Anderson Endorses Precourt and Lindell

I am pleased to see the quality of candidates in the upcoming school board elections in the Dover area. I am particularly supportive of Cheryl Precourt in the CR district. She was recognized as the 2010 Citizen activist of the year. She knows the issues like few others. She understands the concerns of families, studied budgets, read curriculum, and has spent time in the schools. She ran last year and many of her fellow citizens gave her support. Sadly she was just 12 votes short of winning in a large field. I know what it feels like to fall just short, but Cheryl has the same dedication to get back up and keep trying that I did because she also knows that it is not about her. She will be a guardian of your tax money and an ear for your concerns. She is by far the best choice you can imagine. I am pleased to endorse my friend, Mrs. Cheryl Precourt. In the Read more

How I Became A Liberal

   My journey to becoming a liberal began many years ago. Okay, that sounds a bit pretentious, huh?     I was not born a liberal, I became a liberal. No. That was too dramatic maybe.    I was once called a right-wing radical and "wing nut", but now I am labeled a liberal. That's more like it.   So how does someone manage to go from being considered ultra right-wing, to being called far left?   Well in my case it happens by holding to my core values and standing on my principles.   Some of you have been reading my ramblings for several years now and know where I stand on most of the big issues facing our society and our nation and our families. But I should give a little background on who I am when it comes to political ideology for those who may be reading here for the first time.    When I first set out on this road that has led me to become the outspoken pain Read more

Mike Brown Nominator Par Excellance

Kevin Wade hit a home run today and he never stepped up to the plate.  Mike Brown, giving a nominating speech for Wade gave the best nominating speech for any candidate at a Delaware Republican Convention that I have ever heard.  Mike is from the City of Wilmington. If the Wade Campaign does not have this speech up on You Tube real soon then they are guilty of  political campaign malpractice.  The speech by Brown was the highlight of Saturday's convention.  This is not to say there were not other excellent speeches.  There were.  But this one was the best.  It is good that Retired General Hank McCann threw his arms open and said. " How do you follow up that?", when giving a seconding speech.   I know of no political figure who would want to follow up Brown's nomination speech.  Trust me on this one.  There were at least 6 to 12 Republican officials who will be asking Read more

Mobley! Mobley! Mobley!

   Well I attended and survived my first Republican state convention today as a delegate.     The event was held at the Rehoboth Convention Center in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.    I am still new enough to the process to have enjoyed the experience.   Let me dispense with the one moment of drama, this came at the point when a vote was called to seat the delegates to the national convention. In the first voice vote the nays carried and a district by district vote was called in which those in favor of seating the selected delegates won the vote. Let me just say that I truly believe that those who voted aye in the first voice vote did not do so with much enthusiasm because they felt that surely no one would dare to vote against the list of delegates and so the nays were able to send up a louder cry. Clearly by the final district voting, the room was largely in favor of seating Read more

This One Is For My Daughter

   I believe it was somewhere around the third grade when my daughter came home from school and informed her mother and I that she wanted to be a teacher when she grew up.   Now of course this is most likely not that unique, but what is, is that she has never wavered from wanting to become a teacher. She is now in her second year of college with her major in elementary child education. And if I might say so myself, she is doing quite well.    My daughter is blessed with a truly caring heart, she is what we need more of in the field of education, a person who wants to teach, not because it pays well or for the benefits, but because they truly want to teach children.    Today she brought the following link to my attention and asked if I would post it, and like any proud father I couldn't deny her. I also happen to agree with her. I can only imagine how offended my daughter Read more

Charlie Copeland for National Committeeman: a guest post by John Radell

The Delaware Republican Party elected new leadership last year and turned to a new beginning with messaging tied to traditions of Delaware’s interest, job creation. The party has made progress in that effort and its members and leaders are making sacrifices every day to build our party around a core set of values and issues that will make Delaware stronger. However, even more is needed and that will take fresh ideas and new energies that will help us turn the page on our past; and move forward with the people of Delaware in building and securing a better life for Delaware families. To accomplish this, our legislatures will need a Committeeman who understands their needs; and we need someone who understands the needs of our members as we continue to build on last year’s progress. We also need a leader who knows how to raise funds in the highly competitive political arena, can build Read more

It Was Time but

Republican National Committeewoman Priscilla Rakestraw from Delaware is soon to retire. It was time, but that does not erase the fact that she gave 35 years of tireless service to at least an 100 candidates who spanned the political spectrum just in my time with the party. She was one of the early party leaders to sign on to the Glen Urquhart campaign after the primary. She led 100 legions for Pam Thornburg in a massive lit drop in her first state rep campaign after two tough losses for Senate and a row office. She supported candidates like few others have. Any special election, she was a call away with 3 or 5 volunteers. We have had our spirited disagreements over the years, but one thing we never disagreed upon was the need for a vital party. I thank her for her service which cost her many years of time and money to the Delaware and National Republican Party. I doubt this is Read more

Open Thread

Seems as if we have all been busy here at Delaware Politics, so help us out and give your comments on current issues or events. Here are just a couple, Pricilla Rakestraw steps down as national chairwoman, and danny Short strikes HB 290. Feel free to add to those. We only ask as always keep it clean and as respectful as possible. Thanks.

Open Letter From Rose Izzo

   The following is an open letter from congressional candidate Rose Izzo in response to an incident that occurred during the 38th Dist. Republican dinner on April 12, 2012.   It seems as if Mrs. Izzo's opponent Tom Kovach was first to speak and was asked to comment on his opponent Mrs. Izzo.   I was told that Mr. Kovach made the statement that he did not have an opponent, and that Mrs. Izzo  was no competition.   Mrs. Izzo took offense to these statements and used most of her time to respond to them.   I was asked to post Mrs. Izzo's open letter and I will let it speak for itself. I did call Mr. Kovach to allow him to give his view-point on the incident, however at the time of posting this article I had not heard back from him. I will either post in the form of a comment or a separate article when and if he contacts me.   Since I was not actually at the event I can Read more

A 4/20 ode to medical marijuana

I was born and raised in Delaware, but I almost died in Maryland. Medical marijuana could have drastically changed my life. I tend to keep my personal life just that - personal - and for good reason. Governor Markell of Delaware has forced my hand in revealing something I would normally hold close. I was diagnosed with a degenerative nerve disorder in 2007. Doctors told me that my life would drastically change, as well as be shortened. I never realized that the shortened life expectancy was due to the medication prescribed to me by physicians as well as the nerve disorder. My primary care physician, an amazingly sweet man, looked at me with pity as he sent me to a pain management clinic (another reason I kept this information private in the past is that I hate to be pitied). My pain management doctor started me out on the usual treatment, a high dose of narcotics. You see, with Read more

Rick Santorum bashes Mitt Romney ‘frightens me’ to think of him as the nominee

On Monday, some letters sent out by Rick Santorum were received in Iowa.  It seems that although Rick Santorum has suspended his campaign for president, just like he is still paying off his debt, he had already mailed some letters. These letters warned Iowans that Rick Santorum was frightened by the thought of Mitt Romney as the party’s nominee.  This contradicts the views many thought Rick Santorum would take after dropping out of the race.  If Rick Santorum were to endorse Mitt Romney, there could be a chance that Romney would pay off Santorum’s campaign debt.  Santorum had a conference call with 4,000 supporters Monday night where he asked for more contributions. As I said last evening I am very excited about the possibilities for what we can continue to accomplish together and I am not backing down from the fight for our conservative ideals. We must and will focus on energizing Read more

Newt Gingrich Comes To Harrington

 Come out and see former Speaker of the House and current Republican candidate for president Newt Gingrich in Harrington, De on Saturday April 21st at the Harrington Volunteer Fire Company starting at 4:00pm.   Even if you are not a supporter I would encourage all to come and hear the man speak. I had the chance to attend one of his speeches in Millsboro and was very impressed. I think we can all learn something from a person with as much experience in the field of politics and policies as Speaker Gingrich.   The address is : 20 Clark Street, Harrington, DE 19952   And there is an event page on facebook at this link if it helps and you can see all of your friends who will be going too. Pass the word!!/events/182364211884986/   See you there. Read more

Animal cruelty runs rampant between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney

For some reason in the United States, politicians seem to be thrust upon us who have mistreated animals.  Many have heard about the situation with Mitt Romney and his dog.  On Tuesday, the story took a new turn down the rabbit hole. Ironically, the story of Seamus was first reported by the Boston Globe in a 2007 report profiling Romney as a problem-solver: “Before beginning the drive, Mitt Romney put Seamus, the family’s hulking Irish setter, in a dog carrier and attached it to the station wagon’s roof rack. He’d built a windshield for the carrier, to make the ride more comfortable for the dog. “Then Romney put his boys on notice: He would be making predetermined stops for gas, and that was it. “The ride was largely what you’d expect with five brothers, ages 13 and under, packed into a wagon they called the ‘white whale.’ “As the oldest son, Tagg Romney Read more

Our Last Line Of Defense Against Tyranny? Really?

  It seems as if  the issue over the office of the sheriff will simply not go away. This may be due in part to the fact that some have decided to ride the issue for all it is worth in hopes of furthering their own political careers.   Others support the idea of empowering the office of the county sheriffs with arrest authority under some misconception of constitutionality.   And some have gone as far as to describe an elected sheriff as our last line of defense against tyranny. They  believe that somehow an elected sheriff is above all forms of temptation and corruption, the very same types of temptation and corruption that they believe all other elected officials are destined to fall prey to. They believe that an elected sheriff is somehow more accountable than are other elected officials. They actually believe that an elected sheriff will replace the voters responsibility of Read more

Jeff Cragg In The 35th

   Last night the Republican gubernatorial candidate of Delaware, Jeff Cragg, paid a visit to the monthly meeting of the 35th Representative District.   Now some believe that the 35th is the most conservative R D, in the most conservative county in Delaware, Sussex. I think that this is a view well-earned.   I would have to say from my point of view, Mr. Cragg was well received by the majority of those attending, including myself.    Seeing as it is early on in the campaign, this visit was more about laying out his campaign strategy than it was about addressing specific issues. For all of you Markell supporters hoping that I will now lay out that strategy, sorry, you will have to wait and watch it unfold.   I will tell you that Mr. Cragg seems to have a good grasp of the whole playing field concerning the political landscape of the state of Delaware. He has surrounded Read more

The States Can Stop Obama Guest Post from Sheriff Mack

By Sheriff Richard Mack (Ret.)   By now we have all heard the cliches and seen the posters from the "Tea Parties" espousing freedom, less government, and perhaps most of all, how the federal government had better back off trying to shove their national healthcare down our otherwise healthy throats. The truth of the matter is all the slogans of "Don't Tread On Me" or "Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death" or "We're Mad As Hell And We're Not Taking It Anymore," don't mean a thing when compared to reality; the real and actual answer to all the protests, marches, and outrage. The answer is in our own backyards! The States can stop every bit of it!  That's right, the individual States can stop "Obamacare" and all other forms of out-of-control federal government mandates and "big brother" tactics. If Arizona, Hawaii, New Hamshire, Texas, etc. want nothing to do with National Read more

O’Malley Blames Everyone for Budget cuts

Maryland Governor Martin o’Malley is miffed at his failure to mug Marylanders with higher taxes and spending despite a huge majority in both houses.  He blames everyone in sight from himself to legislative leaders and even Republicans who had no power.  The truth is, they should be happy.  Maryland needed to cut spending not increase government.  O’Malley sees the world upside down.  As a Delawarean, I was hoping he would succeed and send more jobs and business across the border.  Maybe they can get together in a special session and continue the plunder of pockets.

Comment Rescue Ron Paul Supporter Kicked out of the Republican Party

The Prior post by Angel has some inaccuracies and false assumptions, which compel me to reply.  Angel needs to do some due diligence instead of blindly accepting the word of one person's version of events. Here are some actual facts: 1.  No one can be kicked out of the Republican Party.  Will McVay will be able to vote in the Republican Primary on April 24th..  In fact Will McVay cannot change his party affiliation till September. 2. Will McVay can be excluded from meetings of the Kent County Republican Committee.  Based on his past actions and his writings, Where, McVay indicates that  he intends to destroy the Republican Party, this is a prudent thing to do.  There is no need to include someone in your organization that seeks to destroy that very same organization. 3. There are many Ron Paul supporters who will be delegates to the Republican State Convention at the Read more

Gingrich’s check bounced in Utah

Newt Gingrich has announced that he is staying in this GOP presidential race for the long haul.  Considering Rick Santorum has suspended his campaign, Gingrich may be able to gather some Santorum supporters and convince them to vote for him. Of course, Gingrich has to be on the ballot in order to get votes. Newt Gingrich had plans to be on the ballot in Utah.  That may not matter because his check bounced. Utah Elections Director announced Tuesday that the state sent a certified letter to the Gingrich campaign informing them that they have until April 20 to pay the $500 needed to get on the ballot in the state.  The Utah primary, the last primary of the presidential nominating season, is on June 26. Newt Gingrich acknowledged on Sunday that his campaign is in debt.  Gingrich's campaign is over $4 million dollars in debt and the Gingrich Group LLC has declared bankruptcy. Despite Read more

Vocal Ron Paul supporter to be kicked out of Republican Party before primary

One common phrase now heard in the Ron Paul Revolution is "Blue Republican".  Blue Republicans  are Democrats or Independents who have registered as Republicans in order to vote for Ron Paul in the Republican primary.  This group of almost 12,000 people most likely includes some self-identified Libertarians as well.  One hopes that the Blue Republicanswill get active in the case of one Libertarian who is currently being kicked out of the Republican Party just two weeks before the Republican primary in his state. Will McVay's website names him as a Libertarian and he ran as a Libertarian in his district in Delaware in 2010.  He is currently the Delaware Libertarian Party's Vice Chair, and a Republican.  Will, who lives in the 32nd District in Delaware, registered as a Republican so he could vote for Ron Paul.  He was quite vocal about the fact that he was planning to become Read more

Rick Santorum ends his bid for the GOP nomination, it’s now Ron Paul or Romney

Rick Santorum suspended his bid for the presidency just moments ago on Tuesday.  Santorum is expected to make the announcement at a press conference in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.  This will damper hopes many had for a Republican brokered convention. Santorum took a break from campaigning on Monday after his daughter was hospitalized on Friday and some are saying he suspended his bid because of the negativity around his campaign. Santorum had the second highest number of delegates as recorded by most of the main stream media.  There were rumors out there that if Santorum lost in Pennsylvania on April 24, his political career would be over. Many expected Santorum to leave the race before the primary in Pennsylvannia. Santorum's departure leaves Romney against Gingrich (who admitted he would vote for Romney) and Ron Paul.  This leaves Republicans with a choice. Go with Ron Read more

Guest Post By Rose Izzo On Obama Care

 The following is an op-ed piece from  Rose Izzo (R), U.S. Congressional candidate, on her opposition of Pres. Obama's health care bill and what she would do about it if elected. Reasons why I would repeal ObamaCare March 30, 2012 by Rose Izzo   As a congressional candidate, I am opposed to ObamaCare. I believe Obama is destroying this country with these new mandated regulations that he is imposing on each citizens' individual rights.  As a Congresswoman, I would vote to reverse this abomination of a bill. Healthcare should be left to the people of the United States and their doctors to deal with, like it has been for many years. Washington thinks that the health care issue should be solved by politicians and lawyers. However, I think not...Whenever my baby got sick, I never went to a politician or a lawyer, I took my child to a doctor. I believe that the health care issue Read more