It wasn’t just One Abortionist; Nurses blast Planned Parenthood

Read this article. There is a systematic problem with abortion in Delaware. Dr. Gosnell was the beginning. Planned Parenthood of Delaware’s Wilmington clinic performed “meat-market style assembly line” abortions and put patients at risk for infection and other serious medical problems by neglecting proper standards of care, two former clinic nurses told a packed Senate hearing Wednesday. Meanwhile, state officials released a list of more than a dozen violations found – and subsequently addressed – during a recent investigation triggered by several emergencies at the Shipley Street clinic, in which patients were transported by ambulance to a hospital. And the Division of Professional Regulation said it had found evidence of unspecified unprofessional conduct by Dr. Timothy Liveright, until recently the clinic’s primary physician, and that Liveright had voluntarily surrendered Read more

Delaware GOP Chairman John Sigler Resigns

Delaware State GOP Chairman John Sigler resigned today, citing “business reasons” as the reason for his resignation. Sigler served as GOP Chairman since the Republican Convention in 2011. Sigler served in the US Navy as an officer of the submarine force and is now a successful lawyer whose business has increased greatly since taking over his GOP duties. State GOP Secretary Carol Bodine will hold a special convention within sixty days of Sigler’s resignation and Republican Delegates will decide on a new GOP chairman to serve until the next convention. GOP State Vice Chairwoman, Nelly Jordan, will serve as chairwoman until a new chairperson is selected by the delegates. Names that have been mentioned are Charlie Copeland, Kevin Wade, Sher Valenzuela, Ben Mobley and Jeff Cragg, who drew low numbers in his bid for the GOP gubernatorial seat in 2012 against Jack Markell.

Institutional Corruption and Racism Are Alive in Delaware

Co-written By: Don Ayotte and Doug Beatty Cross-posted in Myself and others from The Independent Party of Delaware attended an arbitration hearing on Tuesday May 28th at the Carvel Building in Wilmington. The meeting was held to arbitrate a grievance of dismissal in the case of Dr. Jahi Issa, an African American History Professor at Delaware State University. I expected a modicum of professionalism and courtesy but what we were all confronted with was one of the worst examples of institutional racism and corruption that I've ever personally witnessed. In the room for this ten and a half hour hearing were a large and diverse group of activists and supporters from as far as Atlanta Georgia and Philadelphia. Many local Delaware Black and White activists arrived to show support for what has become known as the "worst case of institutional corruption and racism," that Read more

No More Negativism–Stop the One Party State Stuff

Memo to John Sigler My friend, you are smart, capable, and competent. You did not run for reelection to preside over the demise of the party you love, but to revive it. Please talk like it. It is okay to say the Democrats are behaving with the arrogance of a one party state, but we are here to change that. If you say we are a one party state, it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. Try raising money when the donors come back with why throw my money away, your party chairman says it is a one party state. We have lost 30 volunteers in the last 6 weeks to the Independent Party of Delaware because they are willing to grow and fight. The what, IPOD--how do we lose people to a little party that couldn't fill a back room in a small restaurant last year for a convention? The Libertarians are growing to the point where they put up almost as many candidates as we do, IPOD has over 3500 registered Read more

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The 5/26/13 Edition

The REAL Enemies Amongst Us, Common Core, a Tourist Rant. Common Core-A Vague Menace and I Don't Like the Sound of It =================== So folks, I have read a bunch on this so-called "common core" and I am aware that school boards across the county are revving up to fight the thing. Yet with all of my reading, I simply cannot understand what it's about and, it would seem, nor can anybody else. I do know that there are many nice-sounding buzz words, such as: "Common Core State Standards" or "Smarter Balanced Assessments". Here is the rule of thumb-if it's got innocuous sounding name it's probably part of some big bureaucracy, probably federal, and it's definitely NOT good for anybody. Local school boards here in Sussex county are working diligently to stop the Delaware budget from using funds to participate in this brand of nastiness. Smarter Balanced Assessments? Who Read more

Boy Scouts Adjusts Policy

The main focus of the Boy Scouts of America is to help boys become men of honor.  A debate has raged on how best to do that.  An important part of scouting is duty to GOD and living a morally straight life.  Is that compatible with Scout leaders being gay?  The Boy Scouts of America has reaffirmed it is not in their eyes.  The next question has to do with the boys, in an era of confusion and labeling, does the boy scouts want to exclude a 13 year old boy not sure of his sexual orientation even though he is leading a morally straight life or want to influence him?  The Scouts have voted against labeling and removed the ban on gay scouts by 60% to 40%.  The United Methodist Church and the Mormon Church which sponsor together 1/3 of the Scout troops supported the vote.  The Roman Catholic Church which also sponsors Scout troops took no position on an internal matter.  The Southern Baptists Read more

The Leadership of the Delaware Democrats

Back on May 13th, the Democrats elected their leadership.  They reelected their chairman John Daniello.  What is interesting is how the Democrats now have a gay activist as a vice chair, Lisa Goodman, the other vice chair is Jim Hussey, a retired union activist from the private sector and Karen Valentine a paid employee of a state employees union is the national committeewoman. Retired Speaker Bob Gilligan reemerged into the political scene as national committeeman bringing a perspective of 40 years in the legislature. The Democrats are not ashamed to be the party of special interests and government.  I say "good for them".  Every group represented is a legitimate part of our public. Republicans should not be ashamed to be a party for taxpayers, families, business, constitutional civil rights and liberties, those who want to be safe on their streets and in their homes, and those Read more

Senator Sokola Harming Delaware Education

Sadly, David Sokola is not alone.  Delaware seems determined to go backwards in education by imposing crazy requirements that judge teachers not by their college grades, but high school grades and imposing common core on the University education departments despite the fact that our colleges and universities rank well with the University of Delaware ranking around the top tenth of one percent.  No, we need to tamper with that and not look at our own state department of education. Teachers are being disrespected as no other profession would tolerate, yet despite concerns by teachers, the DSEA supported the bill.  I think a revolution needs to happen in the teacher's union.  Senate bill 51 became law on the fast track because the very people who should look out for education and teachers had their favorite item attached to the bill.  It was Betrayal with a capital B. Once again, Read more

Ayotte Asks For Phillips’ Resignation At Sussex Council Meeting

As the Lawsuit against Vance Phillips rages in the newspapers, I decided to attend the Sussex County Council Meeting of May 22. I had been wondering why the members of the county council had not demanded the resignation of Councilman Vance Phillips. Upon entering the county administration office before the meeting began, I spotted Councilman Sam Wilson and asked him to demand Phillips' resignation from the County Council. His response, "That's not going to happen, He who has not sinned, let him cast the first stone. Do you have a stone Don?" I thanked him for his 'philosophical wit' and left the office. Wilson's reaction indicated to me that the council was "circling the wagons," around their favorite councilman, Vance Phillips. I decided to sign up to speak at the conclusion of the meeting, where citizen's comments are welcomed and afforded three minutes to voice their opinions. Read more

The Forgotten Delawareans

The disabled and mentally ill seem to be forgotten in policy discussions in Delaware. We do not have a mental wellness strategy. Even our own state government seems to have problems referring the mentally ill to programs to help them get off the streets in spite of a federal consent decree. We do not seem to have the will or the strategy to help those most in need of our care and compassion. If a society is judged by how it regards those who cannot help themselves, Delaware is lacking in my opinion. I hope my recent participation in the 10 year plan on homelessness pays off. I brought a consistent voice advocating for the disabled, veterans, and the mentally ill into the forum. These are the Delawareans forgotten in our policies because they have no lobbyists. People are not ashamed to say they struggled to overcome an addiction, but mental illness is not understood and often feared. Would Read more

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The 5/19/13 Edition

Update on State of Sussex GOP, More Gun Control, Same Day Vote Registration, School Board Elections, ….more ================ Sussex GOP. Good, Bad and Not As Ugly I have been all over the place in regard to the current state, and future state, of the Sussex county GOP. In fact I was, and still am, a whisper away from un-registering Republican and re-registering as….something else, probably not Democrat. I am not alone. Plenty of folks in Sussex county have become disenchanted and the various political intrigues have not helped. So I attended the Sussex GOP meeting this past Monday and I've got some thoughts. First, the fabulous Carol Bodine got elected Delaware State GOP Secretary and the sweet, sweet Nellie Jordan is the Delaware State GOP Vice-Chair! When Nellie first asked me to be a deligate for her I did not believe she would have a chance of winning. She Read more

Worse than I thought: IRS Abuse of Power

When I looked up the readership statistics, I saw readership up 40% and a new post I Didn't Build That burning up the charts. I read it then I watched the opening statements of the congressional hearing. It became the talk of morning. The abuse of power at the IRS had specific memos targeting Patriot groups, Tea Party groups, and 9-12 Patriot groups by name. They didn't even try to obscure their intention. Many have had their non-profit status held up for 3 years not because they did anything wrong, but because they were the "wrong" ideology. This scandal is starting to gain traction. According to Gallup 3/4 of the American people want it investigated and that many are following it with 54% following it closely. Unlike other issues, even a majority of Democrats think this one needs a serious look. This issue goes to the heart of a free society. Does the administration of government Read more

Dead Party Talking

Guest Post By: Doug Beatty On May 1 2013 Delaware Politics administrator Don Ayotte graciously allowed me to enter a guest post on the plight of my colleague, Dr. Jahi Issa. Interestingly enough, a vociferous anonymous poster began making comments on that post accusing Dr. Issa of racism and forwarding the position that Dr. Issa should have been arrested by campus police and fired for being a “black supremacist” and “racism” and “preaching exclusion” among other perceived crimes of thought. When this anonymous poster had their card pulled for lying, they simply changed to another anonymous name and kept up with the same lies. This person showed inside knowledge of the case and Delaware State University and academia in general, but they refused to identify themselves or agenda. When I informed this poster that I would find out who they were a general outcry Read more

I Didn’t Build That

Conservatives remember the famous campaign quote, "you didn't build that." I thought the President was just being clever, and trying to pull together some smooth lines to wow his fans and bamboozle the public. However, in light of the recent scandals I see that he lives by that statement. The IRS is part of his administration, the people who run the IRS are appointed by him. The State Department is part of his Administration. He appointed Hillary Clinton, then John Kerry as Secretary of State, as well as many of the people working under them. The Justice Department is part of his Administration and he appointed AG Holder. The Green Jobs Czar was part of his Administration and he appointed Van Jones to that post. All of these departments and more are under President Obama's Administration, and most of the key positions were appointed by him. Their corruption is also part of his Administration, Read more

Lacey Lafferty, Gubenatorial Candidate

Lacey Lafferty is a single mom, a retired DSP officer, a horse enthusiast, an author and an entrepreneur. Yes, she is all of these things and accomplished in many more. What people are about to find out is, she is also on the campaign trail to tell the citizens of Delaware that she would also make a great governor. When asked what defines her as a person and a candidate, Lacy states, she like many others have become disenchanted about our state and federal governments, and has become concerned for our state and nation, if we continue down the same path. She doesn't believe in all talk and no action and has decided the best course of action would be to serve in a position that could make a big difference in our state. Public service is and always has been a big part of Lacey's life. "I never felt more alive than when I served the community while on uniformed patrol for the State Read more

Delaware Police Chiefs Weigh in On Death Penalty Repeal Bill–Guest Opinion

The following paper represents the position of the police chiefs throughout Delaware. The intent is to provide an objective and fact-based viewpoint that is opposed to the repeal of capital punishment. In summary, the Delaware Police Chiefs Council would urge the honorable members of this General Assembly to consider the following key points that are detailed within the report: • The Delaware constituents have throughout history expressed their opinion that the sentence of death is the appropriate punishment for murder of an aggravated nature. To supplant the opinion of the people as to what is right and just will result in further undermining the integrity of the criminal justice system as a whole. • The U.S. Supreme Court agrees that the death penalty for an abhorrent crime such as murder is not cruel and unusual and that it is up to the people to make that determination. To Read more

Abortion Doctors Guilty

Gosnell and O'Neil were convicted in their parts in their late term abortion scheme. Gosnell was found guilty of murder in multiple counts for killing a few babies after they were born alive. Gosnell, a resident of West Philadelphia, was charged on January 14, 2011 with 263 crimes, including first-degree murder in the deaths of four babies. Prosecutors allege Gosnell delivered the babies alive during abortion procedures and then killed them by snipping their spinal cords with scissors. The 72-year-old is also charged with third-degree murder in the of former patient Karnamaya Mongar. Mongar, 41, died after she was given a lethal dose of pain killers and anesthesia during a 2009 abortion procedure at Gosnell's West Philadelphia clinic, the Women's Medical Society. The former doctor's defense attorney has argued Gosnell would inject a drug into his patients' uterus to stop the Read more

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The 5/12/13 Edition

I, along with most NON-low-information voters across the fruited plains, am playing close attention to the Benghazi drama. I want to see one reporter, maybe one elected guy, ask Hillary Clinton, a woman who is the biggest liar on this planet, she could win prizes, whether she would have left Chelsea stay at that Libyan embassy with the security situation Ambassador Stevens had, or, would she have appreciated a "stand-down" order had it been Chelsea suffering a horrific and degrading death? But stuff still happens in Delaware and let's not forget the Vice-President of this despicable administration is part of the lies that go on every day. Credit where credit is due….Same Sex Marriage- ================================ It's good to see a couple Republican guys speaking out for marriage being defined as a man and a woman. It's a shame that you got to send Kudos to these elected Read more

Sussex County Councilman Vance Phillips Sued

According to complaint K13C-05-005, filed in Kent County Superior Court on May 6, Sussex County Councilman, Vance Phillips has been named as a defendant in a lawsuit filed by the attorney Nicholas H. Rodrigues, of Schmittinger & Rodriguez, P.A. of Dover on behalf of the Plaintiff. Naming Sussex County Councilman, Vance Phillips of Laurel as the defendant in the lawsuit, the plaintiff alleges in a 17 page lawsuit that Phillips first encouraged a young woman, the plaintiff to become involved in politics around the age of 16 and after she became 18, the defendant, Vance Phillips, forced the Plaintiff into sexual activity several times in different locations, while intimidating her to keep the activity secret. the suit seeks relief for intentional infliction of emotional distress. The complaint includes graphic details of use of sex-toys, bondage and threats. Mr. Phillips has not commented Read more

House Bill 13 Heads to the State Senate

With 11 Democrats in opposition, but all 14 Republicans and `16 Democrats favoring the one year ban on paid lobbying once a legislator leaves the Delaware General Assembly, the bill passed the House and goes on to the Senate. As I stated before, this is a positive bill, but we also need one that applies to the other branches of government.

I Endorse the Paradee Bill

Next week, a bill is to be introduced allowing those called to military service to vote via video conference.  I support that exception to current Delaware law which bans video conferencing for local government public meetings. Rep. Trey Paradee is upholding an honored tradition in this state going all the way back to founding fathers Richard Bassett, who founded and served in my regiment while in the General Assembly and was reelected while serving, and Caesar Rodney. Way to go Trey.  

New York City Poised to Allow Non-citizens the Vote

According to the Federalist Society blog. the New York City Council may have the votes to overcome a veto by Mayor Bloomberg.  This proposal would only affect local elections. What is the point of citizenship?  Should not someone who comes here, first pledge their allegiance to this country before determining who leads it?  If this passes and gets widespread attention, this type of legislation could undermine efforts to legalize millions of "undocumented" immigrants.  Is that what they really want or are they so confident of victory that they cannot resist showing their hand?  Either way this is not helpful to the nation.  While this will only apply to city elections, how will the inevitable confusion of people mistakenly showing up to state and national elections be handled?  Will their be ineligible votes?  Will people who want to look at the problem be called bigots, and the Read more