When the GOP Unites Behind a Health Care Alternative, Here are 5 Elements that Should be Considered

Even as a city councilman, I hear about the problems of access to our health care system in an affordable fashion. That is why I brought in the Dover Health Card to give a free vision discount plan, $25 prescription glasses, huge discounts with hearing aids and diabetic supplies, and up to 70% of prescriptions even for many pet medications. People do care about this issue, but they understand the wrong approach makes matters worse not better. President Obama desired to take on a tough issue, but he farmed out the actual bill to the career politicians, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, not real world problem solvers. It ended up being a tax bill masquerading as a health care reform bill. The law fundamentally reduces individual choice, pushes us to rationing, raises premiums, undermines Medicare, and unconstitutionally forces you to buy government-approved insurance. It would attack independent Read more

Delaware Person of the Year, Citizen of the Year, and Conservative of the Year Nominations

Staff Voting will be soon. We have received national and international nominees, but we have not heard local ones from you. Who are your nominees for the person who gave us a real value added this year? Who affected the Conservative movement and who affected direction of the state. Also what private citizen should be recognized for their work in society this year? Of course we welcome more national names, but we would love local ones.

Merry Christmas, Delaware

My Friends, I pray that you have a blessed and Merry Christmas! Christmas is special to me because it shows me that GOD is willing to reach over the great divide of our making to meet us where we are.  All we have to do is be ready to listen.  The shepherds, the wise men, Simeon, Anna, Elizabeth, and of course Mary and Joseph received the great revelation of the ages during their normal lives, but they stopped and paid attention then acted upon it.  GOD is reaching out to all of us if we will pay attention that one Word will change our lives. Christmas reminds us that GOD loves us enough to meet us where we are, but loves us too much to leave us there.   Read more

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The_12/22/13_Edition-

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, What's Coming Up, What's Going Down. I was at my monthly book club meeting the other day.  At some point somebody mentioned Sussex county Delaware, which is where we were (right around the corner from Ruth Briggs King, in fact).  These were my book club members, not the political junkee such as myself.  The topic was the weather and all mentioned how the school systems seem confused what with a small state getting inches of snow to the north-where they deserve it- to balmy weather in the south-all at the same time. "We live here where not only is the weather fine,  there's no sales tax, property taxes are cheap, crime is low and living is good," one of my co-book club members said, then danced a cute little jig. "Proving," another club member shouted and joined the merry dance, "that it CAN be done, no matter what the congress says." The dancing Read more

Federal Judge Attempts to Redefine Marriage

A Utah federal judge lost his mind. It shows that we need to take the issue of "gay" marriage out of the hands of the courts and pass a Constitutional Amendment. The Supreme Court in Windsor was a state's rights decision. In 31 states, the Constitution says that the fiction of "same sex marriage" cannot happen. It is yet another elite assault on the foundation of western culture and indeed hum...an civiliation, marriage.This ruling is both lawless and an abomination to the principle of representative government. The ruling is more dangerous than even the idea of redefining an age old instituiton that binds together society. It is the complete disregard of the will of the people expressed clearly at the ballot box. That is an assault on self government. He had to invent a new right to do so instead of following the Constitution. He needs to be impeached. I guess this means that my A & Read more

The Duck Dynasty Flapdoodle

Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson’s recent comments on homosexuality and A&E’s reaction to the patriarch’s remarks reveals that nothing is free of politicization. More importantly, there are a couple of issues the flapdoodle illustrates. One is that free speech is not free unless people have the right to say things that might offend others. Certainly Robertson was outmatched by Martin Bashir, who thought Sarah Palin should be subjected to having someone defecate in her mouth for suggesting debt equals servitude. The TV star may have been crude, but certainly he has the right to express his opinion without fear of losing his job. Think about this: “Duck Dynasty” was taken on by A&E for one express purpose and that was to make money. The show was wildly popular, reaching up to 14 million viewers. It turned out millions of Americans loved the Robertson family and A&E Read more

Deputy Treasurer Brenner still a State Employee

Democrat Chip Flowers, our current State Treasurer, has yet to fire Erika Brenner for her admitted misuse of State credit cards. The you know what hit the fan, when it was discovered, that Brenner spent over the top money in a tax payer paid trip to Alaska. The trip was supposed to be for a conference. Brenner managed to stay 300 miles away in a resort known for great views of the Alaskan wilderness and closed mouths. However, eventually the paper trail led to her. A suspicious mind might assume that, Erika Brenner got preferential from Democrat Chip Flowers. Ms. Brenner is an attractive young woman. Why one needs a Deputy Treasurer at a conference, when the State Treasurer is already attending, is a head scratcher. As the Deputy, should she not be back home in Dover minding the store? Maybe, she is not that important in the key functions of the Office. Now Ms. Brenner Read more

Portrait-gate: Taking Down Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson–Again

When traveling recently to Virginia Beach, I couldn’t help but notice I was no longer in Yankee land. I was in an entirely different world, one still significantly defined by the Civil War. I passed street after street named after famous southern generals-- General Jackson Drive, General Lee Drive, General Beauregard Drive and General Hill Drive. Though he was a “general” of a different sort, even General Booth, founder of the Salvation Army, had a boulevard named after him. Southerners revere their generals. For good reason. The South’s generals are a part of the proud history of the region. They are honored to this day for their bravery and brilliance. That is why their portraits are on the walls of the U.S. Army War College, which is dedicated to the training of future generals, some of whom may one day show that they, too, have absorbed a code of honor and Read more

Federal Judge Rules NSA’s Telephone Data Collection on Americans Illegal

In a landmark ruling, Appeals Court Judge Richard Leon ruled that President Barack Obama's surveillance policies, acted upon by the National Security Agency, ordering the mass collection of Americans' telephone data, "almost Orwellian" and likely a violation of the Constitution, according to Yahoo News reporter Oliver Knox. Surveillance programs have been under attack since their existence was revealed and the extent of their reach left many Americans horrified. The Judge dealt a blow to the governments contention that such surveillance is necessary to thwart future terrorist attacks. "Founding Father would likely be "aghast" at the NSA's activity, said Leon. "The government does not cite a single instance in which analysis of the NSA's bulk metadata collection actually stopped an imminent attack, or otherwise aided the Government in achieving any objective that was time-sensitive," Read more

Kody Brown Wins: A “We told you so” Moment

For years, advocates of gay marriage targeted their opponents as hallucinatory nut cases because resisters to same sex unions spoke ominously about a slippery slope that would lead to the legalization of polygamy. Open the gates to redefinition of traditional marriage, opponents said, and eventually no rules for marriage would apply. Pro-gay marriage advocates scoffed at supporters of marriage between one man and one woman, saying fidelity and monogamy between two people was what was important, not the actual sexes of the couple involved. They ridiculed the notion that same sex marriage would open the gates to the abolition of monogamy. Though no advocate of traditional marriage is inclined to gloat; nonetheless, a “We told you so” moment has now arrived. U.S District Judge Clark Waddoup has ruled Utah’s laws against polygamy are unconstitutional, as Breitbart.com and other Read more

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The 12/13/13_Edition-

Sussex County Culture Shock; HIV Discrimination, Short Wants to Raise Minimum Wage, Punkin' Chunkin' and Hoarders to Get Help in Delaware I've been living in Sussex County for over ten years now and have, as these things go, gotten used to the….well the "lower and slower" pace of the place. Given its mostly mild weather, the cheap taxes and lack of sales tax, I've come to love it here. Life is, eh, a bit lower and slower. This past year I lost my beloved husband. Given that my only family was in Baltimore I arranged to have my daughter, her husband and my most precious granddaughter move down here with me. Daughter lived in Anne Arundel county most of her life, son-in-law too. Granddaughter's lived in a lot of places in her spare ten years of life. Granddaughter's had some serious adjusting to do and I never even saw it coming. It began with the school buses. Granddaughter Read more

Tracking Down (“Helping”) Delaware’s Hoarders

Ronald Reagan knew the progressive rationale so well he could sum it up in one pithy phrase: "The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: 'I'm from the government and I'm here to help.” Progressives usually wrap their agenda in pretty packages topped with a big bow of “helpfulness.” Worse, they may even use the word “love.” The tiny state of Delaware is overwhelmingly liberal in composition, so the state, which seems to be a sort of testing ground for every notion the current federal administration comes up with, is filled with “helpful” and “loving” progressive initiatives. But it appears the state has now hit the jackpot when it comes to “helpfulness.” According to Delawareonline, Delaware’s biggest and most progressive newspaper, the state is creating a “hoarding task force” designed to address the mental health problems of Read more

How Can They Learn if The Textbooks Do Not Teach?

Common core research showed that many Algebra Textbooks were error filled. How can we proclaim world class standards and teach errors? Then we blame the students and teachers for not reaching competency. Maybe the late Bill and Norma Gabler where right. we need to hold the corporate masters to the right standard or I say abandon the concept of textbooks. Read this. A summary of the results is provided below. (A) Error density of an Algebra I and Algebra II textbook is defined to be the following quotient expressed as a percent: the total number of errors / the total number of pages in the book = (density percent) It was found that for the review noted above: • Algebra I book has error density 50.2%, and • Algebra II book has error density 41%. This means that, for the Algebra I book, there is on average at least one error every two pages. The Algebra II Read more

Freedom From Religion Foundation

The militant secularists are waging a reverse Jihad. It is an unholy war to establish a religious apartheid where people of faith are hounded and persecuted for being themselves in public or sharing the most important of ideas. The latest example is the failed attempt to by the FFRF to target the Holocaust Memorial in Columbus Ohio because it included a star of David. It claimed the star was exclusionary and insultingly to the memory of millions who perished, a "dishonor". The claim that the Star of David has nothing to do with the Holocaust is beyond absurd as readers of this blog will know. Fortunately, the ACLJ was the case and this was dropped. The idea that you have freedom from exposure to other people's beliefs is at its core anti-American. This insidious idea has infected some of elite academia. Speech codes to avoid offending people become tools for suppressing ideas. Read more

Happy Delaware Day

On December 7, 1787, Delaware became the first state to ratify the Constitution and launch a golden era of liberty that has transformed the world. Hopefully, Delawareans will become reacquainted with the Constitution. It seems we have lost touch with our heritage. We need to work to regain it.

Open Thread for Nelson Mandela, Half-Staff Flags in America or Not?

Half-staff flags were ordered for the passing of Nelson Mandela by the Obama Administration. Personally, I believe that the Nelson was and is a great man and will be written about in history books for centuries for his stand for South Africa and his people and for becoming the motivating factor that ended Apartheid in South Africa. President Mandela sought change in South Africa with non-violence and when he realized it was impossible, at times he chose the path of violence, but if given a choice, he would always negotiate. He was imprisoned for 27 years for the cause of a free democratic South Africa and never lost sight of his goal. I remember the world jubilation when he was released from prison. This man is one of the great men of the world that stood by his principles and prevailed. So, should America fly their flags at half-staff for this man's sacrifice and his gift of freedom Read more

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The__12/7/13__Edition

Sam Wilson Has Quintuple Bypass; Is 60' the new 42'? New Floods Being Defined, Look for More Federal Craziness from FEMA.  County Employees Out to Lunch as County Offices in the Circle Shut Down for Two Hours. Just a quick column this week yon ladies and gems as the Christmas season is upon. Songs must be sung, presents purchased and wrapped, granddaughter stars in church Nativity play. Wanted to drop a good wish note to Sussex county Councilman, Sam Wilson. Word is that Sam had a quintuple bypass though that does not sound possible. There are only FOUR arteries leading into the heart (and all FOUR of mine were unclogged about five years ago). Whatever the case, Sam has a special place in my heart for once upon a time I used to lovingly mock Sam for his famous question "What Would Jesus Do?" So I read this marvelous book on my religion "Rediscover Catholicism" by Matthew Kelly-Free Read more

Massive Government Shutdown Losses Never Materialized

Maybe the government needs to shut down once a year. The stock market is up 8 weeks in a row. 204,000 jobs were added. The feared economic losses never materialized. No, I did not and do not support the shutdown strategy. I just never believed it was the crisis the media made it to be. Now we are proven right and the chicken little wanna be forecasters were wrong. We have had what--17 of them in the last 40 years including a number when Carter and his fellow Democrats went toe to toe? Why is this true? Sorry "progressives", the government is not the economy. Money will just be spent elsewhere and not lost from the economy. The Forbes article linked here explains the economics of the situation well. The debt ceiling was much more important and that was never really in doubt. Don't fall for the political rhetoric about a side show; keep your eye on the ball. The real problems are Read more

Election 2014 Preview

It is way too early to make predictions; this is a guide on races to watch. Republicans lead the generic ballot nationally after trailing in October in the Real Clear Politics compilation of polls. In two months there was an 11 point swing. That shows the folly of predictions this far out. Based on the candidates, state trends, and polling, we can discern the races which have a chance to swing on a statewide level. The Governor's races look reasonably stable. Governor Haley R of SC looks safe, her poll numbers have improved and the Democrats are disorganized. Republicans will have two minorities leading their ticket Senator Tim Scott and Governor Nimrata Nikki Randhawa Haley. Senator Lindsey Graham hopes to join them by surviving a bitter primary and possible runoff. Governor Corbett R- PA looks to be in big trouble to the point that the party should consider retiring him. Governor Read more

Nominations are open!

Each year, we take nominations for our selection of Person of the year and Conservative of the year. Each has a local and national category. International is welcomed, but we have only awarded that twice, Stephen Harper and Bebe Netanyahu. Though this year, I plan to bring it back. Who do you think affected the state and the nation for the best this past year? Who do you think advanced Conservatism the most this year in Delaware and nationally?