Guest Post from Shaun Fink on the Next Step for CRI

Let’s Roll… The question I have been asked most since taking the position of Executive Vice President of CRI is, “What is the Caesar Rodney Institute’s biggest goal for the coming year.” It is a great question, so let me answer it. CRI’s ultimate goal, for 2010 or any year, is to advance the debate over how our state should be governed. We believe in a competitive free market economy where those who have the ambition are given the incentives to work hard and create jobs. We do not believe that the government ought to be in the job creation business. What made our economy the envy of the nation for a generation was the freedom that commerce and industry were given to generate wealth in a market based fashion, where jobs exploded onto the scene because the products of our businesses were in high demand. Conversely, the cause of our recent decline in economic prowess includes Read more

Wade’s Announcement

Levy Court Commissioner Eric Buckson flanked by his future basketball star son introduced Kevin Wade to Kent County. He got to know Kevin Wade when both explored a run for Lt. Governor in 2008. He found him to be a serious and thoughtful person with a vision worthy of support.  This former opponent is now a leading supporter of Kevin Wade's campaign for Congress. Wade showed that he has support across the state even in bad weather with several scores of supporters showing up including a packed house in his hometown of New Castle. Wade showed Republicans that he is in the game to win. Whether he can or not is an open question that only a campaign can answer. Wade spoke to concerns of Americans left out in the cold by a government that seems to be growing  unemployment lines, deficits, and congressional salaries, but nothing else.  Instead of encouraging energy independence, the Read more

What We Really Need Part II

  I happen to believe that my highest tax rate should come from the part of government that is closest to my front door. Which means that if I live in an incorporated town limits, then my highest tax rate should be coming from that town. If I live outside of town limits then my highest rate should be from the county in which I live.    The reason I feel this way, is that I believe that for those things that we do need government for ,we are best served at the local level. For streets and sidewalks, for street lights and for police protection, people living in town limits should only need to go as far as their town council to receive satisfaction.   For county roads and any areas outside of town limits , those citizens should look to their county council. And of course for state highways and state issues, all state citizens should contact their state leaders.   The problem Read more

Guest Post: New Phase Starting with Founder’s values

By Evan Queitsch We unveiled some really exciting new plans for Founders Values. Founders Values, as many of you know, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, tax deductible organization which means that private funding is critical to our success. That means that every single dollar you donate to Founders Values will go towards providing the type of action through education that we need to take and every dollar can be claimed on your year-end tax forms. In order to achieve and maintain that allowance, we must adhere to the standards of the IRS and our charter. Our charter states that we are an educational organization and not a political group. That is why Founders Values will continue to educate citizens and children on the Constitution and founding fathers. That is why we have decided to hold a series of “John Adams” viewing seminars based on the HBO miniseries. We will watch the series and Read more

GOP Platform Finally More Than Talk

In an effort to keep unity in the party, the Republican National Committee passed a resolution which called upon the RNC to make adherence to the core values and principles of the party platform a factor in who receives funding. The resolution avoided percentages and gave discretion to the Chairman on its application. The RNC meeting turned back attacks on Steele's book tour.  Below is a quote from the Washington Times. In an unprecedented move, the Republican National Committeeon Friday unanimously called onits chairman,Michael S. Steele, to "carefully screen" candidates for their adherence to conservative values before granting them RNC financial help. The resolution specifically calls on the national chairman to take into account thevotingrecords and statements of all GOP candidatesfor evidence that they supportthe "core principles and positions" ofthe party's nationalplatform, Read more

Wade to Brave the Snow In Three County Trek

UPdate: SOMEONE smiled and delayed the snow so come on out. Join Kevin Wade as he publicly kicks off his campaign to obtain the GOP nomination for Delaware's lone House seat. The events are this Saturday at 0830 hrs at the Old Courthouse in Georgetown, at 1100 hrs in Dover at the old statehouse on The Green, and 1400 hrs (2:00) at the old courthouse in New Castle. Don't worry all events are indoors due to smart planning. Kevin Wade Announces Congressional Candidacy Republican Kevin Wade of New Castle will formally announce his candidacy for the office of U.S. Representative on Saturday January 30th. Mr. Wade will conduct his announcement in the best tradition of Delawareans by appearing in locations in all 3 Delaware Counties. The announcement schedule is as follows. 8:30 am Old Sussex Court Sussex House. (not the current Court House on the Circle) 10 S. Bedford Street Georgetown, Read more

Stimulus Not very stimulating in DE

Lt. Governor Matt Denn released the latest numbers of jobs saved or created by the American Recovery Act in the First State. "The federal stimulus plan has created or retained between 1,493 and 4,046 jobs in Delaware," according to Delaware on line. 1500 jobs pales in comparison to the jobs lost, but it is better than nothing. The problem is that Democrats in Congress voted down stimulus options scored to create up to 6 million jobs nationally at half of the price tag of the bill that passed. The article goes on the report the real reason the governing class liked the bill. Lt. Gov. Matt Denn’s quarterly report, released this morning, also shows that Delaware has spent at least $360 million of its share of the federal stimulus plan as of Jan. 14. In all, Delaware has received $1.48 billion from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act so far. About $968 million has come Read more

Senator Carper Responds to State of the Union

Okay so I didn't look too closely at my email. Sorry Senator, please keep sending them. I will post the federal green initiative one in the first draft. Here is Senator Carper's take on the state of the union. I think that believing the climate change agenda is a net job creator is fantasy unless it is radically revised, but the Senator has a different take. Sen. Carper Reacts To President Obama's State Of The Union Applauds emphasis on passing health care reform, creating jobs, stabilizing economy WASHINGTON – Sen. Tom Carper (D-Del.) issued the following statement tonight in response to President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address to Congress. Sen. Carper said: “A year ago, President Obama inherited an economy that was losing more than half a million jobs month after month. Job creation, relief for the middle class and economic recovery were priorities from day Read more

Get Out Those Piggy Banks

  That's right, it's time to break open those piggy banks and help the state of Delaware to solve all of its fiscal problems.    The state Senate has passed HB310 which will allow table games to be played at existing casinos in Delaware. HB310 was introduced on Jan. 15th,2010 and fastracked through both houses in thirteen days. The bill passed the House of Representative by a vote of 27-5, and then passed the Senate by a vote of 15-4.   I am glad to say that my own state Senator Joe Booth was in opposition to the bill. In a quote made to the Cape Gazett Sen. Booth stated, "I have a problem with balancing the state budget on the gaming industry, like slots. I am very concerned that with the amount of cash that changes hands in those particular games, and with Delaware being a small state, we'll have to watch out for corruption. I just don't think it's in our states best interest Read more

More Of The Same

 Last night's "State of the Union Address" by Pres. Obama was just more of the same.  The president called for more bank bail outs if needed, more of a push for government health care, and more so called "GREEN" economy.   But mostly what the president was calling for, was more and more government. I lost track of the times that the president explained what the government was going to do to solve the problems of the nation. How government would put people back to work, how the government would create innovation.   Pres. Obama even tried to sell the American people on the fact that his administration and the current Democrat run congress hadn't raised taxes. Well in my opinion , since they allowed the Bush tax cuts to sunset they did raise taxes.   Of course we got more of the usual, "when I took office", you know the blame it all on the former administration. Will this president Read more

What We Really Need Part I

   It never fails , every time we start talking about who should or shouldn't run for any given office, invariably we get someone who throws out the accusation that a person is not qualified for the office.   Let's take Christine O'Donnell for example. Those of us who support her for her run for U.S. Senate believe that her stated stance on issues important to us make her a great candidate. We believe that she has demonstrated courage in standing up for and sticking to her principles on hot button topics such as abortion. We also feel that her positions on national security and the economy are in line with our own.   I personally feel that the only "QUALIFICATION" for elected office is to meet any requirements in either the U.S. Constitution or state constitutions. No one is born an expert on anything. We learn from our life experiences and from studying.   I have found that Read more

A Spending Reform 2

If you want real spending reform, change the rules. This is inside baseball, but it may be the way to win the game.  Follow me on this.  Mandate that all 13 spending bills be out of house committees by the 2nd week of July.  Any bills that are not will be combined into a continuing resolution.  The bills would then go before a committee of the whole one by one in the third week of July through the first week or two of August.  The larger ones would be given up to 3 days and the smaller ones a half a day.  Any member would be able to offer amendments to cut funds.  If any member wants to increase spending in one area on the bill, they have to cut another area.    Any spending increase would require a suspension of the rules which requires 290 votes.    The effect of this would be to allow the Ron Paul's, blue dogs, and others not on the favored committees to offer amendments Read more

A Real Spending Reform

How about tackling entitlement reform?  Why are talking about everything but that?  A Presidential and Congressional, bi-partisan commission there would pay dividends. We don’t need to give it extra constitutional powers. We, the people, just need to pay attention. Entitlements are the long run threat to the economy. Any plan which ignores that fact is just window dressing.

State Senate passes menu bill

The Delaware state senate want to write resturaunt menus because it is good for you. Senate bill 85 requiring many eating establishments to have favored “nutrition” information on the menus sailed through with 15 votes. It now goes to the house. A house committee (HB 184) wants to require all social workers to be licensed, unless they work for the government (good enough for thee not me). It will be good to know only government workers will run around without professional credentials. Licensing sure protected those kids in Milford from the pediphile doctor did it?

Spending Freeze?

How is freezing spending at artificially high levels fiscal conservatism? A freeze (on only 1/6 of the budget) would permanently lock in the baseline that increased with the stimulus bill and past budget. The ruling regime is slick, but the loony left is too dumb to know what they are doing so it may be defeated. The freeze would save 15 billion out of a 1.4 trillion deficit. The President increased the spending baseline 140 billion for these programs in the last year and 1. 5 trillion over the next 10 years. The freeze would take it back to to 1.25 trillion in increases over the next ten years. That is like spending 200 dollars eating out and then taking the toll free road home to save fifty cents.

Applauding CBS

CBS is airing a commercial celebrating life and family during the Superbowl because they were paid two and half million dollars (just like any other ad).  It features Heisman Trophy recipient Tim Tebow and his mother.  She was advised to get an abortion but chose life and celebrates that decision today. Somehow, that is controversial among the hard left who haven’t even seen the commercial. They are mad because Focus on the Family has something to do with it. The content is irrelevant. It has to be condemned sight unseen. They call it political (as if that delegitimize the right to proclaim the message) and say that the quarterback should not take a stand because they don’t agree with him. I guess they really aren’t pro-choice are they?

Kevin Wade Announces

Delaware Politics is proud to join The Wade for Delaware committee in announcing that Kevin Wade will be kicking off his Congressional campaign with an announcement at the Old  New Castle County Courthouse on the Green at 1400 hours (2:00 pm) on January 30, 2010.  A reception celebrating his candidacy will follow.  The cost of the reception is just $50 (accepted at the door).  The announcement is free.          Reception Location:
Arsenal on The Green Restaurant 30 Market Street New Castle, DE 19720 US Time:    Saturday, January 30, 3:00PM