Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The_6/30/13___Edition

Common Core-Some Questions, Some Answers, Some "COMMON" Sense. I spoke specifically to Evan Queitsch about this up and coming issue of the day. Even used to be a Republican but like so many, his disenchantment led him to a third party. Evan is a father of four children and serves as executive Director of Founder's Values in Newcastle county. Evan is also a Blogger and considers himself a staunch conservative. Evan spoke to me about Common Core. I've been an online friend of Evan's for several years now and in due course I hope to meet him in person. Evan is a busy Dad but he spent patient time explaining Common Core to me and I'll be honest here, my head was spinning. Indeed there are grass roots organizations across the fruited plains that are studying Common Core, its history, its rules and, of most concern, its future. First, I asked Evan, what the heck is this Common Core? Read more

HB-88 Down In Defeat, Not So Quick! Attend This Rally

Although HB-88 was defeated in the senate, Governor Markell and Attorney General Beau Biden are not going to let this stand, or so they think! "I'm not giving up on this," said AG Biden in a recent statement. The last session of the General Assembly starts Sunday and the Democratic Caucus intends to re-introduce the bill and force passage at an eleventh hour vote. This bill is called the "Gun Grab" bill and is definitely unconstitutional. It would give the police and authorities broad power to declare nearly any person they don't like as, mentally incompetent or mentally ill, and enter their home and confiscate legally owned weapons. A rally and vigil to oppose the passage of HB-88 is being held at Legislative Hall on Sunday, June 30, starting at 4pm and will last as long as it takes to deal the final death blow to this bill. This tyrannical bill would definitely violate our Second Read more

Obamacare, Pay Up Or Die

I sat with a friend a few days ago and listened while he explained Obama's new pay up or die plan for Americans. I sat while he recounted the whole experience of his ordeal. My friend, who does not want to be identified told me a story that made me sad and disheartened that our great republic had fallen so low. He is about 66 years-old and all of his income is from social security and his medical is handled by Medicare and he has to pay the uncovered 20 percent because he can't afford secondary insurance to cover it. A couple of years ago he had some surgery and medicare covered their 80 percent and my friend withdrew from his meager savings and paid the 20 percent. The surgery was to remove stage three carcinoma from his face and back that was damaged by the sun. He had to keep going back for check-ups and other issues and soon his savings ran out. Knowing how dangerous full-blown Read more

Delaware’s Economic challenge pt.1

The new unemployment numbers have been published. Delaware is stagnant with 7.1% unemployment. State of Delaware’s officials take comfort from the fact that we are lower than the national average of 7.3%. The problem is that while the national rate is ever so slowly declining, ours is not moving. I have some areas which I believe are holding us back inspite of some positive initiatives from state officials. First, I would like to hear from you. Let’s have an open forum on the economy. (Actually my article disappeared and I don’t have time to retype it). I think there are 7 areas that we are lagging in. Infrastructure, utility rates, less competitive corporate rates, ineffective education strategy, inefficient land use, we are too tied to best practices and not next practices, and we need to better leverage our higher education institutions. Your thoughts?

The Preferred Privilege Of Corruption

What reason could a person have to become a career politician. That's a question that I've often asked myself, while observing the utter nastiness of political elections and serving in elected office where the half of the population that didn't vote for you, certainly doesn't like you. I was recently told by a close friend in politics, "most politicians won't consider running for office unless, when they are elected they can recoup the money at least one-thousand percent. If the pay they receive in office is not equal to that figure,(and its not) that only leaves one way of getting it and none of those is good for the citizens that voted for them. So, if a person theoretically spends a $100 million to become president, what would he or she have to recoup to believe they are even. Would a $1 billion do it. Well, it might if greed were not involved, $1 billion might be enough for anyone, Read more

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The 6/23/13 Edition

George Parish Throws Down Gauntlet, You May Call Him Councilman. ============================= George Parish served as Sussex County Clerk of the Peace until recently. He's a fixture on the Sussex County political scene, known as the loud and jolly fellow who would happily shout  happy greetings when introduced. George never married a same-sex couple though he did fulfill the obligations of his office by performing same-sex unions. Bob cannot marry Brian until July 1st of this year. George Parish no longer holds the office responsible for same sex marriages and it's all a relief to him. Parish is running for Sussex councilmatic district #4-the area now served by Councilman George Cole. District 4 covers the inland bay area, including Ocean View and parts of Long Neck and Rehoboth. "I would never run against an elected Republican," George told me the morning of our interview. Read more

Has Corruption Become An Entitlement, When Elected To The General Assembly?

Yes, the "Good ol Boy System," (GOBS) is alive and well in Delaware's General Assembly. What has happened to the days when a person only served in a states general assembly as a citizen legislator instead of a career politician. The good ol days when a persons' word was his bond and a person could expect honesty from their "citizen legislators." Well my friends, those days are gone and won't return unless "we the people," make it happen. The two-party system of Delaware, and all of America for that matter is a completely corrupt system to the core. That's why there are over 142,000 registered unaffiliated independents and so-called third parties that are growing in numbers daily. The Independent Party of Delaware has become the fastest growing party in Delaware, because of its acceptable platform and inclusion of people with many diverse political ideologies. Shifting political Read more

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The 6/16/13 Edition-

Sussex County GOP...Let's Do An Update.  Because Something Is Missing And I Know What It Is. =============================== I moved to this area in the year 2003 and I've loved it here ever since. After a few years I began to get involved with the Sussex County Republican Party. Ron Sams was the Sussex Chair when I joined as I understand Ron is still around. I have mixed emotions about Ron. Those times when I worked the Georgetown GOP office desk he was often around. Ron arranged for me to meet Mike Castle and goodness, well that was interesting. Ron came across to me as a devoted Conservative but I was surprised at how he worked against us in Sussex County came the time to revolt against Democrat-in-Disguise, that same Mike Castle that I met. I won't go into all that past and volatile history that caught the entire country's imagination. Ron Sams never bothered Read more

The New Improved ‘Police State’ Of Delaware

With the 2012 passage of HB 325, then House Majority Leader 'Pistol' Pete Schwartzkopf, along with Delaware's super-majority Democratic Party, laid the groundwork for the nation,s first Socialistic police state. Schwartzkopf introduced HB 325 weeks after Republican 39th District Representative Danny Short struck a similar bill he had introduced, after taking heat from Tea-Party Conservatives, Libertarians and Independents from the entire state. HB 325 was a bill that simply went through Delaware's Statutory law and removed the word 'sheriff' from any reference that included that the sheriff had powers of "conservator of the peace." A simple enough task for 'Pistol Pete' Schwartzkopf but an unconstitutional move on his part as he well knew at the time that he drafted the bill. Aritcle XV section 1 of the Delaware Constitution: The Chancellor, Judges and Attorney General shall Read more

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The 6/9/13 Edition

Sussex County Register of Wills Cindy Green Opens Her Office to This Humble Blogger.  What's in Her Future?  The 30/31 Day After Death Waiting Period Explained….Almost. Sussex County's Register of Wills as elected is Cindy Green, a new and happening grandmother who has impressively improved life for Sussex Countians since her election in January 2011 in terms of all things will and probate. I would point yon reader to my article on this forum on Sussex County's Office of the Registrar of Wills and my experience with that same office. I made it an object of my interview with Cindy, who, in the interest of fair and balanced, is both a personal, Facebook and political friend, of this interviewer. Which in no way means that I give Cindy any slack. I had issues with how her office handled some matters in my own personal experience, and Cindy gave me answers. But first….I asked Read more

Dump the Corrupt Two-Party System

What are the right reasons for activism, one might ask themselves. In this rapidly changing and diverse nation of myriad political philosophies, activism takes many forms. Although many political theories and opinions are prevalent in America, The Constitution and the Bill of Rights have stood the test of time, for the republic to grow and prosper. America has weathered several wars, and a civil rights revolution, and has remained united and free. Americans haven't agreed with one another on many issues but the Republic still stands and will remain standing, if each new generation of Americans does their part to respect the constitutional rights of others. It is not necessary to agree with your neighbor, but one should be friendly and charitable and it is necessary to respect your neighbor's Constitutional rights. America has become a nation of bureaucracy and regulations, many Read more

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The 6/2/2013 Edition

Meet Delaware's Next Governor, the Sigler Resignation, Boost for Craft Breweries   Lacey Lafferty-A Woman With a Plan I first "met" Lacey Lafferty at a Sussex county GOP meeting. At a meeting that was busy and bristling, Chairman John Reilly introduced Lacey, promising us she would only speak for five minutes. I was immediately intrigued. First I pondered why only five minutes? Second, it was getting late and what could be so important at this time? Third, Lacey spoke. It took me a while but after a bit I realized that, goodness, she was running for Governor and this was most odd. It wasn't odd that someone aspires to run for Governor but, well you have to hang around Sussex GOP for a while. It's had a rickety past, trying to appeal to Wilmington money while pleasing the Sussex slightly more conservative base. How could we ever forget Christine O'Donnell and the chasm Read more