HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius testifies at House Hearing, Open Thread

Sebelius takes full responsibility for the debacle that is the Affordable Care Act. However, the buck clearly stops at the President's desk. If the President cannot place competent people in positions of authority, he is incompetent to lead. Is an impeachment in the offing? The now, much repeated promise of President Obama, that Americans could keep their doctors and insurance policies if they "liked" them has everybody whose policies were cancelled by their carriers hurling epithets of "liar liar." Sebelius denied that Obama had broken his promise and claimed that people who had coverage as of March 2010 can keep their current plans, provided their insurance companies haven't changed them. She argued that people receiving cancellation notices will be offered better quality plans. The American Citizens has been told lie after lie by President Obama himself, and now his Puppet Read more

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The 10-27.13 Edition

Dog Barking Law Voting This Tuesday….What the Heck is Wrong With the Sussex GOP? So I attended the 10.14.13 meeting of the Sussex County GOP and folks, it just ain't what it used to be. One major note, fully half of the RD's were not there….more on this later. The Chair of the Sussex GOP is John Reilly and he needs to work on meeting flow, at least as I see it. First of all, they have a Republican of the Month club. Good idea but why isn't it promoted more? Why doesn't this identity of this person of fame get published in the newsletter or the mass email the Sussex GOP has at their command? Oh I got more complaints. Why aren't the people introduced when they stand up to talk. Rob Arlett stood and spoke about an upcoming fundraiser. I don't know this fellow but his enthusiasm is obvious and yet no one ever introduced him, told the congregation in attendance the man's name! Read more

Smart Savings

There are smart offsets to sequester cuts that would not devastate military training and readiness or hurt programs giving nutrition to the poor. Sequester has helped get our deficit under control despite the spendthrift, incompetent U. S. Senate. For 3 years, the GAO has been issuing a report requested by Oklahoma’s Senator Tom Coburn-R, showing the saving that could be had by stopping duplication of programs.  Money could actually go into programs instead of bureaucracy and the taxpayers could save many tens of billions a year.  These are cuts that everyone should welcome, yet only 22% of them have happened. Senator Chris Coons D-DE is on the budget conference committee, will he champion some smart cuts?

Turmoil in New Castle County

Democrats in New Castle County seem to be at war with each other whether in the City or in the County.  Instead of governing, they seem to busy with other things. Some are too busy giving special favors with taxpayer money.  Others are too busy bullying people.  Much has been said about the Republican infighting, justifiably so.  It is interesting to note that Democrats seem to have even more issues.  I guess political infighting has become the new Delaware way.  How sad. They do not have answers that work for rising crime, high unemployment, and rising poverty.  They have to do something with their time. One day, people will have time to get the people’s business done.  Until then, I guess pass the popcorn.

Why Is Religious Expression a One Way Street?

A sister recently received a good deal of publicity and praise for bringing her national campaign against the death penalty to Delaware.  She bases some of her opposition in her view of Catholism.  There is nothing wrong with that. What is interesting is that a prosecutor quoting a Biblical passage in favor of the death penalty sparked outrage and the overturning of the sentence.  He could have quoted a Roman philosopher, but quoting Moses seemed to be worse than the crime of murder. So it goes.  If ones conservative beliefs are backed by religion, there is a separation of church and state.  If a liberal governor or activist is backed by religion, it is adding moral authority.  I believe that in a free country, all of these points of view should be welcomed and people should make their own judgements.  Religion is vital to a healthy society and the points of view of people of Read more

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The__10/23/13__Edition-

Soon They Will Be Coming For Your Dogs for Doing What Dogs Do ======================================================= One of the providers of public input at the Sussex County Council hearing for the proposed "Barking Dog Ordinance" was a nice lady who had neighbors to her upstairs whose dog barked all day while said neighbors were at work. This woman needs to make a tape of that barking dog and then, taking a deep breath and with determination, begin playing this tape around 11pm at night till the next morn. She needed to keep doing this until these neighbors stopped their shrugging at complaints of her daylong-barking dog, lamenting she had no control over what they do while they are away. When neighbors with endless barking dog tape complain, nice testifying lady should shrug her shoulders. Sometimes you got fight fire with fire. For if it is not against some noise ordinance Read more

The Words Right and Correct Are Politically Incorrect says Delaware High Court

In an unprecedented ruling overturning the conviction of 2nd degree murder, the Delaware Supreme Court ruled the verdict had to be overturned because the prosecuter said the state's witnesses testimony was right and correct.  The jury may have been swayed by the prosecuter vouching for the testimony.  I suspect that one day, moral and immoral will be added to the banned list along with reading from the Bible and right and correct. Really?  If the prosecuter did not believe the testimony, than the case should not have been brought.  Do our elite judges really think the public serving on juries are that week minded?  Next ruling may be child molester freed because Delaware Supreme Court believed that the AG's office used Jedi mind tricks. Read more

The Declaration of Independence Is Not a Declaration of Socialism or Power

http://www.archives.gov/exhibits/charters/print_friendly.html?page=declaration_transcript_content.html&title=NARA%20|%20The%20Declaration%20of%20Independence%3A%20A%20Transcription Because of the intense discussion on the meaning and importance of The American Declaration of Independence, I've dedicated a post directly to its discussion. I have given a link for the Declaration of Independence in its entirety because it is too long to print here but have included the part that has generated the most discussion. IN CONGRESS, July 4, 1776. The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America, When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle Read more

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The__10.20.13__Edition-

Common Core-A Sad Story of Surrender ====================================== I come to yon reader this week despondent and forlorn. No it's not because the gubmint shut down last week and I was sad. It's not because Obamacare is turning out to be of even more disastrous proportions than I previously thought. I am filled with despair because last week I began what was to be a crusade against that ersatz Communistic pile of crap called Common Core. For our children, yon ladies and gems, are to be programmed as the gubmint demands. When has the federal gubmint ever take over ANYTHING and it has been a wonderful success lauded through the ages? Education, if nothing else, should be handled locally where feedback from affected parents can be input, gauged and decided upon. To be fair I declined attending one of several anti-Common Core presentations last week. The Indian River Board Read more

The Unaffordable Health Care Act

The first two weeks are in and 1 Delawarean has signed up for the “Affordable Health Care” Exhange. One reason people may not be signing up is that premiums for the bronze plan for a 27 year old are 99.9% higher than what the average was in DE a year ago and 65.1% higher for a 50 year old.  For a family of 4 the the $873.52 a month is 19.9% higher.  It seems we should call it the Unaffordable Health Care Act. Of course the other reason maybe the website doesn’t work well.  Call the doctor, not for you, but the Unaffordable Health Care Deform Act.  It isn’t on life support yet, but its condition looks serious.

Mitch McConnell’s Thirty Pieces Of Silver

"Mitch Delivers the Goods," the headline reads. But at what cost to the American People? At a last minute deal in the U.S. Senate, Mitch put together a deal with Senate Democrats that would make Obama proud. Included in the deal is a $3 billion "Pork Barrel" dam project grant for McConnell's home state of Kentucky. Just how long did it take for Judas Iscariot McConnell to figure out how he could sell out the American People to the new Socialist Movement in America. I believe he had the idea in his back pocket during the whole negotiation. "This has been a long, challenging few weeks for Congress and the country," McConnell said after he closed the deal with Reid, under the guise of not defaulting on America's debt, which has been highly exaggerated. McConnell hashed out a deal with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, and by the way he is being hailed as a hero in Washington Read more

Benjamin Netanyahu Is a Real Leader: Evidence Iran

When I think of a strong leader on the International stage, I think of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  The Israeli Prime Minster is tough, smart, and works for the betterment of his country every waking hour. I wish we could work out a trade.  They can pick any 10 of our federal leaders and we get Bebe. As evidence of this fact, I submit the recent nomination of Iran to a senior seat on the Disarmament committee is like Columbian drug lords being given a chance to pick people for senior DEA slots. Who is the only leader speaking up?  Is it the leader of the free world?  The prime minister at the head of the great British Commonwealth?  Is it the French?  No, it is the PM of little is Israel. Leadership is exuded by this former commando and 3 time PM.

Fighting to Win

My name is David Anderson.  I am a conservative and I believe my principles are worthy of winning.  I am not afraid to move quickly when I can, slowly when I find it beneficial, or stand my ground when I must.  I am content to use losses to build up to victory.  I am willing to use victories to sustain solid policy and build a durable majority. Let me share a little about the movement when I grew up. I have no issue with conservative principles as most people well know.  My parents raised me with conservative Christian and Constitutional principles.  I read Up from Liberalism when I was 13 and Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations soon afterward.  James Watt's Courage of a Modern Conservative, Ronald Reagan's Sincerely Yours, Melody Greene's book on Pro-Life, Dr. D. James Kennedy,and Thomas Sowell also greatly influenced my thinking. Pope John Paul 2's Encyclical of Life reinforced Read more

Don’t Play Chicken With the Debt Ceiling

Congress should take a bow. The deficit will be only 700 to 750 billion FY 2013. The previous year, we had trillion dollar deficits as far as the eye could see. In 2009, the administration had a 1.89 trillion dollar deficit. Even with the downturn over, its lowest deficit was 1.23 trillion. Republicans cut spending 4% in real dollars 127 billion after a bitter show down with spendthrift administration and Harry Budget Free Reid's Democratic Senate. While 4% did not sound like a lot, that is instead of 11 percent increases so it was like a 15% cut. This allowed the natural 13% growth in revenues from economic activity to outpace spending and cut the deficit half a trillion dollars. The trillion dollar deficits were threating everything. House Republicans were right to tie it to spending restraint. Now a deal is a deal. The debt ceiling is not like spending bills. It is important Read more

The Fallacy of Appointed Judges and Delaware’s Supreme Court Decision

The decision rendered October 7th by Delaware's Supreme Court in the case of Sussex County Sheriff Jeff Christopher was a predetermined ruling which required twenty-six pages of irrelevant data to prove their case which affirmed the Superior Court Decision of T. Henley Graves, who ruled against the Sussex County Sheriff. I remember my days as an English Major at the University of Delaware, when required to write a "critical paper." It required me to make a thesis statement in the first paragraph, then write 1500 words or so, proving my statement. It didn't matter if the thesis statement was right or wrong, if the professor felt I was able to prove my point, no matter what references I used, then I usually received a good grade. The point I'm making in the above paragraph is, in my opinion, a predetermined decision was made that their decision would follow Superior Court Judge T. Read more

Mr. Carney Attacks the “Little Guy”

Guest Post By: Rose Izzo Cross-posted on redstate.com http://www.redstate.com/delawarewindjammer/2013/10/06/delawares-congressman-john-carney-attacks-the-little-guy/ Although this article, written by Rose Izzo is currently posted on another blogsite, her campaign has authorized me to post it as a guest post. Since Mrs. Izzo has officially filed with the FEC to become a candidate for Delaware's only congressional district seat, I will certainly honor her campaign's request. DonAyotte Congressman John Carney is at it again. With things falling apart in Washington Mr. Carney took to the News Journal to write an Op-Ed that blames everyone else for the Washington mess he created. Carney says the “Little Guy” who grinds along each day trying to make ends meet and pay his bills along with Mr. Carney’s salary is the real culprit. How sad. When the “little guy” speaks Read more

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The_10/6/13_Edition

The Phillips/Dunlap Affair, Secret Information Reveals Not Much New; Rumors….indeed folks, we got lots of rumors, some we even made up! Common Core and some Sussex County observations. So I wanted to write a blockbuster article about Common Core, that Communism Crap they are putting in our schools and let me right now share an anecdote. Granddaughter, who attends Georgetown Elementary School, was sitting at my dining table eating molten lava cake. I asked her, and her friend also bolting down the lava cake, what they did in school that day. Granddaughter's friend said she learned that the major illness of our Native Americans was tooth problems as they aged. Which I thought was cool. Granddaughter, Kaitlyn, asks both me and her friend (I am NOT making this up) if we'd ever heard of Common Core. I sat up straight, brows furrowed. At that time I'd only had a passing interest in Read more

Liberty Disappearing in the Name of Tolerance

Tolerance is supposed to mean that opposing points of view can coexist without one being coerced by the other. The new tolerance seems to mean punishing people who do not subscribe to the new social order and endorse Gay Marriage and other left wing social agenda items. Please read this link to see the loss of freedom. A sample is below to pique your interest. On Aug. 12, California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill mandating, in effect, that boys be allowed to use girls’ restrooms in the state’s public schools. The bill, part of an effort to advance “transgender rights,” says every student can “use facilities consistent with his or her gender identity, irrespective of the gender listed on the pupil’s records.” The new California law applies to sports teams as well as locker rooms and bathrooms, and obviously undermines privacy and parental rights. A week later, on Read more

Obamacare’s Legality, SCOTUS, the Constitution and Congress

Cross-posted on redstate.com http://www.redstate.com/delawarewindjammer/2013/10/01/obamacares-legalityscotus-the-constitution-and-congress/ The first paragraph of Article I Section 7 of the US Constitution explicitly states: All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives; but the Senate may propose or concur with Amendments as on other Bills. When the legality of Obamacare (ACA) was challenged by those who considered the bill unconstitutional, SCOTUS declared that Obamacare was a tax and indeed was constitutional. However, I never heard Article 7, Section 1 of the US Constitution mentioned, by any Democrats and Obamacare enthusiasts. The reason could be that the Affordable Care Act originated in the Senate instead of the House of Representatives, making it illegal. As soon as SCOTUS declared it a tax, it would have been necessary for the House Read more