Darrell Wallace Jr. made history as the first black to win a pole postion in the 42 year history of the Dover Speedway.    I am  to the races for the first time today and will be rooting for Darrell.  Darrell drives #6 which is the Army truck so I have a double affinity.

NASCAR has reached out to America’s increasingly diverse population.   NASCAR has given women and minorities more opportunities and marked itself in a way that shows more universal appeal. 

The GOP needs to learn what NASCAR did and take note.  If NASCAR, which started as a white southern race club circut can do it, certainly the Party of Lincoln and Civil Rights can reclaim its place as the party for all Americans.

Raising Cain

We all know about Zogby's outlier poll, but 2 new polls show that indeed Herman Cain is top tier as conservatives have left Bachmann, Santorum, and Perry.   The question is will organization follow to allow him to capitalize off of his momentum.  The Fox News National poll confirms his momentum nationally,  A new  Survey USA poll shows that he is essentially tied with Romney in Florida. This election is more exciting than a NASCAR race with leader changes and a real race.  Romney, Bachmann, Paul, Perry, Huckabee, Palin, Christie, and now Cain have been in at least 2nd if not first.  The electorate is engaged like never before,  Stay tuned. Read more

Wade Makes a Move

KEVIN WADE FORMS EXPLORATORY COMMITTEE FOR 2012 UNITED STATES SENATE RACE NEW CASTLE, DELAWARE – Kevin Wade announced today the members of his Exploratory Committee for the 2012 U.S. Senate race. “These are difficult and serious times in Delaware and across the US. Families are hurting. Jobs are lost never to return. The American Dream seems to be a faded photograph. The status quo of Washington first and of everyday Americans last is not acceptable. Washington is broken and unable to fix itself. The incumbent has been in the Senate for nearly 12 years. He does not understand that today’s problem originated in Washington and not by the hands of the American people. Unlike his predecessor, the late Senator Bill Roth, the incumbent has no lasting legislative achievements to his credit, such as the Roth IRA or Roth-Kemp Tax Cuts. More importantly, the incumbent seems unaware of the desperation Read more

Will Sussex County’s Sheriff Gain Full Police Enforcement Status?

This resolution has not yet been presented before the Sussex County GOP Executive Committee and has just been drafted by Eric Bodenweiser, the RD Chairman of the 37th District. Resolution to the Sussex County Council Regarding the Office of the Sheriff of Sussex County Whereas the Office of the Sheriff of Sussex County is the only law enforcement position in the county that is elected and accountable directly to the People, and Whereas Sheriff Jeff Christopher campaigned and was elected on a platform of personnel training and certification, and Whereas minimum state standard training certification of the Office of Sheriff’s Deputies is consistent and in keeping with our State Constitution and the provisions therein, and Whereas minimum state standard training certification will; be at minimum cost, offer increased services to the residents and visitors of Sussex County and reduce Read more

We Must Be Winning

NC Governor Beverly Perdue  called for suspending the elections for a couple of years so Congress could focus on the economy not reelection.  It called an immediate stir and her office put out a statement that she was obviously joking.  Not so obvious to the press and people attending the rotary meeting, but she knows her intent. The fact that she would even joke about it to the rotary club, illustrates her concern which I am sure is shared by many other red and purple state Democrats -- after NY-9 maybe some blue state Democrats.  Democrats had high hopes of taking back the House.  Now they hope to hold most of what they have left. There is one course of action that could redeem them.  Pass the appropriation bills sent over to them, pass a real debt reduction program, and pass a real jobs bill.  The Senate is dysfunctional.  The Democrats have no plan and refuse to vote on Read more

Republican Debates

I originally started out as a non fan of debates.   There are no delegates at risk and straw polls are basically publicity stunts.   I have changed my tune.  The Republican debates have been a boon for our presidential candidates and our party.  I don't like the format and we have too many candidates on stage.  But after 3 debates it is obvious that any of the Republicans on stage are superior to the incompetent boob we currently have in the White House. The Liberal media are attempting to make this a Romney v  Perry match.  My view is not so fast.  I saw a lot of signs of life from the so called 2nd tier candidates.   More importantly is that every candidate is developing their bona fides with a national audience of conserevatives.   The national Republican Debates are running under the radar of the Liberals in the News Media.   What the Liberals don't Read more

Presidential Candidate Gov. Gary Johnson to be on The Angel Clark Show on Friday night!

Former New Mexico Governor and Republican Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson will be on The Angel Clark Show this Friday night! To listen to the show, head to Radio Freedom!  The Angel Clark Show is on live, Monday through Friday from 7-9 pm EST using the previous link! If you have a question for Gary Johnson, feel free to send them via email – To learn more about Gary Johnson, check out his historytrack record!

Colley Responds

Bill Colley writes a thoughtful response. We may disagree politically with many of our neighbors but I don’t impugn their humanity and suffering.  The President wouldn’t know me but he did love his mother and her eventual loss must have been as devastating as the losses the rest of us have known.  After all, as I told a caller a few weeks ago when challenged to say something nice about the President, he loves his children.  You can see it in his smile when the girls are in his presence.  It isn’t phony.  Come on, now!  He doesn’t have Bill Clinton’s acting skills.  Mr. Obama’s emotions are real.  So, I’m sorry.  I don’t agree with his policies and I hope he needs a new job come January 20th, 2013 but his mom is gone and can’t defend herself and we need to leave her to the ages. (emphasis added) Read more

Delaware Right to Life Banquet

I would like to encourage everyone who supports the Right to Life from conception to natural death, to support DRTL.  One avenue is the annual banquet.  Details are available here. If your organization has a big event, email us. We may post it subject to appropriateness and space availability.  We want to give back to the community.  So we don’t become an event page, we do tend to limit organizations (Republican Party excepted)  to about one a quarter unless it is deemed newsworthy so don’t waste it on unimportant events.

Brian Lewis Leading the Charge to Protect Kids

It happens all over the state, late summer hires are brought into the classrooms before their background checks can be completed. Capital School district board member Brian Lewis wants to use the private sector as a solution to screen new school hire while waiting on the results of the finger prints. Brian Lewis leading the way as usual. Capital to mull online screening firms Measure would be added layer while awaiting state background checks By Jamie-Leigh Bissett Delaware State News DOVER — The pros and cons of hiring an outside background-screening agency will be weighed by the Capital School District in the coming weeks after a discussion about criminal-background checks ensued at Wednesday’s board meeting. Dave Vaughan, Capital’s human-resources director, was asked by board members to research online screening companies to see if the district should pay an outside Read more

Dover City Council to Vote on Nudity/Health Laws?

Naw. David Anderson and his colleagues won't have to vote on such measures...yet. But San Francisco does have a nudity/health issue, according to the NYTimes article posted below. Goodness, the things politicians have to deal with even when they don't want to. (Hat Tip: Charlie Copeland at Resolute Determination) Protesters Bare All Over a Proposed San Francisco Law By MALIA WOLLAN SAN FRANCISCO — Perhaps it should not be a surprise that San Francisco does not have a law against being naked in public, nor that a small, unselfconscious segment of the city’s residents regularly exercise that right. That tiny minority was joined this weekend in the autumn fog and cold by unclothed sympathizers at a “Nude-In.” One of their objectives was to draw attention to a proposed law — introduced by Scott Wiener, a city supervisor — that would prohibit nudity in restaurants and require Read more

Environmentalists kick Africans off land for carbon credit profits

Remember first and foremost that liberals only talk a good game about caring about the poor and  dispossessed.  The fact is when no one is looking Liberals pass dumb legislation so they can take advantage of it.  In this case the Al Gore Global Warming crew is kicking people off of their lands and burning down the houses of people in Uganda who have lived on their land for 50 years.  Remember scratch a liberal and you will find a hypocrite.  Consult Fay's prior post.  It seems one of those multinational corporations that sells carbon credits by planting trees, in this case the New Forest Company, claims that they own the land that native Ugandans have been living on for as long as they can remember.  The New Forest Company is one of those companies whose business model is what Al Gore thinks we should all buy into.   Remember liberals really care about these people.  Read more

Hitler Parody Featuring George W. bush

Video removed--link available here (DA) Did a bit of research on YouTube and Google, and it seems Anthony Hopkins' Hitler scene has been widely used by the Left against George Bush, Sarah Palin, The Republican Party--among other conservatives. Titles such as "Hitler Rants about Former President George W. Bush" (beware: very strong language, with lots of "F" bombs); "The Republican Downfall; "Hitler Parody Featuring George W. Bush;" "Hitler Phones George W. Bush," and many, many more. The sample I've provided has Bush's voice dubbed over Hitler; that is, Bush IS Hitler. Just thought it would be only fair to show the videos made by the Left ridiculing our former president, Ms. Palin and the Republican Party. Or have pious folks on the Left forgotten all the vicious attacks on G.W., including making him Hitler? Read more

Shame on Delaware Liberal

The edgy and sometimes outrageous liberal counterpart to this blog has jumped the shark. They declared John Sigler and the Sussex Republicans racist, KKK, and whatever else based upon a quote in a column of an attendee of the Take Back Our State Rally. Not based upon a quote from an organizer, but dredging a quote from the also flamboyant and sometimes outrageous MC. I hesitate to send people over to it, but you have to see it to believe it. This is an amazing quote. As of now we are not sure if this “Take Back Our State event” was a full blown KKK meeting, or some subsidiary group affiliated with more mainstream Republican racists. The whole post is full of if it turns out or we don't knows that it makes one wonder why it was even posted. Oh, we know so it provides an excuse to slander and defame. I didn't even go but that didn't exempt my name from eventually surfacing. Read more

Marco Rubio the Next Vice President?

President Obama received around 70% of the Latino vote. Now his approval rating is falling weekly with that group. He has done nothing for them especially in the area of jobs and a strong economy. With suburban white voters going back to the GOP, all Republicans need is to go back to Bush levels of support among Latinos and the election is lock. Republicans do not need to win that vote, just not get blown away. The fact is that Senator Rubio wouldn't be the Hispanic candidate for more than a day of media frenzy. He will soon become the American candidate. He truly transcends ethnicity much like we hoped President Obama would. His passion is Americanism. That is a message we desperately need to hear. It is one that hearts yearn to believe. So while the elite like him because he checks a box off, the rest of us like him because who he is and what he believes. He is one of us. That Read more

Delaware’s Very Own Solyndra?

John Nichols and Paul Driessen have an article in the Washington Times entitled "Delaware's Very Own Solyndra? The authors claim taxpayers are to get stuck with a Bloom Energy fuel cell boondoggle. It seems Delaware's political establishment wants our states' consumers of electricity to pay for the manufacture of supersized fuel cells, a project Delaware's leaders think will put Delaware at the top of the heap when it comes to producing clean, green energy. As Nichols and Driessen point out, if the proposed factory had the capability to revolutionize clean energy, private investors would flock to it and Delaware's tax payers would not be stuck with a $600,000,000 electric bill over the net 20 years--and that's not including an additional $16 million in startup costs from the Economic Development Department--or a possible grant from the U.S. Department of energy, should that departemnt Read more

A Great Day In Sussex County

  Just got home from the second annual Take Back Our State event. It was held at the Eagle Crest airfield outside of Milton, Delaware. The event was put together by the 35th Conservative Committee PAC.  The money raised will go to support candidates who share the conservative views that are needed to unseat the current liberal element that is in control of  government, at all levels, local, county and state.    I have been involved with the planning of the event from early on. I would like to thank all those who came out to support the event. Those who bought tickets and who joined us for good food, good talk and good fellowship.   I would also like to thank all of those who donated items for the auction. It was a great success in its own right.   The event could not have been possible if not for the hard work of all of the volunteers who gave of their time. To those who Read more