Where Is Jane Hovington?

  It is not hard to believe, that in all of the confusion and turmoil that has permeated the race for the 19th state senatorial seat, to understand how the Democrat candidate, Jane Hovington, might find it hard to gain any attention.    Starting with the GOP primary that was surely contentious, leading to the complete implosion of the Bodenweiser campaign, that has brought us to the point, where after declaring as a write-in candidate, Brian Pettyjohn has now become the official republican candidate whose name will appear on the ballot on election day. This was solidified today as the Democrat appeal was defeated.   But even considering all of the media attention that the GOP circus attracted, you would think that the Democrat candidate would at least try to get her message out to the voters of the 19th, especially now that she will be facing a serious GOP candidate.   But what Read more

Come Out And Meet Brian Pettyjohn

   For any of you who had heard that there was a Brian Pettyjohn (R) meet and greet scheduled for tonight in Bridgeville, it has been rescheduled due to the weather and its impact on the area.    The meet and greet will now be scheduled for 5:30-7:00pm this Friday, November 2nd, at the Bridgeville Library.    This is likely to be the last opportunity for many in the 19th state senatorial district to meet the Republican candidate before next Tuesday’s election.   I would encourage the voters of the 19th district to take advantage of this meet and greet to find out what a great candidate  Brian Pettyjohn is, and ask him any questions you may have about his view of what is needed to get the state of Delaware back on track to recovery.

Another Victim of Socialized Medicine

Liberals are always telling us how wonderful ObamaCare is. They also tell us there are no death panels. Tell that to Caroline Cassin who is pictured above. Ms. Cassin is a victim of a particularly cruel disease. She has Cystic Fibrosis. She is also the victim of the United Kingdom's National Health Service. Ms. Cassin is currently 29 years old. Back in the 50's and 60's her life expectancy would have been 13 years old. Much has been done in the last 40 years. Research and development in drug therapies have enabled Cystic Fibrosis patients to live into their 30's. While this is progress, it does not bode well for a young woman who is 29. Cystic Fibrosis is a genetic illness and genetic research has established the gene that causes it. The symptoms of Cystic Fibrosis cause a markedly increase in mucus and fluid matter in the lungs. An American drug firm Read more

Maybe Biden Was Right Not to Trust Him

I am always a little skeptical of people who write tell all books. A former Biden aide wrote one. He was bitter that the VP never seemed to fully trust him. I wonder why? Nevertheless, I am sure that the big banks controlling both parties is true and the President and VP have no understanding of finance and economics. That is not a revelation to most of us, but it is nice to remind you undecided voters of that fact from an insider. “Money is the basis of almost all relationships in D.C.,” he writes. “And, in a nutshell, this is why our political campaign system and DC’s mushrooming Permanent Class — who alternate between government jobs and lawyering, influence-peddling and finance — mean Wall Street always wins.” Democrats, he argues, aren’t much different than Republicans when it comes to selling out. Connaughton describes the Washington taxonomy of the lobbyists, Read more

Frankenstorm update

Official track moved slightly to the north - making landfall around Delmar NJ Going to be a bad event we are definitely not out of the woods - people may assume because of how it is heading Coastal Flooding and Wind warnings Late Mon night early Tues timeframe Winds are gusting already up to 25 - 30 mph N-NE 2/10 of an inch this is rain coming in from the west they believe from the frontal boundry Moderate flooding tonight at high tide, higher then they thought already 1-2 ft above normal - 2 ft above normal already in the Lewes area Moderate to major flooding starting tomorrow 4pm Monday to 4 am Tues will be the strongest winds 60-70 mph along coast slightly lower for inland Heavy rainfall still calling 5-10" maybe higher in some areas highest rainfall will be late tonight and all day Monday for rainfall Still think Chesapeake Bay will be ok except Read more

Pat Boyle Makes His Pitch

Transparency is Essential to Good Government Dear Kent County Residents, My name is Pat Boyle, and I am running for county comptroller because I want to protect your tax dollars. We need a more transparent and accountable Levy Court. The citizens money, and how it’s spent, is too important to keep the system the way it is now. I will modernize the website, and it will no longer be perpetually “under construction.” As a Computer Engineer, I know that simple, cost-effective processes can be put in place to automatically publish county finance information to improve government transparency. I’m running because Kent County residents want to know how their money is spent, and to make sure it is spent responsibly. There is no excuse for residents having to make repeated phone calls, or search endlessly for answers about where their money is going. The information needs to Read more

Help Ben Mobley

“The last thing we need is a Mobley sign to kill somebody” stated Mr. Mobley. Ben Mobley needs a crew in Kent County to temporarily remove his 4 by 8 signs. Call me 747-1971 if you can help today. The signs will go back up after the storm.

If President Obama Loses, It will be for 4 Reasons

President Obama is running a masterful campaign. It is raising and spending about a billion dollars. They have contacted 23% of all voters in America directly through voter canvasing. They have an unprecedented 10 million donors. He is an attractive candidate, personally liked by the majority of the people, and seen as a strong leader who cares about the average person. He supervised the end of the Iraqi war without the crisis that neo-conservatives predicted would result if we pulled out. He followed the Bush plan and fulfilled the promise of getting us out as carefully as we carelessly got in. He kept a major campaign promise and pushed through the Affordable Healthcare Act. He is viewed an icon in the 24% of America that is minority with polls showing him with 82% minority support. He has his place in history being the first minority President and the son of immigrant. His personal Read more

For Newer Readers–Lessons from Japan’s Lost Decade originally written July 2009

The Economist said earlier this 2010 that the Lost Decade in Japan may look good in comparison to what may be in store for us. It may be smart for us to look closer at the Lost Decade. I plan a three part examination. The nation of Japan suffered through over a dozen years of almost no economic growth. The nation shackled itself with Kyoto Protocols, which restricted fossil fuel emissions. The nation had a huge increase in public debt as the government put up one stimulus after another. It protected banks as too big to fail. It tried to protect favored corporations. All of this was to no avail. Japan 101 described the problem. The economic miracle ended abruptly at the very start of the 1990s. In the late 1980s, abnormalities within the Japanese economic system had fuelled a massive wave of speculation by Japanese companies, banks and securities companies. Briefly, a combination of incredibly Read more

Last Chance?

 A law suit has been filed to have Brian Pettyjohn’s name placed on the ballot for the 19th state senatorial district seat as the Republican candidate.   Mr. Pettyjohn is currently running as a write-in candidate for that seat.    Mr. Pettyjohn, the Delaware GOP and the Sussex County GOP are the complainants seeking the right to have a Republican named on the ballot.   This is most likely the last chance to have Brain Pettyjohn (R) listed on the ballot.

Valenzuela Questions Denn Claim

Shell Games Continue: Denn was paid thousands through Skadden Arps, one of world’s largest law firms, to do “free” work On the heels of last week’s revelation that Lieutenant Governor Matt Denn has shortchanged citizens by taking on a second job despite taking office in one of Delaware’s worst economic downturns, new information has emerged regarding claims Denn has made about “charity” legal work. Denn has bragged for years about his work as a young attorney providing “free” law work to people in a church basement legal clinic run by the Delaware Volunteer Legal Services. The story is a prominent part of Denn’s stump speech on the campaign trail. He’s often repeated it this year at candidate forums. But Denn always leaves out an important part of the story. Denn was actually on loan to the “volunteer” program from a multinational law firm. He Read more

I Abhor Child Rape

I call for Delaware to have a Jessica's law. You sexually exploit a child under 14 and if you are an adult, you get a mandatory 25 years the first conviction and life the second. I have long advocated such a law, but liberals in this state seemed content with the current system. Now that Eric Bodenweiser is indicted, liberals are saying that he should go away forever if convicted. Great, now that a consensus has all of a sudden appeared, how about we do the right thing for all of our children? This type of law will protect against multiple victims. When I looked at the sex offender registry, I was disturbed by the repeat offenders who were still on the street. No one is responsible for those crimes but the criminals. What we are responsible for is protecting our women and children once we know who is dangerous. Join me in supporting tough new laws to do just that. Yes, the Read more

Is Jane Hovington Ready To Be Senator?

    Today Jane Hovington, the Democrat candidate for the 19th state senatorial district, was a guest on the Susan Monday Show, on Delaware 105.9.  She will now be facing the Republican, Brian Pettyjohn in the general election on Nov. 6th, Mr. Pettyjohn is running a write-in campaign, so Mrs. Hovington will be the only name on the ballot for the 19th district.    The host, Susan Monday, allowed Mrs. Hovington to use the first break of the show to tell the audience a little about herself.    She told of her small business experience which consisted of running a daycare named, Small Wonder Ones Child Care Center. She went on to tell of her community activism, her words not mine, in which she  has been a mentor with the Indian River School District's Character Academic Motivation Program (CAMP), an intervention program for troubled teens at Sussex Central High School that she Read more

News Journal Interviews Bodenweiser Accuser

if you missed the story, see it here. Now the accuser says he was a neighbor to Bodenweiser in Frankford and says all of the instances of alleged abuse occurred inside Bodenweiser’s home. “I just want to get through this and move on to the next step of my life,” he told The News Journal. “I’ve been carrying this around for 25 years.” Bodenweiser, 53, of Georgetown, posted bail – set at $250,000 – on Tuesday and was released from Sussex Correctional Institution with orders to have no contact with the alleged victim or anyone under age 18. He will be monitored by GPS technology ahead of a Nov. 19 court appearance at Superior Court in Georgetown. Bodenweiser’s accuser, on Sept. 13, posted a comment on the website of the Sussex County radio station 92.7 WGMD-FM alleging he’d been molested by Bodenweiser and threatening to go to the media and the Attorney General’s Read more

Dover Feeling the Love from Fitch

The City of Dover Electric Revenue Bonds were upgraded to AA-. The General Obligation bonds are AA+. Now both our Electric Revenue bonds and general obligation are considered high grade investments. I advocated purposefully changing our polices to have better bond ratings such as not discovering the thresholds for revenue transfers and adjusting our polices accordingly. The staff, especially Mrs. Mitchell, was proactive in adjusting our policies accordingly. Now the tax and rate payers will benefit for years to come. It is yet another benefit to the new regime of fiscal conservatism led by Council President Tom Leary.

Eric Bodenweiser indicted for 113 counts of Child Rape and Sex Abuse

Eric Bodenweiser has been indicted by a Sussex County Grand Jury for 113 counts of Sexual Abuse of a Child. According to the Cape Gazette: Bodenweiser, 53, faces 39 charges of first-degree rape and 74 charges of unlawful sexual contact in the second degree. According to a press release from the Attorney General's Office, Bodenweiser turned himself in to Delaware State Police at the Sussex County Courthouse, was arraigned in Superior Court and was committed to the Sussex Correctional Institution in default of $250,000 secured bail. The Attorney General's Office's press release says the investigation that led to the charges was initiated by Delaware State Police several weeks ago after police received information that Bodenweiser had sexually abused a child. As a result of the investigation, prosecutors sought the indictment, which charges Bodenweiser with the sexual abuse of a Read more

Cruicial Races

I am concerned about the ramifications of this election. We as Delawareans need to look at the voting records of our elected officials and ask where do they stand on the big issues that affect our lives. I know that we will not agree with anyone on everything. As a tolerant people, we know that an elected official has to listen to many opinions and interests all with valid parts in their arguments. Still we have to ask, when it comes to the big issues, are we going in the right direction or the wrong direction? An easy example is looking at the contrast in local records. Representative Donald Blakey is voting for jobs, against tax hikes, for the family, and for common sense solutions. He works hard to serve the people. The same can be said of Representative Jack Peterman or Lincoln Willis (who is now being attacked for his votes for jobs, good government, and the family). The Read more


Today was a great day at the Delaware State University Homecoming Parade. The reception was great. So many people wanted to talk that I could not keep in line. Hundreds of people wanted cards and handshakes. My friends Ben Mobley, Don Blakey, and Sam Chick had even more fun campaigning with their teams touching the entire crowd. It was a good day for the team.
Sam Chick candidate for 31st Rep. District and Councilman David Anderson of Dover-4
Sam Chick candidate for 31st Rep. District and Councilman David Anderson of Dover-4

Sussex Gop Files Supplementary Nomination Certificate for Pettyjohn

The Sussex Gop has filed the neccesary Supplementary Certificate of Nomination to place the name of Brian Pettyjohn on the Ballot for the 19th Senatorial District. The paperwork was filed on Thursday October 18th. I believe Pettyjohn has an excellent chance of being on the voting machine ballots on November 6th. Most election case law gives deference to giving the voters a choice. The language of Title 15 subchapter 3306 is sufficiently broad to allow for a determination that a vacancy exists in the candidate slot of the 19th Senatorial.