Not Everyone wants to be a slut

So said the beautiful and talented pop sensation Jordin Sparks in response to criticism of promised rings in particular the insane blasting of the Jonas Brothers by one MTV host who claimed that he wanted sex with all three of them. I am a definite supporter of Ms. Sparks and plan to show it by purchasing her CD Battlefield, which is in stores now. People like are standing up for the best of America. They represent a resurgent pop culture that is worthy of the term culture. All of the naysayers who say that liberalism is an inevitable force are wrong. They said the same about communism. I say welcome to the counter revolution. May GOD bless Jordin. Read more

It’s the Culture, Stupid

Darius Rucker's song Alright is a powerful reminder of what really matters. I believe that culture matters more than money. What makes a society is not the toys it has, but the values it passes on. The old fashion values of relationships, commitments, and faith in GOD are the central issues to any successful society. When anyone says forget the culture and focus on economic issues, they illustrate why we have the mess we do. A strong economy can only last if based upon a strong culture. A free market best functions in an environment of honor, respect for the individual, integrity, and respect for private property. These values are best developed through faith and family. A limited government can only exist where people self govern. If people do not govern themselves, they will be governed by tyrants. People develop these values best through faith and family. When people Read more

You Decide

What has everyone missed so far? What did you think of the Sunday Shows?  Dick Chenney was powerful in his defense of the CIA.  He made many of the points we did. How about Senator Bruce Ennis’ calling for an investigation of the Sussex Correctional Institute then pulling it back to allow an internal probe to proceed? Was it just insuring that he didn’t get in the way or is there more to the story? Here is an open thread. Comment away.

Dark Clouds

There are dark clouds on the horizon if you are concerned about freedom of expression. We all know about the now defunct We have also heard about desires by some to reinstate the so called fairness doctrine in order to force out some of the loyal opposition and put them in limited air times. These efforts have not gained a great deal of traction. There are others which stand a much better chance of passage because they look more innocuous. Senator Jay Rockefeller -(D)ictator WV is pushing legislation which would give the President broad emergency powers over key parts of the internet. While it would make sense to allow the government to keep it up during an emergency (what company would not voluntarily agree to that) this bill would allow the take over of it. All of the major companies have raised objections to it and so have civil libertarians. The bill stalled Read more

Newton and Delaware Libertarian Hit a Home Run

Steve Newton of Delaware Libertarian wrote a must read expose on the reason tort reform is missing in the Democratic health bills. Here's what progressive strategist George Lakoff has always maintained about tort reform and trial lawyers: Another multifaceted conservative strategic initiative is "tort reform," which has been made to sound like it is just about capping large damage awards and lawyers' fees. It is really a destruction of the civil justice system's capacity to deter corporations from acts that harm the public, since it is the lawyers' fees that permit the system to function. Moreover, if successful, it will also dry up one of the major sources of campaign finance for progressive candidates, which comes from trial lawyers. And, if you need me to finish connecting the dots, Lakoff has been involved--both personally and philosophically--in the Obama campaign from Read more

Get Schooled

We can spend all the money we want on education, but it ain't 🙂 no good if the kids don't care. An interesting approach is to begin a conversation about the value of education launched by 20 TV networks including the BET family of channels, the MTV family of Channels, the VH1 family of channels, the CMT family of channels, and the Nick family of Channels, along with Spike TV. The Get Schooled initiative is supported by many celebrities including President Obama. It is just 10 days away. I am a big fan of the value of edumaction. (just kidding) The truth is that the only sure way to have a middle class life style is with post secondary education which becomes very difficult to obtain if one does not finish one's secondary education. We spend something like 1/5 of amount paid out of the safety net services on college graduates that we spend on high school dropouts and collect twice Read more

10 Billion to subsidize UAW health benefits

One reason the public so distrusts the health care plan being considered by Congress is that so many troublesome details keep bubbling out of the massive legislation. The latest example is the $10 billion taxpayers will be asked to shell out to prop up the United Auto Workers' retiree health insurance program. The helping hand is a recognition by Congress that the union's volunteer employee benefit association, or VEBA, can't possibly stay solvent if it is asked to cover all of the union workers taking early buyouts from the Detroit automakers. So the union's supporters added language to the House's gargantuan health care bill that requires the federal government to pick up most of the cost of catastrophic claims for union retirees age 55 to 64. The biggest beneficiary would be the UAW, which got $60 billion from the Big Three in exchange for taking on the obligation for Read more

Democrats On Democrats–Brain Dead

Blue Dog Democrats are brain dead according to California Firebrand and House Ways and Means subcommittee chair man Pete Stark (D) CA. This is the latest salvo against moderate Democrats who are on the receiving end of the President’s allies attacking them in ads. The Democratic Party seems to be coming apart at the seams. I hope all of the moderate Republicans take note. If you disagree with the left wing running the Democrat party, you are subject to insult and attack. Now you are not even safe if you are a Democrat. There is no longer a place in the tent for moderate Democrats.

Regional Round UP– NY in Scandal

Our friends in New York can't compete with New Jersey in the political scandal department, but they keep trying. I will refrain from criticizing the Governor this week because I don't want to be an Uncle Tom. The governor expanded upon his charges this week. Everyone is criticizing him because he is black. I am glad that I never referred to him as an accidental governor. I never knew the term had racist connotations. Being a black man I don't want to pile on. I will wait until next week when it will be because of handicap. I will then only be heartless and cruel. Therefore I will report on a scandal involving the new majority leader who gave the chamber back to the Democrats in exchange for being their leader and hope that I am not anti-something else. Being able to get jobs for his friends as majority leader may not have been enough. Now Senator Pedro Espada is under investigation Read more

Glad ABC is NOT Partisan

ABC turned down a powerful health care ad featuring a Neurosurgeon because it was partisan. I was not one of those who had a problem with the day at the White House featuring the President and his plan. I do have a problem when the network won't even sell time to opponents. It is a free country and they have a right to sell to whom they wish. I have a right to question their commitment to open public discourse. If ABC wishes to back the President, let them do so. Don't pretend that you can turn over your network to one side of an issue and then claim that you don't want partisanship. That is insulting and outrageous. It is why I no longer watch ABC news or much else on the network. ABC should at least allow people to pay to express themselves because the network doesn't give a fair shake in its free coverage. We are not asking for fair coverage, just a voice. Is even that too Read more

Balance, Cut, and Save

Here is the newest and soon to be hottest petition on the Internet from Governor Mike Huckabee. The Constitution starts with "WE THE PEOPLE" and it's time you start remembering that. American families on a daily basis make hard choices in order to live within their means. Why can't Congress and our federal government do the same? I urge you to work towards balancing the budget. I urge you to cut our taxes so families can save more and to cut the wasteful spending that is mortgaging the future of generations of Americans and severely limiting their ability to prosper. Instead of your own re-election, put families in your district and state first. I am signing this simple: "BALANCE, CUT, SAVE" petition because I believe it is these three things that you should remember when making decisions about new spending, taxes and health care in the weeks ahead. If you Read more

Is it finally time for a real stimulus bill

After the fiasco in February, the term stimulus bill is a dirty word. Yet, the recent CBO projections sustained high unemployment and larger deficits makes me think that a proper stimulus bill would be an investment. The projected deficit is up by two million million (trillion) dollars before new programs are taken into account because of poor economic performance. The real unemployment rate is said to be 16%. Instead of speaking about raising energy taxes to pay for global warming concerns, income taxes to pay for health reform, income taxes on the wealthy to pay for whatever, payroll taxes on workers to pay for health reform, and business taxes to pay for an aggressive retread liberal agenda, why not first go for economic stimulus? I want real economic stimulus not the sham of Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and every Special interest lobbyist birthday rolled into one bill. We know Read more

Blowing the Whistle on FOCA

Recent birthday man, Governor Mike Huckabee is blowing the whistle on a stealth movement by the far left to make America's liberal abortion laws (among the least protective in the world) even worse. I can hardly think of any proposed legislation that is more evil. I believe that is the reason some members were trying to put in the healthcare bills by stealth before they were called out by 25 courageous Democrats. Here is a picture of this abomination. Written in consultation with the finest legal minds of our time, "The Facts About FOCA" will reveal how, despite pro-abortionists' attempts to soft-pedal its potential impact in order to ensure swift passage, the Freedom of Choice Act would: * Establish abortion as a "fundamental right," elevating it to the same status as the right to vote and the right to free speech -- going beyond any Supreme Court decision in enshrining unlimited Read more

The Democratic Health Reform Bill is Not the Ted Kennedy Memorial

Senator Ted Kennedy represented a lot of bad ideas during his life, we don't need to suffer because of his death. If Democrats want to honor a legend in American politics, build the man a museum, but don't ruin our health care system. I sympathize with the supporters and family of Senator Kennedy. They have lost a great leader for their cause. It is one that I do not share, but that does not stop me from relating at a human level. I am beginning to wonder if there is much humanity left in political discourse. Senator Kennedy was despised by many for obvious reasons and loved by many others for just as obvious reasons. The notion of trying to make an unpopular health care reform bill his legacy seems like bad politics. The act of floating it right after his death is unseemly and risks poisoning the well of good will which may exist. I will say to use the passing of the Senator Read more

Busy Sussex Weekend Outrageous Plug #2

Ok I am once again violating my own rule against plugging events. Maybe DA will slap me around again but this is a special weekend so here goes. Too Many events in too few days for the all of us. First is the one and only Vance Phillips Crab and Watermelon Feast!!! This begins at 3pm on Saturday August 29th. The event is held at Trap Pond State Park at Cypress Point. (All of my Laurel friends incessantly remind me that this is the northernmost outpost of the Bald Cypress Tree in America. All Non Sussex folks are hereby forewarned!) As a veteran of this event, I can tell you the Crabs are first rate. The Bridgeville folks will be pleased that Jimmy's is once again doing the catering. Cypress Point is a beautiful venue overlooking Trapp Pond. Vance Phillips has engaged some first rate entertainment in Gold Heart. They are a little bit of Blue Grass, Contemporary Christian, and Country Read more

Obama Retreading Failure in Middle East

Betrayal of the Holy Temple Mount has not worked before. When the Jews control the area, everyone has access to it regardless of religion. It is open to Christians, Muslims, and Jews. When the Muslims controlled it, it was not. Why would the Obama administration want to disenfranchise Jews and Christians from the Holy City? It failed for 20 years until the '67 War. Why retread it? When you look at the entire proposal, it looks like the same failed policies which created wars and instability in the Middle East. When Israel is able to control its borders, no major wars have occurred. The Mitchell, Clinton, Obama position seems to be that peace is best served by trusting terrorists. I believe that we can do better. There are many fine people in the Arab dominated areas of Israel who just want to live their lives in peace and with self determination with neither corrupt rulers Read more

Senator Edward Kennedy Passes Away @ 77

First our condolences to Sen. Kennedy's family and loved ones. Next, to all of my friends who share my views on the Senator. This is the time to simply pay respects. I have seen some comments on other sites that have been critical of the Senator. I have expressed critical views of Ted Kennedy prior to the Senator's passing. My view is that this is not the time for stating our personal opinions about one who has died. Regadless of our personal views, the fact is, that at this time, there are those who are family and friends who loved and cared about Sen. Kennedy. This is the time for those family and friends. You will hear in the next week tons of over the top praises of the late Senator. This is to be expected and it is meant for those family and friends who at this time are truly grieving. This is what happens whenever anyone passes away. In life all of us have an impact on a whole Read more

A Few Questions for Ben Bernanke

Chairman of the Federal Reserve Ben Bernanke has been nominated for a second term. He has a 99% chance of confirmation allowing for a heart attack or complete collapse of the economy. That does not mean he should not be asked to justify a few policies. The Federal Reserve is paying interest on excess reserves which discourages lending. Then it acts in extraordinary ways to try to pump money into the system such as by purchasing commercial credit. If it went back to not paying interest on excess reserves, the market would correct itself. Why are taxpayers borrowing money at interest to loan to the banks which then do not have to put that money into circulation because they can have a risk free investment where they get paid interest to keep excess reserves (beyond what is required to insure solvency) in the proverbial vault? It would be nice for him to justify all of the new regulatory Read more