My Statements on the Budget

The City of Dover has been able to cut a 3.4 million dollar structural general fund deficit in half by changing the curve on spending. Now the tough work begins. 1 million dollars of the remaining structural deficit is due to changing regulations and tipping fees through Delaware Solid Waste Authority and rising gas prices for the sanitation department. All of the budget news is not bad though. Thanks to new natural gas recovery techniques, the price of natural gas has fallen which enables us to decrease electric rates. This makes my stand on the budget pretty simple. I am opposed to any tax hike. The 700k deficit should be closed by an across the board general fund 2% cut except for the police where I favor a 20% fine increase and Capital school district paying more for its school resource officers. No police cuts should occur. I should highlight the fact that we are planning Read more

Keith Olberman has been fired and replaced with Eliot Spitzer

As one who has been recently fired, I feel bad for Olbermann.  I was not a fan, but he had one or two videos on YouTube I really liked. It seems that the contract Keith Olbermann signed with Current TV for $50 million dollars is now void. At least, according to Current TV, Keith Olbermann has breached the contract. That's right, Keith Olbermann has been fired. Current TV just released an open letter from the company's founders, Al Gore and Joel Hyatt: Current was also founded on the values of respect, openness, collegiality, and loyalty to our viewers. Unfortunately these values are no longer reflected in our relationship with Keith Olbermann and we have ended it. We are moving ahead by honoring Current's values. Current has a fundamental obligation to deliver news programming with a progressive perspective that our viewers can count on being available daily -- especially now, Read more

Did Rick Santorum almost call President Obama the N-word?

People seem to really dislike Rick Santorum. They either love him or they hate him. It's no secret I dislike him as well as his policies, but he is not the kind of person people will unite behind. One reason why people may hate him is because he wants to do things like censor people by banning pornography. Another reason people really seem to hate him is because he has a habit of adding extra syllables to his speeches during inopportune times. He claimed last time that he was saying "blaaah people" when it sounded like he said "black people". One wonders what he will say this time when people watch this most recent gaffe. It sounds like he almost calls President Obama the N-word. Listen yourself and see what you think. He definitely says "We know, we know the candidate Barack Obama what he was like, anti-war, government nig... ah, the ah, America was a source for division Read more

No Charges For Rep. John Atkins (D-De)

  After further investigation DNREC officials say that there will be no additional charges in the tire burning incident involving Rep. John Atkins (D-De).    In that incident Rep. John Atkins had been overseeing brush burning on his father in-law's farm along with two work release prisoners. At some point Rep. Atkins left the two prisoners to attend to some unknown business.   After a call from a close friend and fire chief, Mr. Atkins returned to the fire and was confronted by two men who had come onto the property without permission. An altercation ensued in which Mr. Atkins was allegedly assaulted.   When firemen responded to the fire it was determined that there were in fact tires burning on the fire. Rep. Atkins' father in-law was charged and paid a fine at the time for the illegal burning of tires.   It was at a later date that one of the men who had allegedly assaulted Read more

Employers asking for your passwords? No law against it

Just because you dislike something should there be a law against it? Let’s discuss. People have been outraged lately at the thought of potential empolyers asking people for their Facebook passwords and log in information. In this day and age, 91% of employers do social media screens before they hire and 76% of those potential employers are looking at people’s Facebook pages before they hire them. Based on those numbers one would think that people would attempt to keep their Facebook pages relatively professional. For those who do not, it has always been their own fault in the past. In fact, 12% of potential applicants for jobs have been rejected after the employers saw their Facebook pages. It seems that some potential employers now have a problem with you keeping your Facebook pages private as well. For those who do keep their pages private, this is where the password issue Read more

The Road We’ve Traveled

The President makes his case for reelection in this new video.   His team makes the case that things were so bad that the only reason  we are not standing on top of the world yet is that we are still filling in the pit that Bush left us.  That is the best case he can make.  He covers the end of the War in Iraq, the killing of Bin Laden,  the stop of the economic free fall, advocacy for women, revival of the auto industry, and health care reform. I think the 17 minute documentary is a nice production.  I find it intriguing that he could not stick with just the facts.  He had to distort Mitt Romney's position on the auto industry which was far from let it go.  It was a more efficient and cost effective way to restructure it.  The Washington Post gave parts of it Pinocchio noses.  The Wall Street Journal had a commentary which called it fact challenged.    It never mentioned that Read more

Obamacare individual mandate could be like how you must pay into Social Security

On Tuesday, March 27, 2012, the United States Supreme Court began hearing arguments regarding the health care bill passed by the current administration.  The individual mandate has been given intense scrutiny so far, but will it be enough?  Some in the United States Supreme Court seem to have different views regarding the role of Government than others. For instance, Justice Scalia compared the United States Government forcing people to buy health insurance to the United States Government forcing people to buy a certain type of food: "Everybody has to buy food sooner or later, so you define the market as food, therefore, everybody is in the market; therefore, you can make people buy broccoli,” Scalia said" This writer recognized that some people like broccoli, but this writer is not one of those people.  Regardless of the health aspects of broccoli, this writer tends not to purchase Read more

Frank Knotts Endorses Unknown Candidate

  I come to you today to announce my endorsement of and my support for, any candidate or candidates that oppose Eric Bodenweiser in any election, for any office in the up coming election cycle, in the next election cycle, and all election cycles until the trumpet blows !   This candidate may be a Republican, a Democrat, a libertarian, or a member of the Martian Coalition To Enslave Dogs To Repopulate Pluto.   I will work with any and all who feel as I do that Mr. Bodenweiser should not hold any office above that which he is qualified for, and since we no longer need people to clean up behind horses on the streets, well you take it from there.   I am sure Mr. Bodenweiser will respect my taking this strong stand against someone who I feel is not fit for office. I am confident of this since Mr. Bodenweiser has been running around telling anyone who will listen that every Republican Read more

Just Strike This Bill–Guest Opinion by Chairman Wood

Dear Republican General Assembly Member: I applaud your dedication and service to our wonderful state of Delaware. Late Wednesday evening (March 21) I received a Facebook version of an unnumbered House Bill regarding an act to amend the Delaware Code relating to Sheriffs and Sheriff Deputies.  The first public disclosure of proposed HB 290 was a below the screen article in the March 23rd issue of the Delaware House of Representatives’ e-Newsletter. Since then my phone and e-mail have been flooded with Republicans voicing total dismay with the provisions of the proposed bill. I have conducted a poll of nearly 1,000 members of Sussex County Republicans.  Close to 85 percent of the responses make it clear beyond doubt that they are against this bill. Extreme displeasure has been expressed concerning this bill and its provisions.  Your continued support of this legislation will Read more

Narrow View Point

  This issue concerning the Sussex County Sheriff  will just not go away. This is why I support the legislators who have brought HB 290 to the General Assembly. This bill is intended to clarify language in Delaware Code as to the authority and powers of the office of sheriff in the three counties of Delaware.   This bill has drawn a lot of attention from some calling themselves conservatives. They have argued that to diminish the office of sheriff will lead to tyranny. They have portrayed the office of sheriff as our last line of defense from tyranny. The latest tactic is to accuse our elected officials of being corruptible, all the while stating that the office of sheriff is somehow above corruption and as such, is the only elected office that can hold out of control elected officials to task.   This is incredibly short-sighted in my opinion. These people seem to base much of their Read more

Finally, The Unaffordable Health Deform Act Gets to the High Court

It should have never been passed, but for the next 3 days, the Unffordable Health Care Deform Act goes before the SCOUS. This is a central debate to what kind of nation do we want. Do we want an all powerful nanny state or a free republic? Stay tuned. This debate is why I cooled on Mitt Romney in 2007 and went with Mike Huckabee. The more I looked at Romney care, the less I liked it. Naturally this is worse, it seems to have preserved the worst features of Romney care and rejected the best of them. I do not believe the government has the responsibility to mandate coverage of insurance. I agree with Senator Obama (2008) who stated that if you make it affordable, there is no need to mandate it. We need to look at healthcare from an entirely different perspective than the insurance paradigm. Until we do, we are just spinning our wheels. This act is bad for freedom, bad for the Read more

Guest Post By Sheriff Jeff Christopher–a DP Exclusive

Greetings, I am Jeff Christopher your duly elected Sheriff for Sussex County Delaware. You will note that I said elected. What is the difference you ask?. I serve you!  directly! and not county council or some bureaucrat. That is how it was designed so you, the people, have the say. This goes back to the beginning of this country and the founding fathers who created a system of government that works for the people and NOT against the people. We are a republic and the people must remain in control of the government, like a dog in control of his tail or we shall suffer a worse fate than death itself. We have allowed the system to be corrupted and we are passing on to our children a way that will surely re-enslave them. What then do we do? Well I,  like so many others became involved because I saw what many see and only get to talk about it. I figured I could change this broken system. Read more

Ruger suspends sales. Out of Product

There is one industry that Obama has stimulated even though he gave them no money.  Obama has attempted to destroy the Gun insdustry thru his corrupt Fast and Furious Operation.  People have taken note and gun sales are on the upswing.  In fact, despite the fact that New Hampshire manufacturer Ruger has continually expanded their factory capacity, Ruger has reached the stage where they can no longer fulfill current orders with current manufacturing capacity.  For this reason Ruger is no longer accepting orders from gun dealers.  Of course, Obama and Delaware's own economic development people would rather waste taxpayer dollars by throwing it at failing green busiesses such as Fisker.  We could have tried to make a deal with Ruger to expand into Delaware.   They can't expand quick enough.  Ruger's announcement: After Read more

Support Open Doors Ministry

The first annual yard sale for Open Doors Ministry is Saturday starting at 7:30 am and continuing throughout the morning.  The location is Christian Life Center at 614 S. Du Pont Hwy in Dover.  It is across from Winner Ford and next to the Buggy Car Wash. Open Doors Ministry is the official charity of Delaware  It is dedicated to helping the homeless as well as poor and needy families here in Delaware.  Thank you for your support, donations are accepted anytime, go to the link. Lives are literally being saved by the volunteers as disabled people are rescued from the streets while waiting for shelter to open or working poor families get a heater so they can huddle in at least one somewhat warm room without having the oven open and running up a bill they can't afford ( not to mention the safety issue).  The need is amazing.  One wheel chair bound veteran was found sleeping Read more

Biden’s History Lesson

Joe Biden has, once again, proven that his mouth engages long before his brain.  Biden was speaking  in New Jersey when he stated that, the capture of bin laden (I think he meant killing) was the most audacious plan of the last 500 years.  Biden went on to say that the plan only had a 48% chance of success.  Joe seemed genuinely astounded by this.  I don't know a single military leader who believes that operations, especially covert special forces operations, are guaranteed success.     Some missions are so fraught with risk that they are called "suicide missions"  For someone assigned to one of these suicide missions, a 48 % success rate might sound pretty darn good.  At any rate, I, like most of our fellow citizens, am proud of the courageous and skilled action of Navy Seals Team 6.  However, I just don't think that the killing of one man, hidin out in a 3rd world Read more

A Quick Case Against the Assault on Sheriff’s Arrest Powers

The Attorney General's office issued an opinion bordering on legal malpractice stating that the Sheriff has no arrest powers greater than the average citizen.  I guess the AG has no prosecutorial powers greater than the average citizen either because the same paragraph of the Constitution that gives the Sheriff his standing gives the AG his standing as a constitutional law enforcement officer.  Even more intriguing is that a study of the Delaware code that the opinion was based upon shows the inherent common law understanding that the Sheriff has arrest powers is recognized in 6 different titles of Delaware Code and around a dozen and a half times in several chapters.  In fact, when authority was given to animal control, or the Department of Natural Resources to conduct arrests, here is one example § 1022(a), Chapter 10, Title 3  "State forest officers shall have police powers similar Read more

Political Round Up Spring Edition

Newt Comes to Delaware; John Atkins removes himself from Public Safety Committee; and Ellen Barrosse is challenging long time GOP leader Priscilla Rakestraw. Former Speaker Newt Gingrich is coming to New Castle County. I will have more details as they emerge. Representative John Atkins has decided to request reassignment from the Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee (of which he was the vice chairman) which among other things oversees the State Police after an intemperate email called into question his objectivity. Speaker Bob Gilligan gladly complied. Another State House Bill 257 wants to decapitate businesses that owe state taxes by pulling or denying business licenses. Stopping people from being able to make money needed to pay you what they owe seems unwise. It is like tossing people in jail for not paying child support and pulling their licenses. There may be merit Read more

Silence On The Left

Well it has been almost a week since the last installment in the Rep. John Atkins (D-De) saga and still no response from the Democrats of Delaware.   For those who need to be caught up on the ongoing troubles of  Rep.John Atkins (D-De) let me give you a quick run down. It was not so long ago that we heard of an altercation in a field involving Rep. John Atkins (D-De) in which Rep. John Atkins (D-De) was allegedly assaulted by two men who had come onto the property owned by the father in-law of Rep. John Atkins (D-De) in response to a report of tires being burned in a brush pile. When Rep. John Atkins (D-De) showed up an argument ensued and Rep. John Atkins (D-De) was allegedly attacked.   It was but a couple of weeks later that an angry email from Rep. John Atkins (D-De) was made public. The email had been sent from Rep. John Atkins (D-De), to the superior of a Delaware State Trooper Read more

Flat Tax Support Grows

The promotion of the Buffet Rule by the left may have backfired.  58% of Americans  now support a simple flat rate tax where everyone pays the same rate.  Many of them believe that would raise taxes on the rich therefore even people who want taxes increased on the rich support it. A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 58% of American Adults now support an across-the-board income tax percentage. Support for a simplified system like this has been growing from 44% in April 2009 to 55% this time last year. Thirty-one percent (31%) oppose a system where everyone pays the same percentage in taxes. Eleven percent (11%) are undecided. (To see survey question wording, click here.) Opposition to the current progressive tax system in which higher earners are taxed at a higher rate may seem somewhat surprising, but a sizable number of Americans have questioned the fairness Read more

DE Rail Splitters Society Thursday, March 22 meeting

Location: Timothy's Restaurant on the Waterfront Time: 5:30-6pm mingle, 6-8pm Program Topic: Political Communications: I  Tweet therefor I am On Thursday, March 22, please join the DE Rail Splitters and five savvy DE political communicators  for a conversation about  political communications in the age of blogs, twitter, and other social media. Speakers: Councilman David Anderson ( Laurie Bick, DE Republican Party Communications Director ( Charlie Copeland, blogger/business owner ( Ken Grant, former Republican Party Communications Director ( Evan Queitsch, 11th District State Senate Candidate ( Enjoy discussions regarding how new media has reshaped American Politics, practical insights for candidates, elected officials, Read more

The Chosen Ones (Pt. 2)

   In a previous post, "The Chosen Ones", I pointed out that the 14th Representative District GOP Committee had scheduled a candidates forum for March 22nd.    In that post I also pointed out that GOP primary candidate for the 6th state senatorial district,Ernie Lopez, had to bow out of the event due to a scheduling conflict, since he will be defending his doctoral dissertation on that day. It seems as if Mr. Lopez had never been contacted about the event prior to the original announcement being released. And when the correction was released there was no mention of the oversight on the part of the organizers, or the reason for Mr. Lopez being unable to attend.  My concern in my previous post was the perception that Mr. Lopez had backed out of the event either because he didn't want to face his primary opponent, or he didn't want to face the voters.   In my previous post I clearly Read more

Santorum Leads Obama In Core States; Romney Trails

In a Paradox which has to drive RePublican strategists batty,  Santorum is stronger in the swing states than Romney that Republicans must win and leads the President, but romney is stronger overall.  Romney locks up the Republican states while Santorum remains very competitive leading some in the margin of error and trails by larger margins in Democrat states.  This results in Santorum polling 7 points behind the President this week while Romney is 4 points behind. The President's approval rating is higher at 49%.  Optimism in the Economy and the future is still a minority opinion, but growing.  This is bolstering the President's chances.  His numbers look the best since early 2010. Read more

John Atkins, “Bus Driver”

  A fire chief, a father in-law, two work release prisoners, a number of police officers from several towns and the state, DNREC, and who knows how many others.   What do all these people have in common? Well they have all been thrown under the bus by Rep. John Atkins(D-De) in an attempt to cover up his involvement in several dust ups.   There was the Ocean City drunk driving incident. There was the possible spousal abuse incident. There was the use of his position as a state representative. There was the incident of speeding for which he was not charged, yet he felt the need to send a threatening letter to the superior of the Trooper who had stopped him. There was the fire in the field, which lead to him being allegedly assaulted by a former state Trooper, where tires were being burned on the fire.   And that my friends is what leads us to the latest John Atkins installment.   Read more