Sharon Stone gives us bad Karma

China seems in an uproar over Sharon Stone's comments which seemed at first blush to imply that the treatment of Tibet resulted in bad Karma which led to the massive earthquake.  In context, I don't think her remarks were unreasonable, just tasteless.  She seemed to reflecting on the fact that she let her strong feelings get in the way of her compassion and that it was wrong.  She learned that lesson by watching the Dali Lama offer help to the Chinese.  I understand why the Chinese government doesn't focus on the latter part of her interview, and I can feel why they were offended at the first part.  Of course this is not the first time she made headlines in the foreign press.  Claiming that Americans didn't care about dead Iraqi's was not wise to say to the Arabic press while our people were facing an insurgency in both theaters.  I despised her recklessness then and do now. What Read more

Say what?

Fewer Democrats Want Hillary to Drop Out Survey of 800 Likely Voters May 21-22, 2008 "As Barack Obama inches closer to formally wrapping up the Democratic Presidential Nomination, the number of Democrats who want Hillary Clinton to drop out of the race has declined." Should Hillary Clinton Drop Out of the Democratic Presidential Primary Race? Yes 33% No 53% Not Sure 14% Should Barack Obama Drop Out of the Democratic Presidential Primary Race? Yes 26% No 64% Not Sure 11% You know what this tells me? 26% of Democrats are voting for someone OTHER than Obama! He's done. Don't even bother to argue, this data has been consistent for 3 months. Think about it - If you're Obama, not only do fewer Democrats now want Hillary to drop out, but 48 delegates shy of the nomination and 26% of your own party thinks you should drop out. Say what? Amazing Read more

Sometimes I wonder

When I reflected upon the price paid for our freedom yesterday, I wondered are we getting the value out of our sacrifice?  Are we surrendering what people paid with their blood to preserve?  My father was a WW2 Disabled American Veteran.  We often talked about his concern that we were slowly but surely losing our freedom.  He distrusted the growing control of government over our daily lives when it wasn't about protecting the innocent.  Where in the Constitution did government gain the right to say what kind of toilet you had?  What about what color you paint your house?  Set up massive phone monitoring?  Seize and keep your property without convicting you of a crime? Become the arbiter of art, religion, and science? Tell you how to deposit your money into your own accounts? I admit that I am not happy that we have been operating under emergency rule.  Our government has not Read more

Some folks just aren’t getting the memo

" PONCE, Puerto Rico (CNN) AFSCME President Gerald McEntee was on hand in Ponce to introduce Clinton, but he spent a good chunk of his speech soliciting boos for Barack Obama. “Obama was here twice,” McEntee said, painting the Illinois senator as a Johnny-come-lately to the issues affecting Puerto Ricans. “Once to raise money. He was here for two hours, and he left, and he went on vacation. Then he came back this past weekend for two days, then he left again.” Full Story When a union as large and as powerful as AFSCME not only continues their support of Hillary, but goes out of their way to bash Obama, you have to wonder if they know something we don't. Very interesting development if you ask me. I would assess this more as a move to position their union for 2012 than 2008. They must not believe Obama will win, there's no other legitimate explanation. Note: Save the loyalty Read more

An hundred thousand saved turns into millions earned

state_cost_savings_with_attachment1.pdf In a memo sent to Office of Management and Budget Director Jennifer Davis, the state auditor's office found tens of millions in potential savings and recommended adding sports betting to enhance revenue.  Mr. Wagner's office gave some newer suggestions as well as renewing some familiar calls for savings not adopted from recommendations in times past. Some of the proposals are just a couple hundred thousand in savings and others like having available standard school blueprints would save over 10 million dollars annually.  Some make us wonder why they aren't already implemented such as a statewide administration for the 3 Vo Tech schools.  Allowing email pension statements would save tens of thousands--the estimate is %150,000.  An interesting one is the overtime in the Delaware Psychiatric Center. By hiring more people to fill critical openings, Read more

Democrats not Democratic

Hillary Clinton should stand up for democracy by demanding that members of the CA delegation pledged to her be replaced with her supporters.  Why, she won the state and these pledged delegates.  Yet, 40 of them are talking of switching sides.  Is it because some new revelation came out about the Senator?  No, they just think it is time for her to support Senator Obama.  Oh, and the people who voted for them matter not.  These people were elected for one purpose in the minds of millions of voters to support their pledged candidate.  If they don't do so, they are scum.  I personally have little respect for people who casually disregard a solemn pledge. They are saying that we count your votes, but your votes don't count.  It appears only blank ballots which may have an intent in need of divining matters.  Votes we know can be discarded by the millions at will. You want evidence.  Read more

Kent County missing the mark pt. 1

What is true of  state government is true at the local level. Kent county is facing some tough decisions. We have a new comprehensive plan. We are looking at new library facilities. We want to build new parks. We are grappling with whether to save a new civic center proposal. Crime is showing up in our county not just our towns. I think we also need to look around us and use these opportunities to bring more economic prosperity to our county. We are third out of three in many economic measurements in this state. We need to change that sooner than soon. The problems we face need cooperation with other interested parties to solve them. The go it alone approach by the current majority in council is showing an appalling lack of leadership. Don’t mistake me. These are good people with fine intentions. I am questioning their planning and execution. I have seen time and time again where the Read more

Americans believe McCain will Win the War; Obama will Retreat

Update:  Please send an encouraging note this Memorial Day to our troops. Americans believe that Senator McCain will win the War in Iraq, but only 20% believe Senator Obama will win it. That is a significant underlying disadvantage to Senator Obama and a major hidden strength for Senator McCain. It could help explain why Senator McCain is out performing the generic Republican by 16 points or more. When John McCain says I will win this war, half of Americans believe it. So why is Senator Obama popular and competitive? Most Americans are tired of Mr. Bush's War. A majority place a higher priority on the troops coming home than winning the war. I consider that a scary proposition. Nothing is more vital to American Security than coming home with honor. If American are perceived by the enemies of freedom to be beaten and defeated, Read more

Academy of Dover test scores justify faith by State Board

I am pleased to pre-release the fact that the Academy of  Dover has doubled its passing percentage of DSTP test takers. In addition a financial audit is positive.  All the previous negative findings were addressed. Some critics wanted to close the Academy of Dover during its charter renewal in spite of the fact the school was fundamentally sound.  It needed improvement not closure.   A state auditors report took some small items and blew them out of proportion.  Some money had been accidentally put in the wrong line, it was not missing.  The management firm had significant turnover of  financial people. Three different employees took care of the school's books over the course of the year.          Third grade test scores were not good.  Morale was low among staff.  Enrollment was falling. The state Board of Education, in its wisdom, decided to require changes Read more

Count every vote

Breaking news: Lawsuit filed today in Florida against the DNC - The suit alleges that the committee failed to "treat equally all similarly situated states and Democratic voters" when it decided not to seat Florida delegates because the state moved up its primary date against party rules. The suit also claims the committee's actions violated "due process" because the sanctions against Florida "flow from a constitutionally inadequate process that implements DNC rules in an arbitrary manner." Full Story It was obvious to me this would happen (see previous posts from January 24th and March 6th below). Prediction - Lawsuit stops Democratic National Convention God I love Florida and Michigan Don't let anyone tell you otherwise, Democrats have problems. You don't have to believe me, check it out for yourself - Florida Democrats protest video Read more

Which is it?

Breakdown using a sport's analogy: Why is Obama limping into the finals. Fact: Hillary Clinton is kicking Barack Obama's ass these final months of the campaign. Reason #1: He's playing his heart out and coming up short Reason #2: He's opting to lose the remaining games "that don't count" because his first place standing won't be impacted and he's resting for the finals. Which is it? If it's # 1 - The Democrats have huge problems come November because it will have clearly shown that they put up the weaker of the two candidates (super delegates didn't do their job) - Kentucky exit polls: "Two-thirds of Clinton's supporters there said they would vote Republican or not vote at all rather than for Obama, according to the polls." If it's # 2 - Take a minute and recall last year's New York Giants. Many credit their Super Bowl Victory because they didn't sit any starters and played their Read more

Commodities: Capitalism Run Amok

The food and energy commodity markets are quickly losing any connection to pure supply-and-demand pressures.  In some cases, that disconnect has already long passed us by. There are many thoughts and proposals to correct this.  I don't think many will work until one basic element is affected: Make the market less inviting to the typical speculator. Due to varying medical issues, I had to work from home several times over the last few months.  In that time, I have flipped various news and business channels to listen to while working.  A common item I have gleened is that the commodities markets are laden with speculators who have zero interest to take possession of the commodity on which they hold the contract. This is a method to driving the ask price up and eventually, the bid, when the contracts are no longer available from the originator.  Specualtors are, for the most part, flippers.  Read more

Here Comes the Groom!

Coast to Coast Insanity is here.  4 people count more than millions of voters and thousands of years of human wisdom. Word is out that the California Supreme Court has found that it is discriminatory to give civil unions to same sex couples and recognize marriage of only mixed sex couples.  That is like saying it is discriminatory to require an insurance agent to know about insurance and a lawyer to know about law.  Why can't the lawyer just pass the insurance exam?  Isn't there some law involved in it?  That's silly, you say.  They are serving different functions and they don't do the same thing. Neither do same sex couples and mixed sex couples.  Forgive me for having to go back to basics.  Nature says a man and a woman fit together in a unique way.  They complete each other.  Sexually their organs are made to compliment each other.  Emotionally, they are made to balance Read more

McCain annoys conservatives with Global warming claims.

How I wish Newt Gingrich ran for President. Let me have my fantasy for another minute. The Democrats have just walked into a trap. They want President Bush to stop putting 70,000 barrels of oil a day into the strategic reserve to save a nickle to a quarter a gallon on gas, yet they have blocked production of a million barrels a day from the Arctic saying it would have no impact. That would be like Saudi Arabia increasing its oil by 50%. It would be like adding another Iraq and Nigeria to the oil supply. The U. S. has enough reserves off shore and in Alaska to add about 4 of the top ten oil producing countries. If all of those went off line, what would the price be? Only an idiot would believe that 70K would affect the price and 2 million barrels wouldn't. Democrat policies have damaged Americans to no end. They blocked Bush. They stabbed us in back. About 3/4 of Americans want Read more

Hillary’s next move, if she’s smart

Stop. Go out with a win (a 67% to 26% trouncing of Obama in West Virginia). Announce she is no longer ACTIVELY campaigning. Announce her support for Obama and offer herself to the campaign in whatever capacity they see fit. She is within reach of the nomination and three outcomes are possible: 1. Something destructive happens and Obama is deemed unelectable in which case super delegates decide she is best suited to be the standard bearer in November. 2. Florida and Michigan fight on their own to be seated as they should be and she wins outright. Interestingly enough, this is the only scenario a candidate can win without super delegate interference. She's the only one in position to do so, that right there should be enough for Democrats to recognize they made a mistake in awarding the nomination to the weaker candidate. 3. Lose the nomination and when Obama loses the general be prepared Read more

This is the ticket.

If you haven't kept up with lately, you have to see this video. It is a comedy DefJam with Senator Obama. I heard some of the quotes on the news but I am not sure all of it is real. I don't care; it is just plain "hillarious".  For the record, those views are not mine, I think Senator Clinton is cute,  especially for a 60+ year old.  So don't lay the Great Pumpkin thing at my doorstep, PC police. Imagine the fun of an Obama/Clinton ticket after watching that video. If that is not fun enough, here is one from Senator Clinton-- watch this one too.  These guys would be the most interesting ticket since Kennedy/Johnson.  I am not feeling the love.  American politics is taking a weird turn this year with Youtube.  It is actually kind of fun.  The spirit of Will Rogers has morphed into the 21st Century. Read more

$4/Gal Gas Is Here (this time I REALLY mean it)

NOW I can post this (David A corrected my use of gas v. distillates last time) .  If you haven't seen it, we truly have $4/gal gas now.  The lone service station in Delaware City and the Exxon (go figure) at Mt. Pleasant/Summit (Boyd's Corner Rd and Summit Bridge Rd) both now boast $4 + /gal for the premium grade.  It will not surprise me if there are more around the state. Has anyone else felt troubled about how investment firms (such as Goldman and Sachs) can just fling hunches out there and have it result in massive rises in these commodity prices?  Earlier this week, we had reports of unexpected rises in inventory of crude and gasoline.  What happened that same day?  Goldman Sachs releases statements about how we are short in supply.  Investors go bonkers on their news and pay no mind to the actual reports.  Rapid commodity price increases that day...after a report about the Read more

Thank You, Military Spouses

Friday is Military Spouse Appreciation Day.  It was designated by President Ronald Reagan and supported in Delaware by a resolution sponsored by Rep. Nancy Wagner and supported unanimously, to say thanks to the spouses of those who serve this country in the Military. We on occasion recognize the sacrifice of the American Serviceperson, maybe not as much as we should, but we almost forget about the sacrifice made on the home-front.  There are no parades for those who kept the families together, functioned as both mom and dad with few if any breaks while emotionally taxed, and took on the burden of being powerless while their loved one's life was at risk.  Being an American Serviceperson is a special calling, but so is being a patient, supportive spouse of one.  May God bless the American Service Families. I ask that if you know someone who is holding down the homefront during this time Read more

The real reason it’s over for Hillary

The real reason it's over for Hillary is because she needs Democrats to stick it out with her. Let me repeat that, she needs "Democrats to stick it out". These are often the same folks who can't comprehend the fact that you can actually make a bad situation better, with hard work, optimism and a little luck. We all know Democrats are guided by the latest headline of the day. They don't believe in long term efforts and the inevitable ups and downs of life. When faced with hard times, their battle cry is "The sky is falling, the sky is falling." In the end yesterday played out as expected. She won Indiana and Obama won NC. However, the media played another round of lowering the expectation bar for Obama, reflecting more of the same analysis we were fed back in January and February, that it was over, "he won by a wide enough margin or he lost by a close enough one." She of course was Read more

The Delaware plan Pt. 2

The Delaware GOP launched a new plan to attract  voters and provide a basis from which to govern if it wins. I am continuing an analysis of the Delaware Plan to see if it lives up to its billing. An important part of the plan is education reform. Idea #4- Improve our public schools by empowering parents through expanding school choice and charter schools. Idea #5- Require that at least 70% of education expenditures are spent directly in the classroom where it will benefit the students. Entirely too much money is being wasted on administration and bureaucracy. Idea #6- Help children with discipline problems by removing them from the classroom and providing them an opportunity for alternative education where they cannot disrupt the education of other students. Idea #7- Implement merit incentive pay for Delaware’s teachers. Our highest performing teachers should receive the highest compensation. I Read more

Let’s Look at The Delaware Plan.

I for one, was disappointed at the departure of Terry Strine form the Delaware GOP. It is no doubt that he made mistakes, but unlike many, he recognized them and worked to fix them. He would have made a great National Committee man. That would have been an appropriate reward for the legacy he left us in this past year. Part of that legacy was sitting the party activists down and saying let's change the dynamic. I wish he had done that his first year as chairman not his 5th, but he did it. Potentially, this could be the most significant achievement of any Delaware chairman in my lifetime (so far). Part of that legacy was involving the people not just the few in determining how to reform the party. Part of it was connecting the party activists to people who knew policy and know how to win elections with free workshops and the Heritage tour. Part of it was developing a consensus platform.That Read more