You Gotta Love Michele Bachmann

I have liked her for years, but this week is the first time that I can really believe in President Bachmann. 4 years ago we heard about a crush on Obama, if she keeps this up next year America may have a crush on Michele. Especially if she can have a strong, credible economic platform. That is what I am waiting to see from all of the candidates. Read more

Sussex County Sued on Separation of Church and State Issue!

A Group called Americans United for Separation of Church and State Filed suit today in Federal Court on behalf of four Sussex County residents. The group claims that the Sussex County uses an explicitly Christian Prayer to open its meetings and has taken sides, and is promoting a single religion. The group claims to have written two letters, complaining about the Councils practice, one in 2008 and one in 2009, according to a NewsJournal article written by Dan Shortridge. "The government does not have the right to make the decision as to which or what religion is promoted at a governmental meeting, said Barbara Mullin, one of the plaintiffs, who lives in Lewes, according to Shortridge's report. The First amendment states clearly that: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof." That's as much as the Amendments To Read more

I Pledge Allegiance

  " I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America". These are the opening words of the Pledge of Allegiance to the United States of America. These words have been a part of our nation since it was written by Francis Bellamy, a Baptist minister, in 1892.    The original version of the pledge did not include the words "under God". These were added in 1954. Recently these words, "under God", have been the focus of those who feel that saying these words constitute a breach of the so-called separation of church and state. This has often led to heated debate over whether such a separation exist in any of our founding documents.   But now a new controversy has arisen in the town of Eugene, Oregon. The latest controversy is not over the content of the pledge, but the pledge itself.   The Eugene town council has voted down a proposal by Councilman Mike Clark that Read more

Delaware Electric Co Op to Make Dover an Offer

An item has been added to the Dover Elec Comm Final 062711 1035 hrs[1] the agenda of the Dover Utility Committee, there is an offer to merge Delaware Electric Cooperative and the City of Dover Electric operations.  This is important not only to Co Op members and city residents, but this is seen as a pattern offer which will be repeated across the state in coming years.  The increased regulations and the Renewable Portfolio requirements are putting the smaller utilities under pressure which may spur more merger talks.  Some support this idea, David Stevenson of the Caesar Rodney Institute gave me his view printed below. The first city in Delaware to significantly lower electricity rates will see an economic boom. America is seeing an industrial renaissance as companies move operations back from overseas to realize lower transportation costs, better quality, and to escape rising labor Read more

Is the Demacratic Caucus’ Statewide Redistricting Plan Racially Discriminitory.

Black Elected Leaders are asking Delaware lawmakers to reconsider the current restricting plan set forth in the General Assembly by the Democratic Caucus. Delaware's Black Caucus has accused the General Assembly's Democratic leaders of "racial Gerrymandering," and are asking that lawmakers, reconfigure the more heavily populated minority Senate and Representative Districts in Bear, Dover, New Castle and Wilmington to make the populations more dominated by racial minorities, according to NewsJournal Reporter, Chad Livengood. "It is our view that the proposed redistricting plans violate the spirit and the intention of the federal Voting Rights Act. We cannot and will not accept the status quo," Delaware Black Caucus Chairman Jea Street wrote in a letter to House Speaker Robert Gilligan and Senate President Pro Tem, Anthony DeLucca, according to the NewsJournal' article. "From this, one Read more

Final Stretch

There are several bills of importance in the final week of this year’s session of the Delaware General Assembly.  We will highlight ours this week, in fact, I plan to do an update on this thread to note several by Monday morning, but this is an open thread.  What bills are you watching this week?

A Note of Thanks

500k hits, wow. I wish to thank the readers and contributors to this blog for its continued success.   I noticed that this has been a very good past year.  We have passed the half million hit mark on a blog whose design to say the least does not maximize hits.  I usually never mention hits because my metrics are the unique users and time on the site,  hits are just background noise.  That is until you hit a milestone.  Then you have to at least tip your hat and Thank GOD and your friends for some measure of success.  We are not going anywhere except to expand our outreach, but that will stay under our hat for another month. We bring something unique to the table.  We allow you to be able to discuss in near real time state, regional, and national issues.  We bring considered analysis to the news.   Few other places give you in depth insight into individual bills before they Read more

Midnight Disgrace

New York passes Same Sex Marriage law  in the middle of the night.  Governor Andrew Cuomo then signed it just hours ago in a bizarre response to his pledge to sign it as soon as he gets it.  Republican betrayal in the Empire State will likely lead to a proverbial civil war.  The party obtained the upper chamber after united opposition to the bill, but the majority leader brought the bill to the floor and a couple of votes flipped. “We strongly uphold the Catholic Church’s clear teaching that we always treat our homosexual brothers and sisters with respect, dignity and love. But we just as strongly affirm that marriage is the joining of one man and one woman in a lifelong, loving union that is open to children, ordered for the good of those children and the spouses themselves. This definition cannot change, though we realize that our beliefs about the nature of marriage will continue Read more

President Obama Finally Admits That Supply And Demand Economics Work

  With the announcement from Pres. Obama that the United States would be releasing 30 million barrels of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, Pres. Obama has finally admitted that supply directly effects price.  This release of oil from the SPR is to offset the rising cost of oil and gasoline just as Americans get set for summer traveling.   It would seem as if Pres. Obama understands that if there is more oil on the market, then the price will come down. When it was announced that along with the U.S. release of oil, other countries would be releasing another 30 million barrels for a total of 60 million, the world market for oil dropped $5 a barrel.   So this begs the question. If Pres. Obama gets it, that more oil on the market will lower the price of oil? How come this knowledge doesn't translate into the President making it easier for companies to drill for oil domestically?   Read more

Rep. Carney statement on President Obama’s Afghanistan speech

 WASHINGTON — U.S. Representative John Carney (D-DE) tonight released the following statement in response to President Obama’s Afghanistan speech: “I am encouraged to hear that President Obama will begin to bring our troops home from Afghanistan next month. It concerns me that the plan we heard tonight will leave more U.S. troops in Afghanistan at the end of 2012 than were there in early 2009. “In the last 18 months, we’ve made significant progress across Afghanistan, specifically in two former terrorist safe havens in the Helmand and Kandahar provinces in southern Afghanistan. We’ve trained an additional 100,000 Afghan security forces. We’ve seen a considerable number of Taliban members switch sides and join the Afghan people. It is estimated that only between 50 and 75 members of al-Qaeda remain in the country. “This progress is encouraging and it should enable Read more

SB 135 Raises Flag in Pro-Family Community

SB 135  is a common sense bill that stops spending Medicaid money on people with insurance by requiring School Based Health Clinics to bill private insurance, if any exists, before billing Medicaid.  Medicaid will then pay whatever is left.  Currently children of millionaires are covered under Medicaid if they go to their Wellness Center while the state is looking to take vision care away from poor people for lack of funds.  So what is the problem that the pro-family community has with SB 135? (e) To the extent that parents of students using SBHCs have consented to the confidential use of SBHCs by their children, services subject to this Section that are submitted for reimbursement pursuant to insurance contracts shall be exempt from any legal or contractual requirements relating to an explanation of medical services provided. In lieu of an explanation of services provided, carriers Read more

Immigration Watch

I reluctantly agree with the U. S. Supreme Court that the states have the right  to give in-state tuition breaks to illegal aliens.  It is not a federal issue.  I praise the high court for not engaging in judicial activism.   I just disagree with the states insane enough to do it in these troubled financial times like neighboring Maryland and California need a reality check.  It is a political issue not a constitutional one.  I ask our Maryland readers to please sign the petition to put a repeal of this issue on the ballot. Get your copy right here.  The Secretary of  State in Maryland has tossed over 10 thousand names.  You need another  8400 valid signatures by June 30th to put the issue on the ballot.  Get it done.  I am not opposed to them attending college.  I just think they need to apply for a student visa like every other foreigner and make themselves legal.  Most had Read more

Chris Coons Wants to know Our Priorities

First, let me praise him for reaching out.  Second, we need to balance the participation.  Go to the website.  You have 5 votes.  I hope 1 is for mine under new priorities which is to return to the values of faith, family, and free markets.  I also hope you vote for reducing the deficit and returning to the constitution.   5 votes, please use them wisely.  Most importantly, use them whether you agree with me or not.  Let your voice be heard.

PolitiFact Dings Stewart

Political humorist, Jon Stewart said that Fox News viewers are the most misinformed viewers according to every poll out there.  That seemed more like a Donald Trump worthy overstatement.  Politifact actually found the comedian worthy of being fact checked and concluded he was incorrect.  Fox News viewers are not any worse than the average.   What I consider interesting is the reaction.  Politifact was swamped with protest.  This mildest of dissent from the left wing orthodoxy by a nonpartisan fact checking source was viewed as some sort of heresy.  Apparently, it is an article of faith for those on the hard left that "Faux News" is not a real source of news, but misinformation filling the minds of ill informed, bitter people who cling to GODand guns.  Politifact attempts to be fair.  I think they lean left, but not to the point of not being a useful and credible source.  If Read more

Why Michele Bachmann is for Real

I have been reading comments around the local web on Michele Bachmann.  Newszap forums in DE has two threads devoted to her.  The Daily Borg praises her but says she will fade.   Slavenssays takes her to task for her support of the ill named Patriot Act.  I think both analysts are brilliant and insightful, but I think they may be missing something. Michele Bachmann is a great American.  She is intelligent, charismatic, telegenic, and has a vision for where she wishes to take the nation.  She speaks to the quiet people who have been ignored in American politics in the new millennium.  She taps what Nixon called the Silent Majority.  She has been at the center of the Tea Party movement.  Ron Paul may be its father, but Michele Bachmann is its mother.  Unlike Paul who has refused to take any leadership of the movement, Bachmann nurtured it into powerful movement.   It was Bachmann Read more

Kent 9/12 Delaware Patriots hosts Forum on Agenda 21

Understanding Agenda 21 At the dawn of the 21st century, policy makers at the UN joined to put forth an agenda which would tackle the problems plaguing the earth for the last two centuries of industrialization. The idea was to tackle poverty, bring up the developing world so that technology would help prevent economic degradation and reduce poverty, introduce the concept of sustainable development so that real growth would be sustainable in the long term for all, and encourage renewable and clean energy. Those are very laudable goals. Much of Agenda 21 makes sense. Encouraging nations to adopt sensible tax, monetary, and fiscal (reducing deficits) policies which encourage savings and investment while keeping inflation low and growth moving, encouraging the development of new technologies to give us cleaner energy sources, freer trade to lift all economic boats, and sharing technology Read more

Obama is “Fast and Furious”

The Obama Administration has engaged the Federal Agency of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms in the most disgusting scandal of our lifetime.   The old joke went.  "No one ever drowned at Watergate."  The slimy and corrupt Obama Administration is responsible for the death of Brian Terry a United States Border Control Agent.  (Not that Obama cares about anyone trying to enforce the laws protecting the borders of our nation.)   We may never get the full story on this scandal that has cost the lives of Mexicans and Americans.  The Obama Administration is hunkering down and not cooperating with Congressional Committees investigating the mess.  Kenneth Melson, the acting head of ATF, will be the first designated fall guy for a hare brained scheme to allow the sale of guns to Mexican drug cartels so that the guns' movements can generate the necessary intelligence to get to the big Read more

Father’s Day Memories

Those who have been reading for the last 5 or 6 Father's day know a little about my father. I will give a quick sketch for the legion of new readers who came in during the O'Donnell and Urquhart campaigns. My father was the Reverend Levi Anderson. He was born in the Smyrna area and his later childhood was in Wilmington. He joined the Navy in World War 2 where he served honorably. His term was cut short and he became a Disabled American Veteran. After the Navy he moved to Alexandria Virginia where he began work for the navy department. He transferred to the Executive Office of the President. He met three American Presidents, Truman, Eisenhower, and Kennedy. Because of his disability, he was able to retire early after he got around 20 years including service time and became a full time minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He ministered in Washington D. C. with Evangel temple, then accepted Read more

Stick A Fork In Him, Weiner Is Done

 The ultra liberal Democrat Rep. Anthony Weiner will be resigning his office.   This is according to the New York Times and NBC. They are quoting friends of Mr. Weiner’s. It has also been reported that his staff seemed to be cleaning out his office.   This all comes after Mr. Weiner first lied and then admitted that he had sent lude text messages and photos to young women.   While I don’t agree with Mr. Weiner’s politics, I do hope that he can find help for this problem. I feel for his wife and family. And while I feel this resignation should have come sooner, I do feel that it is the right thing for him to do.  It has been reported that he will make an official announcement later today.

SB 64

  There has been some talk lately about SB64. This may be the first time that you are hearing about this bill. But it could affect every property owner in the state of Delaware.    The long title for the bill is;  AN ACT TO AMEND TITLE 7 OF THE DELAWARE CODE RELATING TO FLOODPLAIN AND DRAINAGE STANDARDS, WETLANDS AND SUBAQUEOUS LANDS.    The synopsis of the bill is;     This legislation authorizes the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control to adopt guidance and minimum standards to minimize risk from flooding with the input from a stakeholder advisory group. Such standards or equivalent standards shall subsequently be adopted by local governments to the extent that existing requirements do not meet the minimum standards established under this legislation. The legislation also authorizes the DNREC Secretary to waive regulatory requirements of the Wetlands Read more