Not All Illegals are here to Work

Most illegal aliens were lured here by the wink and nod open borders policy, and are people we would welcome here if the government got its act together.  There is an element, which takes advantage of  lack of law enforcement that we do not need here.  That is one reason why we have to get control back before we lose control. According to widely reported FBI statistics, 15% of murders or 12 people a day are killed by illegal aliens. That is a rate at least twice as high as the population at large. Still rate doesn't matter because it should be close to zero. We can never stop it all, but screening people is essential. That is why most of us want secure borders. We understand that a country has a right to discriminate between people who want a better life and those who will make ours miserable.  More Americans are killed by illegal aliens than both wars combined.   This is a problem Read more

Taking Back the House: the 14th–An Assist from Donald Ayotte with a Guest Post

By Donald Ayotte Conservative Crossroads Staff Writer One of the hottest and most important races in Delaware is in full gear, with Republican Candidate, Chris Weeks' ground troops campaigning door to door for Delaware's Fourteenth Representative District Seat. Weeks is challenging incumbent Peter Schwartzkopf, the House Majority Leader for the privilege of representing the people of the fourteenth district.  No matter where you live in Delaware, the results of this race will affect you. Chris has been married to his wife Lauri for 17 years and has three children.  "I've been an employee all my life and have been held accountable for my actions.  As an elected representative of the fourteenth district, I expect to be held accountable for my actions.  With me, it's all about serving my constituency," said Weeks. Weeks  stated that, much like retiring Representative Read more

But Before I Go !

 One last reminder. August 21st is the deadline for registering as a member of the GOP to be allowed to vote in the Sept.14th GOP primary. Get your friends and neighbors to register. This GOP primary on Sept 14th is the most important in the nation. We need conservative minded people to register before August 21st so that they can vote in the primary on Sept. 14th.

Everyone Needs A Break Now And Then

  Just wanted to say goodbye to all of my loyal readers. That includes those who read my articles while throwing darts at voodoo dolls of me. I enjoy all of the conversations we have here at Delaware Politics, but everyone needs a break now and then. This is my break, right now. I will be disengaging for about ten days, under orders from the woman I promised to love, honor and cherish.  I suggest to all of my worthy adversaries that visit this site, to get some rest my friends, because I plan on coming back rested and fresh and ready to push the limits once more. So to my good friends quiet alice and TW whom I have had many interesting exchanges and to all of the thirty five anons out there, ” I’ll be back”, now just imagine a really bad Arnold accent there!LOL!  See ya soon, Regards Frank

What Not to Say–Michele Rollins edition

The Washington Post has an audio of Heiress Michele Rollins explaining that unemployment shouldn't be extended because it makes people lazy. It is true that starvation and homelessness can focus minds, but there may be a better way. How about giving a six month suspension of the payroll tax for new hires who are on extended benefits? She is right that we can't foster dependency, but she seems to have no answer on how we encourage independence when the economy mathematically has about 9 people looking for every full time job available. A lot of people on extended benefits are working part time or go on and off with temporary jobs. They are not lazy just hurting. The answer is not to expand the debt and take tens of billions out of private investment and finance public debt. We need to unleash the private investment and let job creation begin. We can start by paying for new benefits Read more

House Campaign heating up.

A  some supporters of Mrs. Rollins have made negative comments regarding a voter ID and marketing survey by Mr. Urquhart's campaign.  The people's response has been positive overall.  If anyone is bothered, I encourage them to take the number provided during the survey and be removed from the call list.  Delaware Tomorrow called the survey a push poll.  A push poll is in the eye of the beholder.  In political speak, it usually refers to a poll where untrue statements are given when a person says they will vote for the opponent and they are badgered to change their vote.  Uncommonly, it also can be refered to as any survey where people are probed deeper to find their knowledge and attitude.  Knowing the former, political operatives like to toss around the term push poll for political purposes. All of this was unworthy of bringing to your attention because it was routine political Read more

The Year of the Republican Woman?

Oklahoma will have its first lady as governor. Republican Congresswoman Mary Fallin is leading big in the race for the statehouse over Lt. Gov. Jari Askins. It was only the fourth time in American history both major parties selected women to head a state ticket. Both had competitive primaries. New Mexico will not be undone, Diane Denish, a Democrat and New Mexico's first woman lieutenant governor, and Susana Martinez, a Republican Doña Ana County's district attorney, are waging all-out battles for the state's top post. Mrs. Martinez like Marco Rubio (FL Senate) could add a couple of high powered Latino(a)s to the GOP hierarchy. California and South Carolina have Republican women heading their tickets as well. In Georgia, a Republican lady, Secretary of State Karen Handel and Nathan Deal are in a run off. She led him by 10 points in the regular primary.  This is duplicated in other races Read more

Christine O’Donnell challenges Mike Castle to debate in U.S. Senate race

Press release from the O'Donnell campaign: WILMINGTON, DE - On Thursday, July 29, Christine O'Donnell for U.S. Senate Campaign Spokesman Yates Walker called the Mike Castle for U.S. Senate campaign headquarters to arrange two Delaware GOP debates in August between Christine O'Donnell and Mike Castle. "The Castle camp wouldn't commit to a debate," said O'Donnell's Campaign Spokesman Yates Walker. "I think the people of Delaware deserve to see a side by side comparison between Christine and Mike. Voters might appreciate the opportunity to see for themselves the difference between Christine's platform of common sense, fiscal responsibility and Mike Castle's record of spending Delaware and our nation into financial ruin." A previous July 9th debate sponsored by the Bear, DE-based group Founders' Values was scheduled to be held at a seniors' center, but Mike Castle declined at the last Read more

I love July 29th

Is it because it is my birthday? Okay, you liberal friends you can't attack me today. You know you really like me anyway. Let it come out. Yes, but there is a lot more. It is a day that has been pivotal to freedom. On this day 1776 the Declaration of Independence was proclaimed to the public. On this day in 1778, the French Navy contacted the Continentals, on this day in 1958 NASA was formed and that same month eleven years later we were freed to touch the heavens with the lunar landing. There is a lot more that happened, but today is a day when the freedom that was earned was taken to the real world. That is what I hope I am doing. That is my mission.  It is time for a revolution of thought.  It is time for real change.  We need to stand for the moral superiority of life, liberty, and faith.  It is the American heritage. Have a great July 29th. Read more

Just one question Ms. Stewart

On the Department of Insurance website is a blistering statement refusing to give out information to Rep. Daniel Short and others because she says it will compromise her own investigation.  I will accept that at face value.  The question that I have is how do you comment on her site?  There is no box for comments, but the webmaster has added two reader comments. Thank Karen for this. We who support her are glad she fights back. She is the right person at the right time whether her detractors like it or not. Thank You. - Bill Anthony Karen Weldin Stewart is doing an excellent job as Insurance Commissioner. - John Parisi My question is are people so in love with the job that you are doing that they find a way to hack into the site to praise you or are those comments planted?   Follow up, If they are planted for PR purposes and the contrary view is censored, is that the proper use Read more

Sports Trivia

Here are a few questions. What player is the only NFL player to be in the top 3 in kickoff returns and punt returns? Who is the oldest player to have an 85 yard plus run? Who is the player with the most 100 all purpose yard games? Who is the player with the most 200 all purpose yard games? Who is the player with the most all purpose yards in a single decade? Who is the player with the most kickoff and punt return touchdowns? Politically related which former Redskin and Eagles’ star player will be signing autographs at the Glen Urquhart Delaware State Fair booth today from 4-7 pm? Bring the kids and say hi to Glen while waiting to get your autograph from philanthropist and sports legend Brian Mitchell.

Ginger Gibson Needs A Hobby

 Ginger Gibson is at it again. She has written an article about the recent endorsement of the Christine O'Donnell campaign by The TEA Party Express.  In the article , of course she focuses on the former member of the TEA Party Express that made racially charged remarks. Ms. Gibson gives little attention to the fact that the endorsement will be a gain for the O'Donnell  campaign. She barely mentions the fact, that the person is no longer a member of the TPE.  She points out that the NAACP condemned the TPE as a racist organization. But failed to mention that the NAACP's record of calling an organization or a person a racist is questionable, since the NAACP also called former U.S. Department of Agriculture employee, Shirley Sherrod, a racist for statements she made many years ago. The NAACP later had to retract the statement after the full context of Mrs. Sherrod's statements Read more

Breaking: Major Provisions of the Arizona Immigration Law Placed on Hold

The Clinton appointed judge did not rule on the provisions, but gave an injunction which suspended the controversial provisions of the law while hearings take place. An appeal of the injunction is also likely. A preliminary injunction is given, as I understand it, when there is a substantial likelihood of the petitioner prevailing and you can't undo  the effect the action in question.  One of our attorney readers  can explain it easier I am sure.  Reading summaries of Judge Bolton's ruling she thinks the Feds have a case, but her reasoning is amazingly shallow and flawed.  She said the Arizona law could encouragea patchwork of  immigration laws and policy which could impact on our international relations which is a federal prerogative.  She ignores that the Arizona law is the federal law.  It just enforces what the feds say is their policy.  The ruling by U.S. District Judge Susan Read more

Delaware ASFCME Living Large

By Federal law unions must file an annual report detailing their expenditures. The latest Form LM-2 filed by Delaware AFSCME Council 81 for FY-09 is engaging reading. Interesting highlights include the following: In FY-09 AFSCME council 81’s direct spending was $1,385,472 from dues of $204 per annum collected from 6,800 members Between FY-08 and FY-09 (the “great” recession) AFSCME’s membership rose 1% and its direct spending rose almost 17% 43% of AFSCME’s spending goes to overhead as opposed to representation of dues paying members…this is high compared to the typical nonprofit The executive director receives a salary of $112,028 plus benefits plus an allowance of $12,000. This total package equals 11% of AFSCME’s spending. The salary increased 4.4% from FY-08 Excluding the executive director, union officers received $24,000 of allowances AFSCME earned about 3% throughout Read more

Bob Ehrlich Coming to Delaware

We try here not to get into the habit of promoting Individual Fundraisers. If we did that this site would be inundated with nothing but announcements. I have suspended my usual rational judgement in this area for a couple of reasons. They are: 1. Bob Ehrlich is the real deal. I have heard him speak before. He has potential on the National Level. He was  a great Governor in Maryland.  2. Colin Bonini deserves credit for lining up a  top notch great executive to headline an event that highlights his desire to promote smaller government. 3.  Maybe if we are really nice to  Bob Ehrlich and his lovely Mrs,  Maybe just maybe he will move to Delaware eventually and run for Governor.  He has a really great track record.  Now if Chris Christie, also returns to the state of His Alma Mater, then we will have a farm team for the ages.  So the fundraiser is this Monday, August 2nd Read more

CBO Bombshell

It reads in part: Further increases in federal debt relative to the nation’s output (gross domestic product, or GDP) almost certainly lie ahead if current policies remain in place. The aging of the population and rising costs for health care will push federal spending, measured as a percentage of GDP, well above the levels experienced in recent decades. Unless policymakers restrain the growth of spending, increase revenues significantly as a share of GDP, or adopt some combination of those two approaches, growing budget deficits will cause debt to rise to unsupportable levels. Although deficits during or shortly after a recession generally hasten economic recovery, persistent deficits and continually mounting debt would have several negative economic consequences for the United States. Some of those consequences would arise gradually: A growing portion of people’s savings Read more

Nanny State Dress Police

Government has a lot on its plate, a drug epidemic, child rapists, 6 job seekers for every job available, and pants that are too loose. There is talk in the City of Dover of passing a baggy pants ordinance. Councilman Salters' proposal is sufficiently narrow that while I do not agree, I do not find it a big deal and have sympathy for his point of view. Don't wear your pants so that your butt crack shows seems like a reasonable courtesy that men and women should have.  What disturbs me is the pile on. Committee Member Dr. Bobby Jones said just addressing men’s clothing in an ordinance would not go far enough. “Mr. Salters mentioned the cleavage of the buttocks; in my humble opinion, the cleavage of the breasts is equally offensive,” she said Here we go on another save the Ta Ta's crusade that we have become famous for thanks to Tennessee and Angel. I guess I have to join in. I Read more

Disclose Act is Too Radical For Olympia Snowe

Not one Republican voted for breaking the filibuster on the so-called Disclose Act which is a backdoor assult on the first amendment during election when it should be most protected. Most damning was the fact that even the only left of center Republican in the Senate found it too radical and calls it a distraction from fighting unemployment. She just didn't like it, it needs a complete overhaul. It is too radical for Snowe, but not our own Mike Castle. From Politico: "There's no reason to rush toward trying to pass a piece of legislation that needs broad support and to get the policy right, constructing the approach right - and certainly not in time for this election," Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-Maine) told POLITICO, citing the years-long process of completing the McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform bill in 2002. "One has to ask the question as why [Democrats] need to be Read more

Christine O’Donnell, Shaking Things UP!

                                                  For all of the nay sayers out there, that in the beginning were saying that no one would support Christine O' Donnell against Mike Castle, let me ask, have you changed your mind now?   The O'Donnell campaign in recent days has been endorsed by The TEA Party Express, the Concerned Women for America PAC and the National Right to Work PAC. There is good reason to believe that conservative Senator Jim De Mint will also endorse Ms. O'Donnell in the near future.  When Christine O'Donnell announced her intention of again running for the U.S. Senate, to fill the seat formerly held by now V.P. Joe Biden, many said it was a lost cause. When long time congressman Mike Castle decided to also run for the Senate as a Republican(HA! HA!) everyone said it was a done deal.  As I talked to local Read more

NCC GOP Plugs local candidates

This year we are blessed with an extraordinary breadth and caliber of Republican candidates across New Castle County. We have community leaders, small business owners and entrepreneurs, military veterans, educators - the finest of our fellow citizens have courageously put their name and so much more on the line to help change the direction of our state and country. We all owe it to them and our special state to do everything we can to help get these fine people elected in November. Read on for how you can do just that! Kate Rokosz is running for State Representative in the 8th District (Middletown). Kate is a small business owner and Middletown community leader. Please join the host committee in support of Kate on August 5th: Time: 6:00 to 8:00 pm Location: Old Academy Building, 216 N Broad St, Middletown, DE Details at her website: Military veteran Jim Van Houten Read more


Today, Tuesday, July 27, I'll be on WGMD radio with Bill Colley. We'll be on from 5 to 6 PM. You can find WGMD at 92.7 on the FM dial. If you are out of range, click here to listen on the internet from anywhere in the world. The segment will focus on HB 487, which some are calling the "double dipper" bill. This bill was sponsored by Rep. John Atkins in the House. Co-sponsors were Reps. Pete Schwartzkopf, Carson, Gilligan, Q. Johnson, Kowalko, Mitchell, and Mulrooney. There are a number of fascinating questions about this bill, which passed the Delaware General Assembly and was signed by the Governor on July 12, 2010: -WHY DOES IT FORCE DOUBLE DIPPING? - It forces Sussex County government to allow certain employees to "double dip." Prior to this bill, you could not retire from the County and get your pension, then return to County employment and get a salary plus pension. Because Read more

Breaking: Daily Kos Reports New Endorsements to break for O’Donnell

Daily Kos has just reported that Concerned Women for America PAC and National Right to Work PAC are ready to endorse O’Donnell and Senator Jim Demint says he is impressed and may not be far behind. CWA called Castle “the second coming of Dede Scozzafava”.
“We endorsed Christine O’Donnell primarily because Mike Castle is so bad on our issues – he has a 43 percent overall rating and is pro-abortion, has voted in favor of so-called hate crimes legislation, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act. Castle is the second coming of Dede Scozzafava. We will be activating our folks so that they know about Christine’s campaign,” said CWA spokesman Mike Mears.