Texas a Model for Reform?

Stephen DeMaura of National Review has written a summary of Texas’ tort reform, which reform is also known as “loser pays.” In brief, a plaintiff must pay the winning party’s legal fees if their complaint is groundless.  The Wall Street Journal editorial on the subject indicates tort reform is only one of the improvements in the legal climate of the Lone Star State.  Texas has rewritten class-action certifications, product liability and medical-malpractice reform as well. The result, DeMaura notes, is that America’s CEOs list Texas as the best state for business.   The tort reform was bitterly fought by the Texas Trial Lawyers Association, which spent $13,000,000 lobbying against the law.  Nonetheless, with the Lt. Governor’s support, the measure passed the Senate 31-0. Why is the measure so important?  “Cost of tort litigation is strangling the U.S. and small Read more

Memorial Day 2011

   I have to admit, that when I begin to write these post for Memorial Day, I worry about them sounding cliché or trite.    Some may ask, how many times and in how many ways can we express our un-dying appreciation for all that has been done by those who have given the last measure of devotion to this nation and all that it represents.   Well first I would say that we can never express our debt enough,to those who have put on a uniform to stand a watch while we slept safely in our homes. To those who guarded our Liberty and our rights to speak our mind about every thing that came to mind.   To the men and women through the history of this nation, who sacrificed what might be called a normal life, so that we could raise our children and build our homes. So that we could shop at the mall and go out to dinner. These are the Americans who starved during the winter at Valley Forge. Read more

Texan Rick Perry May Run

While governor Rick Perry has been, well, some say “coy” while others say “reticent” about running for President in 2012, he has given a few hints he may run, saying “I’m gonna think about it.” According to some commentators, evidently some of Perry’s political friends have begun to make some discreet inquiries, letting certain well connected people know Perry is waiting for key supporters to urge him to run. Without fellow Southerners Haley Barbour or Mike Huckabee in the race, and with Newt Gigrich’s unfortunate early lapses of judgment, there is a real and perceived vacuum Perry could fill. Commentator Guy Benson gives the plus side: “Perry has an engaging personality, he's presided over a ruthlessly effective political operation in Texas, and has sufficient grassroots cred to avoid the 'establishment' label.  Above all else, his conservative policies have Read more

To Dad on Memorial Day

In the right drawer of my desk there is a picture of my dad in a US Army uniform. He’s about 30 years old in the picture and he is looking straight at the camera with a clear, steady, unflinching gaze. He reminds me of my youngest son. The same steady gaze, the same full lips; and, as Nathan humorously reminds me, the same hair pattern. "Thanks Grandad," Nathan smiles ruefully, rubbing his balding head. The year the picture of Dad was taken was 1944, the year of the Battle of the Bulge, Hitler’s last chance to push back the Allies and to obtain a negotiated peace. Americans sustained seventy-five thousand casualties. The Germans fared worse. Innocently enough, my dad had kept ahead of the draft because of the number of children he had. But at last even my folks’ dedication to the Genesis mandate to replenish the earth was not enough to keep the Army at bay. But Dad wasn’t Read more

Unity !

  There has been a lot of talk lately within the GOP about the need for unity. This is true nationwide, it is true here in Delaware, and it is true here in Sussex County.   But what do those calling for unity really mean by that? Some might say that unity will require that some submit their views and desires to those of others. That for there to be unity within the GOP, that some will need to compromise on issues that they feel strongly about. All in the name of unity and the good of the party.   We need only look to Mitch Daniels, who recently announced that he would not seek the GOP nomination for president. He had stated that for there to by a united GOP, that those who believe that social issues are as important as fiscal issues, should call a truce. In other words Mr. Daniels felt that one part of the party should sacrifice their fundamental beliefs for the good of the party.   Read more


  The cynical snickering over the failed denouement of Reverend Harold Camping’s May 21st predicted rapture may be somewhat justified, for—sadly--he joins the ranks of hundreds of other preachers throughout history who thought they knew more than the Messiah they professed to follow.  Ersatz prophets throughout the ages have failed to heed the words of the Christ, who said the secret of his return was hidden even from him, secreted in the Father’s heart.  But still the irresistible urge to proclaim The End has afflicted cultists from time immemorial.  One need only think of the founder of the Jehovah Witnesses, Charles Taze Russell, who predicted Christ’s invisible return in 1874 and who predicted a more noticeable appearance would occur in 1914. Russell’s successor, undeterred by the failure of Christ to appear on command, visibly or invisibly, determined the year Read more

Sussex Commmittee Elections and Redistricting

With redistricting in the process, coinciding nearly perfectly with Sussex County-wide elections maybe we should reschedule the elections of the ED's. Sussex County received another Representative District and all district boundaries were changed in one way or another. Many lines of reapportionment not only cut through Representative District boundaries but also through Election District boundaries, making it nearly impossible to elect ED's in the current boundaries. It would make more sense to elect the countywide officials such as Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer and leave the election of ED's until after the reapportionment is complete and we know for sure where the ED boundaries are, in each Representative District. My reasoning on this issue is that if we elect ED's now, we will have to hold another election in the very near future, perhaps almost immediately. We Read more

Beau covers for DeLuca

Senator Anthony DeLuca must really be able to pull some strings. Attorney General Beau Biden knuckled under to pressure from the DeLuca clan and decided that when he works on his state job and when he works at the Legislature is none of the public's business.   It seems that revealing this bit of information could expose Delaware to a terrorist attack.  According to the News Journal. Disclosing when state Sen. Anthony DeLuca arrives to work at his two state jobs could endanger his life, the Delaware Attorney General's Office has determined, citing a law intended to prevent terrorist attacks against state-owned buildings. So there!!! Some of you guys thought DeLuca was just some Union thug Democrat Machine Politician, it turns out he is important enough to be a terrorist target.  I guess we really did get a wealth of information from those hard drives we captured when we cappped Osama Read more

False Choices

I am always intrigued by the bureaucratic technique of attempting to manipulate elected officials to stay out of their way.   There is a great book spun off of a popular TV series called Yes, Minister and its even better sequel Yes, Prime Minister set in Britain. When I listen to the Dover budget hearings, I can't help but be entertained. We are given hundreds of pages by people who can't seem to answer half of our questions on what they give us. The idea is to give us three choices, but two of them are unacceptable. Raise taxes and fees exorbitantly and spend like crazy--option B. Cut like crazy including 12 police officers of a 93 officer force (half of the proposed dollar cuts) and 20 plus other positions including vital positions in the clerks and finance office as well as a mechanic when we are rehabbing vehicles instead of buying new ones--option A. The there is option C, which drops Read more

A Tale of Two Sex Scandals

A Tale of Two Sex Scandals For a while, it was the best of times for both men. One was fat, fair skinned and balding, sitting on the throne of the IMF and heir apparent to the French presidency.  The other was tanned, handsome and tall and sat in the governor’s chair in Sacramento.  One was from a country imbued with the idealized image of the sophisticated seductor, a moneyed heir of the Enlightenment and the ideals of the Revolution of 1789—the essence of all that is French, with the brutal sexuality of the Marquis de Sade providing a titillating dash of perversity. The other, born to a poor family in post WWII Austria, immigrated to the United States and later married into Kennedy royalty after having achieved his American dream of a body building and movie career, culminating in a Mr. Olympia winning streak and the cult classic Terminator series.  He eventually muscled Read more

Election Year Pandering

   Well here in Delaware we can tell that the election year has started. How? You might ask. Well because here in Delaware our politicians believe that they can screw us during their entire term, and then come back during the election year and wave some shiny object, in the form of some fluff legislation, in front of our eyes and all will be forgotten.   Unfortunately this has been the case far too often. Here in Delaware an old favorite has always been sand. Yes that's right, sand. It never fails that as we near an election, one or all of our Washington political leaders will show up in Delaware and start telling us how hard they have worked to get federal funding to replenish the sand on the local beaches.   This year Sen. Carper has come up with a new one. No sand for Sen. Carper. Nope. This year Sen. Carper is pushing for the establishment of a National Park in Delaware. It Read more

An Easy Choice

   Down here in Sussex County, Delaware, we are going through a process within the county GOP committee.   We have been working on redirecting the committee and the party back towards the right. Now there are some who would tell you that those who were in charge in the past should not be included in this process. I am not one of those people.   Look, for years now, I have been complaining about the party leadership ignoring the will of a large number of the party rank and file. I have felt that the leadership had no respect for the more conservative base of the GOP. We were expected to show up on election day and vote for whom ever the party had endorsed.   That all changed last year in the GOP primary. The people rejected the party selected candidates.   Now here in Sussex County the people are attempting to keep that from happening again. We are attempting to put the people Read more

Urquhart Files For Sussex County Chairman Position

An official release from the Urquhart Camp confirms that Glen Urquhart has filed with the Sussex County GOP Secretary, Carol Bodine for the position of Sussex County Chairman in the elections that will take place on June 13.  The Urquhart  Camp officially released the information  after a meeting of the 35th District Republican Club, held by its Chairman, John Clark.  “It’s official,”  said Vance Phillips, a spokesman for Mr. Urquhart.  “he has tremendous support throughout the county,” he added. I fully support Glen Urquhart for this position.  This should end speculation whether or not I would run for this position.  The answer in no, I will fully support Glen Urquhart and endorse him.

It’s Official

  Donald Trump has announced that he will not be a candidate for president. He stated in a written statement that he is not ready to leave the business world. Though he stayed true to his personality, and said he could win if he wanted to.   I told you he wouldn’t run and for this very reason. He was never going to turn over his financial records or control of his empire.

Comment Rescue: Chairman of Sussex GOP

I really did not think that anyone would care about a post for the race for Vice Chairman of the Sussex County Republican Committee.  So far no one has announced themselves as running for Vice President of the United States other than Joe Biden.  Usually the race for the second spot only gets interest after the top slot gets a candidate.  Some have asked about the race for Chairman.  This is fair as the power and authority rests in the top spot and not in the 2nd spot.  So I am willing to discuss the information that has been shared with me.  Let me be the first to say that much of what I am reporting is based on conversations.  Some of this may be speculation by those talking with me.   However, I trust that those who shared this information were honest in their belief that what they had to say was accurate.   The rumor mill says that both Vance Phillips and Glen Urquhart Read more

Found This At NewsMax

 Obamacare Spurs Doctor Shortage Crisis The healthcare reform bill enacted last year will significantly increase the number of Americans with health insurance and exacerbate an already looming doctor shortage. The Association of American Medical Colleges reported in 2010 that the United States will need an additional 130,000 doctors — general-practice physicians and specialists — in 15 years, 20 percent more doctors than are currently practicing. But medical school enrollment has been essentially flat, and about a third of American physicians are over the age of 55 and likely to retire by 2020. Making matters worse, Congress in 1996 capped the number of new doctors Medicare would pay to train. And President Barack Obama’s National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform proposed cutting Medicare funding for training even further, by $60 billion through 2020. “If this Read more

Hope You’re Happy

  Now that the bill decriminalizing medical marijuana has been signed into law, I hope those who supported this are happy.   There has been several camps that supported the bill, for different reasons.   First you have the group that knows that this will be only the first step towards the total legalization of marijuana. These are your pro-pot heads. They hope to some day  sit in a pot bar like they do in Europe and toke up  a fat one.   Then you have the group that want only to make marijuana available to those who have medical needs. They have no desire to see the availability of marijuana expanded. They wish only to end the suffering of those who they believe the use of pot will help.   Then you have the third group. This is the group that chose to lie to themselves. They knew that this was the opening shot of those working to expand the availability of marijuana to Read more

Huckabee Sits Out 2012

Governor Mike Huckabee had come to believe that he would be in the race for President, but in a moment of quiet reflection, he decided not to run.  He was the front runner and now the race is wide open.   Donald Trump immediately wished him good luck. Governor Huckabee is relatively young.  He will run some dayand I believe will be President.  He is a great communicator who has a heart for people.  That is desperately needed in government. I am one of those people who he said would be deeply disappointed, but I believe it is a personal decision.  If you do not have the fire in belly for it right now, it is best not to do it.  I support him.  I will continue to be a supporter.   This will open up the 2012 field.  I will be interested to see who emerges.  Mitt Romney will be stronger.  Sarah Palin may decide to enter now.  I could see a southern governor stepping in now Read more

Delaware’s Homosexual Civil Union Bill Is Anti-Civil Rights

    Let me start by pointing out that it was the homosexual activist, that were pushing for the passage of the civil union bill  in Delaware, that first made the argument that it was akin to the black civil rights movement of the sixties.   Personally I don't see the comparison of the two.   If however the idea was to pass a bill that would allow civil unions for those who wish to join into an arrangement that is similar to marriage, why then did those who sponsored the bill in the General Assembly, craft it in such a way as to exclude all people except for homosexuals?   This bill was sold as being a way to be more inclusive. Problem is, the bill actually excludes more people than it includes. With this bill heterosexuals will be barred from joining into civil unions. Why?   Why has the Delaware General Assembly chosen this path? An amendment was put forth to allow Read more

That’s Gratitude

Wilmington asked for State Trooper patrols and now a city councilman in Wilmington wants to tax their wages for working in the city.  When Sussex asked for more State Troopers, it paid the state.  Some in Wilmington see them as a revenue source.  It seems the least the city could do is waive the wage tax on people they made come to the city. Thankfully, Representative John Atkins is working on legislation to waive it.  Keep up the good work Mr. Atkins. I can see why Wilmington has a problem.  We need Councilman Mike Brown for mayor.

A look back, or maybe simply moving forward…

I have now been on the air at WGMD for roughly 3 months.  I am starting to learn more about the callers, the show prep, and naturally, the hate mail. I haven’t quite gotten used to juggling blogging and the talk show (although you would think that would be the easiest part). I have tried to be nice to people regardless of whether I agree with them or not, and I think I may be tiring of that… Other than that I have some great interviews available on the YouTube channel and some more notables scheduled in the future. Read more

It has been a good year

I am happy to see that most of our candidates endorsed here won the school board races and most of the others came close. Keep going Joe and Cheryl. The future is yours. I was particularly happy to see my friend and fellow Dover Human Relations Board Alum, Brian Lewis win. We share a similar outlook in many ways. I invested an unusual amout of politcal capital in that race including a public endorsement in both local papers, which people say that you don't risk early on because a loss so soon afterward could hurt your momentum. Instead, I did whatever he asked of me. He helped me, I repay kindness.  Brian would have won anyway, as I would without his help, but it is the teamwork and support of many people that makes politics fun.  Brian just outworked his opponent. I could counter that when you have a candidate as superior as Brian was, you would be a loser not to support him. We Read more