Henry Juszkiewicz, CEO of Gibson Guitars, to be on The Angel Clark Show – Radio Freedom – Friday, September 2, 2011

The call has come out, musicians around the world are up in arms regarding the recent FED raid on Gibson Guitars. Last week, heavily armed federal agents raided two guitar manufacturing facilities in Tennessee owned by Gibson — one in Nashville, another in Memphis. The feds were not acting on a tip that an al Qaeda cell was holed up in the buildings; or that Mexican drug cartel gangs were lurking inside. It was actually something far more serious; far more serious, that is, to a bunch of federal bureaucrats with nothing better to do. The Barr Code has it right, “From my cold, dead hands”. The Wall Street Journal discusses the repercussions of musicians traveling with their instruments: It’s not enough to know that the body of your old guitar is made of spruce and maple: What’s the bridge made of? If it’s ebony, do you have the paperwork to show when and where that wood Read more

Christine O’Donnell Dis Invited

A political rally in Iowa sponsored by a National Tea Party group has rescinded its invitation to speak to Christine  O'Donnell.  According to both the Wall Street Journal and Politico, Christine O'Donnell was scheduled to open up for Sarah Palin for an event outside of Des Moines Iowa.  However today the organizers of the event chose to exclude Christine O'Donnell from the rally.  The Tea Party group had this to say: Tea Party of America’s cofounder, Charlie Gruschow, said the group withdrew Ms. O’Donnell’s [invitation] after receiving numerous “emails from a lot of tea party folks that were very disappointed that she would be speaking.”  “We decided not to have her speak,” Mr. Gruschow said. “We felt it was in the best interest of the movement.” The Politico's account states this: More than any other candidate last year, O'Donnell has come to Read more

Right And Wrong Is Not Political

   There has been much talk as of late about unity and compromise. It has been in relation to the differing factions of the GOP.   The question seems to revolve around whether the more conservative faction of the GOP should be willing to compromise their conservative principles. The more liberal faction within the GOP would tell us that the only way to win elections, is to give in to the Democrats on key issues. Such as social issues.   I have never made any apologies for my focus on social issues. I have stated time and time again that I feel that to ignore the pressing issues facing society, is to leave society to those who would see it ruined. That all issues are of equal importance. That all issues can be solved by applying conservative principles.    Those within the GOP who state their fiscal conservative creds, but who are willing to allow the Democrats and fellow liberals Read more

Chairman’s Corner

Good Afternoon, and welcome to "The Chairman's Corner": First and foremost let me say that I hope everyone weathered Hurricane Irene safely and with little or no damage to property. I am happy to report that Ingrid and I are safe and sound with only minimal damage to our property.  I sincerely hope that you can report the same. Chairman's Visit:  I want to thank everyone who helped to make Chairman Priebus' visit to Delaware a huge success, with a very special thanks to Lewis Briggs, Diana Robertson and their merry band of GOP volunteers for making the "Operation Win Back Delaware" kick-off picnic a huge success. I am pleased to report that Chairman Priebus and his family thoroughly enjoyed the picnic and meeting the nearly 400 folks who came to hear him tell about his plans for adding Barack Obama to the list of failed, one-term Democrat presidents and for returning Joe Biden to Read more

The thought of Styrofoam banning brings out the worst in people…

As I discussed the concept being batted around in California (that restaurants use biodegradable Styrofoam) people called in with differing perspectives. The California State Legislature is considering a bill that would ban restaurants, grocery stores and other vendors from dispensing food in expanded polystyrene containers, commonly known as Styrofoam, by 2016. I was not, however, expecting this caller… Apparently the thought that they could ban Styrofoam gets him pretty worked up. Angel Clark trolled: Get in the Kitchen & make sandwiches & bring me Styrofoam RIGHT NOW! The bill would exempt school districts and city and county jurisdictions if they implemented programs that recycled more than 60 per cent of their foam waste. Restaurant owner Gary Honeycutt estimates he will have to spend more than twice as much on biodegradable containers if he is forced to switch. Because Read more

In the midst of a State of Emergency and Mandatory Evacuations – they tow cars in Rehoboth Beach during Hurricane Irene

According to Alan Henney: Not even a state of emergency could stop Coastal Towing! A police officer came across this red Dodge Durango with Florida tags just before 2 p.m. Saturday. It was parked up on the sidewalk in front of Jewels by the Sea in the ocean block of Rehoboth Avenue. The officer said the shop was boarded and nobody appeared to be around. So they called Coastal Towing for removal. I understand that everyone needs revenue, and most businesses were forced to close during Hurricane Irene, but is it truly necessary that the one downtown business that still operates is the towing company? It’s a “mandatory evacuation” and they have left a person, and possibly a family stranded while the buses are closed down. Maybe the vehicle owner was checking on their property, maybe not. Do you think it defeats the purpose of a “mandatory evacuation” and a “state Read more

A Note About Civility

I like a good give and take.  Sometimes we may get a little bit rough and tumble here and that is good.  It is not alright to make it personal.  I have been busy the past couple of weeks with my annual training and Hurricane prep and I thank Don and Fay for stepping up and running the blog while was busy.  I did notice something that I could not address properly. One of the comments on a  post blasted one of our people's Christianity in a personal way something like being the skunk on the ark.  That was uncharacteristic of the commenter, but that kind of personal attack on a one's faith should be off bounds.  A person's deeply held beliefs can and should be discussed especially when they come into the public sphere.  They can be criticized.  That is fair.  I do not like to see them disparaged.  You may notice that disparaging  faiths does not happen here even when we have Read more

Moderation is No Virtue in Politics

Oswald Spengler, whose 1918 work, Decline of the West was enormously influential in Western intellectual circles, was the architect of a cyclical view of history. Spengler pointed out that new seeds of a culture shift begin when a few far-sighted people begin to depart from the consensus reigning over a given culture. Their ideas will at first seem revolutionary and are often greeted with contempt and ridicule and even persecution, but their ideas create a wedge capable of dislodging monolithic thinking. Step by step, the new point of view begins to change opinions and institutions until finally the new point of view is no longer new, but deeply embedded in the political and social structures. Every part of culture becomes saturated with one way of thinking as the economy, technology, religion, music and the arts and even architecture capitulate to the one way. The way of thinking which Read more

Storm Update from David Anderson

Information from David: As you get this we are already seeing rain. It is still anticipated that the worst of the storm will come through overnight hours. I'm on the bridge call as I type this on my phone. Please realize as the storm progresses due to problems with electric and Internet the notices may cease. Tornadoes are not only possible but likely. There are 2 small cells that they are currently monitoring but they said if they touch down they will be minor. As time progresses the likelihood is that tornado activity will escalate. Sustained winds are going to remain in the 50-65 mph during the late evening overnight hours gusting at hurricane strengths 75 - 95 mph this could decrease by 5-10 mph as it continues to move over land however the reality is 65-90 mph gusts can still be catastrophic. Rain inland is going to be a big issue 8-12 inches with some areas possibly seeing 15 Read more

Storm warnings for residents of Kent and NCC

David A has asked me to post this information on DP, as he is working with the National Guard. Be safe, everyone! Fay Voshell Dover, DE> Carleton Carey Sr., Mayor for the City of Dover recommends the evacuation of mobile home and manufactured home communities. Due to the incoming hurricane force winds, and heavy rainfall we need to keep safety in mind and a mobile home is not an ideal location to be in during times like these. We encourage everyone who has families and friends in the area to utilize shelter with them however as a last resort shelters will be available in Smyrna at the Middle School and at Lake Forest High School for individuals to go to. Please if you go to a shelter take with you a blanket, pillow, toiletries and any necessary medications. The City of Dover Library and the Pitts Recreation Center will close today at 5 p.m. and not reopen until Monday at the earliest. Read more

Debate Gamesmanship: Is the Media trying to Manipulate the Field?

The threshold for participating in the next debate has been raised but not too much.  It is just enough to exclude that annoying Libertarian Gary Johnson and include that wonderful moderate salvation of the GOP Huntsman.  They poll around the same, Johnson may actually have higher average polling, but in one poll Huntsman polled 4% while  Johnson polled 3%,  The Politico, NBC debate criteria is that you have to show a reputable, independent poll which shows you reaching 4% once in the last 10 months.  Interesting, not 2%, 3%, or a nice round 5%. They are only dropping one candidate plus Pawlenty and adding Perry.  It is not so there can be more time.  It is gamesmanship.  I for one do not like it.  Who will they try to undercut next?  Don't mistake me, I think the nominee will be Perry, Romney, Bachmann, or Paul, but I know that Cain, Santorum, or Gingrich can surprise. It is Read more

This Boycott Might Actually Work

  On August 15th, the CEO of Starbucks, Howard Schultz, challenged other heads of national companies to join him in a political campaign donation boycott. Since issuing the challenge over 100 major companies have joined Starbucks.   Schultz has been joined by, Myron Ullman of JC Penney, Duncan Niederauer of NYSE, and Walter Robb, co-chief executive of Whole Foods, Tim Armstrong of AOL, Mickey Drexler of J. Crew Group, and billionaire investor Pete Peterson, just to name a few.   Mr. Shultz was motivated to call for the boycott of giving political donations, due to his disapproval of how Congress and the President handled the debt ceiling debate, and the resulting legislation. Mr. Schultz feels as many citizens do, that neither the President nor the Republicans had the best interest of the nation in mind. What they seemed to be more concerned with, were partisan politics. This writer Read more

Earthquake: Open Thread

Who felt it? Did you see any damage? Was it your first time? For me it was a novelty, kind of fun and all. But I did hear the fire sirens shortly afterwards so it may not have been fun for everyone. I know that some of the people I work with were a little freaked out, but on the whole my experience has been pretty tame. Feel free to comment about your experience with the Great Delaware Earthquake of 2011, or other earthquake experiences that you have had.

Is Delaware’s Republican Party On The Mend?

With the implementation of a Conservative Revolution within Sussex County's Republican Party in Delaware, can Delaware's Republicans expect further changes in the GOP. It would seem that an ideological conflict still rages within the ranks of Delaware's Republicans. Many believe the new conservative movement in America and Delaware, was largely fueled by the Obama Administration's extreme far left positions, coupled with an extremely faulty economic position. Whatever the reason, the Conservative Revolution of Sussex County is only the tip of the iceberg of the movement in Delaware. The new group of mostly conservative professionals that have taken control of the Sussex County Republican Party, and have established a powerful Executive Committee, which is unbelievably well organized and are there to stay. Resolutions are being generated at a local level and will also start addressing Read more

President Obama Should Replace Biden

...With Bev Perdue, the unpopular governor of North Carolina.  Why, President Obama picked V. P. Biden because he complimented the ticket in areas where then Senator Obama lacked.  Now President Obama lacks in another area.  The left no longer has a crush on Obama.   He needs someone who is strong and principled to signal to the base that he intends to fight in his next term, but not so far on the left that it dooms the ticket to look like a new version of the Marx brothers--Karl and his unknown evil sibling.    Governor Bev Perdue is pretty bad from my perspective, but she is a strong leader.   She is the thin blue line of liberalism holding back conservative government in North Carolina with veto after veto.  The Senate is veto proof, but the House has a 4 Democrat padding in the minority that could hold her vetoes.  She set a record with 10 vetoes this session.  She is a Read more


  I am sure we are all familiar with the phrase  "R I N O", or "Republican In Name Only". It got a lot of use in recent election cycles, especially in the GOP primaries.   I have to admit that I have used it myself. It was used to describe those candidates that did not live up to my definition of what a conservative should be.   I have to say that since I became a Republican, I have felt that the party was less than representative of my views on the issues that I feel deeply about. When I first registered to vote, I registered as other. After being a voter for some time, I learned  that I was a conservative, not because I was a member of any one party, but because of my reading and understanding of the founding of this nation.   As I learned more about the two major parties, I found that the GOP was the closest thing to being a conservative party. Since I came to understand Read more

Gov. DuPont on: Change for the Worse

I just wanted to link to the monthly editorial in the Wall Street Journal by former Delaware Governor Pete DuPont. He paints a pretty accurate picture of President Obama’s current situation in office, and what he has done to “fundamentally transform” America for all of us, in a bad way. This editorial also ends with what looks suspiciously close to being and endorsement of, or at least support for,  Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

From the inbox–tax and spend alert

Some members on the Capital School Board may be in favor of giving the administrators a raise in salary and increase our local taxes. Please try and get people to attend the school board meeting on August 24th at North Dover Elementary or write letters to the newspaper. We can’t afford anymore Tax Increases in our Current Economy.

“Troublemaker” Christine’s Uncompleted Journey

This eye opening expose of both the Delaware GOP political process and Christine O’Donnell’s traditional close-knit family values, is written in an honest and heartfelt manner that reflects her family values and how these values, gave her tenacity and steadfastness, enabling her to win the 2010 senatorial primary against a seemingly unbeatable Delaware political icon. O’Donnell relates her early family life, while reflecting on the Christian family values that led her to become a pro-life advocate as well as a strong advocate of Constitutional and Grass Roots values. Her life as a young professional in communications and media which eventually led to her entry into politics are all explained from an eloquently charming point of view. She describes her time working in Washington DC and experiences that led her to be an advocate for the pro-life cause and eventually Delaware’s three-time Read more