The Problem with Washington Democrats

I have a great deal of respect for many Democrats.  Just like me, they are caring, hard working people who want this to be a better nation.  This post is not intended to bash them nor is it even intended to bash the Democrat party.  It is intended to bring questions of public policy to the forefront.  I have written about problems with the Republican Party so now it is time for my view of the Washington wing of the Democrat Party. The Democrat party has a great heritage of being a party of many diverse views and people.  The problem is that it seems to have lost its way.  It is not the first time.  The Democrat Party was the party of the Trail of Tears and ethnic cleansing of the Indians. It was the party of Black Slavery and segregation. It recovered from those ills.  It may yet recover from these as well. 1. Democrats think the secret ballot is great for their caucus but bad Read more

From the frying pan into the fire?

The obvious bad choice in the otherwise star Obama Cabinet is Mr. Eric Holder --gun snatching, terrorist coddling, Castro lackey-- for Attorney General.  His role in pardoning terrorists (who weren't even asking for pardons) is well documented.  This pick makes me rethink that the Ayers issue was extraneous. The one open for question may be the new Treasury Secretary designate.  Timothy Geithner is one of the people who orchestrated the bailouts of Bear Stearns and AIG.  While at the IMF in the '90's he helped design and implement the Mexico and Asian bailouts.  He is someone willing to be very interventionist.   According to the Wall Street Journal on line(Nov. 23, 2008),he is an advocate of broad powers and has often forced his will on firms. Last month, when the Treasury and Fed decided to inject capital directly into the banking system -- starting with the largest financial Read more

The Next Economic Crisis?

It is widely assumed that the consumer credit card industry will be the next economic shoe to fall.  In an attempt to avert another bailout, I was wondering what could be done by the affected companies, consumers, or both, to avoid, or at least significantly soften, this oncoming blow.  This is what I think could temporarily help the consumer and the industry enough in the short term until a more viable environement evolves. Allow consumers to enter into a short period of interest-only payments, with conditions, as follows: Consumer can agree to three-, six-, 12-month programs Terms of account are frozen in place for this period (company can not change rates, except in cases of normal terms of spread + prime (or LIBOR). Credit line remains in place (but suspended for use) for this period Is NOT reportable as negative to credit bureaus Failure to pay on time by consumer unfreezes Read more

Gov. Markell wants your input

Here is our chance to do more than complain.  Let's see how serious he is. Carla and I wish you and your family a very happy Thanksgiving next week. Even though we are facing significant challenges as a state and a nation, we have a lot to be thankful for. Here is the exciting part, he introduces   My transition team is also hard at work. I recently announced a talented team of Delawareans to a group of lead committees that are focused on specific issues. Their ideas about the innovative ways we can meet the challenges facing our state will be critical in helping me and my administration get to work from Day 1. We are facing sobering economic times, but this is a situation that also presents a great opportunity for us to be creative and make good decisions for Delaware's future. I am especially interested in ways to make state government more effective Read more

Listen to the Magic Man–President Obama

Business man and Obama supporter Irving Magic  Johnson is a winner.  He knows what it takes to succeed in business.  He is advising the incoming administration not to raise taxes in this economy. Some of the nuggets in the video: “Get the economy going then I don’t mind if you raise taxes”. On the bailouts, “get a plan first don’t throw money at it (GM)”. “The 700 billion dollar bailout bothers me because it is business as usual”. “Healthcare and the other initiatives should come after putting people to work”. How about the Magic man for Treasury Secretary; I hear there is an opening.

How is the Obama Regime Shaping up?

Why is there no Secretary of Treasury? President-elect Obama came out of the blocks announcing that he would focus on the economy, but he seems to appointing everything but an economic team or a national defense team. Let's look at what he has done so far. Clinton-I mean- Obama White House staff picks are competent and smart people. They are experienced hands. They are a little partisan, but the tone will be set by the guy in charge. Grade B+ Department of Health and Human Services--Tom Daschle, former Senate Majority Leader: He has legislative experience like no DHHS head that I have ever seen. He will be able to help get health care reform. He certainly will be better than Clinton's pick. He has little administrative experience except as State Treasurer decades ago. DHHS is an administration larger than most governments of the world. It will depend on his undersecretaries how effective Read more

Happy Day to be grateful to someone of your choice

Let me be the first to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving Day. In the Spirit of our new inclusive regimes, I want to insure that I don’t offend any one. Traditionally, it was a time to thank God for the blessings he bestowed upon us the past year. Now it is PC to call it Turkey Day. Soon we will not want to offend vegetarians. So I am trying to be on the cutting edge. We have less than a week folks. Help me find a new inclusive name for Thanksgiving Day.

Here we go again!

Update:  In the immortal words of Rodney King,"can't we all get along".  I love moderates--the ones who annoy me are those who bash those of who are conservatives. According to Rasmussen only 9% of voters think the Republican Party was too conservative in the last election. Judging by the election post mortems half of those must be moderate Republicans. There is no evidence that making the party more liberal would do anything but make it less competitive. The so called Republican moderates are not faring well. The last two elections have not been too kind to them. Their solution is to blame the conservatives. That is like having your club or church attendence drop and instead of finding ways to reach out, you spend the entire meeting complaining about attendence to the people who show up. That never works. You drive away the people who show up. Imagine now the leader saying, "How come Read more

An alternative POV-Pat Buchanan on the Auto Bailout

There are many points of view within the Republican Party regarding the Auto Industry bailout. Here is another one from a man who served two Presidents. (Pat condemned Paulson's 700B bait and switch.) So Republicans are right to be enraged. They are victims of the biggest bait-and-switch in political history. But they are now about to do something terminally stupid. With GM, Ford and Chrysler teetering on the brink, they are turning a cold stone face to Detroit and are about to follow the counsel of that quintessential Bushite Dick Darman, who said of our computer chip industry, "If our guys can't hack it, let 'em go." America responded -- by letting George H.W. Bush and Darman go. Are Republicans aware of what they are about to do? When workers, execs, engineers, dealers, salesmen and suppliers are all factored in, the Big Three employ 3 million people who contribute $21 billion a year Read more

Romney’s plan for the Automakers

UPDATE: Romney to appear on Your World with Neil on FoxNews 4p. and late night replay 11/19. In an OP-Ed in today's New York Times, Businessman and the man who should be Secretary of Treasury (some would argue President-elect), Mitt Romney gave his view on reviving the auto industry. Gov. Romney's father turned around American Motors in the 50's which gives him a unique perspective. He proposes a managed bankruptcy. The government should give guarantees only after the structure is fixed. Here is a quote to wet your appetite. Click the link for the full article. Without that bailout, Detroit will need to drastically restructure itself. With it, the automakers will stay the course — the suicidal course of declining market shares, insurmountable labor and retiree burdens, technology atrophy, product inferiority and never-ending job losses. Detroit needs a turnaround, not a check. I Read more

Hope for Delaware

My friends at Delaware Liberal are reporting the fact that Dennis Rochford will be the Chief of staff for Governor Lee-- I mean Markell.  Seriously, this is a great choice that I would have expected from a Lee administration.  Denny Rochford is a first class individual.  He is smart, capable, and will be a voice for fiscal restraint and reason.    Rochford is taking a risk politically, but I think that we should give him a pass.  It takes courage to answer the call to service when it is against your personal interests.  Denny Rochford is the best news of the day for those of us who want an administration which exhibits common sense and fiscal restraint.  Today we are all Markell supporters--I am sure that will change soon enough--we are all invested in the success of this state.  I am glad the governor elect has given a nod to us as well. May God bless our new Governor-elect Read more

Just to Balance the Bush Hatred–Ten Great things about the Bush Presidency

I have given some critiques of the current President's policies.  Some were favorable and some were critical.  I admit that I am puzzled by some recent actions, the Katrina aftermath, high spending, lack of fundamental tax reform, federal education mandates, the expansive Patriot Act, and couldn't believe that he stuck with Rummy's stubborn refusal to adopt a new war strategy as long as he did.  Yet some people would ignore the many real successes of this good man to bash Republicans and Conservatives.  They lie and pretend the last eight years were some apocolypse. The fact is this President has done a great deal of good here and abroad.  The American people elected him twice for good reason.  Here is a dose of balance and reason. President Bush restored a measure of balance and common sense to environmental policy.  The repeal of the drilling ban resulted in an immediate puncture Read more


Crossroads - Cream Live 1968 Standin' at the Crossroads. Everyone has a solution to my Party. Those at the switch for many years saw nothing wrong, yet here they are today, telling me what's wrong with the party, and they crow that it's not enough of them. When did T.O. come in (We need me a little more of me)? Standin' at the Crossroads. As I dare to care to make change, here I am once again, being told that I am not far-right enough to belong. Do I continue to fight, as my instinct and innate being tell me to do, or do I step off and let the whole thing complete it's impending implosion, as my logical reasoning is screaming to my brain? Standin' at the Crossroads. I really do need a break. It's politics, a mere game played chess-master wannabees that never seem to be able to find that final check-mate move (not the politicians, but the puppet masters and the puppets bound by the Read more

Andy Reid: “Fire Me Already” (not actual quote)

What in the name of kissing sisters was that mess yesterday? Sad thing is, in spite of the awful play calling of Andy Reid (58 passes against 17 running an OT game), McNabb is taking big heat for this debacle. Excuse me! Sorry you haters, McNabb isn't the problem, at least not to the extent many claim he is. 75 plays, 58 are passing plays...WT-freaking-F? I was for a long a time a Reid defender, but how can anyone be that anymore? He bring a good talent-evaluation ability in his large frame, but beyond that, I can't say he has anything else anymore. Face it, Andy, on-field coaching appears to have passed you by and like my GOP, you have done nothing to adapt to the times. 75 plays, 58/17 passes/runs (psst...Andy...that is at 77.33% rate of passing plays). Ever hear of Brian Westbrook? We know you have. Ever hear of Correll Buckhalter? We know you have. How about Lorenzo Read more

Republican within 2 points on Generic Ballot

So much for a fundamental realignment, the GOP is within 2 points of the Dems on the generic ballot. Freed from the shadow of President Bush, the GOP is rising in the polls. That bodes well for the Chamblis race.  This just proves that with good leadership, we will have a resurgence.  It is not a given, but a realistic opportunity.  In other polling, 78% of Republicans believe the next President will be one of them. I propose that we get behind a leader who knows how to build a party in the blue states.  We need our own 50 state strategy.  I endorse Lt. Gov. Michael Steele for RNC chairman.  Please sign the petition at or read more about him. Some other good news found in the Rasmussen polling is that blacks are more likely to believe American society is fair and just. Two days after Barack Obama became the first African-American to be voted into Read more

What happen to counting every vote?

Democrats call for counting every vote even when they have to divine the voter's intent as in FL 2000 or pull them out of a trunk as in MN.  Yet, they seem to have little interest in insuring that the 31st district vote is right.  The Democrats are silent even though the odds are in their favor.  The Dept. of Elections found that in some districts in Kent County the absentee ballot was not counted accurately because of a design flaw which threw off the scanner.  A hand count in the 29th district changed the result of the election. The 31st district race is about a couple hundred votes apart and there are nearly 800 absentee ballots.  The GOP asked for a recount.  It should be given because their is a mathematical possibility of changing the result  combined with a proven problem with the count.  It would not take unreasonable manpower nor time.  It could be done in an hour with Read more

Is the DE GOP in Crisis–a redux

Is the DE GOP in Crisis? Back in Feb. I wrote this on Unfortunately, most of the suggestions and observations for the future are still valid. This post is in the top 3 hits on the old blog for the last week so I thought I would bring it back, including the insightful comments. The predictions came to pass and the suggestions are still out there. Is anyone listening. It seems like the party’s best efforts have fallen apart. If it were the result of lousy leadership that would be a comfort because then we could just change the guys at the top and everything would be all right. Sadly, the problem is more fundamental. Our leadership is dedicated, energetic, and open to new ideas. The problem is that the party no longer has any real connection with the majority of the state. Thus many candidates who are strong are hesitant to run.Republicans complain rightfully so about Read more

Can Gay’s and Cultural Conservatives reach a consensus?

The Gay movement and the Christian right seem in perpetual conflict.  I wonder if that is necessary.  I am a Conservative Christian.  I believe the Bible is the Revealed Word of God and the rule for faith and life.  I find that as debatable as the fact that the sun shines on cloudless days.  God is real and I know Him in a personally.  You may as well tell me my mother doesn't exist and I will take it as seriously as you telling me God doesn't.  Liberals trying to debate those points and trying to say the Bible really doesn't mean what it says is a useless exercise. Gay activists believe that they are only playing the cards dealt them at birth.  They are understandably offended that people would say they are freaks and should be shoved in a corner as some embarrassment. (Don't go off saying that is my opinion--you all know people with that point of view.)  After generations Read more

Where did the 2 trillion go?

Open government does not exist in the shadowy world of the Federal Reserve Bank. The Federal Reserve is a quasi private bank. It is independent and not under Freedom of Information and open government rules. Now that it has spent 2 trillion dollars and is potentially inflating the money supply, Congress has decided to ask some questions. ``During the bipartisan negotiations between Congress and the administration, members of both parties made clear that Congress must have meaningful oversight over the use of taxpayer dollars,'' Boehner said. ``Transparency is even more important now, given that the program appears to have been implemented in some ways that were given little to no discussion as Congress was being urged to pass the rescue plan.'' Senator John Cornyn of Texas, a member of the Republican leadership, said the lack of disclosure ``should trouble taxpayers and policymakers alike.'' ``There Read more

Will CA fall to bullying?

Marriage started as an institution to bond the sexes. A renegade court tried to change it and in spite of bullies and politically correct mobs, the voters stood strong. Some extremists would like to turn CA into third world mobocracy. The mob leaders form an enemies list and instead of accepting defeat, they target those with a different point of view. They issue threats against the churches. They disparage members. They attempt to pit one group of citizens against another. Hispanics are ignorant. Mormons are called every name in the book and told they had no right to free expression. Evangelicals are bigots. The Catholic Church is disparaged. Blacks are even called the "N" word. All of these examples come from the left who would teach the rest of us tolerance. I can respect those who disagree with me on issues. I can not respect people who act like third world leftists when they lose an Read more