with Eastern Asian Nations. I oppose fast track authority. Congress is supposed to negotiate trade agreements not the President because unlike the other foreign policy issues, trade affects Americans directly. Our jobs, our prices, and more are related to International trade, which is why the founders did not put trade under Article 2 (Executive) but Article 1 (Congressional). Congress in its wisdom has delegated trade negotiations to the President's trade representative. That is their call. I would hire my own, but the executive has extensive dealings already with foreign countries so by one line of thinking, it makes sense. The otherside of the coin is that trade then becomes another foreign policy tradeoff, instead of having someone Read more

Thought of the Day 2/17

Why is the Constitution in such tatters? Our Constitution today seems to be in exile while the government gives lip service to it while ignoring its restraints. The responsible parties are the progressives. The progressives and liberals popularized a school of thought that has gained hold in many law schools. It is that the Constituition is a living document that changes meaning to fit the times. They claim that gives it life and vitality. In reality, they are slowly siphoning the life out of that Miracle from Philadelphia. The living document crowd can’t tell you what the Constitution says in context. They can only strip mine it to get to where they want to go. In their wake is gone all the beauty, life, and meaning and the only thing left is a gaping hole where your liberty used to reside.

Lessons from the Paula Deen Comeback

After one year of purgatorial exclusion from society, Paula Deen appears set to re-emerge from the 10th culinary circle of Hell to which the Left banished her. Readers may recall that Deen admitted saying the “N” word some decades ago. The admission earned her the scorn of many genteel Leftists. You know who they are--the same types as the delicately sensitive Martin Bashir, who thought someone should punish Sarah Palin by defecating in her mouth. The same types who thought the ex-governor should have aborted her Down syndrome child. Yes, those types. But the wheels that ground exceedingly fine, depriving Ms. Deen of her fame and her fortune for her unforgiveable utterance seem to have turned in her favor. Apparently, she now has the backing of investors who are ready to plunk down about $100,000,000 to return her to television. There are political lessons to be learned Read more

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The_2/12/14___Edition-

Looking closer and closer to Steve Smyk. Maybe caught him in a big lie. Also, Sussex monthly GOP meeting keeps them in their seats, some REAL issues take over the tone. ============================== So okay, let's begin with my own Representative Steve Smyk who seems to be a real fox in the hen house. First he wants to make having secret compartments in your car a law, a "tool" for law enforcement. He gives a good hooh and a hah about why it should be illegal….we might be carrying drugs or weapons in that illegal compartment. Bottom line, do not be fooled, we can be arrested for having an alleged "secret compartment" in our cars and it's on US folks, these laws these people keep making, are on US. So okay, Smyk ascends from the lobby of the police union, we knew that. We'll risk being arrested for that big empty space in the Jeep cause the police need the tool that they've Read more

Guest Post: Targeting the IRS

Canada Free Press By Jonathon Moseley (originally published at What should conservatives do next about the Orwellian intimidation of political opponents using the IRS? Here is a partial action plan. Lawyers for targeted tea party groups are hurling marshmallows at one of the most shocking abuses of power in our nation's entire history. Conservative groups and their lawyers are only stating the obvious in bland, vanilla talking points. What we are missing with many Obama scandals is a Larry Klayman, the former head of Judicial Watch. How is it that other lawyers have learned nothing from Klayman's example of prying stunning revelation after revelation out of the Clinton Administration? They only have to copy Klayman's game plan. Klayman was so powerful that "The West Wing" series created a character Read more

10 Cents A Gallon

Delawareans pay more in state gas excise taxes than federal. Now the Governor proposes a 10 cents a gallon increase. That will mean we will pay approximately twice as much in state gas taxes than federal. I am out of pocket right now so you tell me, are Delawareans paying too little for gas?

The Annihilation of Public Schools?

According to the New York Daily News, His Honor Mayor de Blasio has decided to close school for two Muslim holidays, Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha. The mayor is also including the Lunar New Year, but is hesitating to close schools for the Hindu Diwali holiday. The mayor’s move are apparently a nod to the progressive ideal of multi-culturalism. But while it may not be his intent, the seeds of destruction being unwittingly sown by him may wind up demolishing the city’s entire public school system. Maybe that’s a good thing--but more on that later. The fact is that the public school system cannot give days off from school for every religion’s holidays without entering a self-destructive and chaotic stage preceding collapse of the entire system. The school year has just so many days for fulfilling its express purpose; namely, to teach kids. If the system attempts to accommodate Read more

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The 2/5/14____Edition-

What's the deal with library cards. Is HB 115 directed to me? Sussex county council meeting 2/4/14-the scoop, my thoughts. Do yon readers know that our library cards have to be renewed EVERY YEAR. Do yon readers know that a library card renewal is more difficult THAN GETTING A VOTER'S CARD? I renewed my library card recently, something I'd done not long ago and complained about it then. Now they inform me that library cards must be renewed EVERY YEAR! Why? Something about state reimbursement to the library system, reimbursements based on library cards in existence, never mind the burden of renewing a library card EVERY YEAR. And, get this, in order to renew one must bring a photo ID, your old library card and something with proof of address. That stupid Georgetown Taj Mahal of a library was a big waste of money at any rate. Then the thing flooded out cause some crony of some Read more

A New Underground Economy to Rise in DE: Cigarettes!

A modest guess/prediction about CVS' decision not to sell tobacco products: The fact of the matter is that no company in its right mind would give up an estimated 2 billion dollars in sales out of the kindness of its heart. I’m betting that CVS was pressured by the Obama administration, which in turn has promised to make the income shortfall up by tax breaks or an executive order raising the price of drugs. Who knows? But it's not hard to see the hidden hand of the government behind this, as the Bloomberg nanny mentality has expanded nationwide. My crystal ball tells me the administration wanted to have a major chain set the example. Now that CVS has taken the still unknown bait, other chain stores will also be pressured not to sell cigarettes. But the end game is to ban the sale of ALL tobacco products. Then a brisk underground economy in tobacco products will rise, probably Read more


As we have crossed the 5000 post mark, I wish to thank all of the contributors past and present, readers, commenters, Mr. Don Ayotte for keeping it going in my absence, moderator, Mr. Dave Burris who founded it, and everyone who made possible the success at Delaware Our posts have been read by more people than populate Delaware. Our loyalty rates are high. The percentage of people who spend more than 20 minutes at a time on the blog is 25 to 35% and 45% to 60% of the people who visit will return. Our reach is international. We have been featured on BBC World, WHYY, the News Journal, WGND, WDEL, WILM, and WDOV among others. Our Twitter followers have included celebrities and members of Par aliments. State laws and local elections have been impacted. It is only possible because you as informed citizens care enough to read and act. It is only possible because our writers Read more

Post 5000- A Vision for the Future

In our 5000th post, I wanted to look ahead and offer positive solutions for the problems facing Dover and the State of Delaware. In the City of Dover, we have made much progress that could be viewed as a model in the State of Delaware. We reduced the size of government and dealt with our structural deficit. We actually held spending to less than inflation. Without layoffs, we reorganized the government and cut the workforce by more than 10% including several expensive management positions. We went from 35 departments to 14. We have dealt with pension funding issues. We have a defined contribution plan instead of a defined benefit plan for future employees and the majority of city employees who choose to participate. We have added money to pay most of the unfunded liability for future benefits of those who did not and we are starting to fund the benefits starting with the electric Read more

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The_ 2/1/14___Edition-

Taking a look at local radio stations, that awful gas tax. A "private" message to Senator Pettyjohn. Okay, so on a lark and because I am such a connoisseur of talk radio AND because snow kept me from Dover last week, I decided to do a light-hearted post about local radio stations in Sussex county. Lord knows I've been involved with them since I moved here, sometimes not so good. My daughter just moved here to Sussex county Delaware, from Maryland she came and there's been a bit of culture shock. While Sussex might be considered "lower and slower" we have TWO talk radio stations, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost….HOW GREAT IS THAT? My daughter, ahem, is not impressed and she tunes the Jeep radio to some nonsense rock stations till I must scream. When I moved here there was only WGMD-92.7 FM- on the radio station. Dan Gaffney was Master of the morning air waves Read more