What Should We Expect From A “Senator” O’Donnell

   If on Tuesday, November 2nd, Christine O'Donnell is elected as the next U.S. senator from the state of Delaware, what should we expect ?   Well as someone who has been a supporter of Ms. O'Donnell's since her write in campaign in 2006, I think I know exactly what to expect from her as my senator. I know this because, having talked with her then and during her run in 2008 and in this most recent campaign. I know that she hasn't changed her positions on the big issues.   In my opinion we can expect "Senator" O'Donnell to go to Washington and deliver on her promises of fighting to protect our individual Liberties.   Christine O'Donnell will be a no vote on cap-and-trade. This legislation would increase the energy cost for Delaware citizens at least $1,200.00. This does not include the increase in the cost of every product produced or transported in this nation. Cap and trade Read more

Races to Watch–My view and yours

Naturally, everyone will watch the statewide races.  There are also several local races which could be bell weathers. I am not going into the prediction business this election.  I will leave that to others, you in fact in the comments.  I will give a quick analysis of the races to watch. One of my top priorities of the year has been for Republicans to regain the State House of Representatives.  I think the odds are better than even that it will happen.  The 27th is an interesting race.  The incumbent voted to raise energy costs through the 25% raitoning, tax increases, and other issues.    I like Rep. Earl Jacques, personally.  He is a good and decent man.  I worked with him in the legislature on issues to support military families.  My only problem is that he has a lousy voting record.  The question is will the people decide they just can't afford him?   The same story Read more

State Senator Nancy Cook — Is Just Out Of Touch and Out of Time

Guest Post- By Kevin Wade In era of budget shortfalls and tax increases, Senate Democrats in Dover demonstrated earlier this month just how out of touch they are with the problems and difficulties facing Delaware’s families and small businesses. For over 40 years, the offices of the Senate leadership have opened onto the first floor hallway, demonstrating a commitment to be accessible and available to Legislative Hall visitors. Now, however, despite these difficult economic times, the entrenched Democratic leadership in the Senate has decided that this openness and accessibility must end. And so, over the Columbus Day weekend, the democratic leadership started construction on a new “wall of separation” between leadership’s office and the first floor hallway. There was no need for this new construction. No security issues (access to the building itself is already tightly regulated). Read more

You Rang ?

                                                                                " You Rang ? "                                                  " Chris, did I ever tell you that I served in Vietnam ? "  WOW! Chris Coons keeps showing up with the "best" of the left, doesn't he?        Let's see. So far he has a president that has run the nation into near double-digit unemployment and historical debt and deficit. He has a vice president with chronic foot in mouth disorder. And now a senator who is best known for coming back from Vietnam and telling the world that his fellow servicemen were baby killers. Who most recently accused our troops in Iraq of kicking in doors in the middle of the night and harassing women and children, for no reason. Oh Read more

The Party Tolerant of Hatred, Lies, and Anti-Christian Bigotry?

This is why he may lose a safe seat.  He warped the submit stuff so badly by splicing it that it said the opposite of the man's intention in the slightest reference to context.  If a Republican had done this, the entire party would be asked to distance themselves from him.  Ron Paul's faith was likewise attacked.   Even in Delaware the Democratic Chairman expressed negative feelings about conservative Christians.   The CEO of Gold's Gym gave a personal donation to Karl Rove's organization and gay rights groups in California are boycotting the company.  Free speech was hammered in California in the last election, now the game of intimidation has grown.   There are some good Democrats who themselves are victims of intolerance like a certain state senator from Sussex, but I am addressing  the majority of the activists.   Why does one party seem to tolerate this?  The real Read more

If the Issue is Jobs, You Have to Look at This Scorecard

Why is the Delaware Economy suffering?  Part of it is national, but part of it is because of poor local leadership.  Look at this economic scorecard.  Look how many legislators never vote for the economy including Senate Majority leader Patricia Blevins and House Speaker Robert Gilligan.  The only legislator that I saw with a greater than 90% score in favor of a strong and free economy was Senator Colin Bonini. We have to make some changes.  If someone cannot even vote for the economy 1 in 3 times,  there is something very wrong. Hall of Poverty 0% Senate Patricia Blevins Nancy Cook David Sokola House Robert Gilligan Dennis Williams Helene Keely Quinton Johnson Michael Barbieri John Kowalko   SchooleyTeresa Earl Jacques       Darryl Scott Brad Bennett Just missing the Hall of Poverty are Senator Ennis and Senator Peterson Read more

Is Our Political Process Sexist ?

  In light of the most recent attack on the Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate from the state of Delaware, Christine O'Donnell. And also the treatment that she and other women who dare to enter the political arena are forced to endure, much of which no man is put through.   I had intended to write my own post, giving my opinion of the sexist state that our political process seems to be in. But it would have been from a man's point of view, and possibly would have seemed condescending or even sexist.   So instead I am going to link to this article by Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison. She is the senior U.S. Senator from the state of Texas. In 2001 she was named one of the thirty most powerful women in America by The Ladies Home Journal.  She has been in politics since 1972 when she was a Texas state Representative. She has also been a bank executive.   While I may not agree with Read more

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  The Tax Man ! Read more

The Gap Closes

Feel the Momentum Baby. I love it. Urquhart is within 7 and closing. O'Donnell is within 10 and closing hard. Don't be surprised to see Congressman Urquhart. And maybe just maybe, Senator O'Donnell. Oops, a liberal head just exploded call 911. For those who are wondering what is up with the FDU Public Mind poll and why is it so different than the rest, here is my explanation. First the poll tends to overstate Democratic support just like it did with Governor Corzine in NJ. The generic ballot in it shows 11 point Democratic lead. That is bogus. No other poll shows that. It was a decent sample size (not as large as the Monmouth), but it polled over 7 days. 4 of those 7 days corresponded to a low point in GOP support. In addition to being skewed to the Democrats, it took a snap shot at a poor time which does not reflect current trends. The Monmouth poll uses recent data which is 2 to 4 days Read more

Nuts Or Sluts

  First let me make it clear that the title phrase is not mine originally. I first heard it on the Rush Limbaugh Show. He used it to describe the way that women who run for office in general and conservative candidates in particular are treated.   It seems that if a conservative woman decides to run for office, what she really runs, is the risk of being labeled either  crazy or being slutty. Well now with the latest attack on Christine O'Donnell it would seem that her opponent and his legion have decided to do both.   The latest accusation involves a story on a website that is known for its sleazy reporting. I won't give them a link because I won't be a part of promoting their style of entertainment.  The story stems from a person who supposedly spent a night with Ms. O'Donnell three years ago. This person who is not identified makes the accusation that Ms. O'Donnell went to Read more

It is Crazy On the Left: NOW defends O’Donnell Against Gawker Post

Gawker is into cyber sexual harassment. A post entitiled "I Had a One Night Stand With Christine O'Donnell" is anything but damaging. It seemed like a tell all expose, but it ended up saying that she had sex with no one. We learned that she is a good kisser and doesn't do it. I had to wonder what was the news in the post? What that the guy was such a loser that even shoving 5 beers down her, he still was left without action. I don't buy this story, but even if I did it seems so unnewsworthy that it begs the question. Are they that desperate to distract us from the real issues of national sovereignty, the national debt crisis, the rise of statism, and the pending cultural collapse? Yes. Regardless of the result of this senate race, I think Christine has an outside chance for slanderous liable against this publisher. It is not that they published an anonymous source. It is not that they Read more

From the E-Mail Box

I am supporting Colin Bonini for state treasurer this year.  It is not just because of  his state senate record of looking out for the taxpayers or his sound record as a common sense conservative leader.   I like his proposals for more transparency in state spending and his fight to bring transparency to state government. I also support Colin Bonini because, while he is not perfect, he is a man worthy of high office.  I have had opportunity to visit with Melissa, his wife when he was not present.  We shared stories.  Her eyes light up when she speaks about the privilege of being married to him.  They have something special.  His opponent has to fight off charges by two different women regarding abuse including one that went to a jury trial, which in fairness he was acquitted of.  Without judging the merit of those charges, as a woman I have to think there is a real problem in Read more

I was listening to WDEL today. I was smiling after hearing Michelle Rollins

Glen Urquhart’s primary competitor has gone public as an ally.  Declaring definitively at the end of the half hour that she will vote for Glen Urquhart and Christine O'Donnell, Rollins clarified once and for all for those with any questions about her intentions.  During the 3:00 pm hour of the Rick Jensen Show on WDEL, she declared her plans to vote for Urquhart and the Republican agenda because the pendulum has swung too far left.  “Do I want bigger government or… private sector jobs’… queried Rollins?  At the end of the segment she declared definitively that she will vote for Glen Urquhart. This good news for those of us who want to see a united party Tuesday.  There is rumor that she will be a signator to a unity letter urging people to support the entire Republican ticket.  We shall see if that rumored letter comes about, but her statement today publicly showed Read more

The Truth about Colin Bonini

Colin Bonini has come under fire from the Delaware Liberal Crowd for missing some routine meetings of the Joint Sunset Committee of the General Assembly in some past years. The missing element is the why, but I will get to that. First, the background, the meetings are tedious therefore the members get an extra stipend. The Senator has a respectable attendance record in recent years, but for a while, he did not. The low point was 2005. Now I remind you that they are not given a stipend per meeting. Some of the work occurs and in fact the majority of the work is done outside of the meetings if done properly, therefore the legislature gives a lump sum each year for membership. The Stipend is only $3852. The attendance Record 2010 — 13 out of 16 2009 — 13 out of 17 2008 — 5 out of 16 2007 — 1 out of 13 2006 — 7 out of 14 2005 –0 out of 15 What happened that the Senator Read more


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Greg Hastings, 934-7976 HASTINGS CALLS ON ATKINS TO RETURN SALARY FOR SUNSET COMMITTEE Atkins attended just 4 of 13 meetings of Committee; took full pay MILLSBORO – Millsboro Town Councilman Greg Hastings today called on Rep. John Atkins to return thousands of dollars in salary that Mr. Atkins was paid to sit on the Legislature’s Joint Sunset Committee when it was discovered that Mr. Atkins attended just 4 of 13 meetings in 2010, including missing the first 8 meetings of the session. “Instead of criticizing me for fulfilling my responsibilities at a critical town council meeting rather than attending a political event, perhaps Mr. Atkins would like to explain to his constituents why he couldn’t be bothered to attend his own meetings – meetings for which he received extra pay,” said Hastings. “It is outrageous in Read more

Us and Them

The good news is there are more of us than there are of them--in every state of the union. “Us” being conservatives and “them” being liberals. The bad news is that nearly all of America’s major institutions have been captured by radical leftists who portray conservatives as whatever pejorative comes to mind, be it tried and true, never fail to shock “racist;” blatant or latent “homophobe;” plain old generic “wing nut;” just your average “moron;” “far right wing;” ultra-conservative;” or most pejorative of all, “evangelical or fundamentalist Christian.” Republicans and other ordinary conservatives--those who have the temerity to want smaller government, lower taxes, states' rights, traditional morality, among other things--could add to the list of names they are routinely given by liberals. Many conservatives have become almost used to the invective, Read more

What Can We Expect From “Senator” Chris Coons

   I have to wonder how many people have taken the time to stop and consider just what we could expect if Chris Coons were to be elected as the next senator from Delaware.    First let's look at were Mr. Coons has been, so as to see where he might be headed.   As a member of and also as the County Executive of New Castle County Council, Chris Coons has been a tax and spend, big government party wonk.   He promised voters that he wouldn't raise taxes and then did, by 48%. He supported tax increases on utilities, hotel stays, ambulance services and even 911 calls.   He increased wasteful spending by over 30%. And pissed away a $200 million surplus, putting New Castle County at risk of losing its AAA Bond rating and possibly bankruptcy.    So ! Now we know a little about the type of politician that Chris Coons is. Knowing this, we can make a fair guess at what type of Read more

Medical Professionals Announce Strong Support for O’Donnell

For Immediate Release Newark, DE – More than a dozen health care professionals representing medical service providers in each Delaware county announced their strong support for Delaware Republican Senate nominee Christine O’Donnell. As a press conference held at Glasgow Medical Center, the medical professionals warned that Obamacare, which is supported by her opponent, will lead to increased health care costs and reduced services for Delawareans.  “As concerned health care providers and leaders, we must register our strong disagreement with Chris Coons’ support for this disastrous ‘reform,’” Medical Professionals for O’Donnell spokesman Dr. Christopher Casscells said. “He seems unaware of the five scheduled cuts in Medicare funding over the next two years, and has consistently opposed efforts to curb the predatory behavior of malpractice lawyers, which costs our health Read more

Du Pont Endorses Urquhart

Audio at the end For Immediate Release Governor Pete du Pont Endorses Glen Urquhart  for Congress   “Glen is a small business owner who knows what it takes to create good private sector jobs.  As governor, I reduced taxes and government spending to help our economy and attract new businesses here.  Glen Urquhart is committed to promoting those principles in Washington so please join me in voting for Glen Urquhart for Congress”, said former Delaware Governor  Pete du Pont. Governor Pete du Pont is a former Presidential Candidate, [ Chairman of the Board for the National Center for Policy Analysis, and he writes the monthly Outside the Box column for the Wall Street Journal. He is an icon both in Delaware and nationally for his visionary leadership which proved supply side economics worked 4 years before President Reagan implemented it nationally.  He took Delaware from Read more