National Journal Rankings are out

According to the National Journal, the most Liberal Republican in the House is ____
The most liberal Republican was Rep. Michael Castle of Delaware, who is running this year for an open Senate seat; he was followed by Reps. John McHugh of New York, who resigned in September to become Obama’s Army secretary, and Dave Reichert of Washington.
The most puzzling votes were the Congressman’s votes against both the Republican stimulus alternative and the Democrat stimulus bill. He voted against both tax cuts and spending stimulus. Did he not think that the economy was in dire straits?

Thoughts on Slavery

On Wednesday I attended the Dover Human Relations Commission meeting. The Dover City Council recently passed their resolution to urge the State to apologize for slavery in Delaware. Once the introductory proceedures were concluded they opened the floor for public comment, and I took the opportunity to speak. My notes, though I didn't follow them word for word, are below. I will expand on some of these concepts in later posts. Another topic covered in the meeting was the state of the mental health system and facilities in Delaware. I hope to write some more on that subject as well. Notes for my comments to the Dover Human Relations Commission concerning the matter of slavery delivered on Feb. 24, 2010. Congratulations on the passing of the resolution to apologize for slavery. My comments are not about the resolution, but they are about slavery. I understand that it is hard to Read more

Breaking Governor Patterson to End Reelection bid

The New York Times hit pieces of mostly unnamed sources have done their job. The real damage was done by allegations of covering up a domestic abuse charge by his driver. He allegedly talked the woman out of showing up to court. The case was then dropped. New York Governor David Patterson will end his real life reality show the Chronicles of the inept. He will be holding a press conference within an hour.

Regional Politics Feb. 2010

Maryland-- Medical use of pot makes sense, but most states have not found a balance which makes the average citizen comfortable. Doctor and House of Delegate member Dan Morhaim is trying to reach that balance of compassion for the ill without de facto legalization.  His legislation may merit attention from Delaware. Maryland is going to face the issue of the personhood of the unborn child. Delegate Don Dwyer is leading a group of twenty in sponsoring this legislation. The Delegate O'Donnell, Republican Leader of the House of Delegates is offering an alternative budget. Democrats seem underwhelmed even though they asked for ideas. New Jersey-- Foxnews may have former Governor Sarah Palin, but CNBC will have former Governor John Corzine. I think Fox wins, but one cannot deny Mr. Corzine's knowledge of the markets and politics. The lobbyists who run New Jersey will have a set back. Read more

Wade has Breakthrough in Congressional Race

Congressional Candidate Kevin Wade Signs with Axiom Strategies  Republican Congressional candidate Kevin Wade has agreed to retain the Political Consulting firm of Axiom Strategies for his run for the office of U.S. Representative. In addition to the Wade campaign, Axiom principals are currently working with the Col. Alan West campaign in Florida and the Van Tran campaign in California. Axiom Strategies has an enviable record of winning 90% of the races in which they have been retained. The firm (Axiom Strategies) has a record of 27-3 in Congressional races. It has also had notable success in local races. Their efforts are credited with turning the Missouri Legislature from a Democrat dominated body to a GOP Stronghold. Kevin Wade the Congressional Candidate states. “I am pleased that a firm with the kind of nationwide presence and reputation that Axiom Strategies enjoys is willing Read more

Guest Post: Bill Ayer’s UD Presentation

I noticed that the post about the Bill Ayers presentation at the UD generated some conversation.  I was unable to attend but a friend and fellow 9-12 Delaware Patriot went.  He was good enough to help me out and share some of his thoughts.  I hope you enjoy.  Guest Post by Tim Ryan Today I attended an event at the University of Delaware in Newark, Delaware:  Dr. William Ayers, "Urban Schools: Teaching and Learning in and for Democracy" 02/24/2010 - 1:00pm - 2:00pm Location: 207 Willard Hall Speaker: Dr. William Ayers   Yes, this William Ayers is the “unrepentant domestic terrorist” and founder of the “Weather Underground”.   The meeting was in a small classroom, about 60 people in all, and it was standing room only when I arrived.  Right away, I noticed that about 25% of the folks in attendance were people I know from the First State Patriots in New Castle County, Read more

5 Years for Tommywonk

One of the finest one person blogs in the Delaware blogosphere is celebrating its 5th year.  I think most of us would list him in our top 20 if we named quality blogs.  Some other one person blogs which drive the conversation are Kilroy, That's Elbert, Dave Burris, Sussex Angel, Mourning Constitution, Delaware Way, Politically Frank, and of course Colossus of Rhodey.   I miss Shirley and Al.  I tend to enjoy the group blogs, but the amazing commitment of the one man blogs is a pillar of our e-community.  Thank you Tom for your valued contribution to the political discourse.  Tommywonk always sticks to the issues even when he takes on a person. It is always fact based and polite even if it is pointed. While his posts are quite long some days, his writing is an example of quality workmanship. I hope that you have many more years  blogging and may they be in the minority opinion. Read more

O’Malley’s Legacy

This is the offical Republican response to the state of the state. Below is an excerpt. Carroll/Howard Senator Allan Kittleman (R-Dist. 9) delivered the Republican response to Governor Martin O’Malley’s State of the State address. I had hoped that Governor O’Malley’s State of the State address would offer concrete plans to create jobs and reduce government spending. But his speech leaves me with only one conclusion: Our Governor is out of touch… out of ideas….and out of money. On the O’Malley Budget Deficit In 2007, the outgoing Republican governor handed Governor O’Malley a one billion dollar surplus to prepare the state for tough economic times. Sadly, Governor O’Malley ignored warnings of a coming recession and spent that money on a raft of new government programs. The next Governor will have to reconcile over eight billion dollars in deficits caused Read more

Increase Revenue through Lower Taxes

The future of our state’s economy, and the standard of living for all Delawareans, will rise and fall upon our ability to encourage small business owners to invest and expand the size and scope of their enterprises; and our success at attracting new companies and corporations to relocate to Delaware. The General Assembly and Governor Markell must recognize that a strong recovery and new hiring depends on the confidence businesses have in the future. Uncertainty is a fact of life for all businesses, but when Dover adds materially to that uncertainty, businesses invest less and hire less. This is especially true following a deep recession, with so many producers still struggling with excess capacity. The most powerful strategy the General Assembly can adopt is to stop threatening those in a position to hire. That means no more tax increases, less regulation and a serious look at whether Read more

Where will Americans Go?

The Labor Premier Danny Williams of Newfoundland and constant critic of Conservative Canadian Prime Minister Harper, went to Miami for his Cardiac surgery. "It is my health and my choice:, he declared. No one can disagree with that sentiment. The question is why has he been such a staunch critic of reformers? In Canada, it is a big deal that the government has decided that people with cancer will be able to radiation within two months. 135 Children getting insulin pumps covered is celebrated as an achievement. We have to ask a legitimate question. Do we want to put cost control above innovation? If we do, where will Americans go to have their choice to protect their health? Read more

Honk and Wave

Hey all I don't know what your plans are this weekend but if you are in the Dover area between 1 and 3 on Saturday feel free to drive past the Dover Mall and honk at me.  I'll be there with a group of 9-12 Delaware Patriots and other active citizens waving right back. We are having a rally in honor of the first Tea Party of 2009 that happened in February, well before Tax Day.  It is amazing to look back and realize that the Tea Parties and 9-12 movements have only been going on for less than a year.   Things have changed so much. The rally this Saturday isn't so much a protest as a way of encoraging more citizen involvement in government.  Some people may still have their health care or Cap n Trade signs, but what we really want to do is see more everyday people becoming actively involved in governing themselves.  The more people step up to govern themselves the less gaps there Read more

Americans for Tax Reform Gets Pledge Signer in Delaware Congressional Race

Rose Izzo (R-Del.) signs the Taxpayer Protection Pledge Congressional candidate promises to protect taxpayers’ wallets WASHINGTON, D.C. – Rose Izzo, a Republican running in Delaware’s At-Large Congressional District, recently signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge sponsored by Americans for Tax Reform (ATR). The Pledge commits signers to “oppose any and all efforts to increase the marginal income tax rates for individuals and/or businesses … and oppose any net reduction or elimination of deductions and credits, unless matched dollar for dollar by further reducing tax rates.” ATR has offered the Pledge to all candidates for federal office since 1987. To date, 34 U.S. senators and 172 members of the U.S. House of Representatives have signed the Pledge. Additionally, seven Governors and over 1,100 state legislators have signed the Pledge. “After the passage of the so-called Read more

Remembering How Reagan Inspired the American Spirit

This is a guest opinion by Glen Urquhart which was previously published in the News Journal. At a time when encouragement is needed, President Ronald Reagan's 99th birthday reminds me of what his faith in God -- not government -- accomplished. From a minor Reagan Administration post, I was privileged to witness the American spirit rekindled. We faced overwhelming Soviet nuclear missiles, and an economy staggered by 18 percent interest rates. But Reagan had visionary faith in Americans. He cut taxes and regulatory shackles, unleashing American enterprise. With lower rates, tax revenues grew 40 percent, and the economy expanded and overwhelmed the Soviets. Economic strength enabled Reagan to demand that Gorbachev tear down the Berlin Wall. The world was safer, and freedom exploded across Eastern Europe. President Reagan gave us our confidence back, based on real change, accomplished Read more

U of D hosts Bill Ayers

Dr. William Bomber Ayers will be speaking at the University of Delaware this Wednesday. The noted education expert will be explaining how to teach and learn in a democracy. I, of course respect his freedom of speech, however, I can not escape the irony of his expertise extending to educating future teachers on democracy when he violated the most basic principle of the rule of law. He is still stands by his Weather Underground days. I wonder will he get any tough questions? Dr. Ayers is tolerance of the majority important in a democracy as expressed by not resorting to violence as long as you are free to effect the system peacefully? Dr. Ayers is teaching Urban youth that they have a future following the rules of society important? Dr. Ayers how does your statement that you wish that you did more bombings consistent with your current lecture topic? Thank you Hube for bringing this Read more

Glen Urquhart

There is a new contender for Delaware’s lone House seat. Former Reagan Adminstration official, Glen Urquhart’s website is up. I had the pleasure of speaking with Mr. Urquhart last week when he spoke at the 31st district Republican Committee. He seems to be another sound conservative voice in the race. I will of course pass on information so that you can make an informed choice. I score him as strong on taxes and spending, opposed to Obama care, and pro-family. I do not see a developed energy plan. He is a free marketer and Tri-state real estate developer. He has pledged to put in up to 250K of his own money in the race according to sources and pledged to match Carney dollar for dollar.

DL was Castle Lying when He told the Truth?

Our friends at Delaware Liberal wrote a column "Liar, Liar Pants on Fire" calling Congressman Castle a liar because he did not say at the Friske Auto Plant that he opposed the stimulus bill.  The fact that most of the money did not come from the ARA but a bill Mr. Castle supported escaped his critics.  When called on it this was the response. Here’s the facts, from what we’ve gathered so far: - the Fisker deal was mostly financed from the ATVM legislation, which Castle voted both for and against - some money for the Fisker deal came from ARRA, specifically for the battery technology - ARRA funds were also used for the ATVM program - Carper definitely touted the role of the stimulus at the Fisker event - Castle specifically stated in his WHYY interview “I certainly did not vote for it, and I’ve said that at every single appearance I’ve made.” - In the video, Castle says Read more