Mike Castle Cuts Taxes ?

                                                            Okay really ? In Rep. Mike Castle's (R-De) adds he is telling the people of Delaware that he has, over the years been a champion of lower taxes. He list a few of the bills that he voted for that he says lowered the tax burden on Americans, and says he will continue to do so if elected to the Senate.   Well I won't dispute the bills that Mr. Castle listed, they are a part of the public record. But I will say that any savings that these votes might have shown, will be offset by, and far surpassed by, the increase tax burden created by a carbon tax.   Mike Castle, as Delaware's Representative to the U.S. House, voted for cap-and-trade, this too is a part of the public record. Cap and trade would have put a tax on every producer of  traditional energy, on every producer Read more

State Department Reports Arizona To The U.N.

 In a report to the United Nation about  United State's alleged human rights violations, the State Department has included the Arizona immigration law.   This is another attack on Arizona's state rights to protect its citizens, by the Obama administration.   To label the law a human rights offence, and then to report it to the United Nations, demonstrates to what lengths this administration will go, to allow illegal immigration to continue.   It is also another example of Pres. Obama apologizing to the world for America. This time he is apologizing for the governor of a state, who has done nothing more than to protect her citizens from illegal immigrants who have overtaken the state of Arizona. With, I might add, the approval of her citizens, and a majority of the citizens around the nation.   In my opinion, the only thing we need to send the United Nations, is an eviction Read more

Michelle Malkin Endorses Christine O’Donnell

  National, conservative commentator, Michelle Malkin has written an article on her website endorsing Christine O’Donnell and cutting Mike Castle to ribbons. I would love to rehash it all for you, but I could never do it justice. Please go to this link and read for yourselves. This my friends, is big.   http://michellemalkin.com/2010/08/30/delaware-and-the-gop-need-fresh-blood-christine-odonnell-for-senate/

St. Nicholas Church at the World Trade Center

The New York Times July 3, 2008 The story of the tiny St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church and its efforts to rebuild after the collapse of the World Trade Center is one of well-intentioned promises that led to endless negotiations, design disputes, delays and mounting costs. It is, in other words, a microcosm of the seven-year, $16 billion, problem-plagued effort to reconstruct the entire trade center site. Within a month of the attack on the trade center, Archbishop Demetrios, primate of the Greek Orthodox Church in America, pledged that the four-story church would rise “on the same sacred spot as a symbol of determined faith.” Gov. George E. Pataki agreed.But today, the church exists only on blueprints. The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, the agency overseeing reconstruction, has not finalized the exchange of land needed to provide the congregation with a new home Read more

I wonder why you haven’t seen the Delaware GOP fight Democrats like this?

For Immediate Release - Saturday, August 28, 2010 Contact: Tom Doheny (302) 668-1954 Why is Christine O'Donnell Lying to Delaware? O'Donnell Avoids Local Press While Campaigning at Non-Political Rally in Washington WILMINGTON - As Christine O'Donnell makes her way around the Glenn Beck rally in Washington this weekend, she continues to seek out national press coverage with whom she has a history of spinning half truths and lies. As Politico reported yesterday, O'Donnell is planning to shoot a political ad for her campaign at the "Restoring Honor" rally at the Lincoln Memorial, while the stated purpose of the rally is to honor America's troops. Back in Delaware, O'Donnell has been cited repeatedly lying to voters and manipulating her own political history. Recently, O'Donnell has claimed that she won two out of three counties in Delaware in her 2008 race against then-Senator Read more

Help Fight The Obama Agenda

  There are a lot of people around the nation who are asking, "what can I do to help stop the Obama agenda?"   Well first, what is the Obama agenda? In my opinion it is nothing less than an attack on the very fabric of the American society. It would seem as if our current president is intent on dismantling not only our capitalist form of economics, but also our republican form of government.   He is attempting to do this by first running the nation into debt so deep through spending programs, that we will never be able to pay off the debt. He is creating more and more victim groups, due to his economic agenda, which has lead to the largest economic down turn in my life, once he has created these victims, he and his legion within congress step in and promise to correct the problems they created. They say they will fix the problems by more of the same, more government regulation Read more

Banning Lead Bullets

Those of us who said “Just wait and see” when it was rumored the EPA would bypass the legislature and sneak all kinds of regulatory controls into its bureaucratic apparatus might be excused for now saying “I told you so.” It appears several environmental groups are petitioning the EPA, led by Administrator Lisa Jackson, to ban lead bullets, shot and fishing sinkers under the Toxic Substances Control Act. Wait a minute, some might hasten to say. The EPA can’t control ammunition! They’re barred from so doing by law. Well, not quite. In an end run around the statues forbidding the EPA to control ammunition, environmentalist groups are asking the EPA to ban the use of lead in bullets. The reasoning? Non-lead alternatives are readily available. The problem, however, is that non-lead ammunition is about double the cost of traditional lead ammunition. This means a box Read more

Keep Velda!!! Dems Circle the Wagons.

The Liberal Democrats have picked their poison and have chosen to defend the indefensible. Liberal Democrat Jack Markell has decided to stand by his ill advised appointment of Velda Potter-Jones or is is it Velda Jones-Potter? Keep Velda is part of the corrupt Wilmington Liberal Democrat clique that has transformed a once proud first city of Delaware into a hat in hand beggar. Velda it seems has this great and wonderful leadership program that has never once was initiated when she was an upscale city administrator during the 90's and prior to 2009.   It seems that female Wilmington employees needed a self esteem program  for years and Miss Velda never once decided to use her knowledge and expertise to do her Liberal uplifting while on City Time. (Velda is reported to be a Cityof Wilmington  Administrator since 1990 according to the News Journal).    No instead Miss Velda Read more

Slow Growth 1.4%

The economy is slowing. Government is still spending but the very short tax incentives are expiring leaving growth to evaporate. The lesson is that a stimulus bill like the Republicans proposed last year based upon stable tax cuts would have given the economy what it needed at half the cost. 3 times the jobs at half the cost was dismissed by the Christmas Tree Keynesians in the Democrat Congress. Now we have a trillion dollar bill and not much to show for it. Many analysts say the uncertainty surrounding the economy is holding back consumers from spending and companies from investing and hiring. Consumers can't be sure their jobs are safe, with unemployment so high. Business executives don't know if sales and profits will grow enough to justify adding jobs. And potential changes to tax laws at the end of this year and other policy reforms also make it hard to plan ahead, economists Read more

BACKFIRE: ABC 6 stood up By Castle–O’Donnell will still get a forum

Congressman Mike Castle ditched ABC Philly, channel 6 in a move that may have reprocussions. ABC Philly opted not to let him silence Ms. O’Donnell and instead will air a Delaware Republicans Federal Candidates debate on Sunday September 5th at 11:30 am with all candidates who accepted the invitation. The candidates who care enough about the votes to share their views in the only televised debate are Glen Urquhart, Michele Rollins, and Christine O’Donnell. Give them stars. Frowning faces are deserved to be given to Mike Castle and new comer Rose Izzo. What is the deal with Izzo? I hope the people who gave money to get her on the ballot can get refunds. Watch carefully to see if anyone chickens out. I doubt it because anyone backing out now would be political road kill.

Christine Loses Plan B

I have been asked many times, what I thought Christine O’Donnell would do if she lost in the September 14th Primary.  I found the question odd. I find the question odd because I assumed that most of us would do what I intend to do and that is I am going to vote for the winner of the Republican Primary in the General Election.  Regardless, of one’s personal preference, the Democrat alternatives are much worse than any of the Republicans.  I remember being chastised for supporting McCain after the primaries (I did not support McCain during the primaries).   In 2008 I was told that anyone would be better than that RINO McCain as president.  To those folks (some good friends) I say “Some people should not think about becoming fortune tellers.”  Now I don’t expect anyone who loses in a primary to jump up and hug the winner, turn over campaign dollars, organize a fundraiser, Read more

KEEP VELDA!!! She Gets YOUR Money

It appears that the measly salary that one gets as State Treasurer isn't enough for a liberal Wilmington Democrat.  Velda Jones-Potter is collecting significant bucks from a $150/hour consulting job from the City of Wilmington in addition to being State Treasurer.  It seems that perenially cash strapped Wilmington is getting its usual liberal dose of  "It's the Government's Money!!!!! Hand it over Sap!!!" Keep in mind Wilmington has been the recepient of State and Federal largesse for years (that would be the rest of the State's money) and still comes up short when needing things like police officers, firefighters and the like.  Workers in Wilmington also get to pay 3 types of Income tax with a City Wage tax on top of Delaware and Federal Income taxes.   You gotta love it when liberals get long term unfettered control of a Government body.   That is the case in Wilmington Read more

I wrote the bill and I didn’t even read it

Montana Democrat Max Baucus didn't read the health care bill that he championed. Baucus replied that if Libby residents assembled an economic development plan, he would do what he could to help, and he took credit for “essentially” writing the health care bill that passed the Senate. “I don’t think you want me to waste my time to read every page of the health care bill. You know why? It’s statutory language,” Baucus said. “We hire experts.” In response to Matott’s question and another from a woman asking if the health care law was Constitutional, Baucus gave a broad defense of the changes, comparing them to programs like Social Security and Medicare that were unpopular when passed but have proven beneficial to Americans over the long term. How would he know if it isn't so bad, he hasn't read it--still. “It’s not perfect, nothing’s perfect, Read more

The blind commenting on the primary race

Harry Thermal, self imagined legal expert and columnist for the News Journal criticized the signs of Glen Urquhart and Velda Jones Potter (Potter-Jones for Emily List types) as being possibly illegal because they are involved in a primary and do not say what party they are in.  The law of course makes no mention of dictating the content of the signs so the argument is specious.  Even more entertaining is the 4 X 8 signs for Urquhart all have Republican for Congress in huge letters.  Not only was his theory wrong, but apparently he is blind as well. I do find it interesting that truly illegal sign activity by the Rollins team such as putting the signs up in July almost a month before the legal window and her  placements on Rt. 1 escaped his notice.  I really hope he gets his eyes checked before his next column. Read more

The Year of the GOP Insurgent

While those who read the trends early like McCain and others are safe, those like Senator Murkowski were not. Senator Murkowski should have been riding the wave of the Republican woman, but she was too far left. She was comfortable with her rising approval ratings and 30 point lead in the polls a couple of months ago-- 20 points about a month ago. She lost. Mama Grizzly strikes again. Florida Republicans were in a quirky mood getting rid of McCullum in spite of high profile establishment endorsements. Insurgent candidates had several victories in house seats. I think Michele Rollins born again conservatism illustrates the trend has come to Delaware. (Last week pro-choice, this week pro-life; no difference between her, Christine, and Glen; dedicated with every fiber of her being to repeal health deform).   I think people will choose the real deal not the flavor of the week as they Read more

The Racist Charge: The Last Refuge of the Liberal Scoundrel

Anyone who goes over to the Delaware Moonbat website for anything other than laughs is typically wasting their time.  I read their socialist diatribes with little interest as the liberal play book has not changed in 30 years.  One of the constants of the liberal strategy is what to do when the liberals are losing the debate, (This happens every time facts are involved ) The Liberal Constants  are to engage in the time honored liberal strategy of accusing their opponent of being a racist.  As the Journolist scandal proved, Liberal journalists will accuse someone falsely of being a racist in order to shut people up who are beating them down in any debate.  Now liberals don't need facts, they are prepared to level a charge without any proof whatsoever.   We do need to pay attention to the strategy as the racist label is typically hurled at someone the liberals fear.  This Read more

The Debate Season Begins

The first crunch time debate at the Hockessin Memorial Hall was a civil but enlightening affair.  The federal candidates all gave statements.  Congressman Castle gave a written statement which was read by one of his campaign aides.  He was attending a Sussex County Eastern Republican Woman’s event instead.  The idea that he couldn’t move a Republican party event to make room for two civic forums (the other one being the 9/12 Patriots the same night) received a great deal of groans from the audience.   Christine O’Donnell said that the Congressman is just keeping true to his statement that he will not appear on stage with her.  That assumption will be proven true or false with the Channel 6 ABC out of Philadelphia’s debate taping this week. I was of course interested in the Congressional Debate.  Unsurprisingly, I thought my guy won.  What a shock, right?  So I will not Read more

BP Executives Make Brad Pitt a Believer in Death Penalty

I used to be concerned about the environmental felony movement, now we are up to capital crime. I take it that Brad Pitt, who has a home in the New Orleans area, is incensed and is speaking in hyperbole. Even if he is not, he is speaking about a lawful penalty based upon what he perceives is great damage to the ecosystem and the human toll. It at least has some logic to it. I will pass on debating him and focus on the insane reporting in the fablife of it. Ah, a cup of coffee and a celebrity death-threat. Just the way we had hoped to start the week! When discussing BP’s responsibility for the oil spill in the Gulf, Brad Pitt declared, “I was never for the death penalty before. But I am willing to look at it again.” Hoo boy! How we love it when A-list celebrities fly off the handle and start publicly plotting murder! While we would have preferred an alcohol-fueled rant during the Read more

USO Received $10,000 donation from Urquhart

USO Receives $10,000 donation from Urquhart. The Annual Brian Brown Memorial Golf Challenge received a welcomed boost. Businessman and former Reagan appointee Glen Urquhart gave a personal check of $10,000 to support the USO’s efforts to maintain the morale of America’s military service members. “It is not often the USO receives a donation of $10,000”, said a delighted Joan Cote, director of the Delaware USO. The US Delaware offers many worthy programs as diverse as the highly praised United through Reading program to providing support for our fallen military heroes who have given the ultimate sacrifice. She praised Urquhart’s generosity and commitment to the cause. For Businessman Glen Urquhart, the focus was on the true American heroes. Our military service members show by their example that sacrifice is essential to liberty, their sacrifice has secured our liberty, Urquhart Read more

The WAVE is coming

The GOP Wave is coming.  The question is how big will it be ?   Wisconsin, Washington, California, and other so called blue states are turning in the senate races.  Swing states like Pennsylvania, Ohio, Missourri, Colorado, and Kentucky are firming.  Senator Boxer was  behind in a shock poll for the first time by the well regarded Survey USA this past week.  Read more. This is the year of the dark horse candidate. The Cook Report puts the Democrats at 214 seats with more seats in danger of shifting to toss up. He projects 35 to 45 seats going Republican.

My Shortest Post Ever ?

  Okay, it may end up not being my shortest ever, but the message is short and sweet.   On Sept 14th the Delaware GOP voters will be asked as a voting group, what is it you want for the future of the nation? They will be asked to decide between an unknown future as opposed to a known past.   They will be asked to decide who will be sent to Washington to represent us in the U.S. Senate.   We have the choice of a candidate who believes in the founding principles of the Constitution and traditional values. A candidate that will go to D.C. and stand up for those principles and values. That candidate is Christine O'Donnell.   On the other hand there is a candidate that has a history of ignoring those founding principles and traditional values. A candidate that has shown a tendency, nay a proclivity, for voting in his own best interest or those of his special interest contributors, Read more