Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The__11/29/13__Edition-

Why is a school district advertising?  Common Core Update.  BankofAmerica Charges bogus maintenance fees.  Be aware. So some Sussex county state elected folks went to Taiwan? Well isn't that special? Actually I have no problem with the trip; Taiwan paid for it as I understand. Looks like Delaware might be wooing some Taiwanese business to come our way. I remember when Ruth King was a local girl, one of the best in public speaking of them all, friendly, a prideful product of Sussex county. I'm not saying she's still not that person of my memory but I do note I rarely see her any more at local GOP meetings. You ask me the whole lot of our Sussex state-elected guys done forgot every one of us. Seems we embarrass them all to hell. ============================= So okay, here's my question….Why is the Indian River School District advertising on the local yokel radio? I have Read more

From the Beginning, Political Strife Has Shaped the Republic

America's Birth although much romanticized by movies like "The Patriot" and others, was born out of the same political strife we see in our present day Republic. America's beginnings where famous orators and firebrands like Patrick Henry and great writers and intellects of political philosophy and thought, like Thomas Jefferson, James Madison,John Adams and many more, were on the verge of declaring the independence of a new nation, culminated with an explosion of new ideas. John Adams, the second president of the new republic, along with his new treasurer Alexander Hamilton were in conflict with Thomas Jefferson the Vice President and James Madison, who was very influential in the congress. John Adams and Alexander Hamilton favored a more British form of government and didn't think the New American Republic could survive the test of time. In other words they wanted more of a monarchy Read more

Random Thoughts Locally, Nationally, and Internationally

Some people dared exercise freedom of speech and advocated for a pro-business mayor of Newark. Hundreds of jobs were on the line and their side won. Now some people are decrying the notion that a group "bought" the election by spending a mere 45k. What really happened? Some people got motivated, worked the streets, bought advertisement, and made contact with like minded individuals on their own. The last time I checked, that is their right. I am glad to see people stand up and fight for their future as they see it. Labor and business joined with private citizens to fight the anti-job mafia in Newark. I say, good for them. Dover wants to tear down one of its parks and recreation buildings when space is at a premium. It can't afford to spend 80k to repair it, but watch out for proposals to spend millions to build another one. Talk has already started. Senator Rand Paul R-KY Read more

Inspector General

I have been asked to weigh in on the issue due to the fact this site seems to taken it as a cause. I endorse the proposal. Do I have some questions or possible amendments? Yes. I am open to looking at different proposals. It is more the concept that I endorse though I do have to compliment the IPOD for a well researched proposal. I think we need an Inspector General because some of the issues that exist are more than financial. There are issues where there is not enough evidence to launch a criminal probe, but an ethical investigation would be appropriate. It appears that Delaware government needs an impartial arbiter. Our current situation is wasting money, and undermining respect for our government. This is one idea, but it seems to be the most viable one. Some suggest recall. I could support that, but the legislature will not give 2/3's vote in two consecutive General Read more

Happy Thanksgiving Day

I hope you have a great Thanksgiving Day with your family. Today doesn’t quite seem like Thanksgiving in Afghanistan, but I will make up for it next year. We had a delicious meal that was a feast for lunch. I look forward to seeing what is left for dinner. Great friends and a thankful heart for all the blessings of GOD are still a part of the day. I do miss the family though. I miss my brother Marcus and wife Lori’s cooking. I even miss my pumpkin pie cheesecake. Still it has been fun so far. It was a joy to share the day with my brothers in arms (just brothers in arms today at my undisclosed location as opposed to our normally mixed group). I hope you enjoy the day with family, friends, and a grateful heart. In joyful service of America, David

Proposed Amendment From IPoD to Delaware’s Constitution for the Office of Inspector General

Author Wolfgang Von Baumgart Sponsor: AN ACT TO AMEND THE CONSTITUTION OF THE STATE OF DELAWARE TO DEFINE, CREATE AND MAINTAIN AN INDEPENDENT OFFICE OF THE INSPECTOR GENERAL 1 The Constitution of the State of Delaware ( with two-thirds of the members of both 2 houses concurring in two successive sessions of the General Assembly ) is hereby 3 amended as follows: 4 Article XIX 5 Inspector General 6 Section 1. Inspector General to have special conservative powers. 5 There shall be established an maintained an independent Office of the Inspector 6 General which shall be vested with special investigative Read more

Proposed Legislation From IPoD for Creation of Inspector General’s Office

Author Wolfgang von Baumgart AN ACT TO AMEND TITLE 29 OF THE DELAWARE CODE CREATING AN INDEPENDENT OFFICE OF INSPECTOR GENERAL. BE IT ENACTED BY THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF DELAWARE: 1 Section 1. Add a new Chapter 112 to Title 29 of the Delaware Code, which shall read as follows: 2 CHAPTER 112: INSPECTOR GENERAL 3 Subchapter 1: General Provisions 4 §11201. Introduction. 5 As all power delegated to government ultimately stems from the People in the public trust, 6 citizens have the right to government at all levels that operates in a fair, open, honest, efficient 7 and cost-effective manner, free of waste, fraud, conflict-of-interest, abuse and other misconduct. Read more

The Office of Inspector General

Co-author Wolfgang von Baumgart With allegations of corruption in the air on Delaware's political scene, this subject must be discussed in an unbiased forum. The Independent Party of Delaware has been a strong voice and constant supporter of the creation of this office. An Inspector General could investigate corruption independently at both the state and county levels. Currently, the State of Delaware and the counties investigate their own alleged wrongdoings within their own agencies. This practice is similar to appointing a fox to watch the henhouse and lends an air of corruption to everything it touches. Delaware, by various surveys, has been ranked as the 4th, 11th, 13th and 22nd most corrupt state in the Union. Any ranking in the top twenty is politically and ethically unacceptable if we are to maintain a reasonable semblance of public integrity in a viable constitutional Read more

Wilmington’s Stop, Frisk and Imprison Law Unconstitutional?

A federal civil rights lawsuit filed Friday claims the City of Wilmington's policy of stopping people on city streets, frisking them and imprisoning them without probable cause is unconstitutional. To imprison someone without probable cause or arrest is a violation of false imprisonment and kidnapping laws. Although city officials are calling for stronger measures to enforce the laws in Wilmington, is this policy constitutional or legal? Is stopping people on city streets without probable cause and imprisoning them for a two-hour "investigatory period." even in the realm of legality? According to the NewsJournal, Kathleen MacRae, executive director of the Delaware American Civil Liberties Union said Friday that if Wilmington has engaged in that practice without probable cause to arrest the suspect, it is unconstitutional. "If this is a regular practice of the Wilmington Police Department, Read more

JFK Assassinated 50 years ago

50 years ago, an avowed Communist, and Castro sympathizer shot and killed an America President. I am not going to get into personal ruminations other than to say it was a shock at the time. There are many things I have to say about JFK, but today is just the time for some reflection on the sadness of death. I will have more to say later.

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The 11/22/13 Edition

Sussex Council-TWO MILLION DOLLAR SURPLUS! Who is losing their job at DELDOT?  A State Senator responds.  Social Security moving to Lewes, it's panic time. Let us begin with who is running for re-election in 2014. 2nd Dist.        Margaret Rose Henry (D)              Wilm. East       Term Exp. 2014 3rd Dist.        Robert I. Marshall (D)                    Wilm. West      Term Exp. 2014 10th Dist.       Bethany Hall-Long (D)                   Middletown    Term Exp. 2014 11th Dist.       Bryan Townsend (D)                       Bear/Newark  Term Exp. 2014 17th Dist.       Brian Bushweller (D)                      Dover               Term Exp. 2014 21st Dist        Robert Venables (D)                  Read more

Jim Inhofe Leads the Way In Saving America’s Defenses

In the past, America has a history of overcutting defense spending after wars and regretting it. George Washington warned against such a sentiment so it is not new. This time America is overcutting its defense during a war in anticipation of it being over. We may not have to wait to regret it. Enter our hero, Senator Jim Inhofe R-OK (full disclosure- a personal friend before he was senator) is leading the charge to have an orderly drawdown of our Armed Services and stop blind sequestration cuts which have no defense logic behind them. In a article in Stars and Stripes, he called it the way he saw it and the way many in the services see it. In announcing an end to the 16-day government shutdown this month, Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky said Republicans would insist during the budget conference talks that sequestration continue, saying preserving it was “critically Read more

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The_11.17.13_Edition-

Smyk's Rooster Crow Constituent Meeting; Running Against Schwartzkopf; Will the Homeless Soon be Swarming Sussex County?  Much More. So I thought I would spend some time with Sussex County Trivia and the like. Let us begin with Rep. 20 district-Steve Smyk. I don't know Mr. Smyk, he sprung up out of nowhere for the new district 20 after the elected politicos drove us to near insanity as they gerrymandered the new Sussex county districts that has me and Lewes sharing Smyk but me and Lewes split between Pettyjohn and Ernesto Lopez. So Smyk is having these constituent meetings but in the wee hours of the morning and in the kinda smallish Surf Bagel. 7:00 am? What time in the morning do people have to get up to perform morning ablutions, drive to the locale and be ready to receive their state congress critter by 7 in the am? I consider myself an early riser but I think this hour Read more

Death of a Parent

A respected member of the Delaware blogosphere has lost a loved one. Frank Knotts SR. passed away at the age of 87. Mr. Knotts spent his life working on farms. He spent his 35 years prior to retirement employed in potato farming outside of Little Creek Delaware. Below is the tribute of his son to Mr. Knotts. The entire post is printed with the author's permission. I Am My Father’s Son Read more

Major Cracks In Obamacare and Harsh Critiques By Dems Running Rampant

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif. announced Tuesday she will cosponsor a bill by Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La., that would force insurance companies to reinstate the canceled policies that Obama continually promised that people could keep. Feistein's revelation came after what can only be described as a tongue-lashing by former President Clinton of Obama's handling of the ACA's website debacle. The Clinton's have a horse in the race with Hilary Clinton's sights set on the 2014 presidential race, and she sent Bill to distance her from the Obamacare debacle, while hoping to become a more centrist candidate for America's top elected office. Bill Clinton stated that Obama should live up to his promise to Americans that if they like their health plans, they can keep them. "So I personally believe, even if it takes a change to the law, the president should honor the commitment the federal government Read more

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The 11-12-13 pt 2__Edition-

Sussex County Council, Pumpkins, and Lawyers. Yep, it is as interesting as it sounds. You may thank me very much for taking the time to write TWO columns today, such is my inspiration. Every week I either go to or watch the Sussex County Council meeting and I must say I am amused. Also, with a grin, I mention my attendance at this past Monday's GOP meeting where many people came up to me and quoted this column, so you're reading. Good. You will be better people for it. Come on, Sussex County Delaware has the best county council in the universe. I am always amused, sometimes disdainful, but always impressed by the antics of our own local yokels. And the council people are so diverse and yes, very intriguing people. There's Vance Phillips, here's a guy with….no I won't even go there, but his story should be a book in the bible, not to stretch it. He's involved with a young girl Read more

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The_11.12.13_Edition-

Delaware Gets All Its Money Back from Indian River Bridge SNAFU….NOT! Details on 2012 Election Autopsy Right Here. So I am heartened to hear that Deldot, that bureaucracy that would enslave us all lest DNREC gets chains on us first got a 5.25 million dollar settlement for the mess the people they hired to do the ramps leading on to the new Indian River Inlet bridge, also known as the Charles W. Cullen bridge after some Delaware Supreme Court judge and right there I'm sick of naming taxpayer paid structures after long-forgotten politicos, but that's just me. The company sued was an engineering company known as Figg Bridge Engineering along with the main contractor-MACTAC Engineering and Consulting. Delaware spent $19.6 million before somebody got a clue that a bridge approach that resembles, in DELDOT's own words "'placing a brick on a bowl of Jello". We've got two Republicans Read more

Don’t You Dare Shop On Thanksgiving–republished by request

Back in the day, Blue Laws used to protect families. We as a society recognized that families needed time together to bond, worship, or whatever they choose to do one day a week and certain holidays. Those have fallen by the wayside for better or worse with the last vestige of Sunday liquor sales being repealed by the Democrats so people need not plan to drink themselves to death by there being no break in the system nor do families of drunks need not have any breaks. Well, I believe in free markets so I can accept the change. It is a rougher, tougher world. I just wonder if the price we pay with children who only spend quality time with mom or dad a couple times a month is worth another shopping day. At least, we all had Christmas and Thanksgiving where everyone could stop and be part of the human family instead of an economic cog in the wheel. Now many stores are trying to entice Read more

Democrats Give Hope to Republicans

The recent problems with the rollout of Obama Care have undeniably hurt the President's party. Democrats are sticking with their President because they believe it is just a problem with a bad website launch not a fundamental problem with their policies. Recent polling by Pew, Gallup, and Rasmussen bring that into question. According to Pew, Independents view the GOP as better able to manage the government by 16 points. Americans trust the Republicans more on the number 1 issue, the economy. Americans are concerned about more fundamental parts of the health care law such as losing their insurance, paying more, and management of the system. These concerns will not be addressed by the site being somewhat fixed at the end of this month (if it is not, then the problems will compound). Republicans may have given themselves an October setback, but what will be remembered next October Read more

The 5th American Revolution

America is in decline. China is on the rise. Why am I optimistic about the American future? I don't think we need to make a case that America is not as strong as it should be. Massive failures in our institutions including banking, industry, education, and government while we take on record amounts of public and private debt. Federal deficits, trade deficits, and balance of payment deficits are the normal state of economics along with European lite unemployment and underemployment rates. We are to the point of monetizing the debt. Not only is America in economic distress, it is in cultural decline as well. The family is breaking down. Marriage is cracking under the strain of a free sex culture that can't even define marriage. Our future is being aborted everyday. A litany of foreign entanglements and wars is draining our treasury and attention from our domestic problems. Our Read more

Happy Veterans’ Day

To all who served in War or in Peace, Thank you. I dedicate part of my tribute to the memory of my father, Levi and uncle, Austin who served in the Pacific and European theaters (respectively) of World War 2. The rest is to all those who serve or served. I hope you enjoy your day. I will join you in enjoying it next year. Save a seat at Applebees for me.

5300 Delawareans Lose Out Because of Obama Care

The unaffordable health care deform debacle continues to hurt Delawareans. 5300 Delawareans are being forced to lose their health care coverage under just one insurer next month. Others are also making adjustments. So far 50 Delawareans have been able to sign up for the exchanges. So we are net 5250 uninsured by a law that was supposed to bring insurance to those who didn't have it. The intent of the law may have been good (at least the intent of some fooled into supporting it the few that drafted it behind closed doors knew what it would do), but the critics were spot on that the actual wording of the law would hurt Americans. When Nancy Pelosi said you have to pass the law to know what's in it, that should have set off the Sucker alarms. It is a bad law and it needs to be repealed and replaced with something that does the job while respecting freedom, free markets, and freedom of Read more