Kovach, Lavelle, Hudson, Ramone and Briggs King Lead the Way on Helping Small Businesses and Consolidating Government

News Release  STATE LEGISLATORS PROPOSE EASING THE BURDEN FACED BY BUSINESSES FROM DELAWARE'S HIDDEN SALES TAX, FUNDED BY A SHRINKING OF STATE GOVERNMENT          State legislators today unveiled a plan to help companies doing business in Delaware by reducing the state's Gross Receipts Tax (GRT).  The move would be funded by savings from shrinking the state's workforce by approximately 500 jobs, or less than 1.7% of the total state workforce, through attrition, beginning July 2010.   State Representative Thomas H. Kovach (R-Southeast Brandywine) is introducing legislation to decrease the GRT - what was supposed to be a temporary tax imposed in 1975 on the gross receipt sales of Delaware's businesses - by 6.7% across the board.  The savings to companies doing business in Delaware would be $13 million, with this business relief plan funded by savings from the state not filling Read more

An Important Principle overlooked in the media analysis of McDonald.

It is important for 2 reasons.  It recognized the right of self defense.  Crime Victims can now protect themselves and their families without becoming criminals themselves.  The second reason is the one that I want to focus upon.  The ruling affirmed the supremacy of the Bill of Rights over International standards.  Chicago argued that the doctrine of incorporating the bill of rights only applied if  the rights were recognized by all civilized societies,  "And since there are civilized countries that ban or strictly regulate the private possession of handguns, the municipal respondents maintain that due process does not preclude such measures," the opinion stated.  The Chicago mindset, if adopted, could have undermined much of what makes us unique as Americans.   How many rights are universally respected? Where would the logic of the respondents have taken us? Monday was a good Read more

What is ahead in the Economy pt. 1

Famed Economist Arthur Laffer shares his concerns with the rest of us. People can also change the timing of when they earn and receive their income in response to government policies. According to a 2004 U.S. Treasury report, "high income taxpayers accelerated the receipt of wages and year-end bonuses from 1993 to 1992—over $15 billion—in order to avoid the effects of the anticipated increase in the top rate from 31% to 39.6%. At the end of 1993, taxpayers shifted wages and bonuses yet again to avoid the increase in Medicare taxes that went into effect beginning 1994." Just remember what happened to auto sales when the cash for clunkers program ended. Or how about new housing sales when the $8,000 tax credit ended? It isn't rocket surgery, as the Ivy League professor said. On or about Jan. 1, 2011, federal, state and local tax rates are scheduled to rise quite sharply. President Read more

The Delaware Voter according to Rasmussen

There is a good deal of headway that Republicans can make in this state with intelligent campaigning. Do not give me this is a liberal state and all is lost. Go tell that to the uninformed. It is time for Republicans to organize and start taking their message to the public and not just "their voters". There are a lot of voters for the taking. Let's realign them.   Voters in Delaware are slightly less critical than voters on the national level of the health care reform law. Still, 51% favor repeal of the law, while 44% oppose repeal. Those numbers include 41% who Strongly Favor repealing the law and 35% who Strongly Oppose it. Seventy-five percent (75%) of Delaware voters who Strongly Favor repeal give their vote to Castle, while Coons picks up 64% support from those who Strongly Oppose repeal. Seventy-one percent (71%) of Delaware voters correctly identify Republicans as the Read more

Sunlight on Illegal Immigration Impact?

Finally, one of the keys to having an honest and rational debate about illegal immigration has been introduced in the Delaware General Assembly, though perhaps too late for this year.  I do not believe we can have an honest debate about illegal immigration as long as we do not have reliable data and statistics about its impact.  Yet, all too often such data is actively avoided rather than pursued.  That may be changing.  Here is the good news.   Rep. Hudson (along with Reps. D. Short, Briggs King, Hocker, Kovach, Carson, and Mitchell) has introduced House Resolution 48 which reads as follows:   “WHEREAS, undocumented immigration is a source of much debate in the United States; and WHEREAS, the federal government is currently dealing with this relevant issue; and WHEREAS, the cost and impacts on the State of Delaware as a result of undocumented immigration is unknown; and WHEREAS, Read more

President Obama Pledges To Cut Deficit In Half

  In a press conference following the G20 summit in Toronto, Canada, Pres. Obama announced that he along with the other world leaders at the summit had agreed to cut their deficits in half by 2013.   Really? Please tell us how Pes. Obama. We had a deficit of $1.42 trillion in 2009 and are estimated to have a deficit of $1.6 trillion this year. We are spending the last stimulus package and the President is asking for another. Not to mention that the stimulus has shown no real signs of working. President Obama oversaw the nationalizing of the health care system, which will cost trillions once it is up and running( pray that it never is).   This president has spent and proposed to spend,more money than all of the other administrations since this nation was formed. And now he is going to cut the deficit he created in half in two years? While still pushing for even more federal spending? Read more

Petraeus says he will review the rules of engagement

General Petraeus said that the application of the rules of engagement has put our troops and coalition allies in difficult positions. I wonder will the commenters who criticized my post on the rules of engagement have the same view of the General's view which happens to match mine. The rules of engagement must be designed to protect innocents, but they must not be designed to protect our enemies. Right now the Taliban can fire at us until they run out of ammunition and instead of us demanding surrender, they can just toss their weapons down and walk away. In the past, they walked to other weapons stashes and started firing again. I do not call that a rule of engagement. I call that the rule of insanity. While most of the attention today went to the justice to be, I believe an equally consequential hearing was General Petraeus' hearing. The committee recommended approval. "In Read more

Guest Post By Commissioner Buckson

Over the past two years, Kent County employees have had their pay frozen; have had their benefits reduced, and have been asked to accept an increased workload due to a hiring freeze. Their willingness to assist Kent County Levy Court in reducing the cost of running its government is truly commendable. A concern I have is that the majority of the cost-saving maneuvers are somewhat temporary and will need to be removed. On top of that, is the fact that it costs our government more than five times as much as it did just ten years ago to fully fund pensions and pay for our health care. Governor Markell and the General Assembly are looking at ways to reduce state spending. The local governments are going to be a part of the cost saving ideas like it or not. This means that in the not too distant future, Kent County faces the very real possibility of paying for state mandated services Read more

Buckson Announces

Levy Court commissioner Eric Buckson drew a large crowd at the Magnolia fire hall which exceeded an hundred people. The crowd was enthusiastic. It was family friendly and diverse in every way. Republicans and Democrats turned out. He spoke extemporaneously to rave reviews. Read more

Delaware Senate Bill 328


  Synopsis : This Constitutional Amendment will increase the annual amount of compensation an officer must receive, from such position, before Senate confirmation is required. This Bill will increase the current amount of five hundred dollars to fifteen hundred dollars. The current amount of five hundred dollars has existed since 1897.

 Primary sponsor ; Cook 

  Co-sponsors;Sen. Blevins; Sen. Sokola

  Additional sponsor, Rep. Gilligan

 Is this just a case of updating, or is it a way for the governor to appoint more officers without oversight?

Thank You Mr. Castle For Being Yourself

                                            Check out this post from today on Human Events by John Gizzi.  http://www.humanevents.com/article.php?id=37724&page=1&viewID=1470867     It would seem as if there is a bit of momentum building behind the O’Donnell campaign. First the Mark Levin interview and now this on Human Events.   Of course the usual Castle legion will come out and tell us no one knows anything about Human Events, the same as they told us no one knew Mark Levin.

It’s Our Right

It is a great victory for the fundamental right of self defense.
WASHINGTON (AFP) – The US Supreme Court on Monday struck down a Chicago handgun ban in a landmark ruling that limits state’s gun control laws across the country. With a 5-4 majority ruling, Justice Samuel Alito said the US Constitution protects the right to keep and bear arms “for the purpose of self-defense,” limiting state and local governments’ ability to control guns.

Robert Byrd Dies

West Virginia has always had four friends,” Byrd said after winning re-election in November 2000. “God Almighty, Sears Roebuck, Carter’s Liver Pills and Robert C. Byrd.”   The son of a coal miner who was adopted by his Aunt upon his mother’s death, became America’s longest serving senator.  This puts another seat in play in November.  Senator  Byrd died just a week before West Virginia law would have allowed an appointment to fill out the rest of his term.  The appointee will have to face election in 2010 unless Democrats find a way to twist the law.

Inside the Karen Weldin Stewart Rotten Manager Saga Part 1

It has been reported in the Wilmington News Journal that the insurance commissioner chief of staff was pushed aside but kept on the payroll.  The Insurance Commissioner who claims that she is no longer satisfied with his management style, removed him from being chief of staff, but kept him on the payroll as an advisor.  I was curious why?  I asked my sources who is this Elliot Jacobson and why would she keep him on the payroll if he really was so dysfunctional. My source says those in the DOI say Jacobson ran the department and consequently  is responsible for the present chaos.  There was much discontent among the merit employees  with both he and KWS.  Of course KWS bears ultimate responsibility because my source claims she is rarely on the job.  I am hearing allegations that she has traveled on state money and time more since she took office than any other commissioner Read more

Republicans show up to African American Festival

The heat did not exhaust the enthusiasm of the crowd at Dover’s 20th Annual African American Festival, but it did light a fire for one candidate.  The festival opened with the traditional procession of the elders.  Most were familiar to the community from years past.  This year the festival also welcomed a new “guest elder”.  Glen Urquhart, the conservative Republican for Congress, who purchased a booth, was welcomed in the nonpartisan tradition which included State Senator Brian Bushweller D-Dover and State Representative Donald  Blakey of Camden.  The first time candidate got some gentle ribbing and smiles as he introduced himself as a Conservative Republican at the event, but was warmly welcomed as he gave a quick pitch about the federal debt killing jobs and related with the audience with a Biblical analogy.  “ Debt kills jobs”, he proclaimed.   Within two hours, Read more

The People

  Over the history of our great nation, we have seen many changes. We have gone from being servants to a King, to being a free people. We began as a confederation of states, only to become a union .   Some of our Founding Fathers, such as John Adams, believed that we should be governed by those of wealth and power, much in the same way as we were governed by a King. Others, like Thomas Jefferson, believed that the true power was with the individual citizens.   Our young nation went back and forth on this through the first six administrations. In that short amount of time the Federal government had become very powerful. John Quincy Adams, who was described as a nationalist,and  believed that the nation was best run by a strong central governing body, pushed to expand the country through road and canal projects. Think of it as an 1800s stimulus program.   We can actually Read more

An Open Letter From Commissioner Eric Buckson

Governor Markell and members of the General Assembly, Kent County Levy Court, like most governments, has been hit hard by the current economic crisis. During this crisis, Levy Court has taken steps to ensure that we remain on solid financial footing. These steps include an early retirement package with a hiring freeze. We held the line on pay increases and asked employees to give more to health care and pensions contributions. We parked cars, limited travel and cut utility usage. Over the past year and a half, this change has reduced our government spending by as much as twenty percent. We were able to do this because we are in control of our expenses. What Levy Court is not in control of is mandates sent from state government. Over the past two years, Kent County government has been required to add nearly two million dollars to its expenses because of mandates sent down by the state. Recent Read more

IPOD seeks candidates

Obviously, the Democrats and Republicans failed the People and greater public interest of Delaware. If we are to get proper representation, we must first elect proper candidates to the General Assembly. Nominations are available. Contact ipodosc@yahoo.com for consideration. Brains, guts and outstanding communications skills are required. There is no filing fee in contrast to the exhorbitant ransom that the D’s and R’s charge their candidates… Wolf von Baumgart IPoD State Chairman ipodosc@yahoo.com (302) 945-2646

Rep. Pete Schwartzkopf Is One High Roller

It would seem, at least to me, that Delaware State Rep. Pete Schwartzkopf is up to his old "EXPANDING GAMBLING" tricks again.   He has sponsored HB 194, with co-sponsors Reps. Atkins,Booth, Hudson, Lavelle, Longhurst, B. Short; Sen. Sokola.  Synopsis: This Act authorizes any holder of a valid Delaware thoroughbred or harness racing license granted as of September 1, 2008: (1) the right to become a video lottery agent if it otherwise meets the eligibility criteria for licensure; (2) the obligation to maintain a certain minimum number of harness racing race days; and (3) the duty to make payments to the State Lottery Fund comparable to those made by existing video lottery agents. This Act also exempts the granting of a video lottery terminal license to a newly created harness racing track from triggering a reduction in the statutory minimum number of days that existing thoroughbred or Read more

“I’m not a rotten manager. I’m a really good manager”, KWS

When you start your quote with I’m not a rotten manager, you are likely in trouble. I am not a crook, Richard Nixon. I did not have sex with that woman, William J. Clinton. I don’t recall, Ronald Reagan. What that place is filled with crazy people, Ruth Ann Clueless. You have to expect things like that to happen in prison, Ruth Ann Heartless. There are certain phrases that strike a nerve which sends intense dread through someone’s supporters. When you are battling perception not of poor management, but “rotten” you have gone beyond a perception problem and are in a fight for your life. Read the latest in the Karen Weldin Stewart saga.

Christine O’Donnell On The Mark Levin Radio Show

                                                                                                                                         Mark R. Levin, national, conservative talk radio host and best-selling author of the book "Liberty and Tyranny", had U.S. Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell on his show yesterday. They discussed Ms. O'Donnell's GOP primary opponent, Rep. Mike Castle.   Mr. Levin is known as one of the most outspoken conservative voices in the country. He rarely minces words, and had nothing good to say about Mr. Castle. Click on the link to hear the interview with Christine O'Donnell.     http://christine2010.com/featured/282-mark-levin/ Read more

Do you get the feeling some letters are for the larger audience not the addressee?

An open letter from actor Jon Voight to President Obama: June 22, 2010 President Obama: You will be the first American president that lied to the Jewish people, and the American people as well, when you said that you would defend Israel, the only Democratic state in the Middle East, against all their enemies. You have done just the opposite. You have propagandized Israel, until they look like they are everyone's enemy — and it has resonated throughout the world. You are putting Israel in harm's way, and you have promoted anti-Semitism throughout the world. You have brought this to a people who have given the world the Ten Commandments and most laws we live by today. The Jewish people have given the world our greatest scientists and philosophers, and the cures for many diseases, and now you play a very dangerous game so you can look like a true martyr to what you see and say are the Read more

We Need to Act Because the Good (white) People Are Suffering Says PA Dem

"Because of the longevity of this recession, these are people — and they're not minorities and they're not defective and they're not all the things you'd like to insinuate that these programs are about — these are average, good American people," said Kanjorski.  When will we "defective" minorities finally tire of giving unconditional loyality to this crowd whose  policies seem to do more harm than good?  I think very soon.  Give it another 4 years.  Sooner if Republicans keep getting people like Jindal, haley, and Scott.  Longer if they keep talking about alien invasions and the Voting Rights Act. Read more