No Subsidies !!

  As gasoline prices continue to rise, Pres. Obama has come out against the high profits of the oil industry.    Well no one can say that Pres. Obama is original. Every time the price of gasoline goes up, the left starts screaming about profits.  Of course the liberals always seem to forget that those profits are taxed. Those taxes are a huge source of revenue for the nation. So why are the liberals always out to cut the profits of the oil industry?   Well because the oil industry is evil of course. I mean just look at how little they have done for the nation over the years. It's not like they employ large numbers of people. It's  not like the nation is dependent on the product that the oil industry provides. It's not like millions of dollars in 401K's are invested in the oil industry to provide for the retirement of people across the nation.   It isn't the profits that Read more

Brimming with Optimism

The Delaware Republican Party has new leadership and most delegates including myself, are brimming with optimism.  Conservatives have swept the leadership, but have done so with the willing cooperation of moderates.  The winners are undeniably competent, intelligent, and strategic leaders.   I look forward to the future.   When I looked at the choices, I was thinking that 10 years ago, no one would have believed this.   We choose between conservatives and everyone was fine with it.   Now it is time for all of my conservative friends to accept victory.   You may have liked some people better than others, but it is time to put aside talk of a conservative third party.  We now have a conservative second party.  Let's make it a conservative, inclusive, and people oriented first party.   Put your energy where it can best payoff for the next four years.  If that doesn't work after Read more

Republican State Convention: By the numbers

The contested races went as follows:  Region                                 Sigler                                          Protack Wilmington                          24                                                     o Brandywine                         37                                                     1 Christiana Mill Creek            35                                                     0 Colonial                               37                                                     6 Newark                                Read more

Sigler, Lavelle are in.

The Republican State Convention elected new officers in all of the 4 positions. Congratulations go out to John Sigler who was elected Chairman and Greg Lavelle who was elected Vice Chairman. Congratulations also go out to Beth Miller and Kim Hoey Stevenson who were elected without opposition. Miller replaces outgoing treasurer Tom Shopa who served competently for years in a very technical position. Shopa who is a CPA is being replaced by Miller who is a tax attorney. Stevenson is replacing party secretary Kate Forsten who chose not to run for reelection. In Stevenson one gets a profile and resume similar to Forsten. Both are respected activists who have been active in local and state campaigns. The anticipated showdown between the candidates for Chairman and Vice Chairman was anti climatic. Sigler and Lavelle won handily. Protack and Ayotte garnered 53 and 63 votes of the over Read more

Feelers for 2012

Should Christine O'Donnell run again in 2012 or 2014?   Someone would like to know.  Yes in 2014, is the short answer.  4 years will be enough time for her to rehabilitate her image.  In 2012, she would play second or third fiddle to a Presidential race and would not be able to put out a realistic image to replace the caricature from 2010.  I actually have 4 or 5 specific ways for her to do it by 2014.  I am not smart enough to figure a path that would make since in 2012 which would result in victory.  Your views? Other candidates seem to be putting out feelers.  We will soon hear about a candidate for Insurance Commissioner.  Tom Wagner is being trashed so he won't run for higher office.  Will it backfire? Read more

Wagner in Knots: Facts from an Exclusive Interview and an Analysis of Yesterday’s News Journal Article

State Auditor Tom Wagner is frustrated because "I'm getting kicked in the teeth by saying I'm trying to bury a report when, in fact, we're saying the report is not complete and poorly done."  It turns out the report he is bashed for not releasing was incomplete, inconclusive on allegations, and the central complaint was resolved. It seems that Mr. Cathcart had some sloppy oversight in this case.  The public needs to know more.   That is why Delaware Politics contacted Mr. Wagner for an interview. Missing from the alleged cover up template are some important facts.  The call tipping off this investigation came directly to Mr. Wagner not the tip line.  Far from trying to cover up the allegation, Auditor Wagner was the one to initiate the investigation.   The allegations of kickbacks to some employees who allegedly gamed the system for this company involved is serious, but the evidence Read more

It is not just Republicans

ALG Praises Massachusetts House for Restricting Public Sector Health Care Benefits April 27, 2011, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government President (ALG) Bill Wilson today issued the following statement praising the Massachusetts House, which is overwhelmingly composed of Democrats, for decisively passing legislation restricting the health care benefits of public sector employees: "The costs imposed by public sector unions are breaking the backs of state and local governments across the country, particularly health care benefits to government workers. If even Massachusetts sees the need to rein in public sector unions, in this case by restricting the health care benefits of public employees, then nothing should be holding back other states from doing so. Massachusetts now joins the ranks of Wisconsin, Ohio, New Hampshire, and others that are taking this necessary step toward Read more

Extra ! Extra !

   President Obama has finally released the long form birth certificate. The White House has announced the release just minutes ago.   Will this now put to rest the whole question about his place of birth.  We have to at least give credit to Donald Trump for forcing this issues.   This will also give the birthers another conspiracy issue. They will now be questioning whether the certificate is real. Wait and see.

Unconstitutional Pt. II

  In my previous post titled "Unconstitutional", I gave several examples of Constitutional Amendments that I feel are actually unconstitutional.   Now of course that idea will seem a bit strange to many people. They will assume that if the amendment has been added to the constitution and was done according to the rules set forth by the constitution, that the amendments are therefore constitutional. But are they?   To understand the point I am making, we will need to understand how the Constitution was constructed.   Originally the Constitution was only to consist of the Articles as ratified in 1788. It was because of the insistence of  Thomas Jefferson and others, that a Bill of Rights was added to the Constitution. Jefferson felt that the document lacked many of the explicit guarantees of personal liberties that state constitutions had.   This demonstrates that the Read more

Protack and Ayotte Win Two Staw-Polls, In As Many Days

Protack and Ayotte have been sweeping though Sussex County like a steamroller gathering speed.  Monday's 35th District Meeting at Cindy's Green's finished garage, in Greenwood was a sweep for both Michael Protack and Don Ayotte in a straw poll.  Michael Protack  and John Sigler are candidates for the position of Republican State Chairman.  Donald Ayotte and Greg Lavelle are both candidates for the position of Vice Chairman. Chairman: Protack  20 Sigler      9 Vice Chairman: Ayotte    29 Lavelle  0 In a meeting of the Sussex Conservative Caucus on Tuesday, April 26th, at the Manor House in Lewes, another straw-poll was taken for both the Chairman and Vice Chairman with 32 members present.  The results were as follows: Chairman: Protack   29 Sigler       3 Vice Chairman: Ayotte   32 Lavelle  0 Many Sussex Countians spoke loudly Read more

The World Upside Down

Some of my friends say we have to go after long shots like Trump, Gingrich, and others because our front runners can’t win.   Yet, every poll for the last 4 years seems to say that Huckabee, Romney, and Paul remain our strongest candidates in a general election.  The others who are supposed to save us get blown away.   Huckabee is our strongest candidate.  Romney is not far behind, and surprisingly Ron Paul is also in single digits every time his name is actually included in a general election match up.   I have to wonder why so many of my GOP friends are looking at the world upside down.  We don’t have to find someone, we just need to pick someone.  Let’s not defeat ourselves when everything we need is right under our noses.

Earth to Flowers: Come in Flowers

Our state treasurer, Chip Flowers is a brilliant, successful man.  He is very capable and talented.   That is why I am so puzzled over his misques last week.  The Cash Management Policy Board of the state of Delaware turned down a central part of his economic platform.   That is not surprising.  The proposal to loan out state money through community banks to local businesses at a fee is novel in this state and that board is known for being conservative not novel.   What is surprising is the fact that he did not make allies with the Governor's office or the legislature.  He didn't even keep the minutes neutral.  When you can't even get the minutes passed, you are in trouble. Next, he decided to get an Attorney from outside of the state, but he did not even file the necessary paperwork to notify the Attorney General that he would not be using his service.  Now he also stepped Read more


   Let's face it, the TEA movement has become a major force within American politics. Either directly or indirectly, the TEA movement has gotten people up and moving. It has given them a sense of ability to chart the course of the nation.   Many people who have never before been involved in politics in any way, have taken to the streets in protest. Many more, who never watched the evening news for more than a weather report, are now committed news watchers.    There have been many positive aspects of the TEA movement. But like many past movements and causes. Many of the TEA followers are just that, followers. They have picked up the language, with no real understanding of what it is they are saying. Probably the most used phrase by many who consider themselves members of the TEA movement is, "UNCONSTITUTIONAL".   This one word has become both chant and defence mechanism. Read more

Some Words from the Rising Generation

Kory Shore is a young conservative from up in PA, and he has some words that America should probably hear. Maybe we will pay attention to the future of our nation, then again the next little spat over policy and the election politics in 2012 are probably too important to give more than a passing thought to the shambles our youth are going to be left with because of our actions.

Focus on the National Debt

Congress will raise the debt ceiling soon because it has to. That decision was made whether they admit it or not when they did not make larger cuts in the continuing resolution to keep the government going. You cannot go cold turkey anyway. This will mess took 80 years to get into and will take a few to get out of it. What I am watching is what is attached. Raising the debt ceiling time after time is a joke not a policy. We need to connect any increase in the debt ceiling to real spending caps with automatic cuts if they are not met. GRH was a powerful concept, but this time we need to put enforcement teeth into it. The truth is a soft landing is better than a hard landing, but a survivable hard landing is better than a crash. We are heading toward a crash. I hope our leaders can plan a soft landing, but if the Senate and House cannot agree on one, a hard landing may still be better than Read more

Thank You Senator Booth

   Last year after the GOP primary was over and Joe Booth had won, it was announced that he had been selected for a position with Sussex Tech School District. Since he was unopposed by a Democrat, the primary was the election and he was the new senator for the 19th district. Full disclosure. This is my district and Senator Booth is my Senator.   There was a lot of concern about the clear conflict of interest that Senator Booth's new job with Sussex Tech would create. Concerns that I had a chance to voice directly with Mr. Booth. He assured me that if any votes were to come up concerning Sussex Tech, that he would recuse himself.   Well friends that is just what has happened. There is currently a Senate Bill 5 making its way through the senate. This bill is intended to create one consolidated school district for the current five separate vo-tech districts within the state of Delaware. Read more

The UN and One world Worship The worship of Earth Mother/Gaia/Pachamama is now endorsed by the UN.  If you are not yet convinced the religious environmental movement is not hooked up with politics, you may not have been paying attention. As I noted in the article, search engine Google had an Earth Day logo imitative of Edward Hicks’ “The Peaceable Kingdom” on Good Friday, yet Passover and Easter received no such attention.  Just a small indication of the dismissal of Judaism and Christianity while substituting and promoting pantheism.

Conservative Caucus of New Castle endorses Sigler; Lavelle

Under the leadership of Chairman John Radell, The New Castle Conservative Caucus has endorsed John Sigler of Kent County for the office of Chairman of the Republican State Committee, Greg Lavelle as Vice Chairman of the State Committee and Kim Hoey Stevenson as Secretary of the same. From their release: ....We endorsed John Sigler for Chairman of the Republican Party, Greg Lavelle as Vice Chair, and Kim Stevenson as Secretary.   We did so because John has the courage, strength and will to stand up against the liberal machine that is trying to drive our state into the ground.  Greg Lavelle stood firmly with Nicole Theiss and the Delaware Family Policy Council in fighting against the Civil Union bill.  His combined support of life and being in the State Legislature will add continuity and unity to our elected officials and our rank and file members.  And Kim is the new energetic and Read more

Remembering Easter

As you pause this Easter/Passover weekend and take a break from politics, I hope you will take the time to listen to the magnificent rendition of Bach’s master work, “O Come Sweet Death,” as played by the late great Virgil Fox. You will never hear a more powerful performance. I always cry throughout the entire nine minutes. Inspiring beyond words.