Lopez Loses Ruling on Ads

We were right and our critics were wrong, as usual. The Department of Elections heeded our call to rule on the letter before it. It ruled that the coordination laws were violated and demanded that Dr. Lopez put the ads on his report as an in kind contribution then pay back the overage. He is banned from buying more ads until the debt is paid. Don't doubt the blogger. Here is the article from the Cape today. Lopez said the commercial advocated issues such as reducing regulations on businesses and cutting Delaware’s gross receipts tax; the commercial does not instruct viewers to vote for Lopez, or even say what office Lopez is running for. Lopez said he told Paul Baldwin, DOE campaign finance supervisor, the commercial falls under issue advocacy, so it was not included on the campaign contribution list. “We ran everything by them first,” Lopez said in a phone interview, Read more

Romney/Ryan Must Target Evangelicals and Catholics.

Some of the ideas in the linked article apply to the Delaware GOP, which could target evangelical and Catholic votes. I spoke to a leading Delaware politician about the issue, and he agreed that if conservative Catholics and evangelicals would VOTE, things would change rapidly. I also recall Fighting Blue Hen wrote some time ago that when the DE GOP tried to approach churches, they got offers for prayer and not a lot else. But I think the votes are there and should be courted. Here’s the link. http://www.americanthinker.com/2012/08/romneyryan_must_target_catholics_and_evangelicals.html

Republican Convention 2012-The Democrats Will Look So Small In Comparison

There were a few things that seemed a bit askew about this recent Republican Convention. I could have done with a little less Jeb Bush. All he kept saying on interview after interview is the GOP is going to have to soften its stance on immigration and I scratched my head. So allow me, as this is my job, to tell those in the upper echelons of our government that "our" stance on immigration is that the United States should have an orderly system based on some criteria on which we all agree. As for those illegal aliens who are here, including their precious children, come up with a system, make us an offer. Because we gave you politicians permission to grant amnesty to all the illegal aliens during the Reagan years. No system was set up to make the system work and this with technology skyrocketing in ability to track the entire planet should one so want. Now you politicos, and Read more

Jeff Spiegleman Holds Fundraiser/ Sam Chick Has Official Kickoff/Dennis Cini has Meet and Greet

Saturday night is Jeff's first fundraiser. 6-8 at the Hastings residence in Dover. Drinks and food will be served. This is going to be a fun night filled with good conversation about what can be done to bring about a brighter future for Delaware. Please come out and support us. We need your support if we are going to bring the voice of the people back to Legislative Hall. If you would like an invitation, please email us at info@jeff4representative.com. You can also call 302-399-7728. Note from me: Jeff is a race that we must win. He is a great candidate and I gladly pass on some information to help him. Please support him. From Sam Chick I have exciting news. As you may have heard by now, I have announced my candidacy for 31st District State Representative in Dover. With 67 days left until the election, Nicole and I are working overtime for victory in November. It Read more

Political typos

Most political mailers are viewed like junk mail. Once in a while some get attention. These for what they said as opposed to what the candidates wanted to say. Crime on the rise in the Negrohood. As President, Mitt will work to enhance opportunities for Americans to hunt, shoot, and protect their families.... So which is it shoot them or protect them? This one is not political but it is too wild. See it yourself. School district serves KKK Chicken tenders to children. Read more

In Case you missed our local Super Star Business woman, Sher Valenzuela

Check out our new page which will feature all things Cheryl "Sher" Valenzuela on the tab at the top of our home page. To the critics, this is the way it is supposed to be done. If you have a problem with minorities and women being given an equal shot too bad. The political attacks on the success of the Valenzuelas shows exactly what is wrong with too much of the Democrat party. They are leery of success. They don't honor those who work hard. They claim to want to make it easier for women and minorities to get access to the mainstream of American success and when they do-- Notice it is liberals attacking them not conservatives. Wisdom is justified of her children. Here is a great insight into our small business people of the year. Read more

Happy Labor Day, Delaware, Goodbye Tourists!

I love our tourists down here in lower and slower. I love them because I know that they keep my property tax down. And let's be realistic here, they are only all about for three months of the year, though I understand the beach season has "shoulders". But they drive me nuts. First off, who done went and gave the tourists GPS'? Cause all the back roads I used to use are being traveled with an alarming frequency by cars bearing Maryland and New Jersey tags. Thus with what used to be a quick turn here and another here one could travel parallel to Rt. 1 without bother of the beach traffic on that Highway in Hell. What was somewhat of a relief valve for me, should I need to travel Rt. 1, has been changed to a tourist opportunity that they also avoid the heavy traffic. I must gnash my teeth. There's something about people when they're on vacation. I've been on vacation myself Read more

Two Government Paychecks

  So Eric Bodenweiser is spending a lot of money to buy radio ads and to send out mailers to again sing his one and only tune against Joe Booth. And is it just me or is it starting to sound a little off  key?   The new ads point out once again that Joe Booth now receives two government paychecks. I think by now there is no one in the county, nor the state that is unaware of that fact.   But I wonder how many people realize that while Joe Booth has two jobs, Eric Bodenweiser has not had a single job since the family business was sold out from under him. And what is the first job he has applied for ? That's right, a government job, he wants to be elected our 19th district state senator, and if elected his family would then be supported by two government checks, because his wife works for Sussex County, and there is still a question of  whether Eric is on his wife's insurance policy Read more

Inside Voices, Please !

   Inside voices, please !  This is a phrase I am sure many, if not all of us are familiar with, whether we learned it from our mothers or from a teacher in elementary school.    Most commonly this phrase has been used to settle down rowdy little children who have been playing outside, either on the playground or in the backyard. It is understandable that after being outside shouting across the playground or down the block, that children who have gotten themselves all worked up, can tend to take some time to settle down and again remember to use their inside voices.   I use this analogy because I have noticed that many newcomers to the GOP have not yet remembered to use their inside voices. Now I am not talking about inside a home or a school, but inside the workings of the Republican party.   The election cycle of 2010 in particular was a boisterous time for the GOP across Read more

Bling Hair Salon and Spa Started With Just a Glimmer, Dazzled at the Finish

I know it's a stretch to call my review of local Lewes hair salon/spa "Bling" politics of any kind. But it is Delaware, it is a small business that Obama so hates, it is a business in Sussex county, that heaven on earth the Delaware northern liberals and RINOs so want to squash and so that's my argument. Local flavor let's call it. Bling is a salon/spa located in Mariner Plaza, right next to Home Depot. I will provide web site name and contact details via private email as this is really not about advertising for this business. Bling was named Delaware's best hair salon by Delaware Today, or so the employees told me. There are politics involved in this post, stay with me. I don't know what the story is with these Cheers centers all over Sussex county except they are allegedly a non-profit center that provides various services and activities for the elderly. They are funded, Read more

A Word About Endorsements

Some of you may think it wild that these pages have competing endorsement. I think it is great. The vision for this blog is to spur thought and discussion not to be a monolithic echo chamber. I love the fact that we debate based upon the principles of liberty, conservatism, fitness for office, and electability. I would be disappointed if the day comes where we do not feel free to say what we believe and back who we want. Just remember the views of the contributors are their own and reflect their personal point of view. I am not bound by their endorsements though I at one point I likely agree with all of them. So two weeks out, I will end the speculation. My views are my personal views not that of Delaware Politics. Do I support dumping Gary Simpson? No. He isn't perfect, but I am not enamored with his opponent who seems to have gone from a thoughtful advocate to a bomb thrower. Read more

Tribute to Ron Paul

The greatest Congressman of my lifetime is retiring again. This time I think it is for good. He leaves in his wake a different Republican party, many successors including his son, Rand, and impacted a new generation with the message of liberty, peace, and constitutionalism. I know he won't be speaking at the convention, but I think he deserves to be heard. This is the speech that won my vote at the values summit and eventually my endorsement. It was one of the best intellectual and theological statements on the role of government that I heard in a long time. Long live Liberty. Read more

Guest Opinion, Urquhart for Senate

I support Glen Urquhart for Delaware State Senate for many of the same reasons I’ve supported him as his wife for the last 35 years: because of his caring, intelligence, insight, forethought and willingness to step forward when others step back. I support Glen because he worked hard to build security for our family. He built his company starting with a $7,000 investment and a part-time secretary who ate better than he did, not on the government dime. His diligence, sacrifice and sheer hard work have provided us with a comfortable life, and allowed us to raise our children and care for his parents, in our home, until their deaths. It has also allowed us to employ people and to give to many. I support Glen for Delaware Senate because he has real-world (not just theoretical) economic and business experience. He knows what motivates and discourages businesses and he believes the real Read more

American Legend, Neil Armstrong Dies

We lost another American legend and a true American hero from our midst with the passing of Lt. Neil Armstrong. Col. Buzz Aldrin, who walked on the moon with him, said that it was sad indeed they would not be able to share the 50th anniversary celebration. They had been looking forward to it. Armstrong, Aldrin, and Collins ably showed the best of America. Faith, Freedom, adventurism, fearlessness, and perseverance were ably displayed by these men who did what was proclaimed to be impossible. They risked their lives so a world could dream and learn. They freed us from the gravity of earth and made real our dreams of touching the universe around us. They came back to earth and without scandal, made us proud not just of their accomplishments in space, but their characters on earth. The men of Apollo 11 changed my world as much as Columbus changed the old world. Our relationship to Read more

Endorsement for Matthew Opaliski-Challenging GOP Incumbent for State Senator 18th Senatorial District

I first met Matthew Opaliski the day I shared some chit-chat with Beau Biden. So okay my adventure in commentary with the son of our then Senator might have nothing to do with Opaliski but it really did happen and yon reader should smile, me and Beau had a great time and Beau made me laugh as he poked fun at his father's mannerisms. Well, maybe you had to be there. Indeed Matt and I spent several hours manning the GOP desk at the Delaware State fair and we had a grand time. The Democrat booth was directly across from ours which is why I bumped into Beau. Matt is now running for state senator for Delaware's 18th senatorial district. Matthew is challenging the incumbent, Gary Simpson for the seat.. If Matthew is nothing else, he is a man who knows his political stuff. Matt is thoroughly briefed on all things Delaware to include the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative and Read more

Fisker’s Frequent Failures

  I apologize for it taking me so long to address this matter, but life happens.   It was announced on August 20th that the Finland based automotive company Fisker would be recalling all 2,400 of its model Karma, I hope the irony of that name is not lost on people, especially Delaware Jack Markell. Only one thousand of those have been sold.   You will remember that Fisker was sold to the citizens of  Delaware by Gov. Markell as being the state's way out of its unemployment troubles, a jewel in the green energy crown that Gov. Markell seeks to wear.   Some may remember my previous post about the venture capital woes of Fisker and the relationship between the company Advanced Equities and the Markell and Obama administrations. In that article I laid out the seemingly backroom deals that led to Fisker being funded by both federal and Delaware tax dollars and the fact that the whole Read more

The Fear Of Freedom Of Speech !

   It would seem as if I am no longer within the circle of trust here at Delaware Politics, it seems as if administration rules of conduct have been changed without my being made aware of them. It would seem as if we now have administration powers over only our own post, this is actually a good thing in my view, as I have had problems in the past with others editing comments from my post.   I do wonder however why I was not sent an email from the site owner, possibly just an oversight. It seems as though I still have value to draw people to the sight so I can still post.   This is but a secondary reason for this rant. I posted a comment on our newest contributor's (Pat Fish) article endorsing another of our contributors (Don Ayotte) who is running for Sussex County Council, a campaign upon which Ms. Fish is the treasurer. My commnent is still in moderation, though comments made Read more

What is really wrong with the You Didn’t Build that

This quote has more legs than I ever would have thought. Let, me point out the President is right for most of the quote. Success has many siblings. No one did get where they got in a vacuum. As a Christian, I believe that the grace of the Sovereign Lord is somewhere in the mix. I believe that it is an investment to keep the infrastructure of success in the American system going. Education, roads, charities, and more are vital to our society being better and more prosperous. Where my dear President seems to have jumped the track into the ditch on the other side (the left side of the road I may add) is that success may have many siblings, but only one person births your success, that is you. They did in fact work hard, have a good idea, and make smart decisions. Sure they may have been blessed with good timing, just like a farmer benefits from good conditions, so do ideas, Read more