Well Said, Senator Rubio! — 50 Years after the March on Washington

Keeping Our Promise By Senator Marco Rubio Time Magazine August 26, 2013 Edition Online by Subscription Only: http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,2149602,00.html A half-century has passed since Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stood on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial to awaken our nation’s conscience. His vision was simple yet profound: that America must fulfill the promise made in her founding documents by allowing every citizen to access their God-given rights. Dr. King helped bring hope to men and women of all backgrounds who wished to contribute to American exceptionalism. That included immigrants like my parents, who made a new life here after coming from Cuba. They immigrated in 1956—the year Dr. King led the Montgomery bus boycott—and raised my siblings and me in the wake of his legacy, telling us our dreams were possible regardless of the circumstances Read more

Do We Spend Money On the Right Things?

In Delaware, we give away tens of millions to companies like Fisker Automotive and Bloom Energy. Bloom Energy has increased its hidden surcharge to Delaware's electric customers from 67 cents a month in January to 3 dollars and 83 cents next month. This could amount to a total subsidy in the hundreds of millions over the next 10 years. Bloom promises to create 900 jobs. As a downpayment, Bloom is advertising 10 jobs currently. What if that money were invested in a Delaware infrastructure bank? Imagine a fund to help rebuild our old water infrastructure and make our power more reliable. Imagine a fund that would build physical infrastructure like our local airports in each county. Kent could become a cargo hub for less than a million dollars according to my sources. Several industries have passed on us because our water infrastructure is insufficient. We waste a great deal of Read more

Is Iran the Real Target?

I've made the point elsewhere that WWIII is either immanent or already begun.  All Delawareans are affected by the conflicts in the Middle East. (I am out for most of the day and regret I can't make many comments.  Also, I have decided to answer only those posts whose authors use their real names or whose identities I know.) Is Iran the Real Target? The chemical warfare perpetrated on innocent civilians in Syria by the Assad regime has produced at least two obvious effects. First, the attacks have instigated horrified outrage on the part of all civilized nations.  There is something different about chemical weapons, even though rifles and missiles kill people just as surely as gassing does.  There is something about watching soldiers, children and infants gasping and struggling for air that reaches the most hardened hearts—a special horror well captured in Wilfred Owen’s Read more

The Police Shooting of Michael Rogers, An Interview With His Mother

This is a follow-up of this earlier post. http://www.delawarepolitics.net/the-police-sta…-longer-theory/, Cross-posted on Redstate.com http://www.redstate.com/delawarewindjammer/2013/08/26/the-police-shooting-of-michael-rogers-an-interview-with-his-mother/ Before I start, Mrs Rogers stated that she has nothing against the state police; Her father, George Tidwell was Captain of DSP Troop 4 in Georgetown in the 1950's When I arrived at the house of Michael Rogers, a rural Georgetown address on Deep Branch Rd, I thought what a nice quiet country setting, nothing could destroy this peaceful setting. I was wrong! On August 1st, a 53 year-old Master Mason, (brick) Michael Rogers was sleeping at his home around 10pm when a knock came at the door. His mother Lorraine 87, opened the door to Delaware State Police Officer, Matthew Morgan, a three year veteran of the force. He requested Read more

Put “Chelsea” in an Integrated Delaware Prison?

I'm in an "I told you so mood."  Here and elsewhere, I warned that having the legal ability to change one's sexual identity by fiat would produce deleterious results. Displaying a brilliant ability to manipulate the system, Bradley Manning--now "Chelsea"--has declared himself to be female, which means he will not only be assigned to a female prison, but that if "Chelsea" decides to forego his full monty, the tax payer may have to pay for his/her reassignment surgery. Doubtless Bradley wished to escape the fate the assuredly awaited him in a male prison.  One can't blame him for taking advantage of the current wave of self-declared sexuality.  He wants to survive, after all. But what's next as certifiably insane radicals looking for "equality" continues to make gender fully fungible?  Shouldn't liberals look to fully integrate the prison population?  After all, if they Read more

Kudos to Red Clay School District

Way to go students, faculty, residents, and businesses of the Red Clay School District! You put Delaware in the news for a good reason. We may not have any mountains or notable skyscrapers in Delaware but at least for a few days we can lay claim to the world’s tallest Lego tower. At 11 stories tall it easily clears the height of most buildings in Kent and Sussex Counties. I hope that these kids are inspired to move on to bigger things in the future, perhaps even bringing the title of world’s tallest skyscraper back to the US. I heard this announced on the radio in the morning and I am really excited that they succeeded.

The New State of Southern Delaware?

Or...the State of Sussex? Is it possible aggrieved Sussex Countians could form the State of Southern Delaware? Perhaps—if they follow the example of some counties in Colorado. According to the Denver Post, several counties in Colorado want to separate from the rest of the state and form a 51st state named North Colorado.  Officials in eight northern Colorado counties are increasingly angry at the state’s new gun control laws and the plethora of oil and gas regulations. It’s not impossible to create a new state, though the U.S. Constitution requires that Legislatures must first approve any state that is to be created within its jurisdiction. One state commissioner said that Weld County's main economic drivers, agriculture and energy, are under attack, even though those sectors contribute significantly to the state's economy.  In the meantime, the commissioner continued, Read more

Dhimmitude in the US Military?

Delaware has one America’s foremost military bases located in Dover.  Delaware Politics’ David Anderson is currently deployed abroad.  The issue of religious freedom in the military is increasingly important as ideological militants seek to suppress soldiers’ freedom to speak and to practice their religion freely. The perennial impulse on the part of powerful elites to oppress certain classes of people has shifted to the overt oppression and persecution of other groups of people -- based not on the color of their skin, but on their religious beliefs.  The constitutional rights of the largest segment of the American populace (Christians and other believers in God) have been routinely eroded and violated for at least fifty years. During that time, there has been a marked transition from persecution of ethnic and racial minorities to persecution of religious believers. Nowhere Read more

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The__8/18/13__Edition-

Coyotes and Campaign for Liberty. Our masters at DNREC have spoken. And just what is this Campaign for Liberty and where are the 9-12 Patriots? ================================ So I "sat in" on this past week's Sussex County Council's meeting via the online webcam site. Below is a screen capture of the chamber. The video played very well over my computer and unless the agenda, as pre-published, is of interest to me, I shall watch every week at the least via the videocam. First, last week I grumbled about the introduction of payment by credit card for county monies due and how the small percentage fee price of the seller would have to be assumed by the buyer in this instance. In other words you don't pay an additional 2.5% fee for charging a bunch of shoes at Payless but when using a credit card to pay county charges you will pay the county percentage of the credit card charge. In Read more

Death to Clowns?

The Paula Deen syndrome, in which someone perceived to have offended leftist sensibilities becomes a target for complete destruction, is happening again--this time to a rodeo clown who made the mistake of wearing an Obama mask to poke fun of POTUS.  The Left and the NAACP are calling for a federal investigation of the clown for “inciting violence against President Obama.” Yes, as a commentator at The Examiner points out, that would be the same Left “who made movies depicting the assassination of President George W. Bush, who hanged Sarah Palin in effigy, whose messiah mocked her as a pig with lipstick, [and who are now] destroying the life of this man and his associates.” But this is their guy.  So no one can make fun of The One without dire consequences. Retaliation has been swift: “As a result, the clown has been banned in the State of Missouri and his announcer Read more

Why We Need The Elected Offices Of Sheriff and Inspector General

The Office of Sheriff is a long established office in Delaware that has its roots in Delaware's Constitution. Article XV Section 1 states: The chancellor, Judges and Attorney General shall be conservators of the peace throughout the state, and the Sheriffs shall be conservators of the peace within the counties respectively in which they reside. Although Delaware does not have an Inspector General, there should be a movement to create this elected position. Most states do have this position as a safeguard against corruption in their states. The Sheriff's Office was the only law enforcement entity in each county until the state police was created by Delaware in the 1920's with a charter which stated, the Delaware State Police would have powers similar to those of the Sheriffs. In short both of these offices are elected by the people and for the people and are not controlled by the Read more

Shapeshifters Invade the USA

(At the invitation of David Anderson and Don Ayotte, I have returned to post on Delaware Politics.  Below is the substance of a recent article from American Thinker with some meditative thoughts on the new transgender laws.  I may not have time to reply to comments, so please bear with me if I do not answer your contribution.  Most of the posters here are thoughtful.  Some, however, need to be reminded that they should at least read the article they comment on.  Thanks in advance!) One of the most persistently alluring but frightening themes of science-fiction films features creatures able to transform themselves into any form they'd like. The power to shift one's self into any form at any given moment by a sheer act of will, also a theme of traditional mythology and folklore, means that for the shape-shifter, nothing is permanently solid material. "Reality" is illusory because Read more

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The__8/11/13__Edition-

New Sussex Tax Bills, O'Donnell Tax Update, Deldot Throws Away More Money and Bodenweiser Commits Sin of Attending Speedway Park? ================================ So I did attend the Sussex County Council Meeting on Tuesday 8/6/13 and I took notes. If I don't attend the meetings personally, I will check the agenda every week and will listen online at the least. Below, a excerpt from the Sussex County Minutes from the day I spoke before the Mighty Five. Under Additional Business, Patricia Fish of Georgetown referenced a letter that she received from the Planning and Zoning Department instructing her to remove her fence by a date specific and stating that if she failed to do so, the Constable would take legal action. She expressed her concern regarding this threatened action and stated that she has a certified survey that shows that her fence is located on her property; that her well, Read more

Guest Opinion on Immigration Reform

Amnesty Driven by Voodoo Economics By Jonathon Moseley Voices calling for amnesty do not really understand economics or free enterprise. They offer garbled misconceptions -- with graphs. But they would be kicked out of the economics courses I took in business school. The pro-amnesty camp argues from "voodoo economics." Amnesty will grow the economy, they argue. Well, if there are more people, technically the economy will be bigger. But each person may be poorer. A growing economy is only 'better' if the economy grows faster than the population increases. Otherwise, each individual is worse off among a larger crowd. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) measures total activity -- not household income for each individual family. Amnesty will create a worse economy for everyone, even if total GDP is larger. (Actually, amnesty just transfers workers from Mexico to the U.S.A., so there Read more

The ‘Police State’ Of Delaware Is No Longer Theory

Cross-posted on redstate.com http://www.redstate.com/delawarewindjammer/2013/08/08/the-police-state-of-delaware-is-no-longer-theory/ Michael Rogers and DSP Officer Mathew Morgan had a meeting on August 1st that did not bode well for Mr. Rogers. Mr. Rogers a 53 year-old man was at his home at 22507 Deep Branch Rd. just five miles east of Georgetown on a quiet country road in Sussex county, when a knock came at the door that would change his life. Mathew Morgan, a young Delaware State Police veteran of three years came to the house that Rogers was sharing with his elderly mother, to investigate an alleged hit-and-run incident on a parked car in Millsboro. The events that occurred during that home investigation defy explanation. Apparently the officer questioned Mr. Rogers about a hit and run incident on the parked car, and Mr. Roger denied the allegations and asked the officer to Read more

Why is Rep. Dan Short Helping the Democrats Game the System?

State law allows you to file for more than one ballot position. It is rarely done except by third parties, but VP Biden did it when he ran for Senate and VP. Some lawmakers want to change it, but not for federal offices, only state offices. Why? Is there some voter outcry? No, to protect Democrat incumbents from the Republican bench. In that way, it would eliminate safe seat house member and every 4 years senators from running statewide without giving up their seats. Senators would have to run in off elections for them. The impetus for this bill seems to be Senator Bonini who almost won State Treasurer but was specifically put in the 2014 cycle and given a 2 year seat this time so he would be up the year the Treasurer is up for reelection. Gamesmanship indeed, but that is nothing but smart politics. Changing the rules like HB 159 does, is not legitimate. You would think that Read more

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The__8/4/13__Edition-

Sussex County Planning and Zoning Inspector Declines to Speak to Me With an Ire-Filled Tone.  Next Petty Bureaucrat to Own Us and Direct Us, the Sussex County Prince of Barking Dogs Who Will Deem Whose Dogs Bark Too Much. I sure hope I never need the services of the Sussex county Planning and Zoning Inspector because the current servant of the people in this position greatly despises me. Oh he didn't say one word out of line when I phoned him last week, complete with a friendly and practiced inquiry as to the possibility of speaking to him, to get his side of the story. No, I'm not going into my property boundary story, even I'm sick of it by now. I refer yon readers to my most recent post on the matter, HERE. This past week, after settling on my new property so much- I love living in this most wonderful place in the world to live that my precious granddaughter and daughter should Read more

Are Americans Being Played?

The economy is quite good, profits for big companies are up, stocks are around all time highs, big banks are running strong, and big government tax revenues are up. Should I say the economy is good for the big crowd, big business, big banks, big insurance, big energy, and big government. Yet growth is terrible, 1.2% (oh wait they changed how they calculate growth 1.7%), unemployment is still around 7.4% even with the nifty new way they count it. The U-6 is about double that. Working people are going backwards in income. Minority unemployment is absurd, but white poverty rates are rapidly heading to that of minorities--misery doesn't enjoy company. Why are there two economies? One for them and one for us? Why is the American system being gamed by those who are able to have the best lobbyists that money can buy? The tax system, procurement policies, regulations, and even laws Read more

A Country In Disarray, Or Prudent Action?

Global travel alerts were issued today for American's by the State Department, warning that al Qaeda could launch attacks in the Middle East and North Africa. The State Dept. also announced, 21 embassies and consulates would be temporarily be closed due to the expectation of al Qaeda attacks. Did President Obama overreact to intelligence reports that show a potential for attacks in Yemen and other hotspots in Northern Africa and the Middle East? A Senior National security official in Yemen said that the threat appeared to be much worse than it has been in a long time, but is this overreaction on President,s part, a show of weakness. US officials were particularly concerned about the security of the US Embassy in Yemen between the days between Saturday and Tuesday. The 17 Embassies are in Afghanistan, Algeria, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Djibouti, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Libya, Mauritania, Read more