House Majority Caucus (D) Update

Single-Payer Healthcare Bill Stricken Legislation that would create a single-payer healthcare system in Delaware was stricken this week after opponents misinterpreted the intent behind the filing of the legislation.When House Bill 392 was filed earlier this month, lead sponsor Rep. John Kowalko said that he had no intention of moving forward with the legislation, but simply wanted to start a public dialogue on the issue. Opponents believed that the bill was being rushed through the General Assembly, even after House Majority Leader Rep. Pete Schwartzkopf – who helps set the agenda – stated publicly that the bill would not be worked this year. To quell these concerns, Rep. Kowalko struck HB 392, which means that the legislation no longer exists and cannot be revisited. The legislative session ends on June 30, at which point no new legislation can be introduced. Note from Read more


UPDATE: Check out this editorial in the Wall Street Journal. The Unaffordable Health Deform Act mostly stands on a technicality.  Chief Justice Roberts needs to read a little more carefully, the Pelosi Health Deform does not say tax, it says penalty.  The fact the IRS collects it just expands the IRS mission -- witness the thousands of new employees.  A brilliant man just had the nutty moment of a lifetime. Sadly, he was the 5th vote.  It just proves what I say, you cannot depend on the courts to protect your rights, you have to do it in the political process.  The courts are a last resort. The chains are being much longer will the gentlemen cry peace.  How long before we are once again forced into that corner Liberty or Death?  Wake up people. There is good news even in defeat.  The court struck down the Medicaid blackmail.  The court also ruled the individual Read more

PDRD: The Rise of Socialism in Delaware

The People's Democratic Republic of Delaware is not here yet, but it seems to be coming soon. Patrick Henry stated in his famous Give me Liberty speech, "There is no retreat but in submission and slavery! Our chains are forged! Their clanking may be heard on the plains of Boston!" Bill after bill is proposed which taken together will radically reshape how we interact with government, each other, and our own businesses. The army in the field threatening our liberty is not armed with rifles, but red tape. The threat today is less from soldiers and more from regulators. I believe the chains are being forged for a new generation and the clanking can be heard in Dover and D. C. The wretched chains of slavery are being forged by those siblings of big government liberalism and progressivism. The hard left in Delaware wants to control your property rights, your energy usage, impose rent Read more

Danger in Redefinition of Abuse: Bill Could Harm Families

Senate Bill 234 is completely unnecessary. It seeks to redefine abuse in a way that says "(j) “Physical injury” to a child shall mean any impairment of physical condition or pain." I am with you until that last phrase or pain. Does that mean that lawful discipline under other chapters such as an old fashion spanking is fine as long as it tickles? Pain is a valuable part of life my friends. It teaches us lessons. Pain like pleasure is an essential part of human existence. If you get a ticket, it causes emotional pain, but could save your life. If someone gets handcuffed, the may have minor pain, but it protects them for hurting themselves or others. A child spanked for running out in the road associates the bad behavior with pain. That negative association changes behavior. Transient pain to prevent serious injury or death is good not evil. I am proud to say that I have smacked Read more

Sam’s Club and Home Depot help Dover’s disabled and elderly beat the heat

The City of Dover is pleased to once again announce the fan giveaway for city residents, who are either elderly or disabled. According to Kay Sass this has been something the city has been able to offer for the past several years to elderly and disabled constituents who reside in the City of Dover. With the assistance of a donation from Sam’s Club, and a donation from Home Depot; 100 people can receive a fan to help stay cool and safe this summer. If you are interested in receiving a fan, the giveaway will take place on Wednesday June 27th at approximately 9:15 am in front of City Hall. Please bring with you a valid state issued photo ID proving you are a City of Dover resident. We will be distributing to the elderly and disabled first. (Seniors age 60 and over) if there are fans remaining after the initial distribution to elderly and disabled, we will then begin to distribute Read more

Kraft Foods to Expand Dover Facility

Company Will Hire 29 New Employees DOVER, Del. (June 25, 2012) – Kraft Foods plans to invest $10 million to expand its 1-million-square-foot manufacturing facility in Dover, announced Delaware Economic Development Office Director Alan Levin today. The expansion will create 29 new, full-time jobs by March 31, 2013. The announcement follows a recommendation by a volunteer advisory board, the Council on Development Finance, to approve the company’s request for a $456,000 grant from the Delaware Strategic Fund. The state’s investment will support the acquisition of new manufacturing and packaging equipment to increase production of Kool-Aid, the company’s powdered soft drink product. Its production will be relocated from a plant in Ecatepec, Mexico. The investment will also help create new jobs at the Dover site. “Kraft’s decision to expand in Dover shows its strong Read more

Sen. Joe Booth Makes It Official !

  Senator Booth Announces 2012 Campaign Georgetown -- Conservative Republican State Senator Joe Booth announced that he will seek re-election in 2012. Booth has served in the Senate since winning a special election in 2009. "We need strong conservatives in Dover who have the backbone to stand up for conservative principles, and also have the respect to be heard," Booth said. "In the past few years, the New Castle County liberals who control state government have gotten even more extreme. They don’t understand the challenges that taxpayers and small business owners face. I’ll continue to fight the liberals in state government and offer common-sense solutions to cut the size and cost of state government and get our economy moving again." Booth noted that he and fellow Senators Bonini and Lawson have come to be referred to as the "Row of No" for consistently voting against big-spending Read more

Dover Balances Budget

No new taxes, lower electric rates, higher trash collection fee, fewer workers by attrition, controlled spending, benefit reevaluation, and reorganization equates to Dover taking a long run stable course to the budget and avoiding gimmicks. The year started with a 3.4 million shortfall and ended balanced. I love the fact that we were able to cut electric rates 12% overall and 9% for residents. I hate the fact that due to higher tipping fees, higher fuel costs, the new yard waste regulations, and other costs that we had to pass through a higher trash fee. I am okay with the fact that it comes out in the wash. The news that according to our policy that we would have to pay our reserves back over 3 years tipped the balance for some of us to bite the bullet today on the trash fee instead of waiting a year then having a million dollar problem (the original 750k shortfall for that year Read more

Delaware GOP Chairman: “Proof Cronyism Still Rampant”

News Release Delaware GOP Chairman: “Proof Cronyism Still Rampant” Wilmington, Delaware – June 25, 2012 – John Sigler, chairman of the Republican State Committee of Delaware, commented today on the reported lack of record keeping and possible legal infractions surrounding non-payment of minimum wage to inmates from the Delaware penal system when they are used as day laborers. “This is yet another example of state government’s single party rule, cronyism and almost unimaginable mismanagement. The overall lack of accountability and apparent disregard for prisoner and public welfare is appalling. "Work release programs are an integral part of our system of corrections. They provide opportunities for both employers and the prisoners involved. The so-called “day labor program” has the potential for helping farmers and small businesses, as well Read more

O Brother, Where Art Thou?

That's the title that sprang to my mind along with images from the Shawshank Redemption or any number of films about prisoner work release programs lacking records. Be sure to read the linked NJ article about inmates work records being non- existent. Doesn't smell good... Evidently, few records have been kept concerning working inmates, some hired by R John Atkins. Personally, I know little about this kerfuffle other than what I've read in the News Journal, but the Conservative Caucus reports Greg LaVelle has reacted vigorously to the revelation few records on the program have been kept, though R Atkins says he treats the prisoners well, even providing them breakfast and lunch while paying above minimum wage. Here's the release from the Conservative Caucus: "A statement by State Rep. Greg Lavelle in response to a report, “Inmate Day Labor Halted,” published in Sunday’s Read more

This Takes the (Wedding) Cake…

President Obama’s campaign has reached a new low.

The president is asking people who are getting married to ask wedding guests to send a donation to his campaign rather than giving a gift to the happy couple.

The plea goes beyond the tacky and ridiculous into the world of weird.

Does the president really want to be a ubiquitous presence, so ubiquitous that even private ceremonies must be centered around him and his re-election?

Something is really creepy about this request. REALLY creepy.

What’s next? Will his campaign managers target people attending family members’ funerals?

I can just see it now: Please send campaign donations to President Obama in lieu of flowers.

You heard it here first…

Anonymous Letter

As many of you already know an anonymous letter was delivered to every member of the Delaware House of Representatives in which serious criminal allegations were made against an elected official from Sussex County. I have waited to address this letter out of caution, both for the privacy of those involved and for the protection of this site and myself against adding to what no doubt will be a sensational news story. It is now been made public knowledge, what many already knew about the anonymous letter. The elected official is Sussex County Councilman, Vance Phillips, the allegations within the letter are that during the 2010 campaign for Glen Urquhart, on which Mr. Phillips was the campaign adviser, Mr. Phillips had an ongoing relationship with a then under age 17-year-old girl. The letter states that there were witnesses to inappropriate touching and behaviour between Mr. Phillips Read more

Why Joe Booth ?

 I think I have made it perfectly clear that I oppose Eric Bodenweiser becoming my Delaware state senator for the 19th Senatorial District.    I also believe that I have made it clear why I oppose him. Since he has no voting record, and since his views are built upon sand, and he is little more than a political parasite, I must judge him based upon his public behaviour.   Anyone who lives in Sussex County, Delaware has no doubt heard many of Mr. Bodenweiser's verbal faux pas, the list plays like a gag reel at the end of some 80's B-movie.   He has suggested that backroom deals are the way things get done in Sussex County, and endorsed the use of said backroom deals. He suggested that the Republicans  should take lessons from the Democrats, and learn to sweep the dirt under the carpet.   But I have listed all of this and more in the past to demonstrate my opposition to Read more

A Defining Moment: HB 392

Representative John Kolwalko AKA Job Killier is trying to take away your right to choose with a single player health system along with colleagues Senator Bruce Ennis, Rep. Jaques, and Rep. Osienski . §1622. Insurance Reforms. Insurers regulated by the Delaware Insurance Department are prohibited from charging premiums to eligible participants for coverage of services already covered by the Health Security Authority. The State Insurance Commissioner shall adopt, amend, alter, repeal and enforce all such rules and regulations and orders as may be necessary to implement this section I call it single player not payer because the bill makes government the only real player in health care. The power is not really with consumers and medical professionals. You would be stuck in a system where your only real choice is to pack up and leave the state or abide by the health board's decisions. Read more

H B 392

 Delaware's Democrats must be hearing the death rattle of Obama care and are expecting the U.S. Supreme Court to throw out the unconstitutional legislation.  Why else would Delaware Democrats put forth H B 392, a bill intended to institute socialized health care on the state level.   I have to admit I haven't had a chance to read the entire bill yet, because of course they have chosen to make this one complicated. I am getting the sense of Nancy Pelosi here, " you have to pass it to find out what is in it".   Here is a link, read and let the debate begin, and call your legislators about this, even Democrat voters will oppose this, but the Dems in Dover will push this through in honor of Biden if they don't fear the voters.$file/legis.html?open Read more

All In Due Time

  I know that many of you have by now heard of the unsigned letter that was sent to every member of the Delaware House of Representatives in which the anonymous writer makes a very serious allegation of a crime involving an elected official from Sussex County. The matter has been turned over to the state police and the Attorney General for investigation.   I know that I have set myself up as a bit of a voice of Sussex County here, and you may be wondering why I am being silent on this. Well due to the seriousness of the accusation and the effect it will have on many lives if proven to be true, I am waiting for the Delaware State police to run their investigation into the validity of the letter and the accusations within it. If and when charges are actually brought, or if and when I feel the time is appropriate, I will be addressing this, because if the accusations are true then many Read more

Just Vote !

    There seems to be a growing trend among our Delaware legislators of not voting on legislation.      Oh they show up and they sit through debates on bills and may have even given their opinion on the issues in the past, but when it comes time to cast their vote, they choose to go on record as "not voting".    Really ? Not voting? Why you may ask would people who have been elected to go to Dover to represent the voters within their respective districts choose to not vote on issues that are in many cases important and often controversial?    Well while I am sure that there are plenty of cases where Democrats have done this, I am concerned with Republicans doing it. I care more about the Republicans doing it because as a Republican, I expect more from my Republican elected officials. For that reason I will be focussed on a few recent examples of this trend of not voting Read more

Don’t Tell Me Family Doesn’t Matter

Gay isn't happy for children two comprehensive studies say. The hard left took fake studies to overturn common sense and centuries of tradition. Now that they have put thousands upon thousands of children in situations where Heather has two mommies, we know it is not what it is cracked up to be. Children are the victims. Human sacrifice on the adult alter of choice. The New Family Structures Study (NESS), published by Dr. Mark Regnerus, Associate Professor at the University of Texas, compared thousands of young adults (ages 18-39) who were raised in different types of family arrangements. Those who knew that their mothers had had a lesbian relationship fared significantly worse on measures of educational attainment and household income, reported more depression, used marijuana more, more often reported forced sexual encounters, felt less close to their biological mother, felt Read more

What, Isn’t voting for Citizens?

The Holder “Justice” Department is suing Florida to stop their effort to make sure only citizens are registered to vote. The Constitution is clear. The administration is just wrong. How can it be any more explicit that voting is for citizens? The civil liberties and civil rights apply to us as persons. Voting is the most precious right reserved to citizens. This is not only spitting on the Constitution, it is disrespecting every citizen who cares to vote.
Section 1. The right of citizens of the United States, who are eighteen years of age or older, to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of age

Comment Rescue: The electric, is too damn high

I agree. The electric, is too damn high That was an interesting quote commenting on one my posts. Electric rates are higher than they should be. Why? This state has embarked on a radical and unproven strategy of setting unrealistic green energy quotas. It is not the only reason, but it seems to exacerbate all of the others. Representative Jack Peterman R- Milford said it well in a recent guest opinion. Delaware’s businesses and homeowners are already paying dearly to keep the lights on. According to federal statistics, Delaware has the 13th highest residential electricity rate in the nation, the 13th highest commercial rate and seventh highest residential average monthly bill. One cost driving up prices is Delaware’s membership in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI): a nine state "cap and trade" compact designed to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from large Read more

The Crush Is Over

Obama Girl not excited about the President. Unemployment stuck so high they have to stop counting people to claim it is falling. High energy prices. Education stuck in neutral. Debt soaring. Special interest health care legislation that does not solve anything. I wonder why the enthusiasm is down. I think a lot of first time voters in 2008 will stay home. The excitement is gone. We made history. Now let’s get results.

Upset in the Making?

Democrats endorse Mitch Crane in Insurance Commissioner race. Stewart’s disenchanted former Lieutenant is reported to have received the endorsement of the Delaware Democratic state convention in Dover not long ago. Will the other challengers stay in the race and will KWS stay in the race? Stewart has never benefited from the party backing in the past and now she has the power of incumbency in split field primary. I bet she stays in the race though she has yet to file for reelection then again no one else has paid the filing fees either. UPDATE: Read Mitch Crane’s Reaction on Delaware Liberal.

Panic in Mudville?

Yesterday we found out Mitt Romney and the Republican Party outraised us for the first time in this election. In fact, it's the first time that the Obama organization has been outraised by an opponent since 2007. If you just want to cut to the chase, here's the link where you can donate to Barack Obama now: https:/ Now, here are a few things you should know about this race in the aftermath of yesterday's news: -- We are not guaranteed to win this election. If there's anyone still out there acting like we have this thing in the bag, do me a favor and tell them they're dead wrong. -- Now that Mitt Romney has locked up his party's nomination, yesterday's numbers are only the beginning. The Republican big-dollar donors and special-interest cash will only keep coming out of the woodwork, lining up to support him. -- The $76 million Read more

With Democrat Friends Like These, Who Needs Republican Enemies?

The Obama Budget was voted down 99-0 in the Senate following a 414-0 vote in the House earlier this year. Senate Democrats tried to claim it the GOP amendment wasn't the President's budget, but when Senator Sessions R-AL offered Democrats that he would accept any friendly amendments to correct errors, not one was offered. Once established to be faithful to the President's budget, it went down in flames with not one vote in favor. The Republican House passed their budget. The Senate Republicans have even tougher budget numbers to stop the debt train. The President proposes the worst of all worlds, higher taxes, 6.1 trillion in higher debt, and higher spending. It is no wonder that Democrats do not want to be on record favoring it. The truth is that they have no alternative and won't favor the Republican alternatives. The President is actually proposing a more restrained and responsible Read more

Left Wing Loons Playing With Fire

A recent epidemic of Swat Teams invading conservative blogger's homes due to false 9/11 reports may soon be the subject of a Congressional investigation. This dangerous game is yet another disgraceful example of the carelessness of the loony left. An anonymous scam-artist calls 911 to report a home invasion or other domestic disturbance. The caller disguises his/her location using voice-over IP technology, leading the police to believe the call is actually emanating from the residence of the scammer’s target. The police sense real danger and react accordingly, dispatching a SWAT team or other heavily armed unit to the target’s residence. The target, unaware of the 911 call but intimately aware of the SWAT team that just kicked in the front door, is not pleased. Several conservative bloggers, including Erick Erickson of RedState, have recently been targeted by SWAT-ting scams. Read Read more