African American Festival a Success in Dover–Candidates Visible

The Dover African American Festival was a fun and educational event.  The music, traditional dancing, and booths for products, services, and information combined for a fine event.  One would expect there to be excitement for the elections with Senator Obama's historic run. The Kent County Democrats had a booth as usual.  Markell and Carney each had their own booth along with a couple of senate candidates.   I am pleased to report that this year the Republicans showed up and were well received. I had a booth and invited other Republicans to participate in what became the unofficial GOP booth complete with signs, literature, and trinkets.  I thank Christine O'Donnell, Bill Lee, Mike Protack, Mayor Hutchinson, and John Brady for dropping by my table at the festival.  I was told Rep. Blakey and Rep. Wagner were around as well.  Senator Copeland had his own booth much to his credit. A Read more

SB 245 Property Rights Protection Vote Held

Miracles can happen even if they are small ones.  SB 245 (described in a previous post) is a bill which gave protection against the government using its powers of eminent domain to take property for public use against some individuals to benefit other private individuals without there being a legitimate public use like a road or school. The Senate voted on the veto override (which required 13 votes, 3/5) 11 in favor and 9 opposed.  The vote failed. The bipartisan bill looks dead in its current form for this year.  The majority of Democrats flipped on this important issue.  They would rather stand with a lame duck governor than the public.  Unfortunately so did  three Republicans who would have been the difference.  I am not pleased with the result, but I do celebrate progress.  Most people didn't think we would even get a vote. I favor ensuring the law in Kent County protects Read more

This is Rich– Clark says McCain not well qualified

I respect General Wesley Clark's service to the country and his leadership. I am just sorry he doesn't see fit to extend such sentiment himself. John McCain is only the best qualified individual to run for the Presidency in a generation. General Clark is backing someone who has hardly any track record at all. Out of all of the reasons to attack McCain, his record of public and military service is the most foolhardy. What was Clark thinking? If we apply the same standard that he raises, he should have been supporting Huckabee or Richardson and be sitting the election out. He can not seriously discount McCain's relationship to leaders around the world, his command in the Navy because it wasn't during wartime, and his wartime service because he got shot down. He can not claim that a man who ran a large Navy squadron doesn't have enough executive experience, but claim a man who hadn't even run Read more

Who has the best lobbyist?

$132,600 to Planned Parenthood is found in the state budget’s Tobacco Community Health Money. $27,800 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Family Support Project – March of Dimes $23,100 for AIDS Delaware $115,000 to St. Francis Hospital It seems to me the last 3 would be a higher priority than an organization flush with money.  I guess it pays to hire a good lobbyist.

Governor Minner vetoes SB 245 which limited government snatching of your property

Governor Minner vetoed the bipartisan SB 245. Delaware on line reported the following: Gov. Ruth Ann Minner announced today she is vetoing legislation that would have redefined “public use” in the eminent domain law and made it harder for government agencies to take private land. The Legislature passed Senate Bill 245 on June 12, after months of negotiations between parities involved in the issue. The legislation would have only allowed government agencies to take private land if it was intended for "public use" and added that economic development did not meet the definition of "public." It also would have tightened the definition of blighted, adding it must be a threat to public health and safety. I am so glad we have the Governor looking out for the interests of the powerful.  If we didn't have people like her, the average citizen might be able to sneak a break in once in a while.  Read more

The Blog Factor–WHYY style

I thank WHYY for recognizing the influence of the blogosphere. Feel free to watch the clip.  It is posted by our friend Tyler Nixon.  Thank you Dave Burris. for letting me sit in for you.  Mike and Shirley were a pleasure even to a remote guest. Since the other blogs are talking about it (kindly--thankfully), I can't let ours fall behind. I am fascinated that just 4 years ago, this was not a daily source of information for the vast majority of people.  Now it is the number 1 source of  political information for those under 30.  I have seen marked increases in readership in the past year.  The Internet is now a source as utilized as daily papers for political information.    The world is changing.  If gas prices go much higher, we may not be find delivering papers affordable.  Read more

Not to be Gloomy

This is my answer to my friends who disagreed with me on the Blue Water Wind deal.  Byron W. King, a respected market analyst said the following: The price for oil has barely budged based on the Saudi Summit. There has been no summer sell-off, and I’d be surprised to see a significant pullback as the summer driving season kicks into gear. (Followed by hurricane season, and then the buildup for winter heating stocks, followed by winter.) What’s going on? Well, what the Saudis give — in proposed, future increased production…the Nigerians take away — with ongoing oil patch carnage that forces the likes of Shell & Chevron to close vast pipeline systems. Apparently the present trumps the future, even in the futures markets. Everything is connected to everything else, isn’t it? Here is my take on the exit polls from the Saudi Summit… Consumers and their representative governments Read more

Heavy Primary Schedule for DE Dems

There are a lot of primaries on tap this year for the Democratic Party of Delaware.  Take a look at the latest filed candidates list provided by the Office of the State Commisioner of Elections. The latest surprise, at least in my area, is that returning challenger to Richard Cathcart (R-RD9), Rebecca Walker of Townsend, DE, will now be challenged in a RD9-D primary by currently unknown challenger David C. Mullen of Somewhere-in-RD9, DE. It appears it’s going to be a busy, busy primary season for Democrats, indeed!

The right to bear arms was recognized by SCOUS

In a well researched, comprehensive opinion, the high court upheld the plain meaning of the Constitution’s second amendment. It was not only a triumph of common sense, but the clear meaning of the constitution according to the original intent of the founders. The court forbade bans and unreasonable restrictions, but left regulation where it should be, in the hands of those elected to make public policy. The court dealt with the rights issue and left policy to the legislative branch. I can’t ask for better. It was a bad day for criminals and tyrants.  James Madison (father of the Constitution and author of the second amendment)  would be smiling today.

I like Senator Obama, but….

Watching Senator Obama gives me good feelings.  I like him.  He is a can do type of guy.  He speaks to our hopes not our fears as well as anyone.  He is the best the Democrat Party had to offer this year.  Some people have asked me why I don't support him. My problem is their best may not be good enough.  While the Democrats were out of power, they completely devolved into a cabal of interest groups trying to capture the government.  When I look at the real proposals, I don't see change unless going back to failure counts.  Most Americans don't disagree with President Bush on his values and basic principles (that is why they elected him twice or according to Democrats accepted him once then elected him once).  Most Americans believe in marriage traditionally defined, family values, free markets, a strong offense against terrorists, increasing our energy supplies both fossil and Read more

Child Rape is bad, but maybe not that bad says SCOUS

The funny thing is as a matter of public policy, I agree that child rape should not be a death penalty crime.  The main reason is simple; the predator would be more likely to kill the victim.  It is easier to get away with murder than have a rape victim who knows you running around.  As one victim of molestation told me, "I would rather be alive than dead".  Yet I disagree with this Court ruling which struck down laws which make child rape subject to the death penalty.  It is not the role of the Court to determine public policy issues.  That is for the people.  The history of this country shows that rape can be a capitol crime.  Social Science tells us that serial child rapists rarely change.  It is the right of the people to determine the best way to deal with these criminal penalties.  The Court's ruling is another example of a judicial power grab.  The High court thinks it Read more

McCain Shows Leadership on Energy; Obama says Hope for Change

Here is a great quote from Dick Morris: Suddenly, everything is on the table. Offshore drilling, Alaska drilling, nuclear power, wind, solar, flex-fuel cars, plug-in cars are all increasingly attractive options and John McCain seems alive to the need to go there while Obama is strangely passive. During the Democratic primary, he opposed a gas tax holiday and continues to be against offshore and Alaska drilling and squishy on nuclear power. That leaves turning down your thermostat and walking to work as the Democratic policies. McCain has also been ratcheting up his attacks on oil speculators. With the total value of trades in oil futures soaring from $13 billion in 2003 to $260 billion today, it is increasingly clear that it is not the supply and demand for oil which is, alone, driving up the price, but it is the supply and demand for oil futures which is stoking the upward movement. The Read more

More On Oil-Speculation Commodities Markets

Keeping our faithful abreast on the oil-speculation commodities markets.  The link is a good article by Rex Nutting & Michael Kitchen of that also explains some terminology that may help better define where people stand on this issue.  If you do follow the link (recommended), let the first four paragraphs sink in and note the source of the quotes. I, for one, am not against traditional hedge-speculation, which is employed by firms that take delivery of the crude when the contract is due.  This form of speculation is a form of survival to get from one point to the next.  Does it mean they will fold if they aren't successful?  Probably not in the short-term, but it is a mechanism to roll-forward and remain liquid.  It's a function of operation. Index-speculation, however, is my point of contempt.  I will admit that certain components of my 401(k) have actually Read more

Local Potpourri–BWW, the Budget, & Assorted issues of interest

The General Assembly is near the end of its session which means a lot of issues will come in rapid fire over the week.  There is no way I have time to write full posts on them so I will give them quick analysis and mentions in this format.  Please feel free to expand upon the one that interests you in the comments.  Your opinion is just as valuable as mine. Delmarva Power and Light has reached an agreement with Bluewater Wind's parent company. Typical of the Delaware way, it seems like a proposition where we lose some of the advantage we could have had.   At least this victory, watered down as it maybe is still a boon for Delaware.   It was going to happen, but by being first it will give us guaranteed rates and local jobs which could have been lost to NJ if we waited another year.  Delaware needs to get beyond its lose, lose mentality and go to a win, win mentality. One part which Read more

I think Senator Obama may now just believe he can do it.

Why do I say that?  Is it because the long shot is now the front runner?  No, because he is starting to take positions in the Senate which make sense if he becomes President.  Senator Obama for the first time broke with the left wing of his party and announced support for the FISA/Protect America Act compromise.  This issue had been held up by the trial lawyers who want deep pockets to sue, not because of civil liberties issues.  There is no justification to suing the telecoms for a government action except as a special interest payoff.  If you have a problem, sue the government.  Oh, they lost that suit, but they still want money so let's go to Harry and Nancy for a special interest favor. I have been very skeptical of all of these Patriot acts, and save America from terrorists under the bed acts because they come at a price too high to pay.  I have been in favor of the foreign Read more

A few reasons to vote for Christine

Moderator's note: I edited the font-size of post as I discovered some of the poor souls encumbered with IE7 or lower were forced to deal with the big-print edition of blogs. The content was not altered. Apologies to David A for stepping in. -Randy, aka: RSmitty es    It is well known that I think Senator Biden has run out of ideas.  I respect the man and his service, but his best work was between 1984 and 1994.  It is time for a change.   The question is do we have someone with some fresh ideas to address today's issues to succeed him?  The answer is yes.  Here are a few reasons to support Christine O'Donnell.  She has a keen mind and the right first principles. On Energy: High gasoline prices created by policies of the Democrats must be cured.  America has not built another oil refinery to produce gasoline in the last 30 years.  The lack of refinery capacity is a major factor Read more

Did IPoD Deke Their Members?

Beth Miller of the News Journal just broke a story on the IPoD's Nomination of Mike Protack for Governor of Delaware. Liz Allen for a couple of days now on various blogs has been commenting on how Mr. Protack's nomination was not factual. Mr. Protack did rebut that once, but has generally laid low. Now we know why.  It appears, per Beth Miller's article, that the IPoD trustees met, considered their meeting their party convention, and nominated Mr. Protack. The papers were filed as well, making him their official candidate. If you read Beth Miller's article, you will see Liz Allen's contempt that the party membership was not notified of this "convention." That is all I have now. I have my sources (yes, I am serious) reaching out for further comment to others not mentioned in this article by Beth Miller. If comment is made, we will provide it. Until then, consider this. Is it any wonder Read more

Politics Timeout: Best Weather Site, Period

It’s national, it’s regional, and it’s local.  It’s forecasting, it’s blogging, and it’s chatting.  Many pro meteorologists post and chat there.  They do that OFTEN, as well.  Blogging and chatting topics range from weather (duuuh) to environmental issues (and tips), to general chat. It’s For those of you in the Philly-area TV Market, you may (or may not) be familiar with Rob Guarino.  He was the chief-met at Fox 29 for several years before the new, punkish management thought it would be cool to bring his (management) bud, Bolaris, back to market. It’s worth a look!  Smitty-recommended!

You Are Free to Speak if I like it.

I will be giving a break to the hard left this week, but before I take a holiday from blogging, I want to give you food for thought.  There is a U. N. Convention opposing hate speech.  Several countries have signed on and some advocate we sign on to it.  I of course oppose giving government the power to determine which speech is hateful and which speech is helpful.  Make no law abridging freedom of speech means make no law.    Rasmussen reports put out a recent poll which shows 53% of Americans agree with my position while 28% support the speech codes.  The undecideds break almost all to freedom side when they are reminded that it would be the government which decides what is acceptable and what isn't.  I think that is the Dah factor.  I was really busy when you called--you said what?  This is a serious issue which is negatively impacting the freedom in the countries who Read more

It was Sunday, but it wasn’t the same

Many thoughts and prayers go out to the Russert Family.  He was a great example of American Journalism.  More importantly his example of charitable work, devotion to Christ, dedication to being the best father, son, and husband he could be, pursuit of excellence, and love for our political system were a great example of  a truly great American.

A Great Thing about America

Primary season is over and so are conventions for some of the minor parties. Americans feel a little battered. They want change. There are two fronts to the War on Terror dragging on.  Energy prices are rising faster than hot air balloon and seem to going just as high.  The economy has slowed. The country feels anxious.  80% of the people feel we are on the wrong track.  In this environment, many nations turn to the darker voices in their political scene such as the extreme nativists, the socialists, or the strong men.  Americans have chosen optimistic candidates. On the Democrat side, Senator Obama exudes a can do attitude.  He speaks to the best of our souls.  On the Republican side, Senator McCain is all about Americanism.  His entire life and career has been about helping America be a better nation.  He believes in greatness of the American experience and wants the government Read more