Do Local Curfews Reduce Crime?

My friend Councilman Bill Hare is introducing an ordinance to impose a curfew on children under 16. The committee hearing will be held Wednesday at the Safety and advisory committee meeting. Here is an interesting background in the News Journal. Should the government have the right to tell a 14 year old they can’t walk on their block to clear their head if their friend died and they can’t sleep? Should government care if you are coming home from church or if you are coming home from dropping your girlfriend off at home? Is our family system under such stress that we need this additional help? What are your thoughts?

W. G. Edmanson Wins Camden Mayor

This past weekend gave Camden Delaware a new mayor. W. G.’s victory may not seem meaningful to the rest of the state, but it is. While the local theft scandal by the former city manager was a local issue, this continues a trend of conservative ascendency in local government. W.G. was a conservative Republican voice on Kent County Levy Court who like others in the Dover area lost in the Obama landslide in 2008. His return bodes well. Congratulations, W. G.

Jack Markell, Obama Puppet ?

  Delaware Governor Jack Markell, who is also the Vice Chairman of the National Governors Association, announced that he and several other Democrat governors had met with President Obama to discuss bypassing congress to in act the president's policy agenda.    Gov. Markell said, “There was a sense that none of us should wait, we can’t wait for things to happen in Congress,” Markell also said, “We’re going to do what we can do [now].”   This would seem to mirror a statement that Pres. Obama made in October when he said, " “Where Congress won’t act, I will,” .    It would seem as if Gov. Markell is little more than a smaller version of Pres. Obama, one might say that Gov. Markell is but a puppet for the Obama, Biden administration.    This statement is a bit troubling since it is vague in its meaning. One could say that he is saying that states will be Read more

Upcoming announcements

You are all invited to my campaign announcement for the 31st district representative on March 8th at 5:30 pm at the Golden Fleece Tavern. I hope you can make it and thank you for your support. Ronald G. Poliquin, Esquire Kevin McCarthy, Announcement for 5th District Levy Court Commissioner, Mon., Feb. 27th, 7:00 P.M., Kent County GOP HQ’S. Please try to attend. Ayottefor County Council Don Ayotte to announcehis candidacy for Sussex County’s 3rdCouncilmanic District at: The ManorHouse Located at Sussex East on Rt.9, 1.3 miles east of the Intersection at Five Points in Lewes on March 10th at 1:00pm. Buffet provided with 50/50 raffle No admission fee and donations will Be accepted. Come and be a part of helping Don get elected, eat good food and do some friendly networking Visit

Your Turn at Bat, Smyrna Citizens Can’t Understand, Dover Sex Offenders on Notice

This is an open thread for your opinions. Here are my contributions. Smyrna discontinued live streaming of their meetings because the citizens misunderstand what they see too easily. You read that right.  The citizens are too dumb to understand what they see with their own eyes and hear with their own ears so they have to be protected from their ignorance.  Oh brother....  Now I admit there are people who are challenged in their ability to listen and pay attention, but to deprive the town of the ability to watch the meetings unless they show up in person seems like complete overkill.  You get a couple of people who misunderstand things and you punish the entire town.  I think the problem may be that too many people understand exactly what they see. They also contend that the media have seized snippets of dialogue and published them out of context. "We don't have problems Read more

Lizzie Delle Donne: the Value of Life

Today was Senior Day for the Women's Basketball Team at the Univeristy of Delaware in Newark.  Senior Day at any High School or College is a tradition that is rich in emotion and caring. It is a day where parents and family get to honor the efforts of their children who have devoted years to become scholar athletes. For anyone who has been there,  it is a bittersweet event.  Honoring one with the knowledge that you will not see him or her perform again is difficult. Next Year, near this time, a similar event will occur and one of the seniors will be someone who is arguably the finest University of Delaware athlete ever.  I am speaking of Elena Delle Donne.  Personally, I have seen some great athletes at UD and the one I would compare her with is Rich Gannon.  Both EDD and Gannon could dominate a game singlehandedly.  Both make their teammates better.   But my post is not about Read more

It Is Better to Win

I read with intrigue the post Who Can Beat Pete?, which is aimed at getting everyone to look at the entire field of opportunity and not just part of it.   I like the spunk behind it and the wisdom of remembering that our struggle for the hearts and minds of this state is has to be taken to every district.  I disagree with the notion that getting our strongest candidates to pass up an open district which they have a very good chance of winning is a good use of talent.  I think the best way to defeat Pete is to take out his allies thereby diminishing his power.  If we can find a candidate to challenge him as well, all the better.  Just remember that it will be tougher now that he has redistricted himself.  Our best chance was 2010.  Politics is a game of strategy.  I remember a story of two men who had a bet that he had the three fastest horses in the county.  They decided Read more

One to Go

It looks like we will have a full ballot for the Delaware Republican Presidential Primary  on April 24.  Ron Paul’s team turned in almost 3 times the required signatures and officially qualified for the ballot.  Newt Gingrich’s team did not miss in Delaware either.  They join Mitt Romney and Buddy Roemer (who may have dropped out) as qualifying.   Rick Santorum’s team needs your support to get on the ballot.  Email us delawarepolitics@gmail.comand we will get you in touch with people who will get your signature or get you a petition.  Santorum qualifies for matching funds so I am confident that he should get an automatic berth, but why take a chance?

Well said

February 23, 2012 For Immediate Release Contact: Matt Beynon - SANTORUM OFFERS CONDOLENCES AND PRAYERS AFTER THE DEATH OF SEVEN U.S. MARINES IN ARIZONA Verona, PA - Republican Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum made the following statement in response to news of the death of seven Marines after a helicopter crash in Arizona. Rick Santorum said: "The thoughts and prayers of the entire Santorum family go out to the families of the Marines who died last evening. Every day, thousands of our brave countrymen and women put on the uniform to defend our nation, putting their very lives on the line for the preservation of our freedom. Karen and I pray for these men and women every day, and it's with a heavy heart that we express our gratitude to the Marines who lost their lives and for their families. They are to be praised for their service, dedication, and for giving the Read more

Who Can Beat Pete ?

   Down here in Sussex County, Delaware the new 6th state senatorial district has drawn quite a bit of attention, mostly due to the characters who are vying to be the winner of that seat.   On the Democrat side it seems as if there will be at least a two-way primary between local realtor, Andy Staton and perennial candidate Mike Miller who just might hold a record for running for office. There has been talk that as many as two other people are considering a run for the Democrat nomination.   However it is the GOP primary that is attracting the most attention. It has already seen many turns just on the question of endorsements.  Glen Urquhart, a retired Virginia developer and a former candidate for the U.S. congress. Mr. Urquhart  resigned on February 13th as the Sussex County GOP Chairman after announcing his intention to seek the seat in the sixth district.   Mr. Urquhart Read more

Band of Brothers Today

Spike TV is running the entire series of the Band Of Brothers today.  It is an unbelievable series.  I have set up my DVR.  We still have among us those who have served in the 101st Airborne Division.  They will tell you that they were ordinary Americans.  The fact is ordinary Americans are capable of extraordinary things.  If you are off on this President’s Day there is no better way to honor our fathers and grandfathers than to watch this series.  Right now they are showing the paratroop drops on D-Day June 6 1944.  There is much more to this.  The story of the Screaming Eagles, the Battered Bastards of Bastogne is something that makes anyone proud to be an American.

Sam Wilson Cleared

Bogus anonymous complaints against Conservative Sussex County Councilman Sam Wilson have been dismissed by the State Board of Public Integrity. Like or dislike Mr. Wilson, the ruling is important for keeping the system of public integrity fair and just. The complaints were based upon rumors such as he got a special rate to buy feed and should recuse himself when it turned out that he had only shopped at the business twice in 20 years (at least once before he was a councilman) and yes paid regular rates. The other was based upon the allegation that he was overheard saying that he would love to help someone out. Not that he would help someone out for something in return (that would be a real issue). Not that he actually helped someone out (which wouldn't be bad). If Wilson would have been put through the ringer to justify an offhanded innocuous comment, like I would love to help someone Read more

Jeff Cragg

This past Thursday night I had the chance to spend the evening with Jeff Cragg as he addressed a room full of supporters. Mr. Cragg will be challenging incumbent Jack Markell (D) in the upcoming election to be the next governor of Delaware as the Republican candidate. The following is a bio given to me by Mr. Cragg's campaign; Jeff is a resident of Brandywine Hundred and married to his wife, Terry, for 21 years. Jeff and Terry have 4 children, 4 dogs and a cat. Jeff has 24 years of management experience in positions of increasing responsibility in the Life and Health Insurance industry. Currently, Jeff is an Individual Investor and entrepeneur. Jeff and Terry have been the co-owners of a Mail Boxes Etc. Store since 2000. Jeff is a graduate of Carlton College in Northfield Minnesota earning an EA in Economics and is a Fellow , Life Management Institute (FLMI). A former collegiate Read more

Governor Chris Christie Right Again

This week Governor Chris Christie of NJ proved that he is a fine leader. A great leader has both conviction and compassion. Governor Christie vetoed the same sex marriage bill demanding the legislature submit it to referendum or it dies. The far left and RINO contingent blasts him. A famous NJ music artist passed away. He ordered appropriately that flags be flown half staff the day of Whitney Houston's funeral. What you would think would be a noncontroversial move, was criticized by a few because they saw it as honoring drug use. Where were these guys when the post office gave us an Elvis stamp? Governor Christie stated that he rejected that at a human level. Her personal struggles did not invalidate her positive accomplishments. I would hope that is how we view everyone's life or else we would honor no one. U. S. Grant and Winston Churchill drank a little too much, Franklin, Read more

Darkness Descends On Maryland

Anti-traditional marriage forces finally pushed and bullied their way through the Maryland State House of Delegates. By the closest of margins, a couple of renegade Republicans and weak Democrats buckled and reversed their opposition under the excuse of some weak amendments. I believe the decline of America began in 1962 when we took GOD out of the classroom. Now the light of truth is so dim in some circles that even the most basic facts of culture, biology, and sociology are confusing to some. This darkness is now fully engaged in the Maryland General Assembly. We have a good number of Maryland readers. I give our Maryland friends a call to action. The battle is not over. It is time for people to engage. Call the state senate. Call the state house. It may come back to the house if the senate amends it. Get organized in your churches and community groups to hit the path for Read more

Christine O’Donnell on Mitt Romney

Christine O'Donnnell has taken some hits from some former supporters and Tea Party activists for her support of and endorsement of Mitt Romney.  In this link Christine outlines her preference for Mitt over Rick.  Christine states that " Former Delaware Republican Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell told The Daily Caller that former Sen. Rick Santorum’s “fiscal record is more liberal” than Gov. Mitt Romney’s “social record". While the wording is a little clumsy, Christine has a point.  Anyone who has explored the Romney total record as Governor will find a Conservative Governor who did battle every day with Liberal Democrats.  Since I have friends and relatives who live in Massachusetts, I have been privy to some of the attitudes of Conservative Republicans in that state.  (Yeah, I know both of them :))  Romney vetoed over 800 pieces of legislation.   Many times Read more

Santorum Picks Up Huge Defection

February 17, 2012 For Immediate Release Contact: Matt Beynon - 703.307.8633 FORMER ROMNEY DELEGATE AND OHIO ATTORNEY GENERAL MIKE DEWINE ANNOUNCES SUPPORT FOR RICK SANTORUM DeWine: "You have to give people a reason to believe that under your leadership, America will be better. Rick Santorum has done that. Sadly, Governor Romney has not." Verona, PA - Republican Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum announced today the endorsement of former Romney delegate and Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine. Santorum made the announcement today on the steps of the Ohio Statehouse while campaigning in the Buckeye State. In October, DeWine endorsed Governor Mitt Romney, but after closer scrutiny of Romney's record and campaign style, he decided to switch his support to Rick Santorum. DeWine Read more

Saving Sergeant Ryan Jerome Part 2

When last we addressed the issue of Ryan Jerome and his persecution by liberal District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr.,  I felt that the proper disposition of this case was to dismiss the charges.  I have since changed my view.  I now believe that Cyrus Vance Jr should treat Ryan Jerome they way this liberal District Attorney treats any common criminal who voluntarily turns in a hand gun.  Liberal District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. should pay Ryan Jerome for his gun and allow him to walk away with no questions asked.  As reported in the Daily Caller, As charges pend against the Indiana resident, real-life criminals are permitted to sell illegal weapons to the city for cash, no questions asked, through a taxpayer-funded program. Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance, whose office is prosecuting Jerome, proudly promotes the “buyback” initiative. Now maybe Ryan Jerome's mistake was Read more

Congratulations to Jerry Wood

Sussex Region Republicans have a new chairman, Jerry Wood. I will be interviewing Mr. Wood and discussing his vision soon, but I am very happy to see his ascension. My professional reference was read at his nomination and from reports that I received went over very well. I meant every word. Mr. Wood is an organizational genius. He knows how to identify, and mobilize voters. He is the person who can organize the party in Sussex to reach beyond traditional Republican constituencies in a smart way. Jerry and his friends helped me greatly in my council race with a special project which turned out to be a gold mine of votes (1/3 of my total and the source of a significant number of signs). I wanted the most professional group possible for it and these men and women were highly recommended. I could not take anything for granted in a district that is almost 6 to 1 in the hands of the Read more

Who Is Advising Jack Markell ?

   Delaware Governor Jack Markell, has announced that the state of Delaware will be halting the implementation of the medical marijuana bill that was recently passed in the Delaware General Assembly and signed by the Governor.    It seems as if the General Assembly along with the Governor and who ever it is that advises the Governor in such matters, failed to realize that there are still federal laws against the manufacturing and distribution of marijuana. Even if those manufacturing and distributing the illegal drug are the state of Delaware and its employees.    Seeing as though the state of  California has seen arrest and the closing of that state's pot shops by the feds, it is surprising that Governor Markell and his henchmen in the General Assembly missed the fact that state employees involved in the operation of any growing facilities and or the sale of the illegal drug Read more

Saving Sergeant Ryan Jerome

Sergeant Ryan Jerome is a victim of Liberal bigotry and stupidity in the State of New York.   Jerome dutifully fulfilled his obligation to the Marines and was given an honorable discharge after rising through the enlisted ranks to the highest enlisted rank of Sergeant.  After leaving the Marines he went home to Indiana where he started a small jewelry business.  As a Small business person he has been successful.  It is not uncommon for people in the jewelry business to transport tens of thousands of dollars worth of merchandise in their coat pockets.  There are significant risks there and for that reason Ryan Jerome applied for and received a concealed carry permit from the State of Indiana to carry a gun. In this case a .45 caliber Ruger.    Those Jewelers, who actually do jewelry work, typically have excess gold to sell to whomever.  A ring sizing that reduces a ladies Read more

Obama doesn’t hate all Rich People

According to Senator Rand Paul he just hates the Rich People who do not donate to his campaigns.  At the CPAC convention this weekend Rand Paul makes the interesting case that Obama's rich cronies get tons of tax payer monies in return for their support.    George Kaiser, the 20th richest man in America was a donor and bundler for Obama.  His company,  Solyndra,  received 500 million in subsidies from the taxpayers.  As we all know, Solyndra was another Obama Green failure.  But Kaiser made good on his investment.  The 20th richest man in America made millions back for the thousands he invested in Obama.  The person called by the Solyndra General Counsel in the Department of Energy to secure the taxpayer subsidies for Solyndra was the husband of the Solyndra General Counsel.  So how is that hopey changey thing working? Then we have one of Washington's spoiled rich kids,  Read more

The Week in Politics

This is an open discussion thread to get your thoughts. The comments will be the interesting part. I would like to remind everyone about the free marriage conference in Dover, married or not, it could be an opportunity to gain insight about relationships between men and women. Registration is now at the door. Come on by the Westminster Retirement Village Community Center West room and bring your Valentine. It starts at 10 and ends before 1. The people need to know the issues, resources to address those issues. Dr. Kim Warfield is having a forum today give people that information. It is at 2:00pm at the Dover Parks and Recreation Center off White Oak Road in Dover. It is an impressive panel representing NGO's--such as charities and service providers, local government, education, business information, and state government. CPAC has been ground zero for the Republican Presidential Read more