Will We Waste 20 Years or Move Toward Victory?

Both wings of the  Delaware GOP should read an August post on CNN is worth reading, it speaks of the Canadian Conservative experience.  The fact is that the Progressive Conservatives brought the problem upon itself.  It abandoned everything that made it conservative.  It abandoned market reforms for health care out of fear.  It abandoned social concerns.  It abandoned the anti-tax crowd.  It abandoned the concerns of English Canada over divisions caused by catering to every demand by Quebec.   When a recession hit, it had no base to fall back upon and with the rise of the reform party, it disappeared   overnight.  The reason the Republican Party was able to comeback is that nationally, it has a base.   Even with an unpopular war, economic recession, and Katrina fatigue, it still had a 40% base.   A successful party understands that the one thing a party cannot do is abandon its Read more

GOP Brand IS Back; Democrats Have Partial Recovery

The GOP has a net positive image with the public for the first time since 2005 according to Gallup.  Other polling shows John Boehner is the most popular figure in the government by a net positive measure with Mitch McConnell not far behind.  Real Clear Politics has the GOP with a healthy lead in the generic ballot.  Democrats have recovered from their lows though more people see them unfavorably.  I referred to this as an era of good feelings.  Let's see how long it lasts with the Middle East in flames.  Still the Democrats would be the losers in that scenario. The GOP has some challenges.  46% of Palin supporters would consider voting for a third party if she doesn't win the nomination.  1/3 of the party wants anyone but Palin to the point that 1/3 of the Romney and Huckabee supporters would seriously consider voting for a third party if she is the nominee.  It is not insurmountable, Read more

Maryland Mayor Settles 3 Year Fight Over Drug Raid By PG County Swat Team

Mayor Cheye Calvo came home one day to find his dogs had been shot by Prince Georges County Maryland Swat Team. It turned out that he had gotten a package of Marijuana from Fed Ex. Some smugglers used his address. The idea seemed to be to pick it up before he had the chance to get a hold of it. 5 other people had similar experiences. Swat had a warrant, but not a no knock warrant. The raided his home, shot his pets and found nothing else. The county has finally settled after years of not even wanting to apologize even after they acknowledged that he "was likely innocent" and they did not have the proper warrant. It appears the Mayor held out for reforms in the system in Prince Georges County.  that is a positive step.  Our 4th amendment rights keep going  by the way side whether it is in random searches, national security letters, or guns blazing raids with no evidence of danger.  Read more

The Next Shoe

The Delaware Family Policy Council (DFPC) will be holding a press conference Monday January 31, at 10:00am in Dover, DE to release new information about a yet to be named third person hired by Brinkley at the Atlantic Women’s Medical Center in Dover. DPFC will be calling for an investigation to be conducted in Delaware by both state and federal officials. The press conference will be held in Dover on North DuPont Hwy at 10:00am. Parking is available at Walmart at 1574 N DuPont Hwy. The event will be held in the public area between Walmart and Bob Evans with a good view of Atlantic Women’s Medical Services abortion clinic across the street. Dress warmly as this will be an outdoor event. For more information please contact Jordan Warfel. jordan@delawarefamilies.org

Sussex County GOP Meeting Date Changed

    The date for the monthly meeting of the Sussex County GOP committee, has been changed. Normally the meeting is held on the second Monday of the month. In this case that would have landed it on Feb. 14th, Saint Valentines Day.    I for one am relieved, as this is also my anniversary. I unlike some others believe that this is the reason for the change. Considering all of the dysfunctional behavior within the party, do we really want to cause trouble at home?   The new date is February the 16th, this is a Wednesday. The time is the same,7:30pm. It will be held in the usual location, at the Sussex County Association Of Realtors building, located at the intersection of Rt.9 and Truck Rt.9 east of Georgetown. I encourage all "Sussex County" members of the GOP to be in attendance. The past two meetings have been real barn burners. Personally, I intend to be there if I have to  Read more

Help Wanted

My good friends, due to some great opportunities both personal and political, I will be contributing less time to the blog for a while.  Don’t worry, the same great analysis that you have supported these years will still be coming from these pages.   Fewer contributions from me will not mean less quality.  I am just not sure you will hear from me 4 posts a day.  Some of my fellow contributors are busy because of high job demands, college courses, and others have had health challenges.  I have tried to pick up the slack.  Now I need help.  If anyone would like to be on this side of the equation, email a guest post and some information on your background to depolitics@gmail.com .  You will be evaluated by the team.   Potential writers will have guest posts, one or two will become permanent.

Baseball Player Gil Meche Quits Because He is not Earning Pay

All Gil Meche has to do is sit down and do what he is told and he will make 12 million dollars in the final year of his contract with the Kansas City Royals. Instead the 32 year old, struggling pitcher is retiring because he doesn't feel right taking 12 million dollars when he went 0-5 with a 5.32 ERA (not good numbers) last year. "I want to earn my keep..." he said. Everyone is shocked, but the first thing out of their mouths is well Gil is known for his integrity. I have to say that either way, he is fine in the integrity part, but I admire a person who lives it to the best of their ability. I wonder if that has public policy implications. Readers know that I am opposed to mandatory term limits, but that debate would not happen if those who served the public in office said, I am out of ideas in this office. I either need to move on or take a break and let someone else bring something Read more

Joe Says It Aint So: Mubarak Not a Dictator

Vice President Biden does not want Egyptian Strongman Mubarak to step down and I am sure that the entrance of the Muslim Brotherhood into the fray makes the U. S. nervous. I get that. We should learn our lesson from the Sha of Iran. We should not pull the rug out like we did there. We also cannot prop them up and become enemies of the people like we did there. We should be neutral. The government is cutting off the Internet, cell phones, and other communications. That needs to be condemned. The protesters have legitimate demands. Protester signs are in English for two reasons. They admire our ideals of freedom and they want to send us a message that we need to live up to them. The world is not given to easy answers. From the Christian Science Monitor: Asked if he would characterize Mubarak as a dictator Biden responded: “Mubarak has been an ally of ours in a number of things. And Read more

Delaware Right to Life Highlights Gosnell Delaware Connection

Our friend, Nicole Collins President of Delaware Right to Life exposed the criminal connection of the local clinics highlighted on this blog earlier. She called for victims to come forward. She called for an investigation into abortion clinics in the state to make sure they are up to medical standards.   Monday. expect damaging new information from the Delaware Family Policy Council on this subject. Read more

Governor Markell Releases Budget Proposal

Balanced Budget Proposal Invests In Jobs And Stronger Schools Markell Budget Makes Painful Cuts But Requires No New Or Additional Taxes “To keep Delaware moving forward in the future, we need to make the hard choices now.” The budget documents are posted at: http://budget.delaware.gov/fy2012/budget2012.shtml DOVER - Governor Jack Markell introduced a balanced budget proposal today that reflects the administration’s focus on creating jobs and improving schools. The budget marks another year of difficult but necessary cuts and efficiencies, and the administration has worked to protect the state’s long-term financial future by tackling some of the fastest growing demands ­ state employee and retiree pension and health care costs. “This is a difficult, but financially responsible budget. It makes clear our top priority for the present is helping people get back to work and Read more

Retiring Conrad Finally Serious

Democrat Senate Budget Chairman Kent Conrad is finally serious about the deficit. It is better late than never. Senator Conrad recently announced his retirement next year. Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad, D-N.D., suggested that Obama was sidestepping the deficit issue and, with his presidential panel of debt commissioners unable to agree on a plan, leaving the crisis in limbo. "I'm going to be having discussions with members of the committee on both sides to see what the feeling would be about our taking this on and laying a plan before our colleagues," Conrad said. Conrad made the remarks after hearing from Congressional Budget Office Director Doug Elmendorf, who told the committee that action must be taken immediately to shrink the size of the deficit, which he predicted would total nearly $1.5 trillion this year, or 9.8 percent of gross domestic product. Elmendorf warned Read more

Big Labor and Big Government

You will want to read this article in full if you care about special interest manipulation of policy. "As stated in the Executive Order, 'Management should discuss workplace challenges and problems with labor and endeavor to develop solutions jointly, rather than advise union representatives of predetermined solutions to problems and then engage in bargaining over the impact and implementation of the predetermined solutions.' "Therefore, it is imperative that management immediately engage unions on an ongoing basis consistent with the spirit and intent of the Executive Order." In other words, Obama has given veto power on federal policy to the bosses running the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE), the National Treasury Employees Union (NTEU), National Federation of Federal Employees (NFFE) and the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME). As Read more

Want a Chance to Express Love Your Valentine Better?

Guys, in addition to your flowers or candy, give something that will last, an ever improving relationship. Come to the Art of Marriage. It is a six video series being hosted by New Covenant Presbyterian Church in scenic Lewes and sponsored by Delaware Family Policy Council. It is on February 11th and 12th. FTC Disclaimer: I was asked to post this and a gracious sponsorship was included in the request for my wife (my favorite right wing woman) and I. I was planning to post it anyway, but I welcome freebies for those of you with events. 🙂 This will be a great event and I hope to see you there. Read more

Important Web Cast Tonight

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contact: Reuben Torres 646-591-3551 Reuben_anthony@yahoo.com Chairman, We Care Partnership, Advocate for healthcare and educational concerns, Herb Glen will be the guest  tonight on my radio show, “Let’s Get Real With Reuben Torres ,”  Herb will discuss:  “ The  National School Choice Movement ,”  What is the National School Choice Movement ?   Only 35 percent of American high school seniors are proficient readers. Only 23 percent are proficient in math. Nationwide, only 74 percent of ninth graders graduate within four years—and that number drops to about 50 percent for black and Hispanic students.” And, “New Jersey offers a dramatic instance of this corruption and improvidence. After New York, no other state spends as much per pupil—but the Garden State has very little to show for its investment. Spending can exceed $400,000 per Read more

We Know Who Creates Jobs

Business not government.  Half of Democrats don't get it, unfortunately they are the half that run the party. President Obama argued strongly in his State of the Union speech last night for a bipartisan effort to create jobs, but most Americans think the best thing government can do is get out of the way. A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 60% of Adults think decisions made by U.S. business leaders to help their own businesses grow will do more to help create jobs in America than decisions made by government officials. Just 24% say decisions made by government officials to help the economy grow will do more. Sixteen percent (16%) are undecided. (To see survey question wording, click here.) Yet while 79% of Republicans and 58% of adults not affiliated with either of the major political parties think decisions by business leaders will do more to create jobs, Read more

The Sputnik Moment

Barack Obama never misses an opportunity to get history wrong and his speech last night was just one of many instances. Obama repeats the liberal lie that the space program and its successes were due to increased education funding in math and sciences that led to the triumph of the Moon landings in 1969.  This is pure fantasy. There was a federal increase in education after Sputnik in 1957.  The dollars could have not reached schools until 1958 or beyond.  NASA was not federally authorized until 1958.   The fact is the federal increase in education had zero to negligible impact on the U.S. winning the space race.  The funds that went to k-12 education did not hit the classroom until 1959 and we were on the moon 10 years later.  In short a first grade beneficiary of this increased funding would have been getting his driver's license when Neil Armstrong took his first step on Read more

Founders Values Forum Now FEB 2

You have been invited to attend a very important meeting WEDNESDAY February 2nd! We thank you for your commitment to educating yourself and ask that not only you attend, but bring others with you! Please pass the information below along to others... Founders Values is a local educational group that meets every month at the Newark Senior Center to discuss the history of our nation, current events and the original principles on which our nation was founded. The monthly meeting is usually held the 4th Wednesday of each month but todays snowstorm has caused us to need to postpone the event. Folks, if you live in PA, MD, NJ and you can get to Newark next week, you should hear the presentation that will be given on the 2nd by John Nichols and Dr. David Legates, a respected climatologist from the University of Delaware. The event is free and open to the public. Whether you AGREE Read more

A Musical Response to the State of the Union

Interestingly our honored and esteemed President (new civility here) could not even endorse $1 in nominal spending cuts outside of the Pentagon let alone the proposal to go back to 2008 non-security discretionary spending levels to address the 14 trillion dollar nightmare scaring the confidence out of the economy. I guess slow growth may with us for a while. It is still up to us. No matter how tough the times with GOD, family and faith we can overcome any obstacle. Read more