Let Nature Run Its Course

DNREC's Policy of Inundation Unacceptable    By State Rep. Harvey Kenton & State Sen. Gary Simpson  Recent statements by some state officials suggest Delaware is charting a new and troubling course when it comes to the protection of our small coastal communities. Background At issue is the repair of protective dunes on Fowler Beach in the Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge.  About two years ago, several nor'easters produced wave action that over-washed the dune line south of Fowler Beach Road, forming a "mini-inlet" that caused severe erosion of the protective berm.   Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER) and the Delaware Audubon Society have opposed the restoration claiming, among other things, that the government should not act to interfere with the natural process.  Although legal challenges launched by the group have been unsuccessful, they Read more

Smoking ban may soon spread to houses in Florida

“We want our homes and our children to be safe and free of tobacco,” said Ellen Feiler, health promotion director for the Broward County Health Department. “We don’t want it coming through the walls. We don’t want people walking down the street and breathing in someone else’s smoke.” Are you ever amazed by some of the things that you read? I have to admit that it happens to me on a regular basis. Maybe it’s because I read more news than I used to or maybe it’s because people have gotten to the point where they want to legislate away things they consider to be immoral or unsafe with a complete disregard to human rights. What is the concept here? Public housing, private apartments, and condominiums should be smoke-free so that your neighbors don’t have to endure smoke seeping through their walls or windows. In Miami-Dade County, health officials are working with Read more

TSA takes a break from groping to suspend employee who left “encouraging” note

She didn’t want a lot of attention when she sent out a revealing tweet, but attention she received all the same. If you didn’t hear about the original story – you may read it here. The employee who wrote this note has been reprimanded, but as is pointed out, there is a much larger issue at stake here. It’s easy to scape-goat one individual here, but the problem with the note is that it’s representative of the bigger privacy intrusions that the U.S. government, through the TSA and other sources, levels every day. The invasion is inherent to the TSA’s mission, regardless of whether a funny note is left behind — the note only serves to highlight the absurdity of all this security theater. As much as this is a funny and titillating story, when I put the note on Twitter for what I thought was a relatively limited audience I was hoping it would open up a bigger conversation Read more

Calmer Minds Must Prevail

In the course of the many debates that it took to formulate our Constitution and Bill of Rights, there were many heated argument and discussions. In the 1770's, there were diverse opinions and heated patriotic rhetoric. I am sure there were shouting matches and sides were taken on the issues that each argued. Currently in Sussex County, we have a disagreement between not only two different definitions of what the sheriff's job is but sides have been taken and the topic has become extremely heated and out of hand. I know both Councilman Phillips and Sheriff Christopher to be fine men and great public servants. Both are Christian men and good husbands and fathers. Both men do an excellent job serving Sussex County performing extremely important tasks. I call on Sheriff Christopher to take the high ground on the confrontation that occurred at the Sussex County GOP Headquarters and drop Read more

Florida Fighting to Drug Test Welfare Recipients

The highly controversial law (which likely has 70 to 80% public support but the hatred of elite opinion) is on hold temporarily by a federal judge pending a review of its constitutionality.  Florida is the first state to require drug testing of welfare recipients currently.  If this holds up in court or even if the concept holds up (the objections under scrutiny seem more about details of the law), I doubt Florida will remain the only state.

The 1%

I hear political rhetoric demonizing "the 1%". Now I am not in the 1% so I don't have a dog in the hunt. Still I am disturbed that every ill in society seems to be the fault of this minority. One oneside is the demonizing rhetoric, on the other are the facts. The 1% are freeloaders though they pay a higher percentage of their income in taxes than anyone else. The 1% are robbing from the rest of us and we need a more equitable distribution of wealth though the facts show most of them are well educated, take risks to create wealth others don't, and generally created their wealth. The 1% get bailouts and we don't though the truth is everyone gets some sort of bailout. Unemployment, Medicare, Medicaid, rebate checks, tax credits, food stamps or whatever the new name is, farm subsidies, small business loans, disaster aid, student grants and loans, and the list goes on. In fact, the 1% didn't Read more

Update On Abortion Doctor Kermit Gosnell, Staff And Family Will Be Prosecuted Also

The Doctor who ran a "house of horrors" Philadelphia abortion clinic and who was charged in the deaths of one woman and seven babies who Prosecutors said were born alive then killed with scissors will be tried with his staff and family, according to reports by Lifenews.com The report states that Gosnell faces multiple murder charges for killing a woman in a failed abortion and seven unborn children after purposefully inducing birth so he could take their lives in a ghastly abortion-infanticide procedure. His wife, who worked at the Woman's Medical Society abortion business with him and staffers also face charges ranging from murder to obstructing justice to practicing medicine without a license. Judge Benjamin Lerner ruled on September 30, that the family and staff must stand trial with Gosnell even if they are not also charged in connection with the murder of a woman in a failed legal Read more

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

Don't let it be said that I do not support environmental sanity. I was one of the first in my city to participate in the voluntary recycling. I changed my bulbs years ago. I winterized and upgraded. I support alternative energy --just not at any price. I drive a fuel efficient car. Laugh at it while I drive past you when you are at the gas station. I just do not buy into the extreme view governing our state. It is almost as if now that the air and water are cleaner than anytime in the last 150 years that the environmental movement has to invent threats to feel relevant. One does not have to kill the economy to be environmentally responsible. Whatever happened to those simple three words, reduce, reuse, and recycle? We need common sense not global panic and the misallocation of resources ideas like a focus on greenhouse gasses brings. So my green friends do not feel left out. Read more

The Lastest Polls–Do They Have Any Meaning?

The lastest polls show Herman Cain and Mitt Romney to be tied for front runner status with Paul and Perry fighting for third in the race for the GOP nomination. Gingrich has shown life based upon the power of ideas and intellect. He is right in the mix. I am not ready to write off anyone yet, but with Iowa less than 10 weeks away, if a candidate is not in the top 5 at this stage, it is hard to see him/her making it. Jimmy Carter was an exception which is why I will not write anyone off who has a strong following and some money. Michele Bachmann, for instance, is one who has the potential to rocket in Iowa then change the entire dynamic. Rick Santorum is banking on the same strategy. The problem is there are only so many tickets out of Iowa. People say 3, last time there were 4 as John McCain essentially tied for third. By the end of Feburary 4th there will be only 5 candidates at Read more

Comment Removal Policy

Some people are wondering why a comment was redacted by request. I always have redacted comments upon the request. If you make a particularly regretable comment, I have no desire to rub your nose in it. If you contact me at davidlevianderson@gmail.com, I will try to remove it or get one of my editors to do so. I see it as part of our ethic of civility. Sometimes circumstances may prevent us from being able to remove a comment (most of us work for a living) and other comments may be based upon it. When removing the comment requires reworking an entire thread, it won't happen. You will just have to make a clarifying statement. Once you make a comment on a public forum, you and you alone are responsible for it. While we are on that subject, let me clarify the role of comments. Some in the media or certain interest groups have criticized us for comments that appear. We are Read more


The Occupy movement seems poised to be treated much the same as Communism.  Intellectuals will discuss its merits, and how it has value.  Some scholars may pontificate about its good ideals in theory, while bemoaning the fact that it started to fall apart when the theories began to hit the street.  The decent people among the Occupy movement will say that you can't judge the whole movement by a few members, or a small number of signs and that many of the people are there for good reasons that you and I probably agree with, or at least we would if we took a some time to seriously to think about them. I on the other hand have no sympathy for the movement, and very little for the people that have been sucked into it.  This is not the Tea Party, or 9-12 or even close.  This is not a movement that was co-opted, but rather one that was instigated and aided at every step, by some of the Read more

Occupy Wall Street vs. the Tea Party

Wait, why is it always a head to head comparison of one movement against the other? Why can people not take each movement for what it appears to be? Why is it a competition? Could it be because there is an election around the corner and the politicians want to win votes? I’m going to share a bit of my own opinion here. Please remember that I am not a “member” of the Occupy Wall Street movement although I do associate myself with the Tea Party movement.  Please also remember that I am in my twenties, so everything I say is not backed up with 50 years of experience (but that does not make it wrong). I pay attention to the news. Let’s face it, it’s most of my day. For the past few weeks all it seems that I can hear about is how Occupy Wall Street has done this or done that.  They have pictures that are anti-Semitic (and they do, I have seen them on the Internet). There are Read more

Delaware GOP Chairman Calls For Investigation Into Fisker!

For Immediate Release: WILMINGTON -- Today Republican State Committee Chairman John Sigler called upon Delaware's congressional delegation led by Senator Tom Carper to conduct an investigation into the use of taxpayer monies to finance President Obama's deal with Fisker as outlined in the news story shown below. "I respectfully call upon Senator Carper as the most senior member of Delaware's congressional delegation to obtain for the people of the State of Delaware the answers to the following questions: (1) How much taxpayer money, if any, has thus far been spent on enabling Fisker to build "green cars" in Finland and Delaware? (2)How many Delawareans, if any, have been employed as the result of the federal loans to Fisker, the reported millions of Delaware state taxpayer subsidies, and New Castle County property tax relief? (3) Why has Fisker delayed beginning operations here Read more

Lemonade sellers have all charges dropped for Lemonade Freedom Protest

Kathryn Dill, Meg McLain, and Will Duffield most likely be celebrated last night. In fact, many Liberty activists around the country probably did a little celebrating last night as the Superior Court of the District of Columbia has dropped all charges against the three Lemonistas. Kathryn, Meg, and Will were arrested on August 20, 2011 during Lemonade Freedom Day – a day of awareness for activists alarmed at the shutdown of numerous lemonade stands during the hot summer months.  The charges included “selling goods on U.S. Capitol grounds” (which faces 180 days behind bars – a very productive use of your tax dollars). More details aboutLemonade Freedom Day is available here. On October 4, 2011, Meg McLain was on The Angel Clark Show on Radio Freedom to talk about the three Lemonistas and their court appearance that day. The mood was somber as it seemed Meg, Kathryn, Read more

I hope I Don’t Get In Trouble for This

But how is it that President Obama is wrong for increasing regulation and wrong for decreasing it? Can the man do no right? Just asking. Don't spank me too hard in the replies. I promise that I do not favor President Obama in any way nor his neo-socialist policies. I just don't have a problem with him doing something right. America needs a break. I don't care about the motives. I just think we may be persuasive if we seem more reasonable.  I am grabbing a pillow just in case. Obama to Rule by Decree Over Economy, ALG Responds October 13, 2011, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson today issued the following statement blasting the Obama Administration's decision impose its will over the economy in response to its failure to enact a $35 billion states bailout: "The New York Times is reporting that the Administration, in response to the bi-partisan rejection Read more

Christine O’Donnell is planning on donating to four GOP Presidential Candidates

I received an email while I was on the air last night from Christine PAC - informing me that she has donated to two GOP Presidential Candidates and is planning on donating to two others. Any guess who? I contributed to Gov. Romney, Herman Cain and I plan to personally contribute to Sen. Santorum and Speaker Gingrich. Christine makes explanations which I will share with you regarding her choices. While running errands at my local Target Friday night I was unexpectedly contacted by ABC News asking me about my personal political contributions in the 2012 GOP Presidential Primary. This seemed to cause a bit of a stir, so I am writing to you directly to share my thoughts on the upcoming 2012 elections and our role as a movement. I view contributing to the candidates as a sort of vote before the final vote. Imagine if during the MLB playoffs you could jump onto the field and actually Read more

I like the New Pro-Choice Position–Cain Moves Debate to the Right

Did you know that the pro-choice position is for overturning Roe and Doe and banning abortion except in cases of rape and life of the mother?  I know that sounds strangely like the pro-life with exceptions position, but according to liberals and a few conservatives alike that is now Pro-Choice.   Wow, I like it.  I don't agree with it, but millions of children can live with it.  Now since that is the new consensus, let's pass it tomorrow. Woe, not so fast say my "pro-choice" friends.  We don't favor that.  Then how do you mock Mr. Herman Cain as pro-choice?  You see hardly anyone watches Live with Piers Morgan so it was easy to distort Mr. Cain's answer to the question what about rape should the government make your daughter or granddaughter raise that child?  Mr. Cain answered no, that should be the choice of the woman and her family not a bureaucrat.  I disagree with exceptions Read more

The Holy Cause of Liberty

Nearly a year ago on of my favorite liberal commenters took issue with my use of this term. “America was founded on taking up arms for the Holy cause of Liberty.” That’s one way of looking at it. Another would be that a minority of English citizens of the American colonies, in refusing to bear the taxes intended to pay for the cost of defending those colonies against French and Indian combatants, bullied loyalists and wrested those colonies away from the mother country, much to the detriment of at least one-third of the inhabitants. Very few historians, and very few contemporaries, have ever claimed that there was anything “holy” about it. That’s pure propaganda. Naturally, I disagree. I will not say which liberal commenter to protect the guilty and due to the fact it was written on another blog. What I wanted to discuss was worldview. Some have taken issue with my Read more


I am so happy that the administration is making the world safe for Sharia law.  I am sure that you have seen the headline about the new decree from the interim Libyan leader.  When you look at the fact we are rushing out of Iraq without finishing training the Air Force in spite of the fact 80% of parliamentwanted us to finish, which may strengthen Iran's hand.  We look at Egypt.  We look at the wings in Yemen.  We look at the likely turn toward the clerics in Saudi Arabia.  We look at Pakistan.  We look at shifts in Turkey or Hamas in Palestine.  We have to ask, Is the adminstration going in the right direction?   The people in these countries have the right to make decisions, but should we not side with those among them who agree with our values instead of those who despise them. Read more

The Enemy Within

I have never been one to believe Republicans are good and Democrats are evil or the reverse.  I do not believe conservatives are good and liberals are evil.   I do believe there are a few people in every way of life who are disloyal, liars, and character assassins.  They are the enemy within any group.  When you find them, they must be shunned.   The Republicans have found that Sarah Palin's suspicions about Wallace were correct.  She was the enemy within the McCain/Palin campaign who had fantasies about subverting the Constitution and the process by somehow preventing Sarah Palin from taking the oath and claiming to the public she was mentally ill.  She obviously wouldn't had been successful, but if she is halfway truthful about her intentions would have destroyed the Republican Party and sent the country ballistic.  Is she really as stupid as she sounds or is she just that evil.  Read more

Which way?

How long will ye be halt between two opinions asked a prophet a couple of thousand years ago.   America faces that question itself.  In 2010, it put the breaks on, but a great nation cannot stay in neutral.  We have to choose.    Will America be a nation of free markets, strong families, and free people?  Will America be a nation of license, crony capitalism, debt, and cooperative living groups?   We have to choose.  Choose wisely.