Blago previously offered seat to Rep Danny Davis

The NY Times reports that Blago was turned down last week. "CHICAGO — A day after Gov. Rod R. Blagojevich of Illinois appointed Roland W. Burris to fill President-elect Barack Obama’s former Senate seat, new details emerged about how the governor worked behind closed doors to make the appointment, and the United States attorney prosecuting Mr. Blagojevich on corruption charges sought a 90-day extension to bring an indictment against him."  Full Story link Also note in this story regarding the Governor's selection yesterday - "The announcement renewed calls among Republican state lawmakers for a special election to fill Mr. Obama’s seat. State lawmakers had considered that option, but Democrats, who control the House and the Senate, had dropped the idea. An election, which Democrats complained was too expensive, would mean Republicans would have an opportunity to win the seat." Too Read more

Say No to Sen Harry Reid

I believe we can all agree that Blago is probably a bad apple, but can we also agree that we believe in due process?  Why should we allow Patrick Fitzgerald to  bypass a jury and get a conviction in the press?  The bottom line is the Governor made a legal appointment, it would be a severe setback to our political system to have the senate leader hijack the powers bestowed on most Governors.  His meddling is equivalent to making the selection by injecting himself in the process.  Why doesn't he want a special election which the Gov said he would support and sign?  (Answer:  He doesn't want to take a chance the citizens of Illinois will elect a Republican).  I hope the other 98 US Senators stand up for a legal appointment and seat Senator-designate Roland Burris.  If the Illinois legislature wants to impeach the Governor then do it, but acknowledge that impeachment is a political Read more

Finally, Israeli Defense Mounted , but is it misdirected

Will PM Ehud Olmert blow another opportunity to defend his nation by a half hearted effort?  Only time will tell. Talk of a cease fire does not make me optimistic.  If Israel wanted a cease fire, then it should have done nothing.  Hamas said they wanted war.  Let them have it.  It is the only way to get to peace.  Hamas must be shown to be the costly path.    A Cease fire with Hamas means Israel doesn't  fire when they do.  Israel must seriously degrade Hamas or else it will embolden it.  This emboldening will cause more loss of life on both sides. The real issue with this Olmert strategy is that it makes an attack on Iran unlikely.  I believe that was Iran's plan. Iran is pushing its terrorist organizations to keep Israel off balance while it prepares the final solution to the Jewish state. In the meantime Olmert and his party want to give Jerusalem away and allow a Read more

Thank God it’s Christmas week.

The race for RNC chairman has taken an interesting turn.  After the recruitment of former Ohio Sec. of State Ken Blackwell to dilute support for Lt. Gov. Steele, a couple of the other leading candidates ran into problems.  One belongs to a whites only country club, and now another is under fire for sending out Paul Shanklin Parody CD.  The offending song is Obama the Magic Negro which is one song of 41 in the set.  It is a parody of a LA Times OP ED of the same title.  It refers to whites who supported then Senator Obama as a balm to heal centuries of racism.   The problem is the song is viewed as racists by its critics and now Chip Saltsman is being blasted.  It makes you wonder if Chip will be such a great strategist when he couldn't see that one coming. Please RNC, vote for Lt. Gov. Michael Steele for our next chairman.  He is the only one of the group to successfully run a state Read more

Scandal Prone Administration deals with Richardson Pay to Play investigation

In case you are tuned into the Obama Holiday newsleak machine, Governor Richardson is guilty of a pay to play scandal.  How do I know?  He is under investigation by a grand jury.  We know that everyone under investigation is automatically guilty because the liberals told us so for 8 years. He should immediately resign and check into the nearest jail. Seriously, this investigation could hamper confirmation of the New Mexico Governor's bid for Commerce Secretary. The Governor is innocent unless proven guilty. He has a long track record of unblemished service so he should be given the benefit of the doubt. The question is should he be given a new position before we know how well he handled the old one? I am not serious about the headline scandal prone administration yet either.  I just thought I would try out the same standards used by the left for a brief moment to make a point.  The Read more

Nominations for most creative use of state tax money in 2008

My Nomination for best use of Delawarean's taxpayer money in 2008 is in.  I don't attack taxpayer funded business trips, here. They are usually useful and legitimate expenses, but once in a while some people try to game the system. According to the Dec. 17 2008 Delaware State News, Governor Minner went to the Virgin Islands for a review of a Governor's conference held in Philadelphia just 25 to 30 miles to our north. The problem is that she didn't even attend the event in Philly.  The oversight was so devistating to good order and her ability to run the state that she did not trust the internet to update her.  She had to go to the Virgin Islands for the make up session.  What a relief!  What would we do without such a self sacrificing public servant. Let's get this straight. She is a month out and decides that a summary of an event not important enough to attend is worth more to Read more

State leaders need to step up!

Why isn't every major road in and out of Delaware advertising our sales tax free status?  Why do I know that "Virginia is for Lovers" and "Don't Mess with Texas" yet my friends and business associates from out of state don't know Delaware doesn't have a Sales Tax!!! "It's good to be first," but it's better to be "The First state - and still NO sales tax" or "Why pay a sales tax? Buy in Delaware!" or "Delaware - the home of NO sales tax!!!" or "You control your money, we help you. Delaware - never a sales tax" etc. There's not one state slogan that has the word tax in it, it's only found in DC's "Taxation without Representation."  List of U.S. state slogans Newsflash:  Disposable income is gone, let everybody else do the BS ads about what a great state they are to visit.  We want the everyday New Yorker or Philadelphian, the workers in Jersey or the friends and relatives from Maryland.  Read more

Coal (not Coleman) in our stockings

After the beating we took in November, it would take a lot to shake me up over another loss.  Electing one of the biggest morons (Al Franken video) in the United States to the US Senate certainly does the job though. ” In a unanimous decision handed down just now, the state Supremes denied Coleman any relief in a lawsuit he was waging to deal with allegations of double-counted absentee ballots, which his campaign says have given an illegitimate edge to Al Franken.”

Time for a change

Delaware should move on this and lead the way for the majority of states that continue to follow this outdated practice. Let voters pick senators (USA Today) "There's an easy way to avoid the sorts of shenanigans and controversies arising in Illinois and New York: Let the people decide (emphasis is mine). The 17th Amendment gave voters the right to elect senators directly (before 1913, they had been appointed by legislatures) and provided that governors could fill empty Senate seats. Thirty-four states put no restrictions on their governors; five more require the governor to appoint someone from the outgoing senator's party. Only a handful of states have chosen to do this the right way, by holding a special election. Some governors are unable to resist the call of Capitol Hill: At least five appointed themselves to Senate seats; all later lost re-election. And, in 1972, Louisiana Gov. Edwin Read more

Have your kids track Santa

“Santa Claus may be able to fly around the world in a sleigh, but even he can’t cross North American airspace without NORAD knowing about it.” “Track Santa’s progress by calling 1-877-HINORAD, sending an email to or by logging on to NORAD says its intelligence indicates Santa will be departing the North Pole at 6 p.m. EST.” Click here to Track Santa online

Is this normal? Where’s the outrage?

"A Saudi court has rejected a plea to divorce an eight-year-old girl married off by her father to a man who is 58, saying the case should wait until the girl reaches puberty." more "Lawyer Abdullar Jtili said:"The judge has dismissed the plea, filed by the mother, because she does not have the right to file such a case, and ordered that the plea should be filed by the girl herself when she reaches puberty." - Full Story Keep giving these dirtbags who abuse children a free pass, because they're not getting one from me.  Those that practice this crap, should be imprisoned. Grooms take part in a mass wedding ceremony in Riyadh in June. Read more

Attention Vote Today

Tom Kovach the Republican candidate in the 6th district needs your vote in the special election today, Dec. 20, 2008.  A vote for Kovach is a vote for the two party influence.  The state Constitution requires a supermajority to raise taxes.  Without Kovach, we will be at the total mercy of the Democrats who will have very little when it is a choice between their pet projects and your wallet.  No excues, just take 15 minutes out of your day and vote.  Turnout appears low.  Your vote is vital.

Christmas Matters Pt. 1

UPDATE: A breaking poll says 66% of Americans regard Christmas as one of the most important holidays. I wish a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of our readers. No ,this will not be a post bashing people who celebrate some other holiday or wish people Happy Holidays though according to Rasmussen Happy Holidays is falling in to displeasure. 23% of people find the term offensive and only 19% use it. Personally, I am a name that holiday type of guy. Our church just helped sponsor a tribute to Hanukah for a senior facility and also a Christmas celebration. I was involved with both. I fully support tolerance and even embracing our varied traditions. I think that should include my own and that of 85% of Americans. To me, tolerance is a two way street. I think some in this country are forgetting that concept. I do wonder though if when it comes to celebrating the birth of arguably the greatest Read more

It’s “Kennedy” when convenient (and likely to vote “present”)

National Dems look the other way, insist name recognition is only real requirement to be a U.S. Senator.  So please ignore any references to the following: Time 1999 - article on Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg You can always by her book "Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg's 1991 book, In Our Defense: The Bill of Rights in Action - Amazon I'm being silly, obviously she should be selected not because of her name, but rather her prolific voting record...failed to cast her vote many times since 1988 "Records show Kennedy did not pull the lever for any of her fellow Democrats in city primary races for mayor in 1989, 1993 and 1997 and 2005, which Republicans went on to win three out of four times in the general election. She was also AWOL for the primary and general elections in 1994, when Sen. Daniel Moynihan was running for reelection to the seat Kennedy hopes to hold. Read more

The truth begins to trickle out

“(CNN) — Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. has served as an informant to the U.S. attorney’s office in Illinois, two sources close to Jackson tell CNN. Jackson as served as an informant for more than a decade and has relayed information relating to embattled Gov. Rod Blagojevich since 2006, the sources said.” –Full Story I believe Jr said ‘I am NOT a target of the investigation” – now we know why.

Healthcare Reform Has to Be a Priority, But Does It Need to Be Government Care?

Many of us recognize the need for healthcare reform.  The system we have is mistake prone, lacks a priority on prevention, and is loaded with paperwork.  Worse yet it is expensive to maintain.  The upside to the system is that it leads the world in new treatments and medicines.  It gives us choices that most of the world, including the industrialized world, envies.  People come from all over the world to get treatments here.  The problem seems less to do with our health care than how we manage our health care financing. Unfortunately, Tom Daschle and Teddy Kennedy are chumping at the bit to implement government run healthcare.  According to Rasmussen Reports, most Americans have severe misgivings about the plans.  51% of Americans oppose government run healthcare out right and another 19% aren't sure.  Only 30% favor such a system.  Americans may have wanted change, but they haven't Read more

Economic Development Opportunity

I hope Gov-elect Markell and the legislature will react to this and put in motion an equal to or better legislative package to ensure Delaware is a leader in the virtual companies arena. "Some of today's hottest companies are virtual: They operate exclusively online, with employees and customers scattered all over the world. Yet to do business, these companies typically are still required by law to maintain a terrestrial office, to hold real-life board meetings, and to keep a paper trail made from dead trees. That may soon change. The state of Vermont is set to become the first in the nation to offer a legal framework for virtual companies. In May, the state's legislature voted to pass a law, which is expected to be signed this summer by Governor Jim Douglas, that would allow any private company to register in Vermont without opening a physical office, holding an in-person meeting, or filing Read more

Rochford out as Chief of Staff

Delaware Talk Radio is reporting that Dennis Rochford will not take over as Governor Markell’s chief of staff. We hope that this does not signal a backsliding of recent efforts for cost control in state government. This disturbing development will be updated as more information becomes public.

Ebay Auction (Senate Seat)

This is too Funny (NSFW - lots of profanity in the description, but hilarious); double click on the images to maximize, click once to open it and click on it again to maximize so you can read it.  Also read it like with a Chicago accent like Da Bears. The original poster was IOWAHAWK Read more

What do you think?

"SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) - In an unprecedented move, the Illinois attorney general filed a motion with the state's highest court Friday asking justices to strip scandal-plagued Gov. Rod Blagojevich of his powers." "It is the first time in Illinois history that such an action was taken. The attorney general is applying a rule that was intended to cover cases where a governor is incapacitated for health reasons. Her motion indicates that his inability to serve because of the scandal is akin to a debilitating health issue."  - Full Story This bothers me.  I think they should concentrate instead on changing the law to read if you are an elected official and "charged" with "X" you will be removed from office pending an outcome of the trial. I have a problem with people being convicted prior to a trial and a verdict.  It's a trend I'm not a fan of regardless of party affiliation.  They seem Read more