Hundreds of Koreans, headed to Delmarva to Work In Poultry Plants

Found this interesting piece that ties in with our article about the new Allen Harim Plant at the vacated Vlasic Pickle plant in Millsboro. It is a must read for all Delawareans! I apologize for the length but everything in the article is important and pertinent to the citizens of Delmarva. By Peter Pae Washington Post Staff Writer Last of four articles SALISBURY, Md. – Hundreds of white-collar, middle-class Koreans, desperate to immigrate to the United States, are paying as much as $30,000 each to work in chicken plants on the Eastern Shore. Immigration brokers advertise the poultry jobs in Korean newspapers as a shortcut to the United States. Koreans who respond pay $10,000 to $30,000 in fees and promise to work for a year in processing plants, according to interviews with about 50 current and former poultry Read more

Smoke and Mirrors Wage Increase

The president's raising of wages for federal contractors and their employees will probably accomplish at least four things in rapid succession: 1. It will continue widening the gap between government and private sector wages, making government jobs more appealing. The private sector will either have to follow or lose yet more workers. The consequence: The reach of the government expands as the private sector shrinks, something the economy cannot afford. 2. It will temporarily broaden the tax base, as the new wage will put workers in a higher income bracket. The result: The federal government will wind up taking away as much as it is giving. 3. It will add fuel to inflationary pressure. Those who earn more will be expected pay more for goods and services, and prices will rise. 4. It will add to the devaluation of the dollar. The way the government will pay the wage increases Read more

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The_1.27.14___Edition-

Head of Sussex GOP doesn't like my "tactics" and Deaver writes her explanation as to why Sussex Countians need laws when laws already exist. First, I love John Rieley, head of the Sussex County GOP and after a weekend of growling at each other, he wrote me with a sigh that he will always consider me his friend but he still didn't like my tactics. Aw come on John, you will always be MY friend as well, very special to me.  Man our memories go way back but John I will be involved with stuff, all on my own, in my role as Self-Appointed Citizen Ombudsman-SACO.  I think Rieley does a fine job chairing the Sussex GOP and I've written so before. It's my position as a SACO that is part of the "tactics" I suppose John doesn't approve of (as an aside, John also said, out loud, at a recent Sussex GOP meeting, that he liked Eric Boye but didn't like his "tactics". ) "One person all alone can't Read more

Democrats are Playing the Knockout Game

It’s no wonder there’s been little outrage from the Left over the phenomenon known as the “Knockout” Game. The Left loves the game and is increasingly expert in knocking out conservative opposition with one swift and lethal blow to the head of any and all who oppose progressivism. We on the right have seen a rapid succession of punches aimed at taking down everyone and everything conservative. Whether it is potential presidential candidates or conservative organizations like the Tea Party, the aim is the same. Go in from behind in packs and sucker punch the unwitting victims, using governmental entities such as the IRS, the DOJ or state AGs to deliver the fatal whacks. It’s clear the end game has a dual purpose: Get potential presidential competitors out of the game and provide distractions from the deep and dangerous scandals afflicting the Obama administration. The Read more

The Real Cost of Abortion

I hate abortion. Of course, the wanton destruction of an innocent human being is worthy of one's disapprobation. The ripple effect is also worthy of one's disapproval. 55 million abortions equals how many hugs never given? How many laughs never heard? How many smiles never seen? How many "I love you"'s will never be spoken? Abortion affects more than just the child. It equals how many hearts never to be made whole? How many tears will never be dried? How many grandparents will never know the joy of their grandchildren? How many fathers will never know the transforming power of family? How many mothers will never know the depths of a mother's love? Abortion costs all of us. How many people will never work and pay into your social security? How many inventions will never happen? How many diseases will not be cured in your lifetime? How many students never darkened a classroom? How Read more

Senator Ted Cruz is Delaware Politics National Person of the Year; Theresa Garcia is Delaware Politics Citizen of the Year.

The final two Delaware Politics Annual awards are for Delaware Citizen of the Year and National Person of the Year. The voting was close in each category. The runner up for Person of the Year was Edward Snowden who transformed the nation’s understanding of the national surveillance programs. The debate is now at the highest levels of governments globally and the most humble of homes on Main Street. The jury is still out on the legacy of Mr. Snowden. Will he sell out national secrets to protect himself? Is he a hero or mixed bag? Has he gone too far? No matter what one thinks of him, he has transformed the nation’s view of its government and sparked a global debate. The runner up for Delaware Citizen of the year was Dr. Kim Warfield. From feeding children snacks and dinner in the summer to facilitating youth programs throughout the year ranging from free mixed martial Read more

Response to Reverend Wrights Speech in Wilmington in “honor” of MLK by: James Atkins, 9-12 Delaware Patriot Analyst and Lobbyist

News Journal Article: The 9-12 Delaware Patriots are totally amazed and deeply saddened that Mr. Wright would take the opportunity, on the day set aside to honor the Reverend Martin Luther King, to make yet more inflammatory statements so contrary to the hopes expressed by Dr. King. Reverend King is most often remembered for just one line of his famous "I Have A Dream" speech: "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character." Judged by the content of their character - what a novel idea and yet we have so many people in the public eye that judge the President by the color of his skin. Look around you - listen to the politicians Read more

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The_1/21/14___Edition-

Two Sussex County Council people vote for ANOTHER dog barking law even though their own lawyer said one already exists in the Delaware state code. George Cole and Joan Deaver think we CAN'T HAVE TOO MANY LAWS...going for Federal dog barking law, IRS to enforce. First, at the Sussex county council meeting today, 1/21/14, three very interesting items popped up. One was a presentation by Delaware's Agriculture Dept. About the Aglands Preservation Program. Maybe next time. The other was a comprehensive presentation of the county's financial packet as certified by BDO for fiscal year ended 6/30/2013. This was a bit interesting in that I used to be an accountant. Since I am going to use sarcasm to the max over the two county nitwits not only favoring ANOTHER LAYER OF LAWS TO BURDEN US WITH, but agreeing to fork up $35,000 to do so! Sussex county is in pretty good shape financially. Read more

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The__1/18/14__Edition-

Steve Smyk-There are Issues. The new legislative session in Dover. HB 192 will have us in jail for secret compartments and is HB 115 a slam against ME? Couple of big bills stirring about up in legislative hall but first, HB#88 is dead, dead, dead. Not that Beau Biden, on command from his father no doubt, didn't try to bring it up again. Folks, ENOUGH WITH THE DAMN GUN BILLS! Somebody tell those jerks all busy passing laws trying to take away our constitutional rights to knock it off. Citizens of Delaware are not laying awake night worrying about who can get a gun. And if any of these absurd and silly laws would save one innocent's life, I'd be for it in spades. As it is these political upshots are seriously getting on my nerves. That's the problem, once you elect these jerks they think they can run roughshod over us. I will remind them that we get out human rights from God…..NOT Read more

Delaware’s Prayer, Regardless of Religion Should be for All of Us

From those that were able to attend the opening session of the Legislature today, I hear that there was a slight controversy over the prayer that ushered in the first day of the Session for the Senate. I was stuck at work and unable to be there myself but from what I gather the opening prayer was one of the most impressive prayers our legislature has witnessed. It was offered by a leader of the Sikh faith in Delaware. It started with a brief prayer immediately followed by a song in another language that lasted about five minutes in which he was joined by 15 to 20 other Sikhs that were sitting in the balcony. Then after sitting through the pledge they all left. Unfortunately this song was not translated into English for the majority of those who were present that were not of the Sikh faith. That oversight is not something I blame on the Sikhs. I am sure that the Senator from the district Read more

Hexavalent chromium Found at Closed Vlasic Pickle Plant and Possum Point Groundwater?

Because this post was taken down earlier without either Mr. Anderson's or my permission, I am reposting it, and a follow-up will be posted within days. Independent analysis of the existing environmental reports reveal that hexavalent chromium has been found at the site of the recently closed Vlasic pickle plant in Millsboro DE and has leaked to adjacent residential areas at Possum Point on the Indian River Bay. At a public hearing in Millsboro to discuss the viability of opening a new poultry processing plant on the closed Vlasic site, it was revealed through public documents published by concerned citizens from Protecting Our Indian River, that "Vlasic/Pinnacle Foods are walking away from contamination and now want to use public funds to clean up the contamination, including VOC's, carcinogenic and non-carcinogenic contamination, including chromium. Bob Bowcock of Erin Brocovich's Read more

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The__1/11/14__Edition-

We need to pay close attention to this Smyk character. He voted to take our guns and now wants to put us in jail for having secret compartments. Going to Dover. Let's talk about this Smyk bill making false compartments in your vehicle illegal. Is this what we need? Sussex County council tidbits! I'd ask yon reader to indulge my anecdote. Last week I wrote a book review of County Attorney J. Everett Moore Jr's book "Growing Up Country". It was a book about Sussex county but again, all rural areas of the author's time. So my granddaughter recently moved from Baltimore down here to the swamps and for the first time she rode a school bus. For two full hours every day she rides that school bus but because she's the sweetest kid in the world, she rather likes it. In the city those schools were run in military snap-shot order, walkers entered here, parent cars exited here, bus riders here. Read more

Karl Popper and Global Warming

It’s about 4 degrees this morning—at least that’s the temperature where I live. Wilmington, Delaware seldom sees temperatures that low. There’s frost on the outside storm window for the first time in years. Brrrr. As I enjoy a hot cup of coffee, I find myself thinking about global warming, Karl Popper and his theory of falsifiability. Popper wrote that an important tenet in the philosophy of science was that a theory is not really scientific if it doesn’t admit that there is always the possibility the theory may be false. Any scientific theory that does not allow the possibility it may be false is no longer science, but is ideology, a belief system taken entirely on faith. I’m remembering a discussion with my eldest son, who says the theory of global warming is non-falsifiable and therefore an ideology rather than true science. He said the problem with global warmists Read more


The following is a guest article written by  Jonathon Moseley            The Republican Party has been clobbered in recent elections by a mythical “war on women” largely driven by abortion.  Hysteria about a war on women was fueled by a Republican proposal in Virginia’s General Assembly about trans-vaginal ultrasounds before abortions.  Conservatives who think people should pay for their own birth control were misrepresented as woman haters.  Rush Limbaugh’s inflammatory attack on flaky Sandra Fluke upset superficial people.          Somewhere in the last ten to fifteen years, the Pro-Life movement took a massive detour – for the worse.   Pro-Lifers stopped trying to educate the public and persuade people of the very obvious evil of abortion.   Or at least the movement greatly pulled back on those efforts.  Instead, conservatives in various State Read more

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The_1/4/14___Edition-

"Growin' up Country;-Rural Life in the 1950's and 1960's" by J. Everett Moore JR. A Great Book of Local Lore That Is Too Shy To Mention It I just don't know what to make of this fabulous book about Sussex county written by J. Everett Moore, Jr., who is as of this writing serving as the Sussex county council attorney. I chanced to meet Mr. Moore in a most unusual fashion and also came upon his authorship status by a bit of serendipity. Readers of my column on surely have heard enough about my property dispute with new neighbors behind me recently moved into the community of Beaver Dam Estates. I'd received a notice that my fence, which had sat peaceably in its spot in a quiet copse of woods for the entire 11 years I've been here and I didn't even put it up, was illegally placed. I dug through my papers and found my survey that showed my fence quite legally Read more

Delaware Politics National Conservative of the Year is Rand Paul

The freshman Senator from Kentucky has transformed the national conversation. We know Democrats couldn't care less about the people who work hard and play by the rules except around every 6 years when they are in a tough election, they toss around a minimum wage hike of a dollar over a couple of years to look like they are doing something. The Democrats couldn't care less about civil liberties. They complained about the Patriot Act and National Surveillance while falling all over themselves to expand it. They destroyed economic growth with a massive infusion of debt and blew most of a decade of opportunity. They engineered the devastation of the middle class then decide to launch a campaign against income inequality instead of one for greater wealth participation. They used to get away with it. Washington had two parties, the evil neo-socialist party and the clueless party running off Read more

The Ruination of Wilmington

Michael Fleming has a good op-ed in Delaware Online. He assesses the city of Wilmington’s problems and suggests restructuring the government. He writes: " considering Wilmington’s future, everything should be on the table including the governmental structure itself. There is no stone-etched decree requiring any metropolitan construct to continue as previously defined and if, for example, a city-county consolidation in some fashion is in the state’s best interests then... it should be explored.” I think his idea of consolidation of governments might be a good one, but there is a problem with the concept that immediately comes to mind. While the idea of consolidation potentially might be a good one, the difficulty is that the ideology behind Wilmington leadership sees expansion beyond Wilmington's current borders only as an opportunity to raid the suburbs by taxation Read more

“Affordable Care Act” is Wealth Distribution

The following is a guest post by our newest contributing writer, Theresa Garcia. For those who may be unfamiliar with her name she is the leader of the 9-12 Delaware Patriots group, a wife, mother and grandmother. She epitomizes what the word conservative means and what we at Delaware Politics stand for. Please take a moment to welcome Theresa: Many  seniors had affordable private health care insurance prior to the so called "Affordable Care Act" or Obamacare. They could afford their health care insurance and lived a modest life. But recently that has all changed. Many are losing their affordable health care plans because  the "Affordable Care Act" has doubled their premiums and doubled/tripled their deductibles. For many, the new "affordable"  health care plans forced upon them is unaffordable.  Under the new law, you MUST have coverage. So if you are a senior 55+ and can't afford Read more

Conservative of the Year: Jeff Christopher

Whether one agrees or disagrees with Sheriff Jeff Christopher, he has captured the attention of the public and the ire of the establishment based upon a simple proposition, following the Constitution. His cause has gotten national attention, a hearing before the State Supreme Court which was less interested in the meaning of the state constitution than protecting the racket of the abuse of power that comes by allowing a government of men not law. State Treasurer Chip Flowers has discovered the same issue as he stood up for the Constitutional imperatives associated with his office. The courts here care more about case law than constitutional law and more about custom than tradition and common law. Obviously, a government that can nullify the Constitution by simple statue to the point of eviscerating a constitutional officer of his fundamental powers and duties, has the power to do anything Read more

Writers Wanted

2014 will be an exciting year for Conservative Politics. We will be here not only to chronicle the rise, but advance it. We are looking for new talent or even previous contributors who are ready for another run. This spring, we will be reformatting Delaware Politics. We have great standards that we hope to continue the Weekly Tidbits by Mrs. Pat Fish and any other posts of her choosing. I will be giving original analysis. Ms. Fay Voshell provides amazing posts when her professional writing allows her the time. Mr. Don Ayotte has done yeomen's work keep this blog going in my absence and his contributions are highly valued, but the election year will absorb a great deal of his time necessitating new writers. I explain this to stop rumors before they start of a split between us. I have yet to speak to everyone who writes occasionally, and am not making a statement by exclusion. I believe Read more

News Story of 2013: Vindication of Obamacare Critics

The administration’s Unaffordable Health Deform Act has given us a net of 3 million more uninsured, higher premiums for the relatively healthy, and is over budget by an unknown amount. It is a Failure with a capital F. The President earned the lie of the year for repeating 35 times that you can keep your health plan and doctor if you like it
his administration issued regulations that would invalidate the plans of 6 million families. The botched roll out was the least of his problems. He should have either made his government keep his promise or retracted it. He could have said, if you like your plan, you can keep it unless it is substandard then your big Sister Kathleen will protect you from yourself. This is an issue that will dominate 2014 and I predict will give a Republican Senate.

Malala Yousafzai: Delaware Politics International Person of the Year

This 15 year old girl stood up to a ruling group of terrorists and demanded the right of girls to an education in a Taliban controlled area of Pakistan. She was gunned down in the streets for her trouble with a gunshot to the head. When she recovered, she kept speaking out. She moved to England and raised money to make that education a reality for her peers back home and elsewhere. Malala Yousafzai has been internationally recognized and is a true hero. Ms. Yousafzai is the Delaware Politics International Person of the Year. May her courage be an example to us as we reclaim the greatness that is America.