Narrowing The Message

  I have touched on this in the past, but due to recent election results and then an article at  Delaware Online detailing a recent fund-raiser for Eric Bodenweiser that featured former three-time candidate for the U.S. Senate from Delaware, Christine O'Donnell, I felt that I needed to address it once again.     While Mr. Bodenweiser may not be the only candidate out there who has been narrowing the message as I see it, he has been one of the most visible and out spoken candidates who seems in favor of making the conservative/Republican message ever more narrow.    What I mean by this is that many like Mr. Bodenweiser seem to feel that to win an election, and more importantly if elected, that the best course of action is to carry a message that will have appeal to a select group of people.   In Mr. Bodenweiser's case it would seem from statements that he has made, that he Read more


That is the number of full time state employees in 2011 according to the U.S. Census Bureau. 23,424 is the number from 2008. The Markell administration claims to have cut 1000 state jobs. Why the discrepancy? Most of the positions cut were empty. It is like saying that you were thinking of spending $1000 on new clothes. Last year you spent $550. This year you spend $500 and tell everyone you cut your spending on clothing in half. It sounds good on paper. Hey cutting 242 jobs is nothing to sneeze at. When you include part time jobs the number looks more like 600. There is your fact check this week.

Evan Queisch Has Them Worried

Evan Queisch, the Republican candidate in the 11th Senate district is being bashed by the left for an actual issue position instead of personal attacks. He is opposing the awful Agenda 21. When you read Section 4 for instance, you see Delaware following step by step. The recycling mandates, the bottle tax, the section 4.18 which goes with Bloom and Fisker, and other attempts to change behavior. Evan rejects the idea that people we never seen or heard of are setting policy for us to "To promote patterns of consumption and production that reduce environmental stress and will meet the basic needs of humanity". Of course planned parenthood is golden "5.62. The areas of human resource development and capacity-building, with particular attention to the education and training of women, are areas of critical importance and are a very high priority in the implementation of population programmes", Read more

12 Reasons to Elect Ben Mobley Insurance Commisioner

1 Create the "Insurance Department Consumer Information" website for consumer research and cost comparison. 2 Create a clearly defined set of consumer friendly business standards. 3 Combine these consumer driven business standards into a new statewide designation for medical practitioners and insurance companies. 4 Spark competition by encouraging the usage of the new designation as a marketing tool that can be used by companies in compliance with consumer standards. 5 Market Delaware's attractive business environment to qualified insurance companies presently not doing business in the state. 6 Propose legislation to change Delaware's auto coverage laws from a "tort" state to a "choice" state. 7 Create the Insurance Commissioner's quarterly "Focus on You" community education program. 8 Free-up resources in the Consumer Services & Investigation Division to successfully implement Read more

Kavips Takes Over France

Actually, if France adopted the entire Kavipsian Economic Plan, it would have a chance, but alas it seems to only like the tax increases. France has a national debt of 91% of GDP and is quickly heading to the danger zone of a debt larger than the economy like Spain, Greece, Iceland, and Italy have which resulted in real problems. France's solution is to freeze not cut spending and hike taxes with a top rate of 75% and attack investments which is the one area of the economy which is keeping its economy from contracting. The socialist government of Hollande seems to have the same solutions as the left wing of the Democrat party in America. On the other hand austerity based on cuts and tax increases like some propose here are not going so well in Britain. The British coalition has belatedly realized that you must stimulate private demand in combination with cutting public consumption Read more

Cleaning up the Streets One N-R at a Time

A couple of hooligans have been stirring up some trouble with a flyer in the capital city posted on doors of predominately black neighborhoods. The flyers have a swastika and the image of a lynching on them and have been around since late February. The police are investigating. Then a suicide occurred in which a person allegedly hung himself with his belt in Silver Lake. Professor Jahi Issa claims to anyone who will listen that the suicide is a cover up by the police of a lynching. Now a real attack has occurred with a young Muslim who was black allegedly being taken at gun point and brutally battered and stabbed at Silver Lake while the white attackers yelled racist and anti-Muslim venom. Unease is mounting. I have not decided if I should post my copy or not because there is an active investigation. I actually submitted mine to the church prayer group. In the meantime, there Read more

Romney Suffers Fallout on Victim and Dependency Remarks

According to Gallup, Mitt Romney has slipped to a 6 point deficit in the daily tracking poll and 16% more are less likely than more likely to vote for him when reacting to his 47% comments. Romney gets only a third of the vote from Americans making under 24k a year while he only gets 52% of Americans getting above 180k. His campaign should have made serious inroads into the hurting segment of America, but it has done precious little to give them hope unlike the Reagan campaign. It really seems like he did write off winning those 47% of voters, but the reality is that many want to control their own destiny and would vote for him. Americans thank GOD their is a safety net, but most don't want to turn it into a collar and chain. We don't want our fellow citizens to eat low quality food, forced to live off boxed mac and cheese, peanut butter, powdered milk and canned mystery meat every Read more

The Obama War on Children

The Obama Administration is stealing food out of the mouths of kids in a war on obesity, stealing the future earning capacity of kids with debt, stealing the opportunity to grow up with a work ethic by undermining welfare reform, and stealing the strength of family with its anti-marriage and anti-family policies. As for preborn children, it is down right dangerous for your life to be conceived during this administration with its policies to backdoor more abortion funding, embryonic experimentation, and support of Planned Barrenhood. Worse for most children is that America seems to be heading for a lost decade and falling behind the East. The heritage of our precious Constitutional system seems undermined with laws that undermine our bill of rights. If there is somehow a Republican war on women, a much stronger case can be made of an Obama War of Children. Read more

Kevin Wade and Fisker

Published here by Kevin Wade’s permission, please read the candidate’s unpublished answer about Fisker as supplied to the News Journal. “As provided to the News Journal per their request on Sept 19 --- I am the only candidate for the US Senate with real business experience and real engineering experience designing and installing manufacturing systems for auto plants and “on the floor” experience at a range of auto plants; GM and Honda. I am regrettably confident that Fisker will fail and the money of hardworking taxpayers will be lost. Fisker is another example of professional politicians toying in matters they can’t comprehend and using the public treasury as a “Tip Jar”. Fisker real world problems – - no prior experience in designing, building, operating large scale manufacturing of cars (or anything else) - no dealer network - no service network - no supply Read more

Joe Biden Bash

Rail Splitter joe biden bash Sept. 27 invitation joe biden bash (Delaware discovers its voice) Please join the Rail Splitters of DE on Thursday, Sept. 27 for the first ever joe biden bash (Delaware discovers its voice): joe biden bash (Delaware discovers its voice) Thursday, Sept. 27 Timothy's Restaurant at the Waterfront, Wilmington, DE 5:30pm doors open, 6:00pm bash begins It is time for Delaware to speak up about Vice President Joe Biden. Our country needs to know Joe the way we kNOw Joe. This is our duty. We are planning a fun and creative evening with serious intent. With audience participation we will vet Vice President Joe Biden in a manner the media refuses to do. Bring your Biden stories. If Joe Biden owes you money or you know someone Joe owes--contact us in confidence at or before the meeting. Bring a Democrat or Independent night--win $20 gift Read more

This is Why I Love the Bidens

It is not as bad as the Daily Mail makes it, but Jill Biden’s accidental hand gesture matched with her speech is funny. I don’t agree with the Bidens on policy, but I will miss them when they retire, they make political blogging fun. They are just real folks in an show world. Enjoy. Too bad the size of the deficit doesn’t matter as much to this crowd as the size of her hand gesture, but if it did, they would be Republicans.

Search for Relavance, IZZO Makes Big Splash

Republican Rose Izzo Endorses Alex Pires for Delaware's US Senate Seat United States House of Representatives candidate from Delaware and Republican Rose Izzo endorsed United States Senate candidate Alex Pires today, telling voters that the most important thing right now is fixing things in Washington.  Izzo states, "I am a Republican who cares about the long-term future of Delaware more than how this election affects my party.  I am endorsing Alex Pires for the office of US Senate from Delaware because this state needs to rid itself of these professional politicians once and for all.  I am voting for Alex because he will be more than just a breath of fresh air in Washington- he will be a lightning rod for change.  As an Independent, he shares many of the same values that I and my supporters share, such as a no nonsense approach to fiscal responsibility and to Make America strong again.  Read more

Sussex County, Delaware-Paradise on earth

Husband and I came to Sussex county back in early 2003. We'd lived in Pasadena, Merryland, a "burb" town near Annapolis. Like so many of these suburban areas given a name because...well they needed one, Pasadena had no clearly defined physical boundaries, there was no sense of any kind of community, it was an area near a big road that ended in Annapolis. That was pretty much it although we lived on a beautiful cove off of the Chesapeake Bay, do not construe that my former home was ugly or anything. We did not have local radio stations, our local politicians were barely known, there was no Pasadena town council. About three months after moving to Sussex county I learned, at a somewhat advanced age all things considered, what a genuine local community is all about. Sussex county had its own radio station, which was cool. It's a beautiful place, a perfect combination of rural Read more

Are Democrats Crazy or Just Stupid?

When people tell liberals and Democrats that they are essentially Socialists and/or communists, the liberals and Democrats get all huffy and complain that they in fact just want to smooth over some of the inequalities of capitalism. The fact is that, the Liberal Democrat ideology is radical in the extreme. There is no government intrusion that they will not back. Radio host Peter Schiff proves this at the Democrat National Convention. Posing as a liberal, and saying all the stupid things liberal Democrats actually believe, Schiff questions delegates and alternates at the Democrat National Convention. Schiff's question to the Democrat delegates is this: "Would you support a ban on corporate profits?" Yes, Schiff, with a straight face, seriously asks these leaders of the Democrat Party if they wanted to end profits for corporations. About half of the respondents Read more

Coming to You Soon: The New Alien and Sedition Acts?

By attributing the violence now engulfing some 30 countries to one anti-Muslim film and not to any of Obama’s policies, the administration now has a reason to severely restrict or even suppress free speech. Never let a crisis go to waste. With the election almost upon us, look for Obama’s people to root for the rapid enactment of “hate speech” laws preventing criticism of the administration’s foreign policies on the ground any opposition is the equivalent of incendiary speech -- shouting “FIRE” in a crowded theatre. Next, look for attacks on Romney’s speeches to be ramped up from chiding him about the untimeliness and insensitivity of his words to accusing him of near treason for attacking Obama’s policies. He basically will be told to shut up for the sake of world peace. Last, the people who will be accused of being the worst offenders as far as hate speech is concerned Read more

Looking to the General

I am happy the primaries are over. Now it the time for us to focus on the prize. First let me get out of the way the endorsements to candidates that I did not endorse before the primary. Let's all rally together and put the primaries behind us. I believe that Republicans all across the state need to rally behind Dr. Ernie Lopez. He is a conservative (at least somewhat) who gains respect from across the political spectrum. He is bright, solutions oriented, and will help this party expand its base. I will be disappointed if we do not see him statewide in time. I give him an enthusiastic endorsement. I was never against him, I was for an even better candidate! As I am endorsing him with enthusiasm, I expect my moderate friends to do the same with Joe Miro or Don Ayotte. Let's be one party.  The people have spoken. Speaking of being one party, I also endorse Eric Bodenwiser. He Read more

Lower and Slower Delaware Becomes a TWO Radio Station Area. XDE or GMD-Which Will Win the Radio Wars?

So okay, one day I'm going about my business, awaking by the alarm, lunching with Rush, hearing snippets of Jared and Frank Knotts from husband's radio. All in-home radios are constantly tuned to WGMD as God meant it to be and boom, suddenly my radio world explodes. Dan Gaffney comes on the air and announces that tomorrow would be his last day, that he and WGMD are parting ways. Say what? I ask around and am told so my versions of why WGMD imploded one day, all of a sudden and out of nowhere. Some might say it odd, but husband and I both have a personal relationship with WGMD, broadcasting from the heart of lower and slower and one of the more unique radio stations in America. That's right, I said it. Cause husband and I hailed from Anne Arundel Maryland and if there was any kind of Anne Arundel radio station I didn't know of it for all of 18 years of residence. When Read more

Republicans Need To Know

   I am writing this in order to head off more people contacting me and asking me, as if I have any inside information into this question, who will Eric Bodenweiser support and or endorse in the 37th State Representative district general election race?    It was made public knowledge during the primary races that Mr. Bodenweiser was instrumental in ushering a life long Democrat, into the GOP primary to challenge conservative, Republican Ruth Briggs -King for the GOP nomination.   This Democrat subsequently pulled out of the GOP primary and is now challenging conservative, Republican Ruth Briggs -King in the general election.   Since Mr. Bodenweiser was successful in defeating his GOP primary opponent and will be running in the general election against Democrat Jane Hovington, and since the 19th state senatorial district which he is seeking, and the 37th state representative Read more

Libya Sinks Obama?

If the sight of our ambassador being carried through the streets slung over the shoulders of murderers like a pig’s carcass doesn’t enrage the American people, I don’t know what will. The slaying of the ambassador and the stroming of the embassy are acts of war. And what reaction did we get? Apologies. Carter redux, but far, far worse, as we just may have seen the Sarajevo incident that just kicked off WWIII.

Delaware 2012 Primary Results;A Little Gloating, Some Snark

So the infamous Delaware primary is done and I'm mostly happy. TWO out of three of the candidates for whom I wrote endorsements on this very board won their primary. They would be Don Ayotte for the third council district and Eric Bodenweiser for state senator replacing Joe Booth as the Republican candidate for the general election. Ayotte will go up against Joan Deaver in November. I endorsed Matt Opaliski on this board and unfortunately Matt didn't pull through. However, I wrote a prognostication type of post for my personal Blog where I predicted that Matt would likely not win nor would my other candidate, John Christensen. Delaware Primaries Coming Up; Let's Take a Look at Some of the Local Races Congratulations to Eric! Man, if ever anyone had a major hurdle to climb it was Eric. Imagine the man's own brother getting on public boards and selfishly, jealously lambasting Read more

Thank You To All Of The Voters

   Well by now most will know that Joe Booth has been defeated by Eric Bodenweiser in the GOP primary for the 19 th state senatorial district. It was an extremely close race as most of us knew that it would be.    I would like to thank all the voters who participated today in our democratic process, it is not perfect, but it is close.    I met many wonderful people as I went door to door with and for Joe Booth.   I would be lying if I said that I wasn't terribly disappointed, I would be hypocritical if I didn't say that I am terribly troubled and concerned by the results, because I am.   The Joe Booth campaign worked hard to win and we came up short, no one worked harder than the candidate himself knocking doors and meeting people.   I won't try to dissect and find blame for why we were unsuccessful, I will only acknowledge that we were.   Many may now expect me Read more