Power Grab by State Department of Education?

Centralized planning has been the bane of modern education in my opinion.  While the 21st century is becoming a century of individual sovergnity and localism through global networking, American education has been moving toward early 20th century central planning and stagnet bureaucracy.   Despite the smart and honorable people in Delaware's Department of Education (here after DoE), our state has been no exception to that unfortunate trend.  Local school officials spend a significant portion of their week going to meetings to get the lastest and greatest mandate or recommendation from DoE.  Now a new report seeks to make the DoE the policy making board as well as the administrative compliance and goal setting agency. A recent self serving study by fellow state bureaucrats in the DSCYF, Justice, Public Defender's office, Family Court, Justice of the peace court, and statisical Read more

Dover City Council Candiates Debate 3/30/11

Wednesday night at 6:30 there was a City Council Candidate's debate hosted by the Kent County Realtor's Association at Wesley College.  I have to admit that there weren't really any fireworks at this debate.  In fact, with few exceptions the candidates seemed to generally agree with each other.  Having spoken to several of the candidates outside of the debate, I know that there are actually several areas where they differ greatly on the issues, perhaps at other debates they will be placed on center stage, but this debate focused on issues that were too big to ignore, and too critical to pretend there are any options other than to tackle them head on. I think that each of the candidates brings a valuable set of skills and body of experience to the table.  While I believe some are better prepared to serve in these trying times than others, I also believe that Dover can be well served Read more

Medical Marijuana, Constitutional ?

     Someone over on my other article brought up the topic of, where in the Constitution is marijuana deemed illegal.     Well of course the Constitution doesn't address the legality of marijuana.     During the discussion of whether the state of Delaware should legalize medical marijuana or not, the discussion naturally had to turn to the total legalization of marijuana. Since that is the end game of many who support SB17.    Many have attempted to criticize myself and others who oppose SB17, by asking how anyone who calls themself a conservative, can want the government to regulate pot.   First let me assure those people, I am anything but a big government person. I do believe that we need a smaller government presences in our lives. This does not mean, no government. That my friends, is anarchy. Some libertarian types border on this very dangerous ideology.    Read more


Senator Carper of Delaware just happened to be in that secret squirrel meeting with Senator Schumer that was caught on tape.  You know, the one where we get this precious little gem from Sen. Schumer, “I always use the word extreme. That is what the caucus instructed me to use this week.” Not only was Senator Carper there, but the NY Times Caucus Blog shows that gamely goes along with the instructions that were handed out to them.  "Mr. Carper continued with the theme, referring to some House Republicans’ “right-wing extremist friends.”  Wow, he fell in line with those instructions extremely fast didn't he? It is worth remembering this moment, and who Sen. Carper actually listens to the next time you call or write Senator Carper.  When it comes from above, it seems Senator Carper is quick to comply.  When it comes from his constituents experience shows that Senator Carper Read more

Delaware Democrats Fail In the Civil Rights Department

If the choice is between justice for people who have been discriminated against and plumb positions for the politically connected, it is an easy choice for Delaware Democrats. Get rid of civil rights enforcement and give the job to a top Democrat. If anyone has doubts that the Democrats’ care for minorities is an election year project, read this saga. Nearly 500 people have been cheated of timely justice so Senator DeLuca could get a plumb job in the Executive branch.  I guess Governor Markell is too busy trying to redefine the family to worry about civil rights.

Karen Weldin Stewart: For the Powerful over the People

What is the deal?  Insurance Commissioner Karen Weldin Stewart (KWS) made much public fan fare about her audit of Blue Cross' denial of pre-test heart claims. It looked like our insurance commissioner was looking out for the people. A year later, we still do not know what the result of the audit is. I wrote we do not know.  KWS has known for most of three months.   She is too busy working out the details with the carrier to talk to the little people.    Forgive me for wondering if the show of concern is yet another in a long line of fraud that KWS has perpetrated  on the voters. She seems to have actually used the audit and report to undermine legislation that would protect the clients.  Now the prolonged delay seems a cynical ploy to protect the profits of big insurance companies over the people she was elected to serve.  She has gone to the extraordinary measure of requiring Read more

Thoughts on SB17

Whenever Mark, aged three, touched an object he shouldn’t, his mother would make him go into the kitchen. As soon as he saw she would drag him there, he would begin a chilling banshee scream, yelling, “Mommy, I won’t do it again. I promise. I won’t do it again.” But his sobs were useless. His mom would turn on the gas flame and hold his hand over it until his palm blistered. As he screamed in agony, she would yell, “Will you touch that again? Will you? WILL you!!” “No, no, NO.” Finally she would let go. Mark spent his toddler years afraid of everything. He’d wander aimlessly around the house with tears running down his face, sobbing his heart out with no one to comfort him. A wasted childhood turned into wasted school years and wasted young adult years. Mark drank himself to death by age thirty-eight. In a bitter irony, not just his hands, but his entire Read more

Unions, You’ve Been Charlie Sheen’d

Unions, you have been Charlie Sheen'd.  Your problem is even worse though, because the CBS executives aren't going to step in and fire your leaders that have gone off the deep end.  That is entirely up to you.  I was going to go with the old Happy Day's jumped the shark analogy but Charlie Sheen's destruction of Two and a Half Men is so much more appropriate.  Like both of those shows, Unions started our great.  Both shows were among the most popular shows of their time.  Unions have known amazing popularity as well.  But what do you do when your Union Jumps the shark?  People liked it, but it has been going on for a long time and no longer satisfies their needs and interests.  Now it is grasping at straws and using gimmicks to try to keep you interested and involved.  Even worse, what if your union is still at the top of its game but the person(s) at the head of your union Read more

How Democrats View the World

George Weigel has written a little noticed but profound piece on the weltanshauungof the Democrats since the New Left challenged the "Truman/Acheson/Kenndy/Scoop Jackson Democartic consensus, for saking it for a new orthodoxy of very bad ideas promoted by people like Cyrus Vanc and Warren Christopher. Weigel's full article can be found at http://www.nationalreview.com/articles/263126/how-democrats-view-world-george-weigel?page=1. Briefly, the main points are a mere eight in number: 1.Conflict is not the normal political phenomenon that it was assumed to be for millenia. 2.Peace is not a matter of a rightly ordered and law-governed political community; rather, "peace" is a state of mind that can be willed into being. 3. The notion that the US should actively seek to shape world politics is pernicious, not for the old isolationist reason that it's bad for us, but because we tend Read more

Biden’s crew imprisons Reporter

Joe Biden’s team decided to violate the rights of a reporter for the Orlando Sentinel. The Vice Kidnapper in Chief didn’t want reporter Scott Powers to mingle with the rich hoity toity liberal big buck donors at an Orlando Florida fundraiser for Democrat Senator Nelson. Biden’s staffers locked the reporter in a closet. Remember when it comes to the First Amendment and transparency, Biden is a typical liberal hypocrite. His crew locked up a reporter and the local paper wanted to try and cover it up.  The reporter did take pictures of the room where he was imprisoned. Any bets that no one will be fired for this? http://www.drudgereport.com/flash7.html

Delaware ! Is This Where You Want To Live ?

      Needle exchange program !       Lower sentences, for larger amounts of drugs !       On the path to legalize marijuana !        Expansion of gambling !        Laws that challenge the traditional values of marriage !        Sanctuary towns for illegal immigrants !         It would seem that Delaware is on a path of societal degradation. That those who are elected to lead, are leading in the wrong direction.

Follow up on Claire the Flying Tax Freeloader

Her opponent has hammered McCaskill with her own words. Two years is a long time, but it sure looks like this seat is vulnerable.  I like looking at the big picture once in a while as well as the local picture.  This is interesting. Here is more on Sarah Steelman. She is an economist and was elected statewide as state treasurer. She is a proven crusader fighting special interests and ethical state investments. She is one to watch. Unlike Blunt, who had to fight an insider image, she is free from the burden of Washington.  This is looking like seat number 50. Virginia, North Dakota, Missouri, Montana, New Mexico, and Nebraska are strong potential flips. I now put Missouri at number 3. Like Claire McCaskill, she lost her run for governor and now has a good chance at Senate. Dick Morris had this high praise for her innovation. There are rumors that Republican Jim Talent wants his Read more

Tax Code Follies

If you have close to 1000 tax experts and lobbyists, the tax code works pretty well for you.  I have no issue with GE finding ways to avoid unnecessary taxes, but can we get rid of the fiction that the tax code we have doesn’t punish the working guy while the big companies park money all over the world?  Let’s have an honest tax system.

Melissa McCafferty: Bold Citizen

UPDATE:  I can confirm that at least in the state of Delaware this has reached Joe the Plumber status.  Don't tase me and don't touch my junk also come to mind.  The basketball fiasco has started going viral.  When I got home tonight about a third of my facebook wall was full of links to the News Journal article, the YouTube video (which has over 13,000 hits so far UPDATE: make that 145,000 hits, not bad for Delaware), and other comments about the incident.  Not to mention there is this new facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/DelDOT-Replace-the-poles/192131067491871?sk=wall  We will just have to see how far this story goes. ---------------------------------- I think that Melissa McCafferty is my hero of the week. I haven't quite decided yet but for Delaware this just might be Joe the Plumber level stuff.  When the State came to take away the basketball hoops Read more

Rep. Pete Schwartzkopf defends SB17 On WGMD

   Today on WGMD the guest host Steve Bryant, who is sitting in for Jared Morris, was discussing Delaware's SB 17 legislation. This is the bill that would legalize medical use of marijuana.     Mr. Bryant is currently undergoing chemotherapy for throat cancer. But since Mr. Bryant lives in Nashville, the passage of this law in Delaware would not benefit him directly. It is understandable that Mr. Bryant would be in favor of the legalization of marijuana, for medical use.    I called in to give my views of why I feel that passage of SB 17 would set a dangerous precedent. I am on record as to why I feel this way.    The really interesting part of the discussion on WGMD came about fifteen minutes after my call. That is when Delaware, Rep. Pete Schwartzkopf called in, to defend SB 17.  He made all of the usual points that those who support legalizing medical marijuana make. Read more

Let 8 year olds vote. Libertarian Party

The newly elected Vice Chairman of the Libertarian party has stated on his Facebook page his view that the Voting Age needs to be lowered. Here is the exchange:  Will McVay Personally, I think we should lower the voting age. about an hour ago • LikeUnlike  Chris Slavens That could become a fascinating campaign. How low? I kind of doubt it would be successful, though; after all, young voters haven't even made a serious attempt at lowering the drinking age. But with the right person taking the lead, who knows? about an hour ago • LikeUnlike  Will McVay It could be done on a state by state basis. The constitution just says no one 18 or over can be denied the right to vote because of their age. I think 16 would be a good starting point, but to be perfectly frank, I don't see a problem with 8 year olds voting..... 59 minutes ago • LikeUnlike The slogan that if Read more

Asia, Quaking

Asia, Quaking --Fay Voshell The shoreline of Japan is not the only shift that will have been caused by the earthquake and tsunami of March 11. As significant as the material damage, which appears to be almost incalculable, and as worthy of attention as the economic damage, also titanic, is a potential shift in the international alliances and strategies in the Far East, particularly among China, Japan and the US and its allies. For the grim truth is that Japan, already beleaguered by a stagnant economy, a pitiless demographic and a fate filled geographic location now has been hit with devastation the equivalent of total war, including the threat of nuclear disaster. One look at the satellite photographs reveals devastation that makes Sherman’s march on Georgia and the Nazi blitz of London seem restrained. Japan has been critically wounded, and it will not be long before her Read more

Why Is The Fair Tax so Controversial–My Contribution to Fair Tax Friday

Polling shows that that the Fair Tax effort is gaining substantial momentum.  More people would  rather have a good National Sales Tax than the current system.  The people are ahead of the political class as usual.  The same was true with civil rights.  Polls showed the people were ahead of the politicians.  That is why we were able to pass civil rights laws almost 100 years before 1964, but the elite class in the courts gutted much of them.  The KKK supported Democrat Party of the 1913 to 1916 era repealed civil rights protection but could only keep some of those gains by filibuster in the Senate. Today, the political class is just as determined to keep the source of its power, the tax code. Why does the political class so cherish the current system? The income tax is 98 years old.  An entire industry has grown up around it.  Notice the University of Michigan Economists like Read more

Stop Idling away our money

I am entertained by the fact that while the city of Dover was working off an operating budget that increased 5.56% to 133,434,571 in 2008 to 2009 that the big worry was sanitation workers letting their vehicles idle. No, I am not passing judgement on that with diesel around $5 a gallon. I do wonder what could we find if we did a performance audit to actually look at the big money being spent to sustain 35 departments.   On April 9, 2007, City Council adopted a resolution endorsing the U.S Mayors Climate Protection Agreement. Since that time the City has adopted a Green Procurement policy that makes energy efficiency a priority through building code improvements, retrofitting City building with energy efficient lighting and urging employees to conserve energy and save energy. This policy establishes the requirement for performing lifecycle cost analysis on equipment. This Read more