Palin Loved on First Impression

The polling has started. Governor Sarah Palin has made a gangbuster first impression. People like her better than Senator Biden (53% fav to 48% fav) and she has an approval rating as high as Senator Obama. She gives McCain a boost among Independents, makes Republicans say they are more likely to support him, and brings him even among white women. That is not bad for a day's work. 1/3 of America already knew who she was and those who did felt overwhelmingly positive. She has only added to her stature. She is relatively unknown and we can see the attempts to demean and redefine her. They only play into her hands, it lowers the bar of expectation. She is viewed very positively by Alaskans who rank her as more honest than most politicians overwhelmingly. Her political enemies will surface and bring up the none scandal of the trooper non-firing. She is loved by the people, but hated by the Read more

What Choosing Sarah Palin Really Means

The reform wing of the Republican Party has triumphed.  Reformer John McCain turned his back on the Washington Republican establishment and turned toward the working people of America.  I will not go over the accomplishments of Governor Palin, just read my other posts and comments.  I am focusing on what this choice means to the party.  The combination of McCain Palin is a profound one.  It brings together the national security wing with the social wing.  It takes the party away from the big spending heresy which infected it. It is a fiscal conservatism not only of tax cuts, but of spending restraint. It puts two bold and courageous people at the head of the party.  It signifies that the party is under new management.  When she was being vetted, Palin made an interesting statement which is being taken out of context now.  She said that she would not leave her job as Governor Read more

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Suits Gives Wink to Palin

Hillary Clinton praised the historic nature of John McCain’s vice presidential selection in a brief statement released Friday that was eagerly anticipated by both presidential campaigns. “We should all be proud of Governor Sarah Palin’s historic nomination, and I congratulate her and Senator McCain,” Clinton, the first woman to win a presidential primary, said in the statement. “While their policies would take America in the wrong direction, Governor Palin will add an important new voice to the debate.”

Democrats go crazy–Attack Palin

In a moment dripping with irony and political insanity, the Obama Campaign attacked Sarah Palin for having "Zero foreign policy experience". I guess trade missions don't count. Are they forgetting who they are running against?  John McCain has been a part of every major issue for years.  I guess they decided to run the bottom of the tickets against each other and ignore the top.  Even there, I think she comes out ahead by having executive and real world experience. It is hard to believe they would open a can of worms like that. It is a moment of political insanity. The AP already took off on that and is comparing her experience at number 2 to his at number 1. She has real executive experience. He doesn't. She matches up to Teddy Roosevelt when he was chosen. He doesn't. She has balanced government budgets. He is not even on a budget committee. I would add that her career has been battling Read more

McCain on Palin

 ARLINGTON, VA -- U.S. Senator John McCain today announced that he has selected Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to be his running mate and to serve as his vice president. Governor Palin is a tough executive who has demonstrated during her time in office that she is ready to be president. She has brought Republicans and Democrats together within her Administration and has a record of delivering on the change and reform that we need in Washington. Governor Palin has challenged the influence of the big oil companies while fighting for the development of new energy resources. She leads a state that matters to every one of us -- Alaska has significant energy resources and she has been a leader in the fight to make America energy independent. In Alaska, Governor Palin challenged a corrupt system and passed a landmark ethics reform bill. She has actually used her veto and cut budgetary spending. Read more

Could it be Sarah Palin?

Word is out that Senator McCain is making a bold choice of Governor Sarah Palin. Today may indeed be the day the election was won. This is proof that God loves Republicans too. Way to go McCain. For More information on the next Vice President of the United States. Should I gloat and point out that our VP has more executive experience than their entire ticket?  Making History is no longer the exclusive province of the Democrats this election.  It is not a choice of new versus old.  It is a choice about what kind of change you want.  The reform wing of the GOP has risen into ascendancy.  Sarah Palin was the only governor that I can find to ask that the pork sent to her state from the Federal government be cut Read more

DMA Gets Bond Funding

...from Pima County, Arizona. The only place I can find this is a blurb straight from WDEL's website,  Considering they constantly update and roll-off their news on the website, here is the text, from WDEL: Delaware loses revenue from Military Academy By Carl Kanefsky The Delaware Military Academy has gotten bond funding through Pima County, Arizona, meaning $600,000 worth of new revenue will go there, instead of to the state of Delaware. The 530 student charter school sought the financing here at home, but was consistently denied [by] legislators and regulators in the county and state. The financing opens the door to lower interest rates which will allow the school to purchase their facilities which they currently lease, and pay for other educational services for students. Read more

Gustav Bearing Down (Possibly) On New Orleans, Oil Speculators Shake In Fear

UPDATE: New Orleans (and the state of Louisiana) begins preparations.  Katrina is and likely will forever remain very, very raw to the survivors. Very early guidance, as Gustav has yet to enter the Gulf of Mexico, but computer models are pointing at the Louisiana coast, with a trend towards New Orleans and nearby Mississippi.  Landfall anywhere is bad, but this current forecasted path makes my heart and stomach sink a little more. In the meantime, oil speculators have gone into fear mode.  My own guess is that if a few more runs from the NHC confirm this morning's (11AM) forecasted path, expect the speculative fear to go into full panic.  Varied reports are already predicting increases of $5-$8 per bbl if that were to happen.  I can't believe they haven't predicted that on a per-day basis. Current forecasted landfall along the Gulf coast is Sunday night into Monday.  Stay tuned, Read more

Who Said It?

Who Said It?  Two quotes, from two different men.  The answers are revealed within the comments, with the number after the quote representing the comment number containing the name of the person to whom the quote belongs. The legitimate object of government is to do for a community of people whatever they need to have done, but cannot do at all, or cannot so well do, for themselves - in their seperate, and individual capacities.  In all that the people can individually do as well for themselves, government ought not to interfere. (1) (the Republicans')...goal is not political power for its own sake, but to advance the good of 163 million Americans.  To that end, we are dedicated to the maximum of individual freedom, fostered by a government desiring not to dominate but only to serve - a government kept close to the hearthsides of America - a government liberal in dealing with the human Read more

Could it Be McCain is Just Well Liked

Senator John McCain is viewed positively by 55 to 58% of voters in every poll.  He polled better than GWB vs. Al Gore in 1999 and 2000 by 4 or 5 points.  So why is it a surprise that the Presidential race is close?  I read questions like why isn't Senator Obama 15 points ahead.  Simple, he is running against one of the most highly regarded politicians in America.  He was liked by everyone except a majority of Republican voters who tolerate him and the extreme left who hate anyone to the right of Barbara Boxer. Republicans swallowed hard and decided to win.  The national security wing was enthusiastic, but he has built bridges to the rest of the party.  Now Democrats are wondering why they are not ahead.  Is it something we did, they wonder.  The truth is polls showed McCain doing about the same vs. Clinton.  He runs 10 to 12 points ahead of the generic Republican. The media Read more

A Quick Presidential History Lesson, Pt. 1

The best way to avoid repeating the mistakes of history is to know history.  President Andrew Jackson and his successor President Martin Van Buren waged a populist war against the "evil" bankers.  Big Banking as we would say today, was sapping the life blood out of the working man.  How we don't know, but they were making record profits and the U. S. government was subsidizing them by directing its deposits to the bank of the United States.  They stopped the renewal of the bank and sent us into the worst depression we had ever had until 1893 when another Democrat messed up.  The panic was made even worse by the policies Van Buren made in response.  He cut off public works and even stopped depositing into state banks which caused a second credit crunch.  Jackson made great populist appeals, but his team left a real mess. Hoover's team raised taxes after the panic on Wall Street and Read more

Adult Stem Cells Win Again

Most of us favor stem cell research.  The debate has raged over where to obtain those stem cells.  As embryonic stem cells started to show complications, private money started flowing to so called adult stem cells and core blood stem cells.  The advocates of embryonic stem cells decided to take their case to the body politic and shake down an unsuspecting public of  tax money with their great new cure for everything under the sun.  What should have made people suspicious is how strongly they argued against stem cells obtained through moral/ethical means.  Japan didn't ignore adult stem cells in its funding and now they have found that wisdom teeth may be among the most stable non-blood source of  usable cells yet.  You can freeze them for years and they still work.  It is now a simple issue, wait 50 years and tens of billions of dollars to work out the kinks with the uncontrolable Read more

What about emergencies?

IT WILL BE THREE YEARS SINCE KATRINA, and Kent county still isn't ready for an emergency.  It has been two years since the Dow/Rico accident and we are still not ready.  They couldn't even handle the recent minor flooding in Kitts Hummock and Bower's Beach.  What if we had a chemical spill with toxic chemicals?  What if we had a major storm and had wide spread flooding?  Tell me there is not a critical failure of leadership.  The sad part is I doubt Kent county is alone.  Check out your county.  Each person needs to take responsibility for themselves and their families, but we still need government to keep us informed and help us when we need it.  It is crazy for there to have been a chemical spill and the local hospital not be informed why people are coming in when the government is on site.  It was beyond belief that people were going to shelters and Red Cross not be notified Read more

Boxer Rebukes Doctor Coburn for volunteering medical services

The next time you hear the Democrats say everyone needs government sponsored healthcare and reject private plans to accomplish the same mission, remember it is about power not helping people.  The Democrats apparently want poor pregnant women not to get Medical care unless the taxpayer pays for it.  Remember it was ok for Dr. Frisk to do the same overseas as Dr. Coburn is doing here.  I guess Barbara Boxer, the leading defender of partial birth abortion, would have been happier if he were aborting babies for free. I got this article from Rasmussen.  Coburn is a medical doctor who continues to deliver about 400 babies a year. When told that it would be a violation of Senate rules to earn such outside income, Coburn stopped collecting money. He actually loses money for delivering the babies since he pays for malpractice insurance out of his own pocket. The latest Rasmussen Reports survey Read more

4th Senate Race getting very interesting

Campaign finance reports showed a very close money race in the 4th district.  The 3 Republicans all had good cash on hand.  Mr. Abbott raised over 44K which is an impressive hall in a local primary and kept almost 30k.  Mr. Clatworthy raised over 88K and still had more than half.  Mr. Flemming raised 89K. What was interesting is that one of the Democrats came to play.  Mr. Katz only raised 15K but loaned himself  72K.  One candidate is also using the issues to raise his profile. Here is John Clatworthy's latest salvo in the 4th district Senate race.  I wonder what will be the response of his opponents.  John Clatworthy, Republican candidate for State Senate, introduced "The Delaware Taxpayer Bill of Rights", a bold set of commitments intended to bring an end to out-of-control state spending and focus the state's efforts on positive advancements in fiscal discipline, education, Read more

The Future T.S. Fay?

Ruh-roh, Reorge.  It's still way early, but a storm may be a-comin' to the east coast! (Update: another entry by Guarino on the very-soon-to-be-named Fay) Want To Be A T.S./Hurricane WATCHER? Guarino is a weather NUT!  Click here. P.S.: Another shameless plug for  As a weather nut, I totally love that site.  Plus, it was created (and currently owned) by Rob Guarino, arguably the best REAL meteorologist/TV Weatherman there was in Philly over the past several years.  Well, until Faux29 hired the worst station manager, e-v-e-r! Read more

Generic Congressional Ballot in Single Digits

A once 19 point lead is down to 8, which means that GOP members wouldn't lose many (if any) House seats in November.  The most of the Republican incumbents are pulling out to comfortable leads and the open seat in Colorado is even. The big issue is energy.  What does an August poll prove since the numbers can change several times by November?  The great news for the GOP is that this is a consistent trend and the Republicans are trending up at the right time.  More importantly, it shows that the doom and gloom Republicans have been fed is junk.  The other side has been trying (somewhat successfully) to demoralize Republicans.  It is going to be a blow out, we here.  The Democrats are certain to widely increase their majority.  They are more motivated.  It is a Democratic year.  That is only true if you believe it.  Just like the French were suppose to smash the U. S. team Read more

Stop this idea before it starts.

According to the Chicago Sun Times, America’s most unpopular governor (Rasmussen Reports), “Gov. Blagojevich envisions putting speed cameras on interstates across Illinois — and using the revenue to form an “elite tactical team” that would operate in Chicago and other cities”. Arizona will be putting speed cameras in place starting in September. Before someone gets the idea to bring these to Delaware, let’s just say no.  It doesn’t tell who the driver of the vehicle is.  It isn’t about justice just revenue.  I hope we all remember the Laser shields that deflect the beam and have been proven to deflect speed detection to other vehicles.  This is not a science, and should not be treated as such.

IPoD Circus Coming To Town – Just Try to Find It First

The News Journal just posted to perhaps one of the most damning chapters in the latest of IPoD's saga of 2008.  Please, read the story, but quick highlights:  Convention is "CLOSED" (to the press) Published address of convention can't be found on maps The convention is scheduled for Wednesday, 6 to 9 p.m., at 32248 Bayshore Blvd. in Long Neck in Sussex County, party officials said. But no Bayshore Boulevard could be found on several Sussex County maps checked by The News Journal. (from above-linked delawareonline article) Protack wouldn't do it that way (see below)... but offers ZERO OBJECTION to the secrecy of the procedings (you are their top candidate, Mikey ARE their public face right now...heeelllooooo???).  He gives one of the most oh well-"What - me worry" responses since Alfred E Neuman. Protack said he wouldn’t choose to close such a meeting, but Read more

Question for the Delaware Liberal Crowd

How is it that someone in the Petroleum industry giving some money to a Republican in support of a public position (well publicized) is suspicious and odious, yet big labor giving a billion dollars to push depriving workers of the fundamental right to vote on whether or not to form a union is not the least bit of a concern? 1000 times as much from one type of special interest is okay because one type is 1000 times more pure?  I am also interested in the fact that oil interests were okay when they were giving most of their money to Senator Obama and the Democrats just two months ago.  What am I missing?