Dover Woman Gains Recognition for Historic Actions

Dr. Dolores Finger Wright was recognized for her actions during the civil rights movement. History is what we made happen. Tomorrow's history will be made by the courage of those who stand up today for a strong foundation for our children.  The founders of this country were willing to sacrifice today for a better tomorrow.  Dr. Wright had that same spirit.  Because of her and people like her, the nation changed for the better faster than most people ever imagined. Read more

Markell’s Gun Control Revisited

Well It appears as if the Markell ship of state is running just as well as the Exxon Valdez.  In addition to the most recent DELDOT $1,000,000 per acre fiasco, which was entirely on Captain Jack's watch, the Markell crew can't seem to actually post on the state's website proposed legislation that was announced to much fanfare almost  3 weeks ago.  This is yet another great example of transparency for this group.  For 2 years they have been playing Hide a Land Deal with the General Public.  Now they are playing hide the legislation.  Now there are drafts of the legislative proposals that have been circulated to certain individuals and certain lobbyists but I thought that this kind of selective disbursement of information was gone with the Markell administration.  The February prefile deadline of 2-24-11 has come and gone with no bills filed despite the dog and pony show of earlier Read more

A few words from differing perspectives in regards to the last Sussex GOP meeting:

I don’t normally redirect, but there is a reason this time.  I try not to go over 700 words in my average blog post.  Truth be told I stick to about 400 words (attention span and all that).  This last piece, however, includes a letter from each “side” in the GOP battle.  The two letters together equal about 2200 words. If you care to read them, they are both published on my personal blog Or you can focus on what’s next, it’s up to you… I just wanted to share the two perspectives next to each other…

Contrary to Rumors

If this is a typical week, Tom Carper looks a definite for running again.  The fact he is fundraising and repositioning himself again as mainstream indicates that rumors which say he will step aside for AG Biden are incorrect.  They cleared the decks once, now it comes to waiting your turn.  Markell v. Biden in 2018.  Thanks to Patrick Davis for the compilation. U.S. Sen. Tom Carper (D-DE) Sen. Carper Cheers Administration Efforts to Reduce Medicare and Health Care Fraud; Record $4 Billion Recovered in 2010 January 24: Tom Carper–U.S. Senator: Pressroom: "The Obama Administration is making strong and serious strides to better protect scarce taxpayer dollars by combating Medicare and health care waste and fraud," said Sen. Carper, Chair of the Senate subcommittee which oversees federal financial management. "Not only have federal law enforcement and local partners stepped up their Read more

News Journal–Your Bias Is Showing

Maryland's State Senate passed a same sex marriage billwith one vote to spare.  The bill is now before the House Judiciary committee.  The Wilmington News Journal didn't quite have the same balance the Washington Post did in the first link.  In the copy editor's mind, it was the passage of the Marriage Equity bill.  If that were in the title of the bill, I would excuse it.  The fact they just pulled it out of the propaganda of the Gay Rights advocates tells me what I need to know.  There is no pretense of equal treatment on this issue.  I expect better when the issue comes to Delaware this spring. The good news is that people contacted the Senate in record numbers.  Outside of Montgomery County, the phone calls were running as high as 10 to 1 against even in Prince Georges County.  Maryland Democrats have over reached here.  I bet this will go to referendum. Read more

Two Americas

   Throughout the history of America there have been times when there has been two diverse Americas. Of course the nation is made up of many different groups, that lend to our unique society. But I will focus on the larger divisions.     Even at our founding there were two groups of American colonist. We had of course the patriots who were considered rebels by the British, who wanted to be free from colonial rule. But we also had the loyalist, who wished to remain subjects of the British Crown.   At one point in our history there was actually two Americas. During the War of Northern Agression, the original nation was split into two separate nations. It was only through a four-year war that the Confederacy was forced to return to the Union.   Over time we have seen the ebb and flow of society create and eradicate barriers between groups.   Sometimes these barriers are Read more

Delaware Takes Half Step In Abortion Case

The newly empowered state medical board is taking action on a referral by the Attorney General Joseph "Beau" Biden III.  Something is missing.  There is no talk of criminal action.  I hope that either changes or we get an explaination why there is no case.   An excerpt from the News Journal's Sean Sullivan: WILMINGTON -- The Delaware Attorney General's Office is seeking the emergency suspension of two doctors associated with an abortion provider in Delaware that employed Dr. Kermit Gosnell, who is accused of murdering infants in Philadelphia. Prosecutors also are asking the state's Board of Medical Licensure and Discipline to fine Atlantic Women's Medical Services -- which has clinics in Wilmington and Dover -- for unprofessional conduct by the two doctors and the clinic's owner, who has been holding herself up as a doctor despite not having a license to practice medicine in the Read more

Senator Coons’ Hypocrisy

Senator Coons' Press Release   "WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Chris Coons (D-Del.) today praised the Obama Administration’s decision to stop defending the Defense of Marriage Act in court." I will be up front and admit that I have little hope that Senator Chris Coons to be a Senator that represents me or even the State of Delaware. However, I am still disappointed by the press release he issued today concerning the Obama Administration's decision to make it a policy to no longer enforce The Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).  It could alternatively be titled "Thank you Mr. President for doing my job." Senator Coons applauds the choice, in part because of his personal stance on equality and partly because he feels that the Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional.  Herein lies the hypocrisy.  Sen. Coons opposes DOMA because he thinks it is unconstitutional, yet he supports the Read more

Cost Estimates Are Not a Science

How much will the Stimulus cost?  Two years later, we still do not know.  The 787 billion dollar bill is now up to 821 billion, but at one point it was estimated to be 862 billion then back to 814 billion.   I believe this should enlighten other debates.  We may get a ballpark, but the cost estimates are not a science.  Government may speak with certainty, but they cannot even tell us how much they spend.  How can we believe that they can speak with certainty about the effect of every regulation, tax change, mandate, program, or energy scheme.  Government is run by fallible people just like the rest of us.  They deserve the same respect given to all, but they do not deserve the deference of faith.  Government has a role in solving our problems, but that role is not superior to the individual, faith community, family, or business community.  Government should be our partner not Read more

A Very Important Rail Splitter’s Meeting Rescheduled for 24th

A Reminder Join DE Rail Splitters on Feb 24 for important Town Hall Conversation about the next DE Republican State Chair--we need your ideas Date: Thursday, Feb 24 Time: 5:30-6pm mingle: 6pm program starts Location: Timothy's Restaurant 930 Justison St. Wilmington, DE (waterfront downtown Wilmington)  --Participate in Rail Splitter Town Hall Conversation discussing the most important attributes and goals for next DE Republican State Chair. --Hear from candidates for DE Republican State Chair. All declared candidates are invited and may speak briefly. Updates from DE leaders: Laird Stabler, Republican National Committeeman; Tom Kovach, New Castle County Council President; and Jon Sherman, Executive Director, Founders Values. --Marc "the Wizard" Wienner's fiendish trivia quiz. --World introduction of George's Practically Plausible Political Newswire.  Bring Read more

You want to get to know Rebecca Cervera

Normally, I do not promote radio shows or we would have 2/3's of the blog with these type of releases, but this one is worthy of an exception.   Some of you remember back in 2007 when I wrote about Sarah Palin.  I called her the most important person that you do not know.  The searches by the national media in August of 2008 are what gave this blog a national following and even international with the BBC World to this day.  We were also fairly early on Marco Rubio and Rand Paul.  Now, I will alert you to Rebecca Cervera who went from homeless child to educated Entrepreneur.  She is a fascinating person who has the potential to be a quickly rising star in conservative politics.  Listen to her interview and let me know what you think. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contact: Reuben Torres 646-591-3551   Entrepreneur, business owner, musician, community Read more

Is American Exceptionalism Dead?

Recall then-vice-presidential candidate Joseph R. Biden Jr. (D-Del) pontificating the likeliness of an “international crisis’ that would “test the mettle of this guy” – referring to then-candidate Barack Obama during the campaign of 2008? Since the time Biden uttered those remarks at a Seattle campaign fundraiser event, he’s mostly been right. Who’d a thunk it? Yet, the irony of all of this premonitory soothsaying is that president Obama, along with his administration, still does not have a clear and cogent foreign policy strategy that gives meaning to what the U.S. stands for. Our guiding principle, as portrayed by the White House, is to wet one’s finger and see which way the wind blows. We all sat back in disbelief as a Green Revolution enveloped the streets and plazas of Tehran during the summer of 2009, only to be trounced by a megalomaniac nicknamed A-Jad and Read more

Good, I Hope Richard Lugar Enjoys His Retirement

There is no excuse to keep someone so out of touch with the Constitution that he supports the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child in a state as conservative as Indiana.  He has a long record of supporting liberal positions such as the Assault Weapons Ban, undermining Kyle in the START negotiations, opposing a ban on earmarks, supported the bailouts, the Dream Act, and supporting Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan for U. S. Supreme Court Justices.  It is said he is President Barack Obama’s favorite Republican.  67 of the 92 Republican County Chairs in Indiana have settled on a popular alterative.  Indiana State Treasurer Richard Mourdock.  He has the support of Tea Party Conservatives, social conservatives, and movement conservatives.  He won 62% of the vote in this past election.  Let's just hope conservatives do not split the vote with other candidates and let Lugar slither Read more

Democrat Representative: We need to get bloody on the streets

Massachusetts Representative Michael Capuano has stated at a Pro Public Union Rally  that,  Every once and awhile you need to get out on the streets and get a little bloody when necessary. Yes there is no doubt about it.  A Pro Union Thug Democrat member for the House of Representatives is calling for violence that draws blood and he was cheered by the other liberal union thugs.  Where is all this civility that our Messiah keeps telling us about? By the way Capuano is considered to be a contender against Republican Senator Scott Brown.  In his sordid attempt to curry favor with Unions by advocating violence he is just trying to win the wack job liberal base.     Can you imagine the out cry from the unthinking, hypocritical, liberals if a Republican member of Congress had said such a thing? Read more

Now that all of the Problems are solved-Same Sex Marriage

Now that Maryland has solved its budget woes, has full employment, eliminated significant infant mortality, curtailed gangs, solved domestic violence, halted child molesters, cut taxes, and wait none of that has happened.   So why does the Maryland state senate want to engage in radical social experimentation?  Places that has engaged in it in North America has a significant movement to repeal it.  Maine just did, California did, and Iowa is on its way.  In Canada, the party that opposes it gained power.  I believe random experimentation with an institution which preceded civilization and enabled us to move from the caves to the International Space Station and to move from roving tribes to great nations is the height of arrogance.  It is a fool's errand, but Maryland Democrat leaders seem bent on running it.  Maryland readers, please call your senators today and let Annapolis Read more

An interview with Mike Huckabee: A Simple Government

Governor Mike Huckabee is releasing a new book today, A Simple Government.  He believes the answers to our complex problems begins with basic principles we have forgetten.  Our founders used only 20 pages to write the Constitution which guides our nation.  In spite of the fact we have complex problems, the path to solving them begins with simple principles.  Governor Huckabee seeks to achieve three goals in this book.  He seeks to engage the public in a serious, common sense discussion of the issues perplexing America.  He seeks to make a compelling case for full spectrum conservatism not just fiscal or social.   He seeks to head off an internal blood bath in the GOP between the Libertarian and the traditional Conservative wings of the party. I was privledged to participate in a conference call with other bloggers.  We asked questions on a variety of subjects.  My questions Read more

What’s the progress report?

I want to see this 1.1 million dollar food concession area. I can't wait to get a hot dog and hot chocolate at Smyrna High next year. I am just glad they didn't waste money on stupid stuff like bigger computer labs and libraries or letting a dreaded charter school get any money for educational buildings.  It's our money or it used to be.  By Ben Mace, Editor Smyrna/Clayton Sun-Times Posted Mar 23, 2010 @ 09:07 AM SMYRNA, Del. — The new concession stand building at the Smyrna High School football stadium will cost $1.1 million, but that’s actually less than expected. The Smyrna School District Board of Education approved the low bid from Kent Construction Company with a 4-0 vote at the March 17 board meeting at Smyrna High School. Board member Ron Eby didn’t attend because he was out of town. When district voters approved the referendum for additions to the high school, Read more

Political Terrorist

  I, like many around the nation, have been watching the goings on in Wisconsin. Where the Democrats in the state House of Representative have abandoned their positions. Rather than vote on a bill that would force public sector union members to pay a part of their health care and pension package, and also repeal collective bargaining, the so-called legislators have chosen to run and hide in Illinois.   Now this tactic has been picked up by Democrats in Indiana, who have also decided to run and hide instead of fulfilling their elected duties. For the same reasons.   As I have watched this unfold, I kept having the feeling that I had seen this type of behavior before. No I'm not talking about when the Democrats in Texas also ran away from their responsibilities.    As I watched and listened to the news reports I was struck by the similarities between these Democrat lawmakers and Read more

RE: ‘Transparency 101″ post

I have deleted the aforementioned post. I did not properly vett the ‘source’ of the linked article. I apologize to any of the commenters who responded to this post. I always strive for a high-level of standards for writing and reporting; however, the article did not meet that criteria.

Look For The Union Label

  Recently there has been a lot of news about unions not being happy about having to suffer along with the rest of us in this down economy.    We have all heard through the national media about the public service unions in Wisconsin. The teachers standing in the streets complaining that the state can no longer afford to pay for their health care package and retirement. The governor of that state has asked them to contribute to both, and even then, the cost to the individual would be the second lowest in their region. The real sticking point is the collective bargaining. The governor wants to remove this arrow from the quiver of the unions. In so doing it would take away the unfair advantage unions have over private sector employees and the government.   Well you don't have to go halfway across the nation to find union members who have lost touch with reality. Right here in Delaware Read more

DNREC Press Release Millsboro; Harrington

DNREC issues notice of penalty for wastewater permit violations to the Town of Millsboro and City of Harrington exceeding $500,000 Both towns working with DNREC to improve wastewater systems DOVER (Feb. 18, 2011) – Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control Secretary Collin O’Mara has issued Notices of Administrative Penalty Assessment and Secretary’s Orders to the Town of Millsboro and the City of Harrington for multiple violations of their National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permits. The order for Millsboro totals a cash penalty of $376,303 including reimbursement to DNREC for expenses associated with the department’s investigation. Harrington’s penalty order for wastewater violations totals $137,724, which also includes reimbursement to DNREC for expenses in its investigation. In both cases, the municipalities will be allowed to apply Read more

Democrats Clearing the Deck

Clear the Deck Friday saw New Castle County Executive Paul Clark's wife, Pam Scott leave her law firm.  It also saw Del DOT chief Carolann Wicks leave her post.   Secretary Wicks announcement was a surprise late Friday afternoon to even Del DOT insiders and may have been more personally motivated, but the political implications are clear.  Governor Markell can now distance himself from corrupt land deal allegations which started with the Minner Administration.  The fact the deals continued will now be laid at the feet of Ms. Wicks unless the FBI produces something. Democrats have attempted to take two issues off the table which had the potential to derail them in New Castle County and statewide.  What I find interesting is that neither move seemed to be the choice of the elected officials, but loyalty of those around them. Read more

A Step Towards Life

   Several weeks ago I posted an article using abortion as an example of how to bring the two warring factions within the GOP together.   In that article I explained how we could use the cost of funding organizations such as Planned Parenthood to bring together the fiscal onlies and the more conservative faction of the GOP who care deeply about the rights of the unborn.   In the article I suggested that we pull together to defund Planned Parenthood, and in so doing we would actually be satisfying both social conservatives,who want to save lives. And the fiscal conservatives, who want to cut federal spending.   Well, I'm not going to try to take credit for it, but today the House Republicans did just that. They voted to defund Planned Parenthood. The amendment to the continuing resolution  was passed in a 240-185 vote. This cuts (ALL) federal funding for this terrible organization Read more