Delaware GOP Statement on Millsboro Plant Closing

Wilmington, Delaware – May 28, 2012 – John Sigler, Chairman of the Republican State  Committee of Delaware issued the following statement regarding the imminent closing of theVlasic® Pickle  plant due to reconsolidation by its parent company, Pinnacle Foods: “I was saddened to learn of the closing of the Vlasic Pickle plant in Millsboro, Delaware. This unfortunate closing will cost Delaware residents more than 200 full time jobs and many more seasonal jobs. Equally sad will be watching the ripple effect this latest closure has on Millsboro and surrounding communities. This is yet one more example of the "jobless recovery" affecting Delaware residents -- and one more reason to end one-party- rule over state government in Dover. “The Markell administration has proven ineffective in preventing more people from losing their livelihoods and preventing businesses like Vlasic from Read more

Eric Bodenweiser, The Al Sharpton Of Sussex County

  "If I was the county councilman  right now I'd be looking to get this thing taken care of I'd say, 'Gee, Jeff, what is it going to take to get this going away?' 'Well, how about some training and certification for my deputies? What about some squad cars?' " said Eric Bodenweiser, chairman of the 37th District Republican committee, on a local talk radio show".   That was a quote from Eric Bodenweiser concerning an incident between the Sussex County Sheriff, Jeff Christopher and Sussex County Councilman, Vance Phillips.   Mr. Bodenweiser seemed to infer that the two should settle what could have become a legal battle in some backroom deal, one that would have had the councilman offering to give into the demands of the sheriff, in return for the sheriff dropping any charges or threats of a law suit. Some saw this statement as Mr. Bodenweiser suggesting the use of influence peddling Read more

Chairman’s Corner–May 30 with Kevin Wade Interview

Fellow Delaware Republicans, The Memorial Day Weekend marked the start of a busy campaign season for Republicans across Delaware. If we are to be successful, we need to intensify our efforts to strengthening our Party’s base and today, I am calling for all “hands on deck” as we marshal our resources in the march to the November election. Together, we will focus our energy on voter registration, voter identification and volunteer recruitment so we can help ensure Republican victories across the First State. We are going to remind the citizens of Delaware of the Democrats' efforts to stifle new jobs and economic growth in our State. More importantly, we are going to offer bold solutions that strengthen our State’s economy and provide a clear difference between Republican leadership versus the dangers of continuing the same tax, borrow and spend policies of the Democrats. Delaware Read more

Push Red Button for Drama… Oh, what the heck. Everybody needs a laugh once in a while–a break from heavy political discussion. (I heard it was produced by OWS as a prelude to pre-election capers. But OWS says it was produced by Tea Partiers. 😉 Either way, enjoy.

Four More Years – Gov. Pete Du Pont on the Presidency

Former Delaware Governor, Pete DuPont makes a great case in the Wall Street Journal for why the contest over the Presidency this year is so important.  Making gains in the House of Representatives and the Senate is not enough. His editorial got me thinking, President Obama has restructured the operations of our government in such a way that if re-elected, no matter what the composition of Congress, he will be able to continue on with many, if not all of his policy objectives.  The highlights of his reasoning for holding President Obama to his one term proposition are that with major pieces of legislation like "ObamaCare", insane deficit spending (over a trillion dollars deeper in the whole every year of his time in office), and regulations in areas such as energy policy even in a "lame duck Presidency" the Obama Administration can continue to damage the US and lead us closer to the precipice. Read more

NAACP Takes Flack over Endorsement of Same Sex Marriage

The venerable civil rights organization is in turmoil. The board of directors passed a resolution in favor of same sex marriage May 19th and announced May 21st which put it at odds with the majority of the black community. It is now threatening to cost it the state leadership of Iowa and Nebraska. Pastors are criticizing it including national powerhouse Dr. Tony Evans. This controversy is bound to add to the decline in membership and feeling by some that it is adrift. The NAACP needs a populist ground up take over that will serve to advance the interests of minorities not liberal special interests like big labor or the extreme gay lobby.

Kent Co. Vietnam Veterans to Hold Memorial Day Ceremony

Contact: Dave Skocik 302-736-8500 Kent Co. Vietnam Veterans to Hold Memorial Day Ceremony Kent Co. Chapter 850 of the Vietnam Veterans of America will hold a Memorial Day ceremony at the Kent Co. Vietnam Memorial behind Airbase Carpet Mart at 756 S. Little Creek Rd., Dover, on Monday, May 28, at 10 a.m. "This will be a particularly significant commemoration because this year is the 50th anniversary of the start of the Vietnam War," said Chap. President Joe Startt. The ceremony will include a keynote speaker as well greetings from State VVA Council President Paul Davis and local elected and civic leaders. It will begin with an invocation by Dr. Kim Warfield and the singing of the National Anthem by Lori Christiansen, whose late father served in WWII. The ceremony will conclude with a prayer Read more

President Obama, Tightfisted Budget Hawk or Spendthrift

FY 2009 was interesting because Democrats in control of Congress not only failed to pass a budget, but 9 of 13 spending bills until the new President took over. This rips a hole in the marketwatch and Obama administration claim that he did not ramp up spending but the evil Bush did. Historically, the first 9 months of a new President's spending were determined by the previous President. It is on that basis that President Obama claims to have kept spending in line with his predecessor. Everyone remembers that the stimulus bill came afterward. What is not remembered is that the base line spending increases where signed by President Obama not President Bush. As annoying and unwise as the blank check bailouts were, they were short term loans paid back not spending. Read this fact check. The MarketWatch study finds spending growth of only 1.4 percent over 2010-2013, or annual increases Read more

Solar Park

1.5 million dollar to the cause of green energy. One of the interesting points that the media did not pick up was my questioning of how much the White Oak Solar Park cost Dover rate payers. We spend about $128,000 just on a give away for the credits (SREC's) and we have to buy all of the energy produced at what has become a premium for the next 20 years. Even worse is the rates are guaranteed to go up. In a couple of more years, we will be paying 2 million for the same energy. Even worse there is another one waiting in the wings that is even bigger. I toured the site in an effort to educate me on why I needed to support it. I am for solar or other energy. I am not for the tax and rate payer being hosed. I know anyone who questions these priorities over safe streets, affordable utilities, an economic development strategy, low taxes, or youth programs, is a Luddite. If we do not Read more

Coat Hanger Abortion Myth

We know that countries that banned abortion have seen no increase in overall maternal mortality. A recent study in Chile proves this beyond broad statistics and dispels the myth that women are irrational and would run in droves to abort their babies by whatever means are available even if it risks death, disfigurement, and disability. Not only did maternal deaths do to abortion not rise, they fell. The original numbers are close enough where I do not claim it will lower numbers, but it certainly doesn't raise them, not in Chile, Poland, Malta, or Ireland. Abortion has for many women serious emotional consequences as well as physical complications. Pro-life laws save both women and children the devastation of abortion. The abortion advocates lied to us in the beginning. They are lying now. The truth is that we need fewer abortions and more compassion and responsibility. America Read more

The End of Women’s Rights in America?

How sex select abortions are making inroads into Canada and America without protest from leftist feminists. It appears Planned Parenthood is on board with sex select abortions, too, but that is another story. I regret I will not be able to reply to comments, as I am going to Maricopa County to interview Sheriff Joe Arpaio concerning eligibility of The Martian One to run for president. 😉

Chairman’s Corner for Mid-May–John Sigler

Fellow Delaware Republicans, Two immediate reminders: Senator Lawson’s tough new Senate Bill 161 about Home Invasion passed the Senate yesterday and is on its way to the House for consideration. Unfortunately, the Senate also passed the Democrat’s much weaker (and Senate amended) House Bill 277, sending it and SB 161 back to the House for reconsideration. This move now sets the stage for a showdown in the House between Republicans, who understand the need to protect our communities from the worst form of social predators, and liberal Democrats who believe in coddling such predators in the hope that they may eventually become “good guys.” Delaware deserves better – Delaware deserves SB 161. I strongly urge you to call your State Representative and tell him or her to help protect Delawareans from violent social predators and to VOTE YES for Senate Bill 161 -- and to VOTE Read more

Well Said Michael

The Daily Borg takes on the distortion about Mitt's record at Bain Capital. Romney had already left Bain when the two companies highlighted by the President failed. If the President's men can't get traction off some 50 year old high school story, they just make stuff up. When your record is record debt, the worst employment record in 70 years, and energy polices which are destroying the middle class lifestyle, you will say anything to change the topic. The failures of GST and SCT are both unfortunate. They were in many ways very different. But the root causes of their failures share some common issues. Chinese competition and a union unwilling to work for the best interests of the company are two. Of course Bain Capital is a common denominator. Their end fates are shared in common as well. GST failed in 2001. SCT in 2000. Obama eviscerates Mitt Romney for the failures of both companies. Read more

Republicans Wake Up

How much time do we want to spend on the birth certificate issue? Iowa, Arizona and Georgia all seem to have Republicans following the Obama distraction. Don't Republicans know that the birth certificate issue is a rope a dope from the Obama Administration to distract and diminish Republicans? It is no question that he is a natural born citizen (which means he was either born here or at least one of his parents was). The Constitution does not say native born (born on our soil or in U.S. jurisdiction) so what difference does it make if he was born in Hawaii or Kenya (the evidence says Hawaii). This is just a trick to keep us from talking about the assault on the economy, family, and the constitution. Don't fall for it. The issue is not where he was born. The issue is what type of country is he leaving for those just born. That is my view. What is yours? Leave a comment. Read more

63 Million

The economy is strong enough that the state has 63 million more than projected. That is good news. I propose that municipal street money be restored to repair our infrastructure. Then why not use the other 60 million to ensure the income tax hike from 4 years ago dies. Or we could just find more ways to waste it. That is the Democratic way.

Join us May 22nd

Update: RSVP is now closed. Just show up! Those who can't but would like to support, please call or email. Thanks. Friends of David Anderson presents A Fundraiser hosted by Maria Cahill* for Councilman David Anderson of Dover   Location Westminster Retirement Center Community Bld. West room State College and McKee Roads Dover, DE Date: May 22nd Time 6:00pm Enjoy a great menu. Salmon Scallops wrapped in Bacon Veggies and Dip Chicken Cordon Blue Puffs Appetizer Pizza Soft drinks (Tea, coffee, etc.) Dessert Cost is a donation: recommended minimum of $35; $25 for volunteers and Westminster residents Reserve  a space by emailing calling Jeannie at 741-1971 or or Ailyn at 943-8230. *Maria Cahill serves as Ms. Delaware, but this event is her personal capacity.  She will be available for greeting and autographed pictures. Paid Read more

Liberal advocacy in the Classroom

I know many fine public school teachers.  I am related to a couple.  They work hard and are dedicated.  To be successful in the classroom one must learn the best pedagogic techniques and then work within your own personality.  There is no such thing  as sitting on your laurels.  If you failed to connect with your students on any given day, no one needs to tell you.  Students have a way of letting you know they are not paying attention and you don't have their respect.  At that point, you need to change your game plan.  (also called a lesson plan)  Now on a regular basis, Liberal teachers attempt to indoctrinate teenagers regarding the teacher's world view.  Many Liberals have a goal of indoctrinating students to their world view as opposed to teaching them critical thinking.  Conservative teachers teach both sides of an issue in an attempt to teach critical thinking Read more

Scott Walker’s Family Harassed

Imagine not being able to go out to dinner with your family because of attacks and abuse because you are doing your job. It is happening to Governor Scott Walker R-WI. Even though he is leading in all of the polls, the vehement opposition fueled by the White House and organized labor has created a poisonous atmosphere. Walker is a terrorist, Hitler, and whatever else. It is to the point where even his children are harassed. His wife can barely go out without protesters outside verbally abusing her. Look at this excerpt from the Weekly Standard-- even staffer's dogs are not exempt from the hatred. Unions and other Walker opponents have certainly shown a willingness to do anything to win. Walker and his family have been harassed regularly. Unions and their backers have marched on Walker’s personal residence in Wauwatosa. His wife has been subjected to repeated verbal harassment. Read more

Things That Make You Go, Hum!

   I was listening to the Jared Morris Show on WGMD today, he was talking about the Sussex County Council and the law suit against the council based on the practice of the council to hold an organized Christian prayer during the regular meetings.    Out of the blue Eric Bodenweiser called in and attempted to tie the prayer issue into the ongoing issue of the battle between the county council and the Sussex County Sheriff, Jeff Christopher. Mr. Bodenweiser has been very out spoken in his support for the sheriff.   He did this by pointing out, in his words, that a Sussex deputy had been put on administrative leave for attending a prayer meeting at a local church. In the way that he put this forth, the show's host and at least myself felt that Mr. Bodenweiser was inferring that the deputy had been punished for his faith.   To Jared's credit he asked some questions about what had Read more