Ted Cruzes to Tea Party Victory

Tea Party favorite Ted Cruz won the Texas primary so did Ron Paul's handpicked successor State Representative Randy Weber in what proved to be a night of Tea time across Texas. All across the Midwest and South the rise of the tea party continues. Tea Party candidate Ted Cruz pulls off a historic victory! Tea Party Express Chairman Amy Kremer said, “We could not be more proud of this historic tea party victory tonight against the Texas establishment. This is probably the most significant upset Texas has seen since Perry defeated Hightower in 1990, and it comes at the hands of the tea party. “What we saw in Ted Cruz and this Senate race was threefold: we saw an unquestionably strong and bold tea party conservative in Cruz; we saw Dewhurst as the anointed Austin politician that was exactly what we have been working to rid Washington of; and finally we saw the passion in the Read more

Update: Chicago Tribune Calls Out the Thought Police

The Tribune chided the Mayor and one Alderman for their Chick-fil-A rants and threats to block the restaurant from opening in the city by asking, "Does Chicago value Free Speech?". The Boston Mayor has since admitted his error of judgement. They pointed out the this is not the first time Mayor Emmanuel held up a project because someone disagreed with him politically. This man puts his agenda above jobs and liberty. I hope the people realize that when his election comes up in a couple of years. I am glad the local paper of record had the courage to stand for a first amendment freedom, I would add his freedom of religion was also violated which as the paper pointed out would result in a law suit if the denial happens. If Moreno sticks to his guns, though, his colleagues will have to summon the courage to overrule him. If they don't, they risk a costly lawsuit that positions the city Read more

Audit the FED bill Passes with Overwhelming Bipartisan Support

The Audit the Fed Bill passed the House 327 – 98, with 6 not voting. Our Representative, John Carney, voted “NO” on the measure. Call him and voice your grievances! Carney must pay at the ballot boxes this fall for his vote against transparency. He is out of step with common sense and even the mainstream half of his party. 89 Democrats joined all but 1 Republican in support of the measure. On to the senate. Roll Call Results: Delaware Senate contacts: Tom Carper Wilmington Office: (302) 573-6291 Dover Office: (302) 674-3308 Washington, D.C. Office: (202) 224-2441 Chris Coons Wilmington Office: Phone: (302) 573-6345 Dover Office: Phone: (302) 736-5601 Dover Toll-Free: (877) 668-3368 Washington, D.C. Office: Phone: (202) 224-5042

Friday Open Thread

Today is my wife and my 15th anniversary.  I won't be around to comment, but I will see you Monday.  Enjoy the open thread. Romney is moving up into the lead in national averages, but the state maps look tight with a slight Obama lead. Republicans look to take the senate with a 5 seat gain nationally and keep the house with a three seat loss. Locally, it seems quite with the State Fair and Firefly getting most of the attention not politics.  Redistricting seems to be getting some local attention in Dover behind the scenes.   Calpine just signed the land lease on the Garrison Tract  to invest 800 million dollars in our fair city which will generate another 2.3 million a year in revenue to the city.  Redner's is poised to take over the empty Superfresh building and the old Walmart site is about to be reclaimed.    Kraft is expanding and another food manufacture is looking seriously Read more


It is hard to believe that after criticism for months about Mao and Lenin using the theme forward that our President is now using it at the end of his TV ads. One has to ask with minority unemployment soaring, with home sales falling, with corporate earnings sinking, and the debt climbing what are we going forward toward? A cliff? Just asking.

The Thought Police in Action–The War on Chick-fil-A

Go buy a delicious Chicken sandwich with a freshly squeezed lemonade today. Give a black eye to the thought police. Back when this was a free country, people used to be able to share and support mainstream or even kooky ideas without people in government trying to prevent them from employing people and serving the public. Now in Chicago and Boston government officials are trying to block Chick-fil-A for no other reason than it supports Biblical values especially traditional marriage. In other words, it is a religious war they are waging. They are saying that views held by the President of their own party until a couple of months ago are now so evil that the government can violate the first amendment rights of freedom of religion and freedom of speech. The majority of Americans in every vote held support the Chick-fil-A position so this is a war against our values not just theirs. If Read more

George’sNewsWire(spoof) and July 26 Rail Splitter meeting

George'sNewsWire (spoof) by George Ball Headline: Medal of Honor winners (or next of kin) required to return medals to federal government! Winners "did not build military infrastructure that resulted in bravery success." The Obama administration issued a press release announcing an Executive Order requiring Medal of Honor winners (or next of kin) to return the medals to the White House. The White House press release stated that the "....medal winners would not have had the opportunity to be brave and blown up were it not for the federal government and therefor should not have been awarded the Medal of Honor decoration." The medal winners "....did not build or pay for the military equipment used that created their bravery success. They also received free federally funded training, housing, clothing, and travel to combat." The press release quotes President Obama: Read more

Sher Pays It Forward

Sher Valenzuela A Small Business Resource Sher Valenzuela, candidate for Lt. Governor, wants starting a business and making it grow to be an easier endeavor than the one she went through with her husband, Eli, and business partner, Ashley Wolfe. As such she is creating a business accelerator with the help of Delaware State University to help others travel through the minefield of government bureaucracy to help them find and use resources already available. But that’s not all. In the recently released Small Business Resource magazine put out by the Delaware Small Business Administration, an article about Sher and First State Manufacturing tells about how Sher and FSM works to help everyone in their community and in Delaware. The article tells about how FSM supports Junior Acheievement by donating 13,000 sq. ft. to establish a Junior Achievement campus, how Sher serves on the Read more

A Great American, Sally Ride Dies at 61

Sally Ride represented the can do American Spirit.  She became the first American woman to fly in space.  Sally Ride could have turned her fame into a mint, but she choose to dedicate herself to encouraging the next generation of children to study science and became an important part of saving the shuttle program after the Challenger and Columbia tragedies.   She was more than about herself.  She was a role model and a great American.

Delaware Examiner Profile on Sher Valenzuela

Read this profile on one of the most interesting people on the ballot.  Full disclosure, Mrs. Valenzuela and I have been friends for 20 years.  I fully support Sher in her quest for public service because I know she will put her heart into it not check in part time. Sher is a wife and mother who with her husband started a micro business out of their garage so they could better provide for their family including a special needs child.  They wisely maneuvered through the maze of government red tape and found the resources available to help them expand and bless other families through hiring locally.  Now we can have the job creator, Matt Denn says wrote the book on how to succeed with small business aid share the book with you instead of a bankruptcy specialist who only works for you part time at 80k a year.  It is an incredible opportunity for Delaware voters. Read more

Boating tragedy averted as life jackets worn by all aboard

DOVER (July 23, 2012) – Nine people – including six small children and an infant – were pulled to safety from the Indian River Inlet Sunday afternoon when their open bow boat was swamped by heavy waves and sank soon after. When the waves struck, and as the boat went down, all nine aboard were wearing life jackets, which enabled their successful rescue by passing boaters, with assistance from the US Coast Guard and DNREC Fish & Wildlife Enforcement. The 21-foot boat was buffeted by waves as soon as it entered the inlet, and shortly thereafter started to sink as its bilge pump was incapable of expelling the water taken on. Other boaters in the inlet who saw the children and two adults in the water motored to the scene and immediately began pulling them from it. The accident and subsequent rescue occurred without serious injury, according to DNREC Fish & Wildlife Read more

Rent Control Dies In Dover

Well the "rent justification" debate for Mobile home parks came to Dover. My good friend Sean Lynn introduced a proposal to get legal research on the ability of Dover to implement such a proposal, it would cost a couple thousand dollars. It was on the consent agenda which would have fast tracked approval with non controversial items in one roll call. As a free market, liberty guy, I oppose government running any business by proxy. The problem in the mobile home industry is too little competition because government zoned parks nearly out of existence, there are no new parks and the older ones are slowly disappearing. There are fewer and fewer parks resulting in more demand for slots. The real answer is more freedom.  Rent control would only result in fewer parks and less affordable housing. I pulled the item from the consent agenda because I wanted to register my objection. I didn't Read more

Recession Coming?

We never recovered from the last recession and another one may be on the horizon. Corporate earnings are down and the forecasts are even worse. This is not good news. If it is true we will add a lot of Democrats starting with the President to the unemployment line. No President has survived a recession hitting like this during his reelection to my memory. Certainly not a President since we bought into the notion that the federal government should protect us from the ravages of the business cycle with the exception of the “savior from the Depression”, FDR.

12 Dead in Denver

Killed while enjoying one of America’s quintessential amusements: Watching a movie. Just out to have a good time. Just wanting a break from the demands of the week; a few thrills watching a fantasy hero. I can’t help but wonder if fewer would have died had some real life hero had a gun. I suspect the outcry for gun control will once again be raised, making defenders of the right to carry arms scratch their heads, thinking, “Why is there always a rush to take guns away from the people who didn’t commit the crime?” The poor families. Prayers for all. Just some random musings.

My Obsession

  In the past when I have written about the state senatorial race for the 19 th district, I have been accused of being obsessed with the issue and of hating Eric Bodenweiser.    Well, as I have said in the past, I have no reason to hate Mr. Bodenweiser, however, I have decide to embrace my obsession. So yes I am obsessed, I am obsessed with seeing that Eric Bodenweiser never sits his butt in a seat in the Delaware Senate.    And to that aim, I sit my butt in this chair, to write about my latest encounter with the inglorious Mr. Bodenweiser.    Last night was the monthly meeting for the 35 th Republican Representative District. This is a meeting open to the public, and so any and all are welcome, and there is no business done that would be considered secret. Though some of what goes on might be best left to the annals of history.    There were several candidates for offices Read more

On the State Constitution

Governor Markell and the Democrat controlled General Assembly have launched an attack on the State Constitution. I discussed it in detail on Community Crossfire with "Stormin Normin" Oliver last night. We discussed the fact that the General Assembly passed the new gaming law even though the state constitution in Article 2 section 17 specifically forbade it. We then discussed that type of arrogance has spread to other areas, the campaign disclosure law, the gutting of arrest powers for the Sheriff, and the corruption of the renewable energy scheme. It was a great hour, given 5 stars by a long time caller. I pointed out that Delaware is the only state which disrespects voters so much that we do not get a direct vote on Constitutional changes. So my question is why did not the General Assembly just change the state Constitution in the gaming? Why not--they just don't care any longer. Read more