Lee Williams breaks into mainstream media

With the help of a couple of other influential blogs, Lee Williams report on the Insurance Commissioner’s office has leaked into the News Journal. Congratulations, Lee. Lee Williams has impacted the political conversation several times with his reports on the Prison system, gun ownership in public housing, and transparency. Who says one blogger can’t make a difference? Call your state Representative and Senator and email them the report. 16,000 dollars a year for political hacks is outrageous. Now that the office will have even more power over our lives, we need to have confidence.

Wade Flood of 2010

Guest Opinion  Due to a recent flood of talented volunteers, Kevin Wade’s run for Delaware’s lone congressional seat has received a boost of tremendous proportions. The excitement in the Wade camp is tremendous and easily infects those that are anywhere around these newfound volunteers.  They rally around waiting to be the next to come up with a successful strategy to get his message to the people. Wade’s volunteer staff has put together a newsletter that has released its first issue March 30th with a colorful banner at the top proclaiming, “We the People.”  The newsletter can be accessed at www.wadefordelaware.com.  Volunteer Michael Borgia has put together several powerful videos that can also be accessed at this website. “Senator Scott Brown of Massachusetts is not the only candidate that believes Senate and Congressional seats should be called ‘The People’s Seat,’” Read more

Iran has bio capability

We all heard the report that Iran is capable of getting the bomb. What is overlooked is that they have chemical and biological weapon capability. That should be more than a foot note.   Iran having bio weapons is scary.  Nukes are hard to move and locate clandestinely.   Bio weapons are not.  They can be used and it is possible that we will never know for sure if it was a weapon or who used it.  Certain diseases can spread on their own once the infection starts.  We need regime change.  We have to aid the Persian language stations giving a message of freedom with better equipment.  We need to encourage the patriots who want change without trying to take over their movement.   It is time to push them hard with international sanctions.  If some countries won't go along, they should know that we will blockade Iran if necessary.  They will go along to keep from losing more Read more

House Bill 353 – Healthcare doesn’t apply to us

House Bill 353 was introduced by lawmakers March 30, 2010. The "Delaware Health Freedom Act" was filed by 15 Republican legislators and would allow Delawareans to decline to act upon mandates set forward by the healthcare reform bill passed last weekend by Congress. The bill also asks that the state attorney general (currently Beau Biden) enforces the state law should any challenges appear. The federal healthcare bill has been a source of much speculation since its passing. 14 States to date have filed law suits challenging the constitutionality of the bill while many other states have legislation pending to ensure their residents will not have to comply with federal mandates regarding healthcare. These states claim that in no place in the Constitution does it say that healthcare is a right. Many feel the massive healthcare overhaul recently passed is an intrusion in state rights and Read more

Urquhart has 2nd Ad

Glen Urquhart is establishing himself as a presence in the field before the convention.   Despite  his public protestation that the convention has no effect on his plans, it appears that he is putting on a full court press in the wake of  the convention.  He is making up for a later entry by raising his profile on popular news websites and  Fox News Channel buys.  I believe a local Television station or two is also in the mix.  The campaign seems pleased with the ad. "Glen has a distinctive life story. Our second ad hits some of his important accomplishments to help people understand why he is so uniquely and overwhelmingly qualified to serve Delaware in the United States House of Representatives," said Kim Stevenson, communications director for the campaign. " We are very excited." The ad begins with a reflection of great leaders, both Democrat and Republican, who have given Read more

Rollins Wish List Donor

It appears Michelle Rollins may have been more than personally pro-choice. She was a donor to Wish List (see the excerpt from the website below), which identifies those who disagree as extremists seems to only recognize one type of woman. It seems to be trying to remake the GOP. More than half of Republican women need not apply. It is everyone's right to support instituting policies they see as important. I begrudge no one that right. I also have a right to have a different point of view and exercise that right. I now want to know where Mrs. Rollins differs from WISH list. Are people who disagree with her on the extremes? Does she favor Stupack, Hyde, and bans of partial birth abortion and interstate trafficking of minors to avoid parental notification laws?   I hesitate to play guilty by association so I invite Mrs. Rollins to answer these important questions. The WISH List -- which Read more

For Quiet Alice

My dear friend, quiet Alice wondered why I have not published a Castle release lately. The fact is that they have only put out one in about a week. That goes for all of the campaigns, the first rule of publication is to put out something interesting. I may choose to write something that I find intersting like the Hatch endorsement or the Ning website, but the easiest way to insure we notice is to send us a heads up. (I admit that part of me is laughing about this being the only release in 6 days from the Congressman when we have a nation in crisis, but part says this affects us everyday maybe it should get attention so tell me if this matters in the comments.) The release is on the first draft page, but I will publish it here, just for you. No offense but a national endorsement, whether or not to repeal the bill (HCR), and national TV stories highlighting a campaign just seems more Read more

Rule 3 of Employment Don’t embarrass your employer in public–GOP fires Staffer

You knew it was only a matter of time. The staffer responsible for the infamous strip club reimbursement approval is gone. She had been warned before about watching what she approved. The RNC needs an internal auditor on staff who has the power and clout to tighten the belt. The story is far less interesting than Time or the Daily Call thought it would be. I know the media is disappointed that no roads lead to Steele. From the AP: An RNC memo says the Jan. 31 outing to Voyeur West Hollywood involved several members of the "Young Eagles" GOP group who had been in Los Angeles for a meeting. An unnamed staffer, who had been warned that such activities did not qualify for reimbursement, has been fired, said the memo from RNC chief of staff Ken McKay. The club features topless dancers and bondage outfits. It's meant to be "risque and provocative" and "a combination of intimidation Read more

Wade on the move

Kevin Wade-----GOP Candidate for the People’s Seat in the US Congress 29 March 2010 www.wadefordelaware.com Upcoming Appearances:  March 27 – Legislative Workshop in Dover with 140 attending. Kevin’s introduction was very well received by attendees from across the state.  April 1- 9 12 Patriots Meeting at the Millsboro Fire Hall at 7:00pm.  April 3 – NRA Dinner at the Modern Maturity Center at 6:00pm, located in Dover.  April 7 - 9 12 Patriots Meeting, Kent County at 7:00pm, located Bower Beach Fire Hall.  April 12 – Colonial Regional Meeting at 7:00pm. Kevin will be speaking.  April 15 – Tax Day Rally, Kevin will be speaking on The Green in Dover  April 17 – Hartley Fire Hall, Debate with other candidates  April 18 – Holocaust Remembrance Day, Carvel Building, Kevin will be joining Joan Wishkoff  April 21 – Wilmington Region Read more

Documentary Film Maker David N. Bossie Endorses Christine O’Donnell for U.S. Senate Special Election for Biden’s Former Seat

Washington, DC: David N. Bossie, documentary film maker most recently known for his Supreme Court victory challenging campaign finance law, officially announced his personal endorsement, as well as that of the Citizens United Political Victory Fund, of Christine O'Donnell, Republican candidate in the Delaware U.S. Senate race for Joe Biden's vacated seat. "I'm proud to offer my backing and that of Citizens United Political Victory Fund to Christine O'Donnell for Delaware's open U.S. Senate seat. Christine is exactly the kind of courageous American patriot the nation desperately needs in Washington, DC," Bossie said. Bossie also serves as President of Citizens United. In making his personal endorsement, he also commented on the significance of Christine's candidacy and the mission of Citizens United, "Christine exemplifies the mission of Citizens United, which is 'to reassert the Read more

Will Maryland Finally Get on the Side of the Crime Victim

The Maryland Senate passed Senate Bill 411, which is a 411 to criminals that says, for your information, Maryland will no longer allow you to use the civil law suit to persecute people who defend themselves against you. The bill allows anyone attacked in their home to stand their ground and use force to do so without concern of civil liability. This aligns the civil law up with the criminal law’s Castle doctrine. For the sake of your family, your friends, and yourself, call your Delegate and get them to pass Senate Bill 411. Are you fine folks in Delaware watching?

Minutemen Retire

The border watchdog group is dissolving. Volunteers are burning out and new ones are a little more unruly. The strategy has played its course. The recent murder of a friendly rancher and his dog by an alleged illegal who is now a fugitive hiding back in Mexico called for a reassessment. The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps helped focus America on the issue of border security. They added to the political debate in a real way. I am glad that they had the humility and wisdom to know when the time has come to move forward. The MCDC sent a message that hot heads need not apply. I hope others send a similar message.

McChyrstal to take Away Taste of Home

If it were a movie, we could call it The Grinch General who stole Pizza Hut.I guess life away isn't hard enough, but the Afghan theater will be losing some of the few luxuries that make mitigate its harshness. Too bad the regime in Washington will not invest in logistical support in the front. This may be the best way to equalize resources given that reality. This move is not one that I support. We live in an era of repeated deployments. The way that we have found to mitigate the historically high burden on the same troops is to attempt to normalize life a little. In the active duty military we have people on their 6th or 7th war tour. The average time in a war zone for a soldier or marine in this military is the highest in American history. Retention suffered. The way the Pentagon was able to mitigate it was to show troops that they cared by upgrading the camps as the resources became Read more

Delaware One of Two States Selected for Race-to-the-Top Education Award

State to Receive Funding Toward Educational Reforms Delaware was named today as one of two states (Tennessee) selected for Phase 1 funding of a Race to the Top competitive federal grant to improve education in public schools.  The announcement is being made today by Education Secretary Arne Duncan. "What's really important today is where we go from here; whether we have the will to put our children first and move forward with reforms to improve our schools so that Delaware children can successfully compete for the best jobs in an increasingly competitive global economy,” said Governor Jack Markell.  “That won't be easy, but we have proven in these past few months that it can be done.  I would like to thank all those who worked with us in support of our application and look forward to moving ahead to improve our schools. ” “To be successful we must help all Delaware students Read more

Hutaree Radicals Started Plot Under Bush

The anarchists, who were arrested in Michigan, where known to be gathering bombs and weapons since the middle of 2008. The government tracked and sprung the trap when it could bring down the organization. Some, including one of our commenters, seem to be unaware of the fact and wish to act as if recent public dissatisfaction with the ruling regime is somehow spawing this radicalism. Should we blame Democrats because they were anti-Bush or Republicans because they are anti-Obama?  Anarchists have always been part of the American fabric. They rioted against Washington. Blaming a group for the actions if a few, even if they are not related to each other, is as old as Nero. His regime was becoming increasingly unpopular so he blamed the fire which swept through Rome on the emerging threat to his dictatorship, Christians.   It is an old trick.  It won't work. Read more

Rep. Castle:Member of the House Financial Services Committee

PACs Congressman Michael N. Castle 2009 - 2010   Campaign Finance Cycle: 2010200820062004200220001998Career Total PAC Money for 2010: $715,850 Number of Contributions: 366 Sectors, 2009-2010  ::  Finance, Insurance & Real Estate  ::  Commercial Banks American Bankers Assn $10,000 Bank of America $10,000 Bank of New York Mellon $10,000 Barclays Group US $2,000 Citigroup Inc $3,000 Consumer Bankers Assn $2,000 JPMorgan Chase & Co $5,000 PNC Bank National Assn $2,000 Quicken Loans $1,000 US Bancorp $3,000 Wells Fargo $3,000 Wilmington Trust Co $1,500 Based on Federal Election Commission data available electronically on Sunday, March 21, 2010. Everyone can  draw their own conclutions ! Read more

I Wonder When It is Time to Start Caring about GOP Donors

Update:The Employee who submitted the nightclub expense is paying it back. Just as a note it was not Chairman Steele. We are in a war for the heart and soul of this nation. Our leaders need to act like it. I am not asking them to slum it, but... Once on the ground, FEC filings suggest, Steele travels in style. A February RNC trip to California, for example, included a $9,099 stop at the Beverly Hills Hotel, $6,596 dropped at the nearby Four Seasons, and $1,620.71 spent [update: the amount is actually $1,946.25] at Voyeur West Hollywood, a bondage-themed nightclub featuring topless women dancers imitating lesbian sex. RNC trips to other cities produced bills from a long list of chic and costly hotels such as the Venetian and the M Resort in Las Vegas, and the W (for a total of $19,443) in Washington. A midwinter trip to Hawaii cost the RNC $43,828, not including airfare. Steele Read more

Poll Numbers Still Sour

The President has generated some improvement among Democrats with his passage of Health Care Deform Legislation. The problem is not too many others like it. 50% say it is bad for the country. His Gallup numbers match his low. The lastest Rasmussen numbers give a 14 point spread between strong approval and strong disapproval. His over all numbers are 47% approve and 52% disapprove with 1% still waiting for the Friday night hangover to clear up (I added the last part.) So much for the bounce of gratitude, I guess the announcements of benefit cuts and possible layoffs due to the bill dimmed any bounce.

Better Late than Never

Some Obama administration posts were recently filled by recess appointment because of disagreements between the administration and Senate Republicans. They had been waiting months for confirmation in some cases. That I understand. Some will likely get confirmed later. Some I hope go away in January such as the labor relations board member, Craig Becker who wants to impose card check by regulation. What I do not understand are all of the positions without nominations? I would have thought this one pretty important. Better late than never. It just seems another in a long line of a lack of commitment to seniors. Unfortunately, the President lost his TSA (Transportation Safety Authority) nominee and it had nothing to do with Republicans. If someone can't stand a few editorials asking if his past role as a defense contractor has any conflict of interest (answer no), then he wouldn't Read more

Urquhart gets good press

I think that the article on Glenn Urquhart merits your attention. I think that by May's second ballot, Conservatives will need to solidify behind one candidate. Each is making their case. I like what Chris Shirley said. That is where I am right now. Keep making your case. May the best candidate win. Chris Shirey of Laurel, state coordinator for the Delaware Tea Party, said she has liked what she has seen in Urquhart so far. "But I have told our members that picking a candidate is a little like picking your spouse," she said. "You need to watch how they act for a while. ... We're looking at all of them." This is not a quote that I found that endeared me to a certain candidate. One of those delegates will be Bill Lee of Rehoboth Beach, a retired Superior Court judge and three-time gubernatorial candidate. Sussex County Council President Vance Phillips of Laurel, who Read more