What Happen to History Education–Newspaper Ad Staff Runs Assassination Call

Assassination ads do not usually get placed in the classified ad section of newspapers especially when they are against the President. It read, "May Obama follow in the steps of Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley and Kennedy!" I hardly think that I need to condemn such an ad because it should be a given that I see it as reprehensible, but just in case--I condemn such sentiments in the strongest terms, and I stand by the rule of law and respecting the dignity of the people and the leaders they elect. The fact that we have sickening people out there is a given in a land of 300 million. That is not worth discussing. What is worth discussing is that none of the ad staff even got the meaning of the ad. That is why it was published. What does that say about the state of education? How can we be great if we don't know what made us great? Why do our textbooks spend more time explaining Mayan Read more

I owe $546,668–can we taxpayers get a bailout Mr. President

News from Gretawire $546, 668 !! (yikes!) “….The latest increase raises federal obligations to a record $546,668 per household in 2008, according to the USA TODAY analysis. That’s quadruple what the average U.S. household owes for all mortgages, car loans, credit cards and other debt combined…” I lifted the above paragraph from USA Today (tipped off from Drudge Report.) Click here to read the article. Greta Van Susteren has it right.  "Yikes".  The worst part is that this will be another 100K this fiscal year and will double with this President unless he gets reelected then triple it.  I thought President Obama was going to be the anti-Bush, yet he is accelerating the problem.     I am thinking that maybe I need to apply for a bailout.  Bailouts for taxpayers--who's  in? Read more

Blog Or Propaganda?

Lt. Governor Matt Denn has caused a stir in Delaware's Blogosphere by starting a blog that he touts as, "the first official blog written by a member of Delaware’s state government." And as far as I can tell, it is. It's also, as I pointed out on Down With Absolutes, a blog that doesn't give the reader the option to comment. Well, of course my blatant heresy lead to a bunch of comments like this: Do you really think he is going to open the comment section for all the trash? And this: Oh, the exact reason why FSP and Maria want to comment, is the reason why there are no comments allowed. It’ll degrade to pure partisan off topic sniping at a moment’s notice. And this lovely post from the Delaware Way: Meanwhile, a pair of local GOPer henchbloggers, Dave Burris and Maria Evans (who, like Mr. Copeland, are members of long-time fat-cat Delaware families) end up chasing Read more

Why not just get rid of blogging all together?

"She sided against a student in the infamous “douche bag” case, and that has upset some free-speech advocates. In August 2007, Judge Sonia Sotomayor sat on a panel that ruled against an appeal in Doninger v. Niehoff. Avery Doninger was disqualified from running for school government at Lewis S. Mills High School in Burlington after she posted something on her blog, referring to the superintendent and other officials as "douche bags" because they canceled a battle of the bands she had helped to organize. Sotomayor joined two other judges from the 2nd Circuit in ruling that the student’s off-campus blog remarks created a “foreseeable risk of substantial disruption” at the student’s high school and that the teenager was not entitled to a preliminary injunction reversing a disciplinary action against her, Education Week reports." OMG... a student said the word "douche bag" Read more

Dover Citizens Rally Against Same Sex Marriage

The issue of Same Sex Marriage brought out a crowd even larger than the Comprehensive plan. People were not in agreement with the notion that our city should push for marriages of people who by definition can't be marriage partners. Some opponents seemed a little over the top. "This world is on its way to destruction if you allow this to pass," stated one young, 18 year old gentleman who just started what will hopefully be a journey of activism. Ok. Fortunately, I doubt that I will get to see if he is right because the outpouring from the community killed this issue. Even if the Human Relations Commission manages to pass the resolution, it would be dead on arrival to city council. In my opinion, the stars of the evening were not mentioned in the news story. Nicole Theis of the Delaware Family Policy Council was incredible. Her talk produced the greatest applause of the night and reminded Read more

The Torture Myth

Republicans support torture. You think some things are so out in left field that you don't even need to respond to them. Unfortunately, if you tell a lie big enough and often enough some people will believe it. President Bush stopped campaigning in 2005 and allowed 2 years of smears, lies, and character assignations to go almost unchallenged. We saw the results. It is time that we address the torture myth. We do not believe that torture is currently, was in the past, or should every be in the future, a tool of statecraft for the United States of America. If it were a perfect tool, then there would be more pressure to consider it. We know that it is not. Having competent and well funded intelligence renders even the consideration unnecessary. The one of the many great things about this country is that we respect the dignity of the human being apart from the particular action of Read more

Green Jobs won’t make up for other bad policies

No matter what Jack tells you, the green job movement in Spain is a lot of hot air according to a major study. Spain's touted program cost 9 jobs for every 4 it created. I will await Tommy's response to the study. Yes, we need to encourage green energy. No, we can't shut down traditional energy and have it all work out. Contrary to Delaware's favorite wonkblogger's statement that "free market fundamentalists" like myself (proudly so),have "the mistaken belief that environmental benefits invariably come at an economic cost runs deep". Maybe we believe that everything green doesn't magically exempt itself from market principles because experience shows that some environmental policies do hurt the economy without much benefit to offset the harm. We do not oppose all environmental policies and certainly not benefits, but you cannot make policy willy nilly and think that it has no Read more

Cheney pulls biggest upset since American Idol

The winner of  last week's national security debate (Cheney v. Obama) is Dick Cheney, by a margin of  49% to 38%. From Rasmussen Reports, May 26, 2009 Presidential Tracking Poll.Following the President’s speech on the Guantanamo prison camp, just 38% agree with the President’s decision. Forty-nine percent (49%) now disagree. Opinion was evenly divided in January. By a two-to-one margin, voters oppose having any of the suspected terrorists brought to prisons in the United States. Only 25% share the President’s belief that the Guantanamo camp weakened the nation’s security. The President's Job approval index is down to plus 1% (31% strongly approve and 30% strongly disapprove),  his lowest level ever.  His numbers including of somewhat approve are 55%  with 44% disapproval.   I can see why the President wanted to change the conversation with the high court nominee.  Adding Read more

CA Supreme Court gets it right

In a better late than never move, the California Supreme Court recognized that it did not have the right to over rule the very Constitution that gives it the right to exist. It also recognized the 18,000 marriages created by its original misruling. Since those people married under the belief that it was legal and before the amendment took place, the ruling seems to be following established Constitutional law. It would do great violence to the constitution to institute ex post facto law.

North Korea – Another Slap On The Wrist?

On Memorial Day we remember those that served our country. On Memorial Day 2009, we are reminded that the world isn't all that safe, as North Korea test fires a nuclear weapon underground. Tuesday morning we awaken to news that North Korea has test fired more missiles. So, what will the US response be? In this story, it states that the US, along with Japan, will push for "strong action" against North Korea. What constitutes "strong action" in the eyes of this administration? Does that mean that Kim Jong Il gets a slap on the wrist (sanctions) AND a personal phone call from Barack Obama himself? "Now Kim, you've been bad. You've not been playing nice with all those big guns you've got over there. Why don't you put those things away, and the UN won't bother you anymore. You don't want to get another phone call from me, do you?" One has to wonder how much Scranton Joe knew when he spoke last Read more

He said What–Abolish the pledge

You would not expect a dismissal of  God and the Flag right before Memorial Day, but.... Speaking of abolishing the pledge of allegiance to the flag, Tyler Nixon wrote. My goal is to see it (and a change to it) bring attention and homage to our constitution, our constitutional republic, and the freedoms they represent...rather than "God" and "flag". Mr. Nixon is a good man and not being unpatriotic.  He is pointing out that we need to honor our constitution in a real way and not just our flag symbolicly.  That makes sense. I disagree with him that the pledge is meaningless and because the flag is just a symbol that it has no significance.   Symbols have significance because they help us relate to the abstract.   They provide a handle to pass our values, hopes, and dreams to one another.  That is what the flag is about.  That is why when my family and I take a flag to my father's Read more

FoxNews Surges Past Disney. 2nd Most popular Cable Network

With rating that rival or even surpass some broadcast networks, Foxnews is a big gainer in ratings. It is behind only USA Network in ratings. Information can compete with entertainment. More people watch Beck at 5:00pm eastern than MSNBC or CNN (even combined) at primetime. Headline News was up 54% but continued to lose ground to FoxNews though which gained more viewers. Fox was also the number 1 TV network. It wasn’t a bad year for Newscorp.

Cheney V. Obama — Finally America has a debate that matters

Former Vice President Cheney is having a renaissance as I pointed out a week before CNN discovered it.  The American people care very deeply about keeping America safe.  With polls showing President Obama's disapproval over 40%, a Congress in rebellion, and almost 2 out of 5 Americans saying that he is making us less safe, the President rescheduled a speech to counter Dick Cheney's defense of Bush era policies.  The American people were treated to a real discussion of issues that matter.  It may have taken both of them, but in a way they both were able to fulfill campaign promises about changing the tone. President Obama ignores the fact that we (including the Bush Administration while it was battling to get its nominees past obstructionist Democrats in 2001) tried it his way.   His way got us 9/11.  Bush/Cheney's way saved countless lives worldwide.  President Obama rightly says Read more

How much of the Green Movement is about Green$$

In today's Evil Murdoch inspired Wall Street Journal, Mr. Lomborg exposed the The Climate-Industrial Complex. Many of us have noted for years that the green movement seems to be governed by those out either for power or money. They have paid off scientists, left wing ideologues, global power brokers, an educational establishment wanting a new social organizing force, and corporate manipulators joined to empower and enrich one another under the cover of environmentalism. This article puts a lot of the documentation in one place. Since you can read the link, I won't quote it. I will add something that he missed. NBC has been overriding its own experts, including purging the Weather Channel of its founder who is a skeptic of the man made climate change movement. It put down a mandate that all networks must present a green message. Could it be because the parent company GE would benefit Read more

UPDATE 2 (due to Jud’s email): He’s (or She’s or It’s) Baaaaaaaaaaaack!

UPDATE 2: See comment #9, Jud clarified here and his email network. Thanks Jud! UPDATE: The Smitter (as Randy Nelson tagged me) is possibly being set up over this. Some of you are recipients of Jud Bennett's Coastal Network e-mail-blast distribution. Yesterday, I received one that said the cowardly and pathetic attacks by the sock-puppet postcard writer was my penmanship. If any of you recall how this all went down in 2007, you will easily remember where I was in this battle. Things to note about Jud's email: -1) The subject header has “FW” in it, indicating someone sent it to Jud, rather than Jud doing a copy/paste himself. -2) Parts of my post are missing, including the entire closing paragraph (which was replaced by “RSMITTY” making it appear as a signature), making it slightly altered. -3) Regardless, if anyone reads just the first paragraph of this post, you should Read more

Say it slowly–Bush was right on the detainees

Update: A new report shows that a number of detainees who were released when back fighting including one serving as the head of Al Qaeda in Yemen. Remember these were the guys we couldn't find anything on, then put in air conditioned rooms with prayer mats and three square ethnically sensitive meals. There is a reason that combatants are not released during a war. Not only has the Obama administration adopted the Bush reasoning that the detainees at GITMO can be held indefinately and without trial under the law of war, but so has the judge who first allowed the detainees to question their captivity in court. Upon further review, the play stands as called with one sensible modification. Earlier this year, Bates ordered the Obama administration to give its definition of whom the United States can continue to hold at Guantanamo. The administration responded with a definition that was largely Read more

I thought voters wanted higher taxes and big government

California voters did not get the memo which said higher taxes are great. They are suppose to want more taxes and every increasing government. The tea parties are not an aberration. The demagogues who promise that government can solve every problem for free are partially to blame for the mess that is California's 42 billion dollar shortfall. The irreconcilable unions that demand unsustainable benefits instead of looking at other options which will serve there needs are partially to blame. California voters are to blame as well. The voters had a chance to enact reforms supported by the governor and opposed by the special interests. Governor Schwarzenegger warned voters that this was in their future if they did not support his reforms. Instead voters approved more spending in the next election. Now some blame him for bowing to their demands. We as voters have to understand that it Read more

DFMS should be a four letter word–put another 100M in the cup

The Delaware Financial Management System is Bernie Madoff of financial accounting. It may very well be siphoning 10% of our tax money through its inefficiencies. It's inability to pay vendors in a timely, but quick system is costing us more in fees. It's incomprehensibility is costing us unnecessary paperwork. Learning the system is like learning a foreign language. It's bulky nature is forcing workers to do expensive work arounds. It's inefficient structure is so burdensome that the cost of writing a check is estimated to be $50 by comparison it is $6 or less in the private sector. The dealings with vendors alone has been documented to cost $200,000,000.00 by the Wilmington News Journal. A financial management system is designed to save money not cost more money. The best budget reform legislation that anyone could introduce would be a joint resolution to establish a commission to Read more

The End of Prosperity?

This could be the beginning of the end of American Prosperity. The new CAFE standards are the first step to establishing a new anti-carbon regime. It slams the already ailing auto industry. It is accelerating the 100 billion dollar mandate that almost sank the industry in the Democrat led energy bill of 2007. The government agreed to lend the industry 25 billion and demanded a pound of flesh for it. Then the government acted as if it was the industry savior and the evil auto execs were the villains. This is just the beginning. The evil coal companies, the evil oil companies, the evil power plants, and whatever else had better watch out. The new regime being proposed would hike energy prices artificially and permanently. It would redistribute wealth to the corporations favored by the government not those who earned their place in the market. This type of central planning has always Read more

You have to respect people who love their country

A Filipino Senator was quite upset over Alec Baldwin's joke about getting a mail order bride from the Philippines. I of course do not support whipping up on Mr. Baldwin even if he is a liberal. What I admire is a leader who doesn't disrespect his country and to the contrary is willing to vigorously stand for its honor. Maybe the Democrat regime in Washington could stop apologizing for a minute and learn.  You see in other nations, it is not cool to dump on your own country and (gasp) you may even defend it against those who do. Philippine Sen. Ramon Revilla said Monday that Baldwin's comment was "insensitive and uncalled for" and an insult to millions of Filipinos. He called the actor is "arrogant" and said he is apparently unaware that the Philippines has a law against mail-order brides. "Let him try to come here in the Philippines and he'll see mayhem," Revilla said, using a local Read more

RKarnacSmitty, The Magnificent

“Things will get better – despite our best efforts to improve them.” - Will Rogers Looking at my old blog, I came across two posts from then where I pretty much summed up the state of the GOP, and darn it, I may be able to take over Karnac's job (video link, and yes, I'd probably trip, too) at any time I want: From January 1, 2007 (the year that brought us the pink and other shades of postcards): OK, points four and five. This is setting up to be probably one of the most tumultuous years (at least in my lifetime) for the state’s GOP. There are a few ideological sides gathering masses right now. It will make for an interesting convention, that is for sure. If, and this is a big IF, the people that make up the leadership of all of the committees can harness this energy correctly, then we should be able to come out of this wonderfully. The arguing, bickering, and playground Read more

Why Mike Castle Would Be An Improvement In the Senate

I hope my conservative friends don't think that I lost it. May I brooch the unspeakable topic?  Should Mike Castle be primaried if he runs for Senate?  Is he conservative enough?  There is a real and understandable concern among conservatives that Congressman Castle may not be the senator we want, but is 4 years of Castle worse than 30 years of a liberal? Quite frankly, he wouldn't be my pick to run.  He is wrong on the life issue.  He gets only a 53% rating on the conservative voting indexes and 46% liberal rating according to the National Journal, lifetime.   He voted on both sides of the war in 2007.   He fought his own party's President on taking tax money to destroy helpless embryos so they could be destroyed as non-consenting medical experiments.  I don't trust him on gun control (lifetime F rating).   He was wrong on energy policy.  He was wrong on bankruptcy reform.  Read more

My Take On Today

Uneventful (uncontested seats - wasn't bad, just routine). I got duped...or something changed. I will take some of both This is in reference to the two independent sources that told me that Mike Protack was going to be nominated from the floor for vice-chair.  One of those two is a committed-supporter of Mr Protack and for unknown reasons, thought I had remained so, until recently.  Apparently, the "dried gum on the bottom of my shoe"*** comment from Mike to me caused the clue to make it into the thinking-area of this person's brain.  The other source shrugged shoulders and said, "Oops."  Nice.  Kind of serves me right, though.  I should have verified, but I can't imagine Mike talking to a dried piece of gum on the bottom of his shoe.  If he did, he wouldn't be flying anymore, I'll tell you that.  BTW, why does he keep dried gum on the bottom of his shoe?  Anyway, the sexy Read more