Anderson Reaffirmed to National Policy Post

Councilman David Anderson Appointed to National League of Cities Energy, Environment and Natural Resources Policy and Advocacy Committee Washington, DC – 4th District Dover City Councilman David Anderson has been appointed to the National League of Cities (NLC) 2013 Energy, Environment and Natural Resources Policy and Advocacy Committee. This Committee has the lead responsibility for developing NLC federal policy positions on issues involving air quality, water quality, energy policy, national wetlands policy, noise control, and solid and hazardous waste management. The appointment was announced by NLC President Marie Lopez Rogers, mayor, Avondale, Arizona. "One of the issues which impacts those I am privileged to serve is national energy policy. Everyday they're bled dry because of inane policies the last 20 years. My involvement in this committee has given me an avenue to represent Read more

Your Current Health Care Won’t be Affected????

The battle cry for the unaffordable health deform act, was that your current health care will not be affected. The latest news on Delmarva brings that into question. Read for yourself. Some families could get priced out of health insurance due to what's being called a glitch in President Barack Obama's overhaul law. IRS regulations issued Wednesday disappointed liberal backers of the president's plan, who had hoped for a fix. Starting in January, the law will provide millions of uninsured working families with subsidies to buy private insurance. But it also says that in some cases families with job-based coverage can't get those subsidies. The problem is the way the law defined affordable. What counts is self-only coverage offered to the individual worker, not his or her family. Family coverage typically costs much more. So if the employer isn't willing to Read more

Open Thread Jan. 31

There is a lot of interesting conversation on Delmarva from the proposed privatization of the Port of Wilmington to a Lake Forest Teen Mom who is being discriminated against by the school for choosing to breastfeed, when the school can clearly allow her to express milk during breaks and store it as provided under Delaware law. Dover policymakers will take into account the needs of housing in their next plan. A discussion will be held noon at the Parks, Recreation, and Community Enhancement Committee on February 11. This is national school choice week. Nationally, Senator John Kerry is Now Secretary of State John Kerry and Senator Scott Brown recently unseated in a close race by Senator Elizabeth Warren has a commanding lead in the polls if he wishes to run. It is puzzling that former Senator Chuck Hagel seems to have such a harder time for Defense Secretary over his foreign policy Read more

Rubio Reminds Rush, “Obama’s Not Going To Be President Forever”

"Obama's not going to be president forever," said Florida's Junior senator, Marco Rubio." Rubio sounded like a GOP Presidential Candidate, when appearing on Rush Limpaugh's Radio show Tuesday. "“It’s easier to sell cotton candy than it is to sell broccoli to somebody, but the broccoli is better for you. And it’s the same thing with limited government,’’ Rubio told Limbaugh. “Yeah, it’s a lot easier for a politician to sell people on how a big government program is going to make their life better. But I think ours, once we sell it, is more enduring, more permanent and better for the country.’’ (Newsmax reports) Rubio said while the GOP supports immigration reforms to make it easier for illegal immigrants to remain and prosper in the United States, the party sometimes is seen as against it because of different approaches. “Our point has always been we understand Read more

Dover Moves Forward With National Monument

With no votes to spare, the City Council approved a deal which granted an historic conservation easement to the Federal Government for the lawn area of the Dover Green to create a national monument, but reserving all rights in the areas around it and removing all references to building while protecting the private property around it. The story is here in the Dover Post. This was done in spite of the majority of property owners expressing concerns with the deal. DOVER CITY COUNCIL VOTE ON THE GREEN YES Tom Leary David Bonar Wallace Dixon James Hutchison Beverly Williams NO David Anderson William Hare ABSENT Sean Lynn (recused himself) Adam Perza (late to meeting)

Behind the Veil of the NY Gun Law

You had to wonder why a Republican led senate let Cuomo bully them into rushing through legislation in the opening days of the session that was so poorly drafted that it already has to be amended. Now we know of the bullying tatics used. Pay attention, this is a guy who may want to be the next President. Three days ago, the New York Times described the ‘behind-the-scenes’ pressure Democratic Governor Cuomo put upon the State Senate’s Republicans to join his gun control coalition, including Gigi Bowman’s upcoming opponent Marcellino. ‘First, there were threats, delivered in phone calls or through intermediaries,’ the Times reports. Describing what would happen to any Republican Senator who didn’t back the gun control measure, the publication continues, ‘He would seek to dissolve Read more

Lt. Gov. Matt Denn Addresses School Safety

Secretary Schiliro spoke about our effort to expedite the creation of school safety plans. I wanted to give you a few details about some requests we are making of the General Assembly this year that are also relevant to student safety. Threats by outsiders to our schools are a major concern, but in addition to that concern, there are other elements of student safety involving lower level harm and disruption caused by other students that we are also seeking to address. Our teachers and professionals who work in our schools have told us that one of our real unmet needs is mental health services for children. A lot of behavioral issues in our schools – some of them subtle and resulting in behaviors that disrupt the learning environment, some of them more severe and resulting in intimidation of or harm against other students – could be addressed by skilled mental health professionals Read more

Dover City Council Races Off and Running

We are off. Dover City Council races take shape By Antonio Prado Twitter: @DoverPostPrado Jan. 23, 2013 9:32 pm Dover, Del. -- Four of the five Dover City Council incumbents up for election this spring have filed papers to retain their seats in order to continue tackling the significant financial challenges the city faces an economy that has been slow to recover. Dover City Councilmen David Anderson (4th District), William Hare (2nd District), James Hutchison (1st District) and Sean Lynn (3rd District) have all filed petitions for re-election, according to the Office of the City Clerk. Council President Thomas Leary has opted not to run after deciding that nearly 14 years combined on council was a fair amount of time in public service. Former Councilman Timothy Read more

Liberals Complain About Priebus Electoral College Scheme

I think that the Electoral College system has served America well for more than 2 centuries, since we fixed the President/Vice President glitch in the early 1800's. Liberals have been busy trying to change the system with schemes like the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact where states would say we don't care how our own citizens vote, we will just wait and see how everyone else votes to determine our electoral votes. Messing with the Electoral College opens a can of worms. Now there is a proposal from the right to just duplicate Nebraska and Maine. Liberals are rightfully concerned. At least the Priebus endorsed scheme has precedent, and the voters actually pick their own electors. I say just leave the system alone. It strikes the balance of popular vote, respecting the states and regional interests, and insuring the President represents a cross section of America. Leave it Read more

Obama Birth Control Mandate May Head to U.S. Supreme Court.

Legal Challenges, filed by the dozens, by faith based charities, hospitals and universities, over the religious freedom and the birth control coverage requirement in Obama's health care package seem to be headed to the U.S. Supreme Court, according to Associated Press reports. The religious lawsuits mostly stalled, as the Department of Health and Human Services tried to develop an accommodation for faith based groups and made no such offer to individual business owners. The lawsuits are yielding conflicting rulings in appeals courts around the country. "The Circuits have split. You're getting different, conflicting interpretations of law, so the line of cases will have to go to the Supreme Court," said Carl Esbeck, a professor at the University of Missouri Law School, who specializes in religious liberty issues. (AP) Under the requirement, most employers, including faith-based hospitals Read more

Why Have Civil Liberties Taken a Backseat?

The second Bush term seemed less than energized about the subject of civil liberties. The President did not even bother to appoint members to an oversight board to safeguard them. A new administration with headed by a self proclaimed Constitutional Law Professor would seem to be more energized on the subject; not so much according to critics from the left leaning Nation. Critics from the right have been even more strident, saying the only Constitution that Barack Obama upholds is the Soviet Constitution. I am not getting into the validity of those claims. I am asking why it seems civil liberties matter so little? The Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board could not meet for 5 years because it had no members. In 3 plus years, the administration did not seemed bothered enough to fill it. Under election year pressure, the President appointed members, but the chairman, which needs Read more

Gun Control Laws Have Little Correlation with Safety

Gun Control has little to do with crime control, but concealed carry is the most effective anti-crime gun law according to recent reports. Here is what does work, background checks/buyer screening, regulation of dealers, stricter penalties for committing crimes with guns, and easier concealed carry for law abiding citizens. It is not guns that are a problem or even how many people own them or how many guns. It is guns in the hands of criminals and a lack of them in the hands of the law abiding that are the issue. If you want less crime, have more probation/parole searches with the police, monitor those who are criminals and violate them if they do not obey the law. Put people away who commit felonies with guns. Do not bother law abiding citizens.

Immigration Reform Could Skyrocket Obamacare Costs

Recent reports from, say comprehensive immigration reform could make millions of people eligible for Obama's healthcare law, assuming a final deal paves the way for undocumented immigrants to receive papers. Illegal aliens are now ineligible for Medicaid under most circumstances, making the law's expansion of the program fruitless for people without documents. If Hispanic lawmaker's get their wish, the U.S. will overhaul the U.S. immigration policy that includes a path to legalization, millions could be added to the cost of Obamacare. Obama has already stated in his Inaugural Address that Immigration reform is one the the issues at the top of his list and advocates like Rep. Luis Guiterrez (D-Ill), said, "we have to figure out a way in which undocumented immigrants incorporate themselves into a larger workforce, and into our society in general, and not be a burden." The Read more

40th March For Life a Success

The annual March for Life turned out hundreds of thousands for a very successful venture even after the death of its founder last summer. We remember Nellie Gray and her legacy. This was the first March without her. She passed in August. This email to Father Frank Pavone showed her spirit just before her death. Dear Father Pavone, This is a follow-up note from the Meeting… Of course, the purpose of the March for Life is still to overturn Roe v.Wade and gain protection for the right to life of each born and pre-born human – no exception and no compromise! This purpose is expressed in the Life Principles which the March for Life Board of Directors adopted for the love of God at its beginning in 1973, and which we will continue to restate in prayer at our 40th annual March for Life, January 24-25, 2013. ProLife Americans want "no exception" because that is the right and Read more

Drones over Maryland

A Recent Freedom of Information Report, released in response to a lawsuit won by Electronic Frontiers Foundation (EEF), showed increasing use of unmanned aircraft over the U. S. While none was used in Delaware as of yet, neighboring Maryland had several permits including neighboring Queen Anne’s County Sheriff’s Department which used them for drug enforcement. The uses went from finding pot fields to monitoring individuals in open drug markets to tracking individuals to gain enough evidence for warrants. It is a brave new world, the all seeing eye in the sky may be watching you so be good.

Carper Joins in D. C. Statehood Bill

Today, incoming Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Chairman Tom Carper (D-Del.) with Senators Richard Durbin (D-Ill.), Patty Murray (D-Wash.), and Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) introduced legislation that would allow Washington D.C. full statehood, including full voter representation in Congress for its residents. The New Columbia Admissions Act, S. 132, would pave the way for the potential creation of a 51st state, called New Columbia, with full voting rights in Congress. Under the bill, a federal district called Washington, D.C. – encompassing the White House, the Capitol, the Supreme Court and the National Mall – would still remain under the control of Congress, as the Constitution mandates. Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-D.C.) introduced companion legislation in the House, H.R. 292, earlier this month. “Washington, D.C. is not just a collection of government Read more

Carper Takes Aim at High Capacity Clips

WASHINGTON – Today, on the first day for bills to be introduced in the 113th Congress, Sen. Tom Carper (D-Del.) announced his intention to cosponsor legislation authored by Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-N.J.) aimed at reducing gun violence. The bill, the Large Capacity Ammunition Feeding Device Act, would ban high-capacity ammunition magazines holding more than ten rounds and is a component of the gun safety proposal put forth by President Obama and Vice President Biden. "I'm a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, but I also believe we must take common sense steps to reduce gun violence," Sen. Carper said. "Last week, President Obama and Vice President Biden outlined a comprehensive list of straightforward proposals, including a reinstatement of the ban on high-capacity ammunition magazines that existed from 1994 through 2004. These military-style magazines have been used in mass Read more

Endorsing the Kowalko Bill to Stop the Revolving Door

When you are right, you are right. I am presenting the online petition to put a one year break between members of the General Assembly becoming lobbyist of their colleagues. It would not stop them from lobbying agencies or using their knowledge, but it would shall we say be a circuit breaker. One year does not seem unreasonable, but it does eliminate the possibility of a payoff. Here it is.
Please support the Revolving Door Bill being presented by State Representative John Kowalski, which would bar State legislators from becoming lobbyists immediately after leaving office.

Is Gun Control President Obama’s Social Security

President Bush decided to use the momentum gained from his reelection on a big idea, Social Security Reform.  It was an idea though popular among the young, was never going to see movement among Democrats and divided some in his own party.  He made road shows, but just ended up spending political capital that would have been better served on tax reform or balancing the budget through elimination of duplication. Why is President Obama spending his political capital on gun control where he divides his own party and unites the opposition. He will never get a proposal that bans guns through the Republican led House and if he forces the Senate to vote on it, he will either fail or endanger red state senators. He could very well hand over the senate next year. One has to wonder what is he thinking? Could this be the unforced error that the Republicans need? Watch the latest video Read more

Anderson Reelection Kickoff is a Success

Thank you all for a successful campaign kickoff. Around 50 people broke through the cold to drop by and offer support, volunteering, donating, and well wishing. It was appreciated.  Some stayed for dinner, some just dropped by to sign up or donate, and give well wishes.  Even though it was not a fundraiser, we netted hundreds of dollars with more pledged, and a lot more if I happen to draw an opponent. I know several people came down with this crazy flu or colds who sent their regrets.  The total volunteer organization so far is up to 75.  That is not bad for a local race. Read more

Many Of Nation’s Sheriffs Refuse To Enforce Unconstitutional Gun Laws

According to reports from, the number of the nation's sheriffs that have refused to enforce unconstitutional gun laws has snowballed recently. Many law enforcement officials have written letters to President Obama and Vice President Biden voicing their concerns over what they believe in an effort to infringe upon the Second Amendment. In New Mexico, 30 of the state's 33 county sheriffs have reminded state lawmakers that they are under oath to support the U.S. Constitution, and that includes the Second Amendment. 28 out of 29 sheriffs in Utah, sent a letter to President Obama stating that they will not enforce any new gun laws they believe to be unconstitutional. Many of Oregon's sheriffs have said they will not comply with any new unconstitutional gun regulations. This action recently taken by many of the nation's sheriffs is gaining speed daily. The one thing Obama Read more