Reaction to the New York 23rd bombshell–gingrich tweets for hoffman

Michael Steele and Newt Gingrich heeded calls to quickly edorse Doug Hoffman. Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the pro-life Susan B. Anthony List, has issued a statement regarding Ms. Scozzafava's announcement. "Dede Scozzafava’s has worked extremely hard to achieve the goal of becoming the next Congressman from New York's 23rd District. It takes courage and strength to step back and make the best choice for her party, and for the voters of the 23rd District. Time for the GOP to step up.” “This must have been an incredibly difficult decision for Assemblywoman Scozzafava. She did not get into the race to lose. Dede Scozzafava’s courage and strength allowed her to make the choice to let the strongest candidate in her party move forward, and to serve the voters of the 23rd District. “On behalf of conservative voters, activists, and volunteers across the district, I call Read more

For the 16%

Fall Back tonight. Not in bed, change your clocks back an hour. According to Rasmussen 84% of you are on top of this Daylight savings time end. This post is for the 16%. Do any of you have fun stories about daylight savings time? How about when the government put all of those children outside in the dark for a year or two in the 70’s when they extended it for almost all year to fight the oil embargo. It did not save energy because people had to use their lights in the day and children had to wait buses in the dark. It is yet another example of misguided regulation.

Regional Politics Election weekend version–bombshell announcement contained

New Jersey People in New Jersey are excited about the I-95 world series, but according to Rasmussen polling, 67% are even more engaged with the off year election. 3 candidates have a significant following.Third choice, Chris Daggett, has a 37% approval and 20% of the people considered voting for him. The good news Chris Christie is that the opposition is now starting to focus on getting rid of Corzine. Daggett's numbers are now down to 8% and Christie has a small lead of 3 points which is right at the margin of error. It will come down to turnout. Christie has 7 point lead among those who are determined to vote and has even 28% of those who somewhat approve of President Obama while keeping a vast majority of the 45% who disapprove. Corzine is in trouble because 60% of the state does not think that he deserves reelection and even after 30 million of ads he still has a 54% disapproval. Virginia Read more

GPB Goes to War

Continuing the family's tradition of service, Lt. George P. Bush is being deployed to a war zone. The location is being withheld at this time, which is unsurprising with an intelligence officer. P is a reservist who is taking his turn. It is no secret that I am a fan of the Bush family. They are dignified people who bring the right attitude of service, yet they are regular folks. That is why I am bothered by the attacks on the family. The poll question on this article shows the insane bias against the Bush family in some sectors. It asked, Do you think the deployment is a stunt. Most people answered no. The media would never ask such a poll question about Captain Biden's deployment (which it should not) or even that McCain's children. Anyone who has any understanding of the system knows better. All of these people should be respected for their service. Some times we need to take Read more


(As I continue to abuse DA's hospitality, allowing me to guest post at will. Sorry, DA. There's just so much historic activity going on right now. I can't seem to stop.) What's going on with this health legislation right now is beyond baffling. The only question now is will the cure be worse than the diesase? Examples: Obama: Tort reform will be a part of this. Pelosi: Screw that. Trial lawyers are my friends. We're going to make it HARDER to pull off tort reform. Obama: Public option will be competitive and save money. Pelosi: Public option will cost MORE than private insurance, but we're going to make it really hard for businesses to offer private insurance, so they'll just dump their insurance plans anyway. Read more

Why Cohen is Wrong on Bonini

The editor of Delaware Grapevine loves to dump on Senator Colin Bonini's supposed frequent candidacy in off years. The truth is less entertaining than the soundbites. I really like Celia Cohen. She is smart, witty, loves politics, and is a civil war enthusiast? What more do we need to enjoy Delaware Grapevine. I do feel a need to take issue with The Election That Cried Wolf" post. Here are some of the lowlights. The election for treasurer could be a race between a candidate who did not plan to run, but is, and a candidate who always plans to run, but has not. There is is a significant amount of backing and filling here. Even for politics. Somewhere the Little Boy Who Cried Wolf is high-fiving. Velda Jones-Potter is the un-lame duck who was not supposed to run. She is the Democrat who was appointed treasurer by Gov. Jack Markell to replace himself for the last two years Read more

Due to a crazy schedule today

I had an early morning appointment in Delaware and have to do a job in Northern NJ today, then go to two events this evening. I will not have the regional politics post today. I hope to finish it by noon Saturday. It will be worth a special visit to read (M-F crowd) so be sure to check it out.

Republicans need to be bold

I believe the reason Republicans lost the House and Senate in 2006 is because they refused to take chances. They promised tax reform if they had a Republican in 2001. 2003, 2004, 2005 passed and they made the code more contorted and complicated. They promised a more open budget process. They gave us more closed door earmarks. Republicans were stuck with the war. They were going to lose seats. Up to 4 senate seats were close to being beyond salvage and at least a dozen house seats. The rest could have been salvaged by a reform agenda starting with the tax reform President Bush promised at the beginning of the year. His plan was underwhelming and would not have created growth, but it was a start. Tax policy is the province of the Congress. Bold tax reform would have galvinized the base and saved the seats (15 house seats were lost by fewer than 3000 votes and half of the senate Read more

Look How Fast Libs Become 10th Amendment Advocates

The Army Corps of Engineers is planning to defy the state of Delaware and start dredging the River. The list of liberals who have all of a sudden discovered the 10th amendment and state’s rights is long. So is my enjoyment at watching them scramble. For the record, I hope they win. Whatever the merits of the dredging, Delaware has a right to its permitting process. Federal law confirms it.

Is attacking CRA wise?

There is an attack on the Community Reinvestment act led by Republicans. It is blamed for everything from collapsing the financial system to the ACORN scandal. Leftwingers say there is no problem and Republicans are racists for having a problem with it. The left is so far out that even when they raise valid points, conservatives will not listen.  If ACORN backers favor it, it must be wrong.  It is background noise. It is up to conservatives like myself to raise these questions. If the CRA were the problem with the subprime mess, then why are some banks like Wells Fargo not burdened down by bad subprime loans while institutions not governed by it were. The changes in the act by the Clinton administration did indeed harm the system. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke noted that back in 2007. He said that the CRA does not mean the banks should not differentiate between good and bad Read more

Why is it we are not allowed to say it

The Ruling Regime is a socialist 5th column. I said it, but let me prove it in their own words and by their public memberships before I am summarily condemned. Manufacturing Czar Ron Bloom was a member of Democratic Socialists USA and even wrote an article for their magazine on the steel industry. In a speech he said in a cynical fashion, “We kind of agree with Mao that power comes largely from the barrel of a gun.” He called belief in the free market a joke. In the Spring 2007 edition of the Democratic Left (the DSUSA publication), David Green explained the goals, short, medium, and long term. Now they have the Manufactoring Czar, Secretary of Labor, Energy and Global climate change Policy Czar, Trade Representative, and under secretary of defense in the government. So we need to pay attention to what he wrote. Our goal as socialists is to abolish private ownership of Read more

VP Lose Lips Biden spills Frisker trade secrets

Just to show you how little these guys understand business.... Vice President Joe Biden, during a visit Tuesday to a Delaware automotive assembly plant, unwittingly revealed startup manufacturer Fisker Automotive's undisclosed plans to produce a full line of plug-in hybrid vehicles at the facility. Near the end of his speech, Biden asked the crowd of mostly UAW workers, who had worked at the Boxwood Road facility in Wilmington when it was owned by General Motors, to “imagine when this factory, when the floor we’re standing on right now is making 100,000 plug-in hybrid sedan, coupes and crossovers every single year." Fisker, which is in the process of purchasing the plant, previously said only that it was developing the sedan, to be priced at around $40,000 after state and federal tax credits are taken into account. In an interview with after the presentation, company Read more

We are trying on every front to

Finish this sentence by Rep. Barney Frank. We are trying on every front to….increase the role of government in regulation. He and his cohorts are not trying to maximize freedom, prosperity, or individualism. He is trying to increase the role of government regulators on every front. You moderates were suckered when you voted Democrat. You voted for change and you got big brother. Please don’t do it again. 🙂Here is the video. We can not afford much more change like this.

The Next Senator from MA?

Martha Coakley was asked about her non-existent foreign policy experience since that is "the number 1 of a U. S. Senator". The premise of the question is wrong, foreign policy is not the number 1 job of a senator. Her answer is interesting. Her sister lives overseas and that gives her foreign policy experience. There is some validity to her answer. She has traveled overseas to see her and been exposed to other cultures. What would be the response if Sarah Palin had said something like that? It does not matter. Martha Coakley is a Democrat. It doesn't matter if she did not know how long she was in office. She can not explain her position on Criminal Records Reform supported by the Governor. In an issue that should be front and center to her job she does not understand the issue. Listen to this entire clip. Can we call her lightweight Martha? Read more

Smear on Meg Whitman exposed

Ebay CEO Meg Whitman did not vote in primaries or in referendum elections most of her life, but the smear that she was not registered to vote in the 80's and 90's was a lie. The missing records were found. In my mind, the real scandal is either the fact that the Democrats running the show in those two counties are lax in keeping public records while being quick to make pronouncements or worse are manipulating public records to smear a strong opponent. This is a real scandal and needs to be investigated. Whitman should not have had to file FIOA in order to get her own public records. The ruling click in D. C., New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and now California are giving rise to a disturbing culture of abuse of power and corruption by one party. Meg Whitman's vote in the general approach is too normal. People need to pay more attention to government, but it is normal. I Read more

Candidate Recruitment favors GOP

Democrats lost another top tier candidate. Wisconsin Lt. Governor Barb Lawton withdrew from consideration leaving the Democrats without a top tier candidate. The Republicans have two, Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker and former Congressman Mark Neumann. In the battle for Candidate Recruitment most analysts seem to agree that the GOP is finding quality candidates or rather they are coming to them. Real Patriots all across this country are stepping up to the plate to change the direction of this land just like 2006 when real patriots on the left stepped up now we have the same on the right. The GOP is no longer a tired ruling party afraid of its shadow. It is fresh and ready to rumble. Let the games begin.

Hoffman has Big MO Leads polls

Here is the latest from Real Clear Politics. Minuteman/Neighborhood (R) 10/25 - 10/26 366 LV 34 29 14 Hoffman +5 CFG/Basswood Research (R) 10/24 - 10/25 300 LV 31 27 20 Hoffman +4 Memo to GOP Do not recruit a commie lib to run for anything. If the RCCC steps back, the conservative will win and we will save the seat. NY has a history of Conservative party candidates winning including Buckley winning the U. S. Senate seat so this is not a wasted vote senario besides when your candidate is third who is stealing votes from whom? Your candidate is worse than the Democrat running and is backed by the radical New York State Teacher's Union, ACORN, Daily KOS types, card check advocates, pro-abortion types, and anti-real marriage types. She is a someone I would never vote to support nor should any Republican worth the name. Now cut bait and stop wasting our money on this race or you will Read more

Corzine endorsed by Philly Inquirer

That is hardly news, but the reasoning is entertaining. The paper admits that he has lost the support of the majority of the people. They admit that he has fallen short. They call him timid about shaking up the corrupt Trenton establishment. They say his victories have been qualified and his successes halting, but he has moved forward. His opponents are not convincing to them. I could make their case a little easier. Corzine is an embarrassing, timid, half-measure pol who is not up to these challenging times. Almost 60 percent of you would vote for the man in the moon before him, but get over it. He is a Democrat. Those other two guys are Republicans. For those who believe insanity is repeating what consistently fails, vote for Christie. He has been a success the past 4 years. He won't be worse than Corzine. He may be leaps and bounds better. The Democrat/media establishment Read more