Band of Brothers On Spike

Sorry to be posting this so late but Spike TV has done and continues to do a “Band of Brothers” Memorial Day Marathon. They began this morning and are now going to replay the entire series. “Band Of Brothers” might just be the best study of the bond that develops among Men at War. I wish I had known that it was playing earlier.  I just caught the last hour tonite due to family commitments.  Anyone who has a DVR or VCR should record this classic.


It is Memorial Day, begun after the Civil War, in an effort to unify the survivors and remember those who sacrificed in war.  Frank describes the history in his post, so I just want to share some of my thoughts on why it is so important for us to observe Memorial Day.   Why is it important?   Grass   Pile the bodies high at Austerlitz and Waterloo, Shovel them under and let me work—           I am the grass; I cover all.   And pile them high at Gettysburg And pile them high at Ypres and Verdun. Shovel them under and let me work. Two years, ten year, and passengers ask the conductor:           What place is this?           Where are we now?             I am the grass.           Let me work.   Carl Sandburg   We Memorialize our fallen soldiers because of their sacrifice and because we are the only ones that can.  Read more

2010 Memorial Day Services

Memorial Day Services Memorial Bridge Plaza, Delaware Memorial Bridge New Castle, Delaware Monday, May 30, 2010 10:30a Memorial Day Program: Military Heroes of Delaware First State Heritage Park Dover, DE Monday, May 31, 2010 12:30p Memorial Day Program: Dover’s Heroes of the Revolution Tour First State Heritage Park Dover, DE Monday, May 31, 2010 2:00p

National Security Round up-May 31

I hope you have a reflective Memorial Day as well as a happy one. There were too many items affecting National Security for me to have time to write up a post on each one. The first item of interest to me is the wrong headed notion  by the Ruling Regime that nuclear weapons are a problem in the world not bad regimes who sponsor terrorism and kill their own innocent people having them.  It is like gun control.  Taking a gun from me will not make you safer unless you are a thug about to harm my family.  Disarming the U. S., India, Britain, or the like will not make the world safer except for thug regimes.  The UN is at it again, trying to disarm Israel and not even mention Iran. Most disturbing to Prime Minister Netanyahu is the U. S. delegation seemed to go along. Israel is not bound by Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty because it is not a signer. The idea that Israel may have nukes Read more

We Remember

  This year like so many years on Memorial day we find ourselves with men and women of the military in harms way.   Memorial Day,originally known as Decoration Day , was first observed onMay 30,1868, when flowers were placed on the graves of Union and Confederate soldiers at Arlington National Cemetary.   Memorial day had been officially proclaimed on May5,1868 in General Order No.11 by General John A. Logan national commander of the Grand Army of the Republic.                                                     Southern states refused to honor the day until after World War I, when the holiday was changed to honor all of those who died in all wars and not just the Civil War.   I personally believe that the day has now come to encompass even more than just the honoring of the fallen in war. I believe that it has now taken Read more

Too Much Regulation ?

   As the oil continues  to flow from the leak one mile below the surface of the water in the Gulf, the question should be asked, is the amount of regulations, actually hindering the task of stopping and then cleaning up the spill?    Too often in a case such as this, the first reaction, especially of those who are more inclined in the first place, is to call for more regulation.   Now of course it can be said that if there had been more regulation to begin with the accident might never have happened. Well let us not confuse regulation with enforcement. There are plenty of safety regulations in place at this time. The problem seems to have been that there was a lapse in enforcing those regulations.   It would seem that the administration in Washington is all too ready to take advantage of this crisis, and to pass even more regulations. It would seem to me, that this is merely Read more

China says avoiding Korean Conflict Is Most Urgent

The Chinese want more trade not war. In a message to the world and their ally in the Northern half of the Korean Peninsula, China offered condolences to South Korea over the sinking of their naval ship and said conflict over it must be avoided during a summit with Japan and the Republic of Korea yesterday. Beijing wants to be a leader in the world. This is a good place to start. It is in their own backyard and with their client state.

Cpl. Jacob Leicht, USMC age 24 #1000

Here is the inspiring story of American casualty # 1000 in the Afghan war. The 1,000th American serviceman killed in Afghanistan had already fallen once to a hidden explosive, driving his Humvee over a bomb in Iraq in 2007. The blast punched the dashboard radio into his face and broke his leg in two places. Marine Cpl. Jacob C. Leicht didn't survive his second encounter with a bomb this week. The death of the 24-year-old Texan born on the Fourth of July marks a grim milestone in the Afghanistan war. Leicht, who spent two painful years recovering from the Iraq blast, was killed Thursday when he stepped on a land mine in Helmand province that ripped off his right arm. He had written letters from his hospital bed begging to be put back on the front lines, and died less than a month into that desperately sought second tour. An Associated Press tally shows Leicht is the 1,000th U.S. serviceman Read more

Rep. Mike Castle’s Conflict Of Interest (Reprint)

( For full disclosure I am reprinting this article with this disclaimer. The numbers  used from Open Secrets are aggregate, they are compiled from individuals working for or in a specific company or industry. So as in the case of Young, Conaway, it is not the firm as a whole making the contribution,but individuals who work for the firm. If anyone is interested in looking up who the individual contributors  are, here is a link to the FEC page for the 2007-2008 cycle for Mike Castle. =H2DE00072&contCategory =INDIVIDUAL&category =searchCand&searchKeyword=CASTLE  Now it is impossible for myself or anyone to know the reason for each and every contribution, but in my opinion, when you have this much money coming from employees of one law firm or one banking interest Read more

Coons Politicizes Memorial Day

Read this disgusting politicization of Memorial Day by Senate Candidate Chris Coons. We are in the middle of two wars but he can not even resist the impulse to allowing a study before starting social experimentation on the military in the name of repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.
Late Thursday night the House voted on an amendment to repeal the law that prevents gays from serving openly in our nation’s military, but, in lockstep with other Washington Republicans, Congressman Castle voted against it. “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” is discrimination, plain and simple. It’s offensive, impractical, and has no place in this country. Mike Castle disagrees. This Memorial Day weekend, let’s send him a message that Delaware simply will not tolerate discrimination.

My BBC World Participation

Friday, I had the priviledge to be a guest on the BBC World radio and internet broadcast, World Have Your Say. It was a great discussion on the International Committee of the Red Cross training members of the Taliban in first aid. I took the same position as I did on this blog. I find the rules of engagement and release of healthy Taliban by us more troubling than the Red Cross doing its job. whys_firstaid

Gary Coleman Forever 42

People my age grew up watching Gary Coleman grow up. He died Friday of an intracranial hemorrhage. Unlike singerBret Michaels, he just got worse. It sadden me because it seemed like he just got everything together after struggling during adulthood.  In fact, he struggles in some respects all his life.  Two kindney transplants that both failed, Life long dialysis, parents who stole the money from his trust fund, type casting, and financial woes on top of health issues would have been a great excuse to check out of life . I respect the fact that he didn't take disappointment and setbacks as an excuse to give up, take drugs, and die. He persevered until he found a good life.  Prayers to his family. Read more

What the New Korean War Would Be Like

Read this white paper. It will curl your toes. North Korea will mount a total war if attacked by the US. There are three aspects to this war plan. First, total war is North Korea's avowed strategy in case of US preemptive attacks. The US war on Iraq shows that the US can and will mount preemptive strikes in clear violation of international laws, and the United Nations is powerless to stop the US. Any nation that is weak militarily may be attacked by the US at will. It is reasonable for North Korea to deter US attacks with threats of total war. Second, North Korea expects no help from China, Russia, or other nations in case of war with the US. It knows that it will be fighting the superpower alone. Nominally, China and Russia are North Korea's allies but neither ally is expected to provide any assistance to North Korea in case of war. Neither nation can or is willing to protect Read more

AAP backs off, Protects Young Girls.

In a story brought to our attention by Fay voshell we have some good news. The American Academy of Pediatrics has backed off their approval of a procedure that will enable Genital Mutilization of young girls.  In fairness to our American Doctors the procedures they advocate would not be as disgusting or all encompassing as that being done regularly in Islamic societies.  That being said We do not need to concede ON OUR OWN SOIL to even modified female genital mutilation in the interests of mollifying an aggressive  vocal cultural minority.  100 Years ago The British were criticisized for cultural insensitivity in outlawing certain Indian (Hindu) traditions.   What was the  Indian tradition the British ended?  They stopped the killing of widows of a deceased man from being thrown on the funeral pyre and thus killing her as well.  It was argued that this was an insult to the local Read more

To Dad on Memorial Day

In the right drawer of my desk there is a picture of my dad in a US Army uniform. He’s about 30 years old in the picture and he is looking straight at the camera with a clear, unflinching gaze. He reminds me of my youngest son. The same steady gaze, the same full lips; and, as Nathan humorously reminds me, the same hair pattern. “Thanks Grandad,” Nathan smiles ruefully, rubbing his balding head. The year the picture of Dad was taken was 1944, the year of the Battle of the Bulge, Hitler’s last chance to push back the Allies and to obtain a negotiated peace. Seventy-five thousand American casualties were sustained, among them Medal of Honor Winners Arthur O. Beyer and Melvin Biddle. The Germans fared worse. My dad, innocently enough, had kept ahead of the draft because of the number of children he had. But at last even my folks’ dedication to the Genesis mandate to replenish Read more

Which is the harder job?

Is running a state or a school district? The average superintendent gets more than the governor did before the voluntary Markell pay cut. I believe 5 get above 170K. The top paying districts are Brandywine and as of the last year that I could find number, Christina. Several elementary school principles get above 100k. The real money in education is found in administration. Check out your district here.

An Open Letter from Americans for Limited Government to Congress

To the Members of the U.S. Congress: While the national debt has surpassed $13 trillion this week, and the nation's Triple-A bond rating is threatened with the ongoing sovereign debt crisis, we were disappointed to learn that Congressional leadership has decided to once again plough ahead with its deficit-spending, pay-later policies of offering unlimited guarantees to insolvent states like New York and California. This time, Congress is offering $23 billion to the states to pay for public education funding. This comes atop $53.6 billion that was given to the states in the 2009 "stimulus" bill, and is the second time Congress has attempted to enact a $23 billion state education bailout. The first was in HR 2847, which passed the House 217-212 on December 16th, 2009 as part of a wider $154 billion bill intended to spend paid-back Trouble Asset Relief Program Read more

President Obama And The Line Item Veto

  President Obama is hoping that his lap dog congress will bestow the power of a line item veto upon him. This would give him the power to dissect a bill line by line and remove any spending that he found to be unnecessary.  The last President to have such power was Pres. Clinton. And he only had it until the Supreme Court ruled it un-constitutional.   Pres. George W. Bush asked congress to bestow it upon him and was refused. By the way, the then Senator Obama voted against giving the line item veto to Pres. Bush. Ah! Hypocrites abound.   Now of course the line item veto sounds really great when your party is in the White House. You can just imagine a Republican president cutting and slashing entitlements left and right. By the way the current version of the LIV, would not allow cuts to the big spenders like Social security or Medicare. And to get around that pesky Supreme Court, Read more


This is really getting inane.  A Massachusetts legislator was rear-ended by a drunk driving illegal immigrant that obviously didn’t have a valid driver’s license.  Rep. Moran says that the illegal alien was just as hurt and afraid as anyone else would have been immediately after the crash, but when the police arrived and started to tell to the drunk driver the charges he would face the illegal alien became belligerent, and started laughing at them.   Several days after the incident Rep. Moran started talking to the press and made it very clear that he still maintains his pro-immigrant stance.  Good.  Then he went further to say that he still has what he calls a “pro-illegal” stance.  Irrational    To everyone that considers themselves to be pro-illegal I have a modest proposal for you.  I will take your life savings, and pack you into the back of a crowded truck Read more