July in Iraq = Good News

I am happy to inform you that we had only 5 servicemembers killed in combat in Iraq.  That is good news indeed though we all look forward to the day when the number is 0 killed in Action.  Does it go without saying that America’s decision not to throw away the sacrifice made by thousands of Americans and Iraqi’s is paying off.  The tyrants are losing, the Iraqi people are winning.  For the first time people are beginning to breath the air of liberty.  It is something beautiful to behold.  Great things don’t happen in the world without the iron will of determination.  The easy road is the way to despair.  The hard road leads to joy.  It was a hard road, but we will see the wisdom of taking it. May God bless the American Servicemember and all those in the Coalition.

Wanted: Reform Republicans

170 Million dollars in lobbying paid off for the Fannie Mae and Fannie Mac institutions. They got their taxpayer backed bailout without any of the reforms long pushed by Senator McCain and others. The Reform wing of the GOP was once again abandoned by the White House. Senator McCain's feelings are as follows:  "the management and the board should immediately be replaced, multimillion dollar salaries should be cut, and bonuses and other compensation should be eliminated. They should cease all lobbying activities and drop all payments to outside lobbyists." In other news, Senator Ted Stevens is indicted of course he is innocent until proven guilty, but he does look guilty. I hope he loses the primary. His poll numbers have fallen from an even race last month to 13 points back in today's Rasmussen poll. If he is the nominee then AK will have to be added to NM and VA as likely Democrat pick Read more

Drilling would lower prices–Who Doesn’t Know That Pulsated Top Academic Journal

In the immortal words of Homer Simpson, "Duh". Of course future drilling would reduce spot prices, that is obvious.  I can not believe that some people would argue that it won't. If you argue that it won't than you can only be saying that prices would go up even faster without it. The fact is so well known to economists the Energy Journal rejected publishing the study by two economists which showed adding the reserves now off limits would put downward pressure on today's prices saying that it is too obvious for publication. The economics of extracting resources is quite simple and intuitive. If you own property that has oil in the ground, then you have to decide how rapidly you wish to deplete your resource. If prices are low today, and you expect them to be much higher in the future, then you will hold off pumping a lot. Open Spigot Now If prices are high today and are expected to be Read more

Congress brings Christmas in October with 300B Dollar Housing Law

I may not believe in Santa Claus, but Uncle Sam is just as good.  Congress loaded up a gift for nearly everyone in the massive new housing bill which takes effect in October.  The New York Times had this report. But it also includes many handouts to first-time homebuyers, longtime homeowners, returning veterans and senior citizens seeking to tap their home equity without getting hit with big fees. Millions of people have the potential to benefit in some way. Huge numbers of people buying homes for the first time, for instance, will be eligible for what amounts to an interest-free loan from the government. Meanwhile, older Americans will now be able to borrow more and possibly pay less for reverse mortgages that allow them tap the equity in their homes. Whether larding up the bill with all these benefits is good for taxpayers is a debate for another part of the newspaper. But there is Read more

100 Days out and it’s close.

Senators McCain and Obama are back to within 3 points in Rasmussen's latest daily tracking poll, but even more interesting is the fact that Americans are more upbeat than they have been in 4 years about the War on Terror and the Iraqi Front. But for McCain and other beleaguered Republicans, at least there was good news on the war front. Over half of Americans now believe the United States and its allies are winning the war on terror, the most upbeat assessment Rasmussen Reports has recorded in nearly four years. I also note that Senator Obama is more trusted at or beyond the margin of error in 5 of the 14 top issues, healthcare, the environment, trade, ethics, and education.  Senator McCain is more trusted on 5 issues as well, Iraq, national security, abortion, immigration, and taxes.  They are in a statistical tie on the economy, energy, balancing the budget, and Social Security.  The Read more

Please Make Your Voluntary Contributions Or Else….

I am not anti-union.  I am for local autonomy and free political choice. Please understand my motivation for this post. The Service Employees International Union has decided to spend 150 million dollars in this fall's election.  That is their right and I don't question it.  The problem is that they apparently don't have 150 million dollars.  So they have assessed local unions a 6 dollar a person contribution to their Political Action Committee.  To back this up they have passed an amendment to their rules which makes this mandatory on the locals and if the goal isn't met,  the national will garnish the shortfall from local funds plus a 50% penalty.  Two problems seem apparent with this.  According to federal law these contributions are voluntary.  Workers can opt out of the political contribution and not have their dues tapped for that reason.  Their dues are to be used to advance Read more

I did it.

I officially filed for the 3rd district Levy Court seat in Kent County. I have a lot on my plate, but I am concerned enough about Kent county to invest my energies to making it better. We have some challenges ahead. Unemployment is up 25% (ours is the largest jump in the state) over last year, but just as important so is underemployment. I have been talking with people working 3 jobs and still not able to make ends meet because the 3 jobs don't pay as much as the one they lost. Others are paying 20 to 50 dollars a day to get to work. It is clear that we need a better business base here. We need to treat the businesses we have better and attract new ones. The lack of emergency preparedness concerns me. The Rico Chemical incident was a wake up call and our county leadership seems to have hit the snooze alarm. I testified before the state and city governments about our concerns, but I don't Read more

Dems oust Delegate for McCain Support–Undecided about Child Pornographer

A Democrat Assemblyman and attorney in NJ is at the center of a child pornography investigation. He has not been indicted. His legislative office computers were seized. The Response of the Democrat majority is to install filters on at the state capitol. What intrigued me was another article. Democrats strip Delegate for saying she would vote for McCain's Clinton delegate is alleged to have said she would for John McCain if Hillary Clinton did not get the nomination. She has been stripped of her position. Accused of a crime against children, benefit of the doubt. Accused of supporting that evil McSame and you are gone. I know the Democrats don't claim to be the party of family values, but.... Read more

The Colburn 35

Senator Colburn is looking out for the interests of the taxpayers. Here is an interview of regarding the Colburn 35. Senator Colburn R-OK has placed 35 different holds on wasteful spending that Senator Reid has been trying to push through without a roll call vote. The 35 items have now added up to 11.3 billion dollars. Senator Reid D-NV in frustration has finally decided to bring them to a regular vote in a unique way. Instead of each of the 35 standing on its merit, he bundled them into one bill that he calls the Colburn Omnibus. Senator Colburn calls it the Reid’s “Grow the Government and Spend More of Your Kids’ Money” bill. Who says politics isn't intriguing? The show down is coming and the stakes are 11.3 billion of your money and 36 new federal special interest programs.  At least there is someone looking out for us. Read more

Gaping Open Positions (on the ballot)

12:35PM: What a terrible, anti-climatic deadline this year brought us.  2006, a non-prez year, was more exciting.  Just like in '06, Mike Matthew's Lady O'Donnell became ballot-qualified in the waning moments.  I wonder if he accompanied her to the COE? Only a couple unexpected items with this year's deadline: Steve Amick's open-seat in SD10 now features a Republican Primary to go up against BHL and her (soon to be past) RD8 political network.  The primary will be James David Weldin versus Andrea Daley. As mentioned before, the SD4 D's also have an unexpected primary of Michael S. Katz  versus Dee Durham. Mike Ramone (good on ya') will be running for the R's in RD21. Jesse Priester IV, R, will be the General Election opponent to D-Incumbent Terry L. Schooley in RD23. Constituency-popular Rep/Activist John Kowalko (D-RD25) has no opposition. Laura Brown is the LONE R candidate Read more

O’Donnell Nails Biden on Energy

Senate Candidate Christine O'Donnell  criticized Senator Biden's latest statement that the efforts to increase drilling is some kind of conspiracy in an op ed in yesterday's News Journal. In short, Biden's plan can only be described as Hoover-esque slap in the faces of distressed Americans. This "let them eat cake" attitude toward millions of suffering Americans is indicative of how out of touch career politicians like Biden are. Not everyone has the luxury of riding the Acela train to work like Biden does. Most Delawareans have to drive to work or we lose our jobs. We have to pay $60 for a tank of gas or our children won't get picked up from school. We don't need to be patronized. We need solutions now. A responsible energy policy must combine research into long-term renewable solutions such as hydrogen fuel and clean-coal technology with a realistic approach to relieving the current Read more

Obama Nailed It.

Update:Rasmussen shows 55% of Americans thought Obama speech was good or excellent including 1/3 of Republicans, but it bombed with a significant minority. He gained a 4 point bounce. I am wondering will he get that big of a convention bounce. People have calculated in that they like his speeches. Has Senator Obama reached a ceiling? ***** As an American I was proud of Senator Obama's speech in Berlin.   It was almost Cross of Gold.  It struck all of the right notes.  He called for greater commitment to fight terrorism.  He called for understanding between peoples and breaking down the walls which divide us.  He proclaimed the greatness of America while being humble enough to admit we aren't perfect.  I didn't get to see it until late last night, but it was worth the wait.  Is it alright to say it? The picture of a man of African and American descent speaking to a throng of Germans Read more

Obama to Soldiers–At least you are on my mind

Does this go in the it was the thought that counts category? 
++ Visit to US Military Bases Cancelled ++
1:42 p.m.: SPIEGEL ONLINE has learned that Obama has cancelled a planned short visit to the Rammstein and Landstuhl US military bases in the southwest German state of Rhineland-Palatinate. The visits were planned for Friday. “Barack Obama will not be coming to us,” a spokesperson for the US military hospital in Landstuhl announced. “I don’t know why.” Shortly before the same spokeswoman had announced a planned visit by Obama.
At least he won’t have to miss the rally in Berlin.  It is not a total loss.  Most of the wounded soldiers were likely Republicans anyway.

Democrats in Civil War?

This was submitted to me by one who cares about the future of our two party state and is not necessarily the official position of DP.Net. 🙂 The Democrat Party is using party money to help Lt. Gov Carney in the fight with State Treasurer Jack Markell.  I praise this use of party resources as it diverts money from fighting Republicans.  The Democrats spoke in their party meeting and the voice of the activists deserve to be heard.  Contact the Democrat Party headquarters and tell them you support their backing the endorsed candidates.  Email is delaware@deldems.org or call (302) 328-9036 – New Castle County (800) 685-5544 – Kent & Sussex Counties.  Just don’t let them know if you are a Republican. 

Bill Lee in His Own Words

Some of us would have loved to have been at the Bill Lee anouncement but couldn't afford to take off from work. Here he is in his own words unfiltered by the media. Delaware is an outstanding state, filled with good people of varied backgrounds and talents, natural beauty, and a rich cultural and business history. For many years, our state set the standard for our nation. Our low taxes and educated work force built the nation's strongest economy. Today, our state is at a crossroads. We can choose a promising future. We can choose to place the good of our state ahead of party politics; if we decide to change course now. Delaware's economy is now ranked the single worst in the nation by the Bureau of Economic Analysis. Median household income has fallen for seven consecutive years. Jobs are fleeing our state at a record pace. According to the Gates Foundation, only 60% of our 9th grade students Read more

Williams hearts Clark???

Does anyone else get the impression that wRonG Williams has this virtual love affair with the pro-development contingent of New Castle County executives, past and present?  (Note I specified pro-development...Chris Coons hasn't shown himself to necessarily be pro-development and there is no love loss between Williams and Coons) Want to see some bizarre logic at play that only seems to add to this mating ritual?  In order, review the links (all titles/headlines are that of the source linked) of The News Journal's online version, delaware online, of (1) the County Council's measure to get Clark to recuse himself, (2) wRonG Williams sending his affection, (3) WDEL's Allan Loudell chastising wRonG Williams, and for good measure, (4) Al Mascitti's Blog.  I threw Al in there simply because he has long exposed wRonG's virtual love affair with the pro-development contingent of New Castle County Read more

Homage to Delaware Fiberal

I have to admit, I like to read Delaware Liberal.  I absolutely enjoy interacting with those whackos (with all due affection, mind you).  I've noticed that I am far more engaged (and colorful *ahem*) with the back-and-forth over there, than I am with creating a post elsewhere. This is not to indicate that I, too, am a "Fiberal," heck no!  It simply means that I do appreciate the effort and quality of work they do.  I am a big fan of comedy and when I peruse and interact on their site, hilarity ensues.  They are almost like the Comedy Central of the political blogosphere of Delaware. [sounds of local lad whispering in my ear] psst...pswspspspwpspwpsp [me] Really? [local lad] yes... [me] Oh, wow.  Huh.  That's...hmm.  I didn't know that. Well, I apologize.  Apparently, they are serious about their work.  This is shocking to me, but I still find myself quite amused by their content. [me] Read more

McCain Launches Salvo on Energy–Obama=high prices at the pump

The latest McCain ad pulls no punches. The answer to the question of why are gas prices so high--Obama. No hints there. It is an interesting approach. Senator McCain had always talked about his comprehensive energy plan. This one is about drilling pure and simple.  It gives an important message, but is it too simplistic or does it finally cut through all of the clutter?  I will be watching the polls when I find out where this airs.  If it expands beyond a few states, we will know that it works.   I think the Democrats have been caught sleeping on what will be the issue of 2008.  This may be the day that they lost the chance to have the gains they thought would happen in Congress and maybe even the Presidency.  The Congressional generic ballot lead of Democrats has shrunk the last 5 weeks and is in single digits according to Rasmussen. I think this election will come down to 4 points Read more

Big Brother Isn’t Just Reality TV

A controversial provision was tucked into the Senate Housing Bill; it is a requirement to build a fingerprint registry of everyone who handles mortgages. Liberal, Conservative, and Libertarian groups have joined in opposition to the provision on the grounds that it is unnecessary and lacks safeguards to protect the data. Show us the evidence that fingerprinting would have lessened the damage at Fannie, Freddie, and now-insolvent banks! The proponents can’t and they won’t, because there probably is none. As I have said before in the Wall Street Journal and other places, this measure would probably not subject to fingerprinting the Angelo Mozilos who designed these loans. Rather, it would affect hundreds of thousands of ordinary employees in the mortgage and real estate industry, including many part-time and clerical workers. The law defines as anyone who “takes a residential loan application; Read more

Rep. Ben Ewing Will Be Missed in Our General Assembly

Representative Benjamin Ewing announced his retirement recently. I will personally miss him. He was a great asset to the State of Delaware. I had the pleasure of working with him as a citizen lobbyist. He was helpful and a real leader in pro-family issues. He was usually a good friend of the taxpayer as well. He voted for every tax cut that I can remember. I remember his support during my efforts (along with many others) to get a Defense of Marriage Bill passed in Delaware. He, Rep. Buckworth, and Senator Bonini were instrumental in ensuring Delaware was one of the early states in this battle. His legacy will go on for years. He will be in my prayers especially that he overcomes a reported battle with cancer.

This week, we finally stopped paying for Government

...At least we stopped paying for this year.  Cost of Government day came this week. "Cost of Government Day (COGD) is the date of the calendar year on which the average American worker has earned enough gross income to pay off his or her share of spending and regulatory burdens imposed by government on the federal, state and local levels", according to Americans For Tax Reform. Congratulations, my fellow Americans, you are now free to look out for yourself and your fellow man. The worst part of the sad fact that Americans work the equivalent 197 days to deal with the economic consequences of government is that it will likely get worse. The entitlement bomb is crying out for reform. According to the Concord Coalition we face 53 trillion dollars (present value of money terms) of unfunded liabilities if we don't implement reforms. That is about the equivalent of the world's economy. If you Read more

Bill Lee’s Campaign Kickoff

Tuesday, July 22nd     Join Bill Lee at one of his many Campaign Kickoff stops throughout the state. 7:30-8:30 Bill invites you to join his Dutch Treat Prayer Breakfast at the Georgetown Family Restaurant, located at 115 E Market Street. 9:00-10:00 Listen to Bill broadcast live from 92.7FM WGMD in Rehoboth Beach. 11:00-11:30 Bill will address the crowd on the grounds adjacent to the Morris Community Correctional Center, located at 300 Water St in Dover. 11:35-12:30 Join Bill as he tours Dover's historic Old State House, located at 406 Federal St. 1:00-2:30 Meet Bill for Lunch at Bogey's in Middletown, located at 631 Bayview Rd. Light appetizers will be provided. 2:30-3:00 Bill will once again do a live broadcast on 1150AM WDEL from Wilmington. 3:00-3:45 Bill makes his official Campaign Kickoff speech at the Old Court House in New Castle, located at 211 Delaware St. 3:45-4:30 Immediately Read more

Ruth Ann Minner National Villain

The Liberty Matters News Service  reported in its July 17, 2008 Newsletter the following about Delaware.  Fortunately Delaware is a small state -meriting a short write up, and apparently we got a write up short enough for me to quote without sending money.  Go to http://www.Libertymatters.org for regular updates on important issues of freedom. Like Texas Governor Rick Perry, Delaware’s Governor Ruth Ann Minner doesn’t believe in the right of the people to keep their homes and businesses out of the clutches of special interest groups.  With one day remaining in the legislative session, Governor Minner vetoed S.B. 245, with the Senate unable to muster enough votes to override the veto.  The bill would have replaced an earlier eminent domain bill that had as many loopholes to appease developers as does the Texas so-called reform legislation.  It would have restricted the use of Read more

Candidate to speak on Gun violence. Updated

Press Conference on Wilmington Gun Violence UPDATE  Here is a summary of the event held Monday 2 PM at the Walnut Street Deli.  Candidate Mike Protack made the following statement.  “We can longer stand by and accept more shootings and killings in Wilmington , the time for action is now and I am ready to act on Day one as Governor to protect human life.”   “ Wilmington has a long record of gun violence with an average of close to 100 shootings a year over the last ten years. As Governor I want to address this issue in a deliberate and professional manner because the City of Wilmington will never thrive unless the safety of private citizens can be assured. Also, the state of Delaware will never move ahead unless Wilmington can be a city where people want to live and do business.”   “As Governor I am committed to working with the city of Wilmington to implement the “Shot Read more

MAC is Back

I have been watching Senator McCain climb up this week in Rasmussen and Gallup tracking polls.  I took my time pointing it out because it could have been a statistical fluke.  Now it seems real especially when I look at the underlying numbers.  Senator McCain is trusted on the economy and has pulled even on energy. The Democrats extreme position on energy is killing their Congressional numbers and is starting to weigh down Senator Obama. The message is getting through.  Drill here, drill now.  Get serious about alternatives.  Encourage innovation. Look at the excessive speculative bubble caused by the margin changes. We have to do it all. Senator McCain is now tied in the most recent national polls and is within single digits in all of them.  He shows the most upside potential in the choice of a running mate. Furthermore, white evangelicals -- who typically make up a quarter Read more